A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 43

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 43

043. auction (1)


The branch manager checked the message displayed on the machine’s panel and said:

“Yes. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s an exact match.”

Then I took the card out of the machine and turned the panel toward me to show it to me.

“It takes a little while to release the suspension. Could you please wait a moment?”

“I do.”

The branch manager took the card and went outside. The thick door closed, and I stared at the number on the panel.

C: 1,891,818,090

A total of 2 billion shillings were hidden by Woods.

200 million in cash and 1.8 billion in deposits.

Of the cash, 100 million was used by the warlock in the graveyard, and the remaining 100 million was in my possession.

Since the principal itself is huge, the amount was close to 100 million shillings only in interest over 5 years.

‘It’s an amount that will decrease soon anyway.’

If you put your mind to it, you can lead a luxurious life for the rest of your life with only interest, but I didn’t intend to do that at all.

It’s just a money that should be generously sown for revenge.

“You waited a long time. The card was issued 5 years ago, so the sensor was replaced with a new one. You can use it anywhere on the continent as long as it has an agreement with us.”

Ten minutes later, the manager came back. He held out a small box with a card.

“This is our gift that we give only to VIPs. We have been implementing this system for a while now.”

When I opened the box, a fountain pen with a luxurious design adorned with gold appeared.

“This is a specially made-to-order item. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, just push the nib all the way in.”

“The magic is engraved. Mana of a certain wavelength is emitted, and the troops at the nearest point come to the rescue. Is this roughly what you mean?”

“Yes. you’re right. You are correct. Most of our customers are accompanied by their own escorts, but don’t you know what’s going to happen with people’s work?”

After the mana flow was completed, he put the box in his arms.

‘There’s nothing wrong with keeping it. Ignis’ private troops are not easily ignored.’

The branch manager introduced other minor benefits and privileges that VIPs can receive.

After the conversation, I left the branch manager’s room and went around the hallway.

“It didn’t take that long.”

Estelle immediately followed to the side.

Looking at it, it seemed that the boundaries for the bodyguards had not been lifted yet.

“Then I look forward to seeing you again.”

The branch manager and staff bowed their backs to see off.

She said after passing through the doorway of the bank.

“The level of the security guards seemed to be like a senior knight one by one. The cost of hiring would be huge. The amount of funds was so large that even the imperial government could not easily reach out, so it was not a rumor at all.”

“Is this your first time here?”

“Yes. I’ve only heard about it. Ordinary people don’t usually visit. There is also a perception that it is dangerous to be associated with criminals.”

It wasn’t terribly wrong.

The main customers are usually high-ranking government officials or criminal magnates trying to hide their slush funds.

As I was walking into the alley where the car was parked, she whispered to me.

“I think someone is following me. I can feel the footsteps.”

“Know. Just walk.”

The opponent’s movements were not very precise. Before long, it appeared in the front of the alley.

“Bar, I just got out of the bank. Give everything you have and disappear!”

He was a boy with a young face.

His clothes were shabby and his body was thin, and the gun in his hand was pointed at us.

“… What are you going to do?”

It wasn’t that threatening.

Even if it was not just one boy, but many adults.

I took a step towards the boy.

Surprised, Estelle immediately stretched out her hand, but then silently watched my actions.

“Do you need money?”

“Oh, don’t come! Can’t you see the gun?”

The boy’s hand was trembling enough to be seen from a distance.

‘It must be something that can be done when you are young.’

The stalwart bastards never target Ignis’ customers.

The opponents are often powerful, and usually they are in contact with high-ranking government officials or criminal gangs.

The moment he clumsily tries to rob, his life is blown away.

“Shoot! Gee, I’m really going to shoot you!”

As the distance narrowed, the boy’s face changed as if he was about to cry.

I got right in front and didn’t do anything until the moment I grabbed the top of the gun.

“Wow, uh… .”

“With that kind of determination, you can’t steal a penny.”

I moved the boy’s gun and aimed it at my heart.

“You should have shot the moment your opponent ignored the first warning. This is how it is here.”

“Uh, ooh… Now, wait… Wait a minute… yo. this.”

The boy couldn’t help but burst into tears. I tried to remove my hand, but the power was different.

“Come on, wait a minute. Please, my, I was wrong. please!”

I ignored the plea and pushed the boy’s finger and pressed the trigger.



The boy sat down.

There was urine in between the pants.

There was only a slight throbbing in the high-output shield, but the chest was intact.

He leaned back, slipped a few bills into the boy’s hand, and turned around.


Estelle asked as she moved a little further away from where the boy was.

“Why? I could have just frightened you and chased you away.”

“… … .”

“Even if you give money, the fundamentals don’t change. I can’t stand it for a few days and I’m going to start starving again.”

I wasn’t in the mood to reply out loud, but she was ready to annoy me until I opened her mouth.

“If you set foot on this side with half-hearted determination, you will not survive. And if you can quench your hunger even for a few days, that’s it.”

she stopped walking.

Looking back, he had a face that seemed a little surprised.



“Just. It’s different from the image I had in mind.”

She followed me back with a trotter.

Our next destination was a luxury brand clothing store.

“Can I really pick as many as I want?”

“okay. There is also a dress code to enter the auction house.”

There were auction houses run by a company called ‘Zeroflo’ in various parts of the outer number zone.

As an anonymous auction in which the participant’s identity is kept secret, it can be seen that all rare items on the continent flow into this place.

However, it was not possible for anyone to participate easily because they had to prove their financial ability.

“Are you really picking me up? Are you just going to keep it?”

She hesitated at first, but to what extent she had become accustomed to the luxurious atmosphere of the store, she hurriedly walked between the fitting room and the store holding up a dress or shoes.

“Look at this. Fit well?”


“Isn’t this dress better in color?”


“When I think about it, the design doesn’t seem to go well with these shoes.”


“It is good to be moderately bent. If I have long legs and high heels, the proportions are broken.”


I sat down on a chair in the store and looked at the newspaper and answered dryly. Through the newspaper, I glanced at her.

‘You look happy.’

Optimism, cheerfulness, positivity.

That is her original character.

I’ve only been drenched in lethargy due to the uncertainty of life and a feeling of skepticism about God.

‘The helpers regain their original color after meeting the main character, so it would be good to see that the process has been accelerated.’

When I looked back at the newspaper, an employee with a suit in hand approached me.

“It took me a while to find it because you were so meticulous about the dimensions. Would you like to try it on?

“I do.”

I was handed my clothes and changed out of the fitting room.

It was a neat suit with a design that was not excessive.

‘The cloak should be covered over the inside of the jacket.’

The best way is to separate the entry and exit coordinates of the subspace from the cloak and move it to another place.

However, the magic formula was locked, and he was still wasting time to solve it.

“I picked them all.”

She approached from afar, with shopping bags in both hands.

She was wearing a black evening dress.

Perhaps the staff had set it up, her usual long blonde hair was turned up, and the contrast with the color of the dress made the word ‘dazzling’ come to mind.

The employees in the store, regardless of gender, were admiring this place.

“Now I just have to do the math… .”

She looked at me and stopped talking.

After a while, I said ‘Oh’.

“I also think the human eye is accurate.”

“… Rather, where do you keep all those clothes?”

“There is a trunk.”

She said that she would buy clothes with several codes in advance because she never knew when and where she would enter.

After paying the bill, I went out and drove the car.

The next place we headed was a small building with a sign saying ‘J.Flo’.

red carpet.

Expensive art displayed on both walls.

Polished marble floor.

The intention was to confuse the visitors and prevent them from stepping on them easily.

“Is this your first visit?”

“I have used it before. I have something for sale.”

The receptionist’s eyes scanned the top and bottom of our clothes.

There was no need to draw attention from the outside, so he changed back to his normal clothes.

“As you know, in order to participate in the auctions we host, you need credentials separately from the entrance fee each time. As a requirement… .”

The receptionist nodded as he took out the black card without saying a word.

“I’ll take you inside.”

There were several rooms inside.

I was guided to one of them and sat down in front of a table with a large monitor.

“You say you have used it before, so let’s get right to the point. What kind of property are you looking for?”

“Mithril. The more raw it is, the bigger it is, the better.”

When the receptionist operated some buttons on the panel under the monitor, a list of items was printed out.

[Mithril, Gemstone, 6.22 kg]

Time remaining: 2 days 3 hours 5 minutes 58 seconds

Auction House: Area 80

The weight of the other items was not significantly different.

However, at least a month after the auction date, the location was also set quite far away.

It was a complex result considering the possibility of robbery between maintaining the market price and moving the property.

‘6.22 kilograms. If you make it without wasting it, maybe two pistols can do it.’

“Do it on the closest date.”

“All right. I will make a reservation for you.”

The receptionist entered something using the panel and handed him a hand with the number 57 on it.

“A maximum of 100 bidders participate, and only one person per bidder is allowed to enter the auction house. We ask for your understanding as this is to prevent congestion in the auction house and speed up the process.”

Zeroflo’s auction house is usually built underground.

Under the ground, it is divided into ‘in’ where the auction takes place and ‘outside’ where convenience facilities and accommodation facilities exist.

If you are accompanied by a large number of escorts, it is said that all of them should wait ‘outside’.

If both of you enter with your troops, the atmosphere will be pleasing.

“Please enter on time, and if there is a change, please visit the branch at any time.”

After paying the entrance fee, we left the building and settled for a meal on the terrace of a suitable restaurant.

“If you want to be on time, shouldn’t you be leaving right away?”

Area 80.

Two days before the auction starts.

It wasn’t too far away, but it didn’t take much time either.

“After dinner, we leave immediately. Are you okay?”

“I have something to ask you. I am following your opinion.”

I called the waiter and asked for paper and a pen.

Then he wrote down a list of necessary items, such as fuel and portable food, and handed them over.

“I don’t have time, please.”

“… … .”

When a high-definition bill was inserted into the bilge, he, who was standing still, exclaimed in great amazement.

“Go, thank you!”

Then he took the inventory and bilge and disappeared into the store.

Soon, the sound of waiters arguing over each other’s errands was heard.

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