A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 42

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 42

042. treatment (2)

“Oh, and. We make an oath.”


A type of spirit magic.

It was a magic that made a contract with each other, and if a person violated it, he would receive a pre-negotiated punishment.

“Do you even know that?”

“I have been living in the capital for several years. I’ve also met a lot of wizards. I know the basics.”

“I have no intention of breaking my promise to you.”

“… Still, you may not know. I think it would be good to make sure.”

She looked at me with a mixture of nervousness and anticipation.

‘She can tell the truth from a lie. You must know what I mean.’

Sometimes there are things like that.

Things you can be sure of with your head, but you can’t do with your heart.

it’s scary

Just in case I change my mind.

“I’ll do that if you want.”

A dark red energy flowed from her hand, drawing a small geometric shape between her and me.

“Cain River. Cooperate by all means possible to cure the other contractor’s horse disease. However, unavoidable circumstances caused by external factors are excluded. Was this enough?”

“like. Estelle Elluid. Obey the orders and instructions of the other contractor. The expiration date is the day the horse disease is completely cured. Except for cases that are unavoidable due to external factors.”

“There is no need for obedience.”

“I trust you. That means I want you to trust me too.”

“… if that’s what you mean Punishment is death. There will be no complaints about this.”

“It’s what I wanted.”


The magic circle started to rotate.

The color gradually grew darker, and when it reached a critical point, it split in half.

The two semicircles passed through the air and permeated their hearts and disappeared.

“If you break the contract, does your heart stop?”

“It doesn’t stop right away. The stronger the violation, the stronger the punishment. So don’t even think about trying it.”

“I don’t joke like that. you think i’m a kid Know it. I bet everything on you.”

she smiled brightly.

There were light tears in the corners of his eyes.

It was the most reassuring face she had ever seen.

* * *

Entrance outside the area.

I attached the bike to the tow hook of the sports car and secured it.

“Shall we take turns driving?

“no. You do it all alone.”

“yes? It’s not that far to the next area. Better to take turns.”

“Obey orders.”

“… Are you going to use it for something like this?”

She made a disgruntled face, but I ignored it.

Anyway, a mana user at her level doesn’t feel tired easily.

“Go well. May the light shine on your path.”

Freud was out to see him off.

Lenny was nowhere to be seen.

He said he was still afraid to come out after the kidnapping.

Instead, Freud delivered a note from Lenny.

“Uncle, thank you! I will never forget it for the rest of my life.”

It was crooked writing.

He put the note in his pocket and asked.

“When is your departure?”

“I think it will be the day after tomorrow. I need to find an escort first. There were no problems on the way, but I thought that the way there might be different.”

Clarkfield is located in District 55.

I couldn’t protect myself because the movement paths didn’t overlap.

“And he said he needed money.”

“… I’m thinking of collecting it slowly. haha.”

I took a few wads of cash from my pocket and handed them to him.

It was an amount that exactly matched the price of a cure for a disease that Lenny would have.

“Say it outright. Freud wants to hire you.”

His eyes widened.

Estelle, who was watching from behind, too.

“Go, what does that mean all of a sudden?”

“I want you to work for me. Start date is 3 months later. No, it could be before that. I’ll go to Area 55.”


“Isn’t there something you were doing? It would be about treating the wounded and checking my artificial tendons.”

Increasing your power means that the number of people you need to manage increases that much.

There would be continuous injuries, and there would be a limit to treatment alone with Estelle and I.

‘3 months. By that time, the foundation of some kind of power must have been established.’

It’s hard to find someone as talented as Freud, so there’s nothing wrong with recruiting them in advance.

“It’s money that won’t be a problem at all if you spend it as it is.”

“… I don’t know exactly who you are and what you’re trying to do, but roughly… I got it. I’m getting the hang of it. Could you give me some time to think?”

I nodded.

Freud’s gaze did not depart from the money.

Indulging in worries and conflicts, he must have thought of several possibilities and discarded them over and over again.

“I see. I accept your offer. I will return to Clarkfield and wait for you.”

he took the money

And after fiddling for a while with a tearful face, I put it in my bag.

“Find the bartender on the top floor of the observatory. As I have told you in advance, I will take responsibility for escorting and procuring medicine.”

“Thank you… really. I don’t know if I’m worthy of such a favor.”

He held my hand tightly and didn’t let go.

After a few minutes, he bowed his head and disappeared toward the city.


Estelle said as she got on the seat next to her.

“Why did you believe in giving me such a large amount of money? No, do you carry around that much money in cash?”

“Estelle. You said you have eyes for people.”

“It was.”

“So am I. It’s kind of like an investment.”

“Anyway, it is. What if that person took the money and ran away? If it were me, I would have signed an oath.”

I said, leaning my back on the seat.

“Showing trust first is the best way to earn someone’s trust.”

“… People turn around like this Are you feeding me now?”

“Think as you like.”

I closed my eyes.

The car started and soon I started to feel the wind on my face.

“Can’t you just share what your job is now? Because we no longer have to betray each other.”

“Do you know a little bit about the famous criminal gangs in the inner quarters?”

“As far as I know, I know. I’ve done a lot of research since I met you. About you, and the entangled organizations.”

The vehicle shook.

When she opened her eyes slightly, she was skillfully turning the steering wheel to avoid a rock that had fallen on the road.

“I was very surprised, especially while investigating you. There are a lot of legendary anecdotes. It’s great to be promoted to an executive position in a public body once.”

“… … .”

“Tell me. Have you been hiding the fact that you can manipulate mana? Or did you become a wizard in prison?”

If he didn’t answer, he kept on chasing.

“The latter.”

“It’s impossible. It’s clear that making circuits after adulthood… . But it can be done at the same time. Because you are.”

“Anyone who wants to kill is desperate. enough to make the impossible possible. Isn’t there someone you want to kill too?”

She flinched for a moment.

“… There is one. Anyway, is that your goal? revenge? Externally, it is known that you betrayed the boss of the organization, but the bosses say that you are the one who was betrayed. I was betrayed by other officers.”

“You did quite a bit of research.”

“I spent a lot of money. In addition to the loan, I also received severance pay.”

“I have no intention of preparing for old age.”

“The joke. What good is it when you die? Anyway, so, can you think of it as a goal to catch those executives?”


I shifted my gaze out the window.

muddy dust. dry wind.

Beyond the endless wilderness.

“I kill all who betrayed me.”

With a dry throat, he muttered softly.

“And it destroys the organization.”

“… … .”

She was silent for a moment as she glanced at me in the rearview mirror.

“… Did you know that I just got really scared of your face?”

“… … .”

“Anyway, I got it. I will do my best to help you. I can cure my disease only when that happens first.”

She was right.

To be precise, the treatment of horses was an incidental benefit in the process of achieving my revenge.

‘The main active areas of the Blue Serpent range from the 30’s to the 50’s.’

The executives are using each area as their hiding place.

Area 31 of Jaina.

Area 33 of Leica.

District 34, which was originally my district.

District 43 of Bama.

Area 47 of Parterre.

Healing of horses is possible by destroying specific objects in Area 33.

And the Leica acts as a stumbling block to breaking the object.

“… … .”

I looked at the side face of Estelle as she was driving.

‘You don’t have to tell me yet. what the thing is.’

The moment she heard the story, she fell into deep confusion.

It was then that she had to endure.

* * *


After a long drive, Estelle took her hand off the steering wheel and relaxed once.

We arrived at the entrance to Area 82.

“You said you were going to get the weapon first, didn’t you? Because I can’t stand mana and the gun keeps breaking.”

“Exactly, we get the materials, and then we find a technician.”

When he took a break in the middle of the move, he had already finished demonstrating the magic bullet.

She said with a bewildered face as she looked at the rock that had turned into powder in one shot.

“… If you get hit dozens of times in a row like this, even the country will not be well. Of course, there must be a premise that everything fits perfectly.”

I ignored her telling me to shoot it at myself, as I’ll try to cut it off with a mace.

Once inside, we drove inside and arrived at the hotel parking lot in the heart of the city.

I grabbed two rooms, went out again, and headed out into the street.

“You’re going to make it a mithril? No mixing, 100% purity?”


“Won’t it be difficult? I’ve never seen anything like that except Archbishop’s rod.”

Mithril does not have a mining site, so the acquisition route is extremely limited.

Melting the relics of the old magic empire and collecting a small amount, or discovering raw stones in the ruins.

In both cases, the difficulty is high, so it is worth the price, which is the reason why many mercenaries risk their lives to enter the ruins.

“The artifacts I have have been appraised long ago. It’s crazy. It’s just a lump of Orichalkon alloy.”

I didn’t need that much right now.

The more the better, but for now, the power could be greatly increased by making just one pistol.

“Let’s stop by the bank first.”

“I see.”

Ignis’ branch was located on one of the richest and busiest streets of the district.

Even if it were to say that it was rich and bustling compared to other streets.


As they passed the entrance, the eyes of the guards with a huge physique followed.

It was easy to tell that he was a mana user because he was armed with a sword, not a gun.

I approached one of the empty windows and sat down.

“What are you here for?”

“I’m here to release the suspension on the card.”

As he handed out the card, the receptionist’s face showed embarrassment.

It was the highest grade card, so it was a reaction I expected to some extent.

“Now, please wait a moment. I will call the branch manager.”

After a while, a man with an old-fashioned look appeared in a suit.

“A precious person has arrived. I am the branch manager of District 93. Come inside and talk.”

I got up from my seat and was escorted to the back hallway.

The deployed guards stopped Estel from following.

“sorry. Only one cardholder can enter.”

She looked at me with a dissatisfied look.

As I blinked, I quietly approached the nearby wall and leaned against it.

“Thank you for your broad understanding.”

After passing through the curved corridor, I arrived at the office of the branch manager.

A small machine in the form of a card was placed on a table with an old-fashioned design.

With the card in the tray in front of him, the branch manager said while looking at the documents.

“Looking at the serial number, the card was made quite a long time ago. The suspension was requested on the same day and there has not been a single withdrawal since.”

“Is it functioning properly?”

“I haven’t checked, but it should be fine. It is in like-new condition.”

The branch manager blurted the end and continued.

“… It’s my first time doing something like this, so I’m a little confused. In many cases, the owner died after theft or loss.”

His gaze was staring at me.

“Are you suspicious of me as a thief or murderer?”

“ha ha ha. Could it be? Anyone who brings a card is a customer to us. However, to cancel the suspension, you must enter the pre-specified password.”

He winked at the machine on the table.

I gave him a password that was a combination of a number and twelve alphanumeric characters.

“You are reckless. All right.”

The branch manager nodded and inserted the card into the machine.

Then I entered the number I called and went out.


As soon as the input was complete, a sharp mechanical sound rang out.

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