A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 40

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 40

040. Skyscraper (5)

van. sports car. bike.

Three vehicles raced along the bridge.

The distance from the van was gradually getting smaller. Even if it was modified, there was a limit to the speed.


When he turned his head to the sound of the gunfire, several of Scarface’s cars were chasing him.

He took the explosives from his arms and scattered them backwards.

A chain of small explosions occurred on the side of the wheel, and the enemy’s car drew a long arc and crashed into the guardrails on both sides of the bridge.

Smoke rose above it.

“Estelle, can you hear me?”

─Yes. I can hear you well.

The voice was transmitted through a communication device worn inside the ear.

“The moment it catches up, it surrounds you from both sides.”

─I understand.

As the distance narrowed, the side door of the van opened and the guy appeared. He had a gatling gun in his hand.

Doo doo doo-!

The body was closely attached to the car body, and an S-shape was drawn with a bike.

Bullets deflected along their trajectory, and some were hit and bounced off the car body.

shudder. shudder.

When the shooting stopped, he increased his speed. Bikes, vans and sports cars drawn parallel lines.

At the same time as giving a signal to Estelle, he turned the steering wheel sharply toward the van.


The van, caught between the sheep, swayed left and right without mercy.

Sparks began to flew between the car bodies along with a loud fricative sound.

“Things you don’t even know about!”

The guy hid in the van with a distorted face.

Fit geek-!

The exterior of the van was lined with thick gloves.

I don’t know if it was impacting the body, but it was clear that the speed was decreasing.

“Wind Vine”

It caused magic while driving.

The coordinates are all four wheels of the van.

As tough, coarse winds entangled the wheels, the van’s deceleration accelerated.

‘ became A little more now.’

At that moment, a strange mechanical sound rang out from the underside of the van.

Feeling the danger signal, I immediately turned the steering wheel to the other side.


Huge metal awls were pierced sideways from the underside of the van.

If it had been a little late, he would have been pierced and seriously injured.

‘Is it a vehicle used by hunting dogs?’

“Estelle, are you okay?”

─ It’s a little scratched, but it’s fine. Thanks for telling me to avoid it.

The awl also protruded from the front and rear of the van.

The method of hitting the car body against the van was no longer available.

After thinking for a while, I slowed the bike down.

Then he changed the road and moved to the empty space next to the sports car.

“I know it is a model equipped with a towing function. Am I right?”

─ That’s right. Click this button here… .

With a small mechanical sound, a stick-shaped latch protruded from the side of the sports car.

After fastening it to the bike’s linkage, I narrowly climbed onto the roof of the sports car.


The roof opened, revealing the seats inside.

The wind blew in front of her, her hair fluttering uncontrollably.

“I will be driving. Attack the roof of the van.”

“I told you to eat as much as you want, but you are really just trying to eat it.”

She moved to the passenger seat, and I took her place.

“Is it impossible?”

“I’ve never done it, but I think it’s possible. I have to do this so I feel like I need it.”

She said as she spat out the curled hair in her mouth.

I stepped on the accelerator and ran to the front of the van.

She grabbed her gear, took a pose, and leapt onto the roof of the van.


Because it was a mana-laden movement, the roof of the van sank.

She smashed a hole in the roof with her mace and began to open the hole with her gloved hands.


When the metal screams and collapses.

“Don’t be cocky!”

A guy bounced off the side of the van.

The battle began by waving his claws at Estelle.

The workshop was tighter than before.

The effect of the X9 at its peak and the balance of the beasts superior to humans gave him an advantage.

More swollen muscles.

The blood vessels in the ruptured eyes.

It seemed that the end of the guy was not far away.

The battle showed no sign of ending anytime soon.

In the meantime, I stepped on the accelerator and sat down diagonally in front of the van.

I started to slow down the van again using the “Wind Vine” magic.

Then a car popped out from between the buildings in front.

It was exactly the part where the bridge ended and continued into the city.

The bumper was engraved with Scarface.

The gang member reflected in the driver’s seat also had a surprised face.

‘It’s already too late to avoid.’

He gathered mana and spread the “Shock Absorption” magic in front of the body.


Scarface’s car shattered and pushed away.

The sports car arced to the left with the front half ripped.

The van’s awl scratched the side mercilessly and slipped backwards.


Estelle stumbled in an instant at the impact applied to the van.

The wind wrapped her in the wind as she fell from the back, bent the steering wheel, and took her back to the car.


The sports car stopped only after it collided with a guardrail.

The van staggered and disappeared into the main road on the side of the city.

“… It would be impossible to pursue right now.”

He quickly turned around and looked around.

It was early in the morning when the sun was just starting to rise, and there were no cars around to steal.

Not far away, a building with an information guild towered high.

‘The van’s speed is obviously slow.’

My brain began to spin violently.

what I have available.

and not available.

The best thing you can do right now is.

I threw the bike’s key at Estelle.

“Chase. The bike is fine.”

“Am I alone?”

“Let’s go at once. If you follow him, you will naturally know what action to take.”

“I see.”

She disengaged the tow and got on the bike. Then he chased the van and disappeared.

I ran straight to the building.

I got on the elevator and headed to the top floor.


I broke the lock on the door and went inside.

I stood in front of the glass wall, judging the direction the chase was going to take place.

“… … .”

There was nothing to see because of the thick soot.


The glass walls shattered and shards were scattered to the ground.

He took the magic stone out of his arms, chewed it, swallowed it, and started assembling the rifle.


It was an ore found while cleaning up the subspace of Zervia.

It has the property of attracting mana from the atmosphere, so it was mainly used as the core of magic engineering products.

‘I didn’t know I was going to write this here.’

When absorbed into the body, it had the effect of dramatically increasing the recovery rate of mana.

It was like drawing the future.

It’s a way to artificially overload the circuit and take immediate gains.

Mana, which had been on the floor, began to fill up quickly. The circuit trembled, and a handful of blood spewed out of his mouth.


Assembly is complete.

I prepared magic right away.

A huge gust of wind began to form as the elements of the wind gathered at your fingertips.


circuit level 2.

I poured more than half of my total mana there, so it was the most powerful magic I’ve ever used.

When the ferocity reached its peak, a gust of wind ripped the air through.

The surrounding soot was either blown away by the gusts of wind, or was greatly pushed away, widening the distance.

My eyesight was clear.

There was a view of the sky and a view of the city.

At least, that was the case in the area where the gusts passed.

‘It’s over there.’

He caught his breath and pressed his body to the floor while holding his rifle.

On a winding road, there was a chase between vans and bikes.

I put my eyes on the scope.

It is a sniper rifle specialized in assassination of factors, and its original effective range is 1.92 km.

However, with the help of magic, more distances are possible.

In addition to “Wind of Blades” that increases penetration, additional magic is engraved into bullets to reduce air resistance.


Finally, hold your breath and hold your breath.

There was nothing to worry about.

All the knowledge about shooting is stored in Cain’s head.

I had the body and magic to back it up, so I just had to execute it.

wind strength and direction.

The speed and path of the target.

I finished figuring out everything.

And now all that’s left.


The bullets flew through the air.

It takes only 2 seconds to reach the goal.

The van’s body slumped to one side as the front left wheel exploded.


The shooting did not stop there.

The bullets continued to fly towards the remaining wheels.

All the wheels exploded and the van stopped on the spot.

The bewildered guy got out of the van and ran towards Estelle, who was after him.

The timing when the guy floats in the air and she swings her mace in a big way.


The bullet pierced the guy’s forehead exactly.

With the last shot, the rifle was completely destroyed.

* * *

“You were a priest. Can I just treat it as if nothing happened?”

“yes. Please help me clean up the site a little later.”

The police, who arrived at the scene, looked at Estelle’s combat priest ID and followed the instructions without saying a word.

Even though it was still early in the morning, I could see some residents who had gathered to hear the commotion.

“Good job.”

She opened her eyes and looked at me.


“no. When he said something like that, I was very surprised. I knew you would say things like, ‘You’re done, go away’ or ‘You’re incompetent’.”

“It’s not a very funny joke.”

I walked over to Pete and stretched out my palm.

The bluish mana was sucked in and absorbed into me.

“… … .”

Estelle was staring at him, but I didn’t care.

[circuit level: 2]

[Mana: 51 / 650]

The increase from this battle is 124.

Among them, the number obtained from Pete is 105.

It was a force that could rule even as a head if he entered a lower-level organization.

“Aren’t we supposed to save the child first?”

I nodded and walked towards the van.

The gang member who was in charge of driving was trembling with his face buried in the steering wheel.

Break up!

An electric current was passed and it was sent without pain.

“… … .”

She looked at me again this time. It was a complex and subtle face.

I opened the van door and checked the inside of the bag. The brown-haired girl had her eyes closed as if she had lost consciousness.

There were no abnormalities in both pulse and respiration, and there was no visible trauma.

“You must have a lot of questions, so let’s go upstairs and have a drink and talk.”

I hugged the girl in front of her body. And with a wink, he pointed to the top floor of the building where the information guild was.

Estelle gave the police some on-site instructions and followed me.

As if lost in thought, he didn’t say anything until he got on the elevator and opened his mouth.

“Who is that child? Why did you risk saving it?”

I have summarized and explained the situation briefly.

“To be treated by a doctor… . Right. You must have broken the tendons in your limbs. It moved so naturally that I forgot.”

“It has not been cured. It was just moving with magic.”

“But if the purpose is simply for treatment, there is no need for body modifications. You can go to the inner area and receive a blessing from the denomination. It’s enough if I let you go… .”

She suddenly shut her mouth as if she remembered something while she was speaking.

I spoke on her behalf.

“If you do that, you’ll find out that you’re a warlock and you’ll be chased by the heretical inquisitors.”


Meanwhile, the elevator reached the top floor.

Passing through the unlocked entrance, I laid the girl down on the sofa in the lounge.

“… … .”

Turning his back, Estelle stood a little farther apart.

When I raised mana mixed with black energy, I backed away with a wary face.

“I thought I had seen the wrong thing in those gang members’ buildings. A while ago I thought there must be something else on the road that I didn’t know about. Hopefully not… . What happened? Obviously not in prison.”

I stared at her without answering.

she shouted

“Come on, answer me! I might have to kill you depending on the answer.”

I chuckled.

“Isn’t it that you no longer believe in God? The mission of the Battle Priest would have ended there.”

Her eyes were full of extreme confusion.

‘It is true that I feel skeptical about God.’

Every priest begins a life of faith and learns the doctrine.

“Enrich all life on earth.”

And there is constant knowledge that is close to brainwashing.

Warlocks who take other people’s lives are clearly in violation of the doctrine of the Order, and are said to be in contact with the ancient demons that ravaged the land.

no different than her

Because I’ve been a priest for more than half of my life.

It would not be easy to shake off the hostility and rejection towards me.


In a moment, a smirk rose and I vomited another handful of blood. The aftermath of the magic stone still remained.

“… … !”

She approached and hurriedly tried to use healing magic. I restrained her with my hands.

“done. I do it myself.”

He raised mana and used healing magic. I took control of the circuit and healed the small wounds in various parts of my body.

Seeing the darkening confusion on her face, I said softly.

“I am serious when I say that I will cure your horse disease.”

“… … .”

“But you said you would come with me. Can you afford it? I am the warlock you hate so much. Kill the opponent casually and take their life.”

As my words continued, anger grew on her face. The staring gaze was terrifying.

“You make me so confused. From start to finish, every moment. It destroys the common sense and values I have built up so far.”

She fired a horse at Dada.

“… I need time to think. I will come and make a decision before you leave this area.”

She turned and headed for the elevator.

And he stared at me until the last moment the door closed.

With a face that looks like you’re about to cry.

Ten minutes passed.

As I was cleaning out the broken glass in the lounge, the elevator arrived.


was the branch manager. He looked at the wide open glass wall and said with a surprised face.

“Something must have happened.”

“I’m sorry. We pay for the repairs so that we do not run out of money.”

He changed clothes and brought a cup of hot coffee.

“I want to hear the story. As far as you can tell.”

As I sat down at the bar and tried to explain the situation slowly, I heard a soft voice with a tossing and turning on the sofa behind me.

“… Where are you?”

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