A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 45

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 45

045. auction (3)

‘The number of enemies is about thirty.’

I watched the strife taking place everywhere.

Considering the organizational characteristics of the Red Skull, there were not many.

However, the appearance of pushing the opponents made me guess that it was not an ordinary skill.

All are at least executive candidates.

or more.

It looks like they put a lot of effort into this operation.

“Estelle. Can you deal with them all?”

“it’s hard. I think maybe five.”

I looked towards the exit.

‘The winning bids were moved to the storage room inside the aisle.’

Actually, all of this has nothing to do with me.

Whether the auction participants were killed by blind knives.

Whether tanzanite, which appeared after 8 years, sinks into darkness again.

‘You just need to find Mithril. However.’

The door was closed.

It was clear that it would take quite a bit of time to release the security magic because it was applied in layers.

‘You’re giving me a headache.’

They can’t just stand by and watch the attempt to open the door.

Because you don’t want to see the inside situation outside.

“Would you like to help people fight right now?”

“no. Watch the situation further. The power gap is too big.”

The Red Skull’s leader joined the fight and the situation ended not long after.

While dozens of corpses of security guards and auction participants were lying around the auction house, the number of Red Skulls decreased by only three.

“Put your hands behind your neck and come together. If you mess around with it, your neck will fly off, so if you want, try it.”

“Hey, save me! I did nothing!”

People gathered at the tip of the Red Skull’s sword and climbed up the platform.

One after another, they knelt down and lined up with Oh.

Me and Estelle also followed the instructions.

‘The manpower poured into it is too much to say that this was done just for the sake of tanzanite. Another thing to aim for is other auction items, and the auction house’s vault.’

I turned my gaze towards the door.

There must have been quite a few escorts from the auction participants outside.

‘The situation inside is not to be known. Few move. How to open the safe. And considering the reasons why the auction house was the starting point of the plan.’

He turned his gaze back to the leader of the Red Skull.

“100 times. Come forward.”

He aimed his sword at the middle of the crowd.

When there was no response, a few of his men slipped through them and pulled out an old man.

“Berics! yes how are you! You have ever deceived me!”

100 number tag on the chest.

Winged mask.

The lips exposed below were trembling with anger.

“Oh, my boss. I thought I was going to die of boredom waiting. Security management was strict. How did you know you wouldn’t be able to figure out the safe password for a year? Well, it gave me time to plant my subordinates, so I was able to enjoy an unexpected amount of extra income.”

The guy patted the chest containing the jewelry box and said.

“Berix… ! like this dog… !”


A knife was pointed at the old man’s neck.

“Inspiration, be careful. You are no longer my business. I’ve been with you all this time, so I’ll take a look. Okay? And then there is no chin.”

The guy giggled and laughed.

The old man didn’t say a word and just made an angry expression.

“And I said. I think it would be better to get in the middle of the participants and raise the price of something, and stop doing that. I’m not like this because I’m greedy for fees. After being held hostage at the scene, huh?”

A murmur spread among those who heard the conversation. At the same time, the old man’s face turned red.

“Let’s go at once. You have work to do.”

He placed his hand on the old man’s shoulder and headed towards the door. Two men followed.

Take the factor and head to the safe. In case of emergency, you can use it as a shield.

His behavior didn’t go far beyond my expectations.

Judging from the reference to the password, the old man seemed to be the general manager of the auction house.


That was the moment.

A young man picked up a nearby sword and ran towards him.

His footwork was unusual, and mana rose from his sword.

“If you catch the captain, you’re such an idiot!”

Resonance flashed in the eyes that appeared between the masks.

The posture of holding the sword and running.

A voice that sounds a little childish.

‘Student of the Monk Knights School. Or maybe it’s a seed.’

The peculiar thing was that no one of the Red Skulls stood in the way of the young man.

The young man seemed to sense something strange, but it was after he had already taken a step.


The moment the sword fell, the leader of the Red Skull turned his back.

He brushed off the sword with the back of his hand, grabbed the young man’s neck and lifted it up.


There was the sound of a broken neck.

The young man fell.

It was an instant death that anyone could see.

Shaking the hand that was holding his neck on his pants, the guy said to the old man.

“Don’t even think about yelling or doing anything when you go out. At that moment, your neck will be like this. It’s a plan I’ve been working on for a very long time. Help me not to ruin it. yes?”

The exit opened as he spoke something over the radio.


The door closed and the guy disappeared.

There was a suffocating silence in the hall.

Red Skull clattered the cutlery in the palm of his hand and circled the crowd.

Every time they passed by, people shivered and breathed in fear.

“There is a radio message from the leader. There may be others with more hidden weapons, so I’m going to do a body search. And I’ll close the radio until I get to the safe. Because outsiders can hear the contents.”

“It’s better than being still. hey. get up from you.”

Red Skull raised the hostages one by one and started searching for them.

Our turn came closer and closer.

“Are you still? I don’t want you to touch my body.”

“My turn comes first. Give me a signal and I will move.”

A subordinate came up to me and put his hand in my arms. At that moment, his expression turned strangely wrinkled.

“Wow, what is this? It’s definitely not big enough to fit in your pocket.”

When I pulled out my hand, the front part of the rifle came out long.

Next, the action I would take was decided.

Taking advantage of his bewilderment, he grabbed the gun barrel and pierced it with all his might.


The guy pushed back and a gap was created.

He shot the gun without missing a moment.


The bullet itself was blocked by the chest protector he was wearing, but it wasn’t the magic that was attached to it.

A black-and-blue thunderbolt ran through his body once, and he collapsed with his eyes closed.

“There are still those who rebel!”

The enemy’s reaction was also remarkably quick.

Guys nearby grabbed their weapons and ran towards them.


“I see!”

He took the mace from his pocket and threw it.

She snatched it from the air and slammed it down the shoulder of the guy in front of her.


Stepping on the collapsed back, he leapt and kicked the face of the guy following him with his shoes.

Her black dress circled a circle in the air.

Received the shield that was thrown after her, and she landed in front of me.

“The hem of the dress is all torn. This is expensive.”

“Focus on defense. I will buy you again later.”

“Really? Keep those words.”

Enemies flocked from all directions.

She ran with her shield in front. Without hesitation, he swung his mace to shake off the adhering enemies.

I ran close behind her and opened fire at the enemy behind her, slowing her approach.

At the same time, he entered into a magic casting.

Jigsaw! supportive!

A dark blue thunderbolt began to wrap violently around his left arm, which was not holding the gun.

“You are a wizard! Stop the magic!”

Red Skulls flocked in from a wider range.

Running, running, running, running.

The moment I was surrounded, it was over, so I had no choice but to keep running.

“Be careful next to you!”



After striking the sword with the barrel, he jumped over the chair and ran between the seats.

The cutlery swarmed into the place where I had stayed a while ago.


Avoiding the flying sword, he rolled over.

At the same time, the bullets were scattered behind them.

bang! bang! bang!

Through the phosphorus explosions everywhere, the guys continued to rush in.

A translucent membrane of each color was wrapped around the body.

The clothes were slightly burned or torn, but there seemed to be no major damage.

‘It must be said that they are quite elite.’

It was already expected that a small attack would not work.

I spurred the completion of the magic that was forming on my left arm.

“Stop the magic! If you keep distracting yourself, the magic will break itself!”

The enemy’s offensive was fierce.

But, unfortunately, there was nothing to disturb my mind, and the thunderbolt gradually increased in size.

“How long do I have to hold out?”

“It is soon.”


I ran up the stairs and climbed to the platform where the people were being held.

“Village for a moment.”


He took the ring and bracelet from the woman’s hand in the cat mask and ran again.

‘The preparation is complete.’

I jumped off the pedestal and turned my back to the wall.

Estelle immediately blocked the front.

The thunderbolt that wrapped around his arm was now so terrifying in size and momentum that anyone could see it as a threat.

The ornaments he held in his hands responded to the magic and were broken into pieces.

Topaz and emeralds.

In the case of certain gems, they themselves became powerful catalysts.

“Blood, avoid it! Don’t even think about stopping!”

At the signal of that cry, the enemies who were chasing behind were scattered in all directions.

“Harm! If you focus enough, you can dodge magic! As long as you dodge it, there is nothing after that!”

The catalyst was fully used up and the mana in his body began to seep.

A cold sweat ran all over his body, and he felt the taste of blood in his throat.

“Wait. you now… !”

She turned around and saw the catalyst crumbling from my hand, with a surprised face.

Kwajik-! Quajik-!

A dark blue lightning bolt surged into the air.

It made a ripping sound and took the form of a giant snake.

“No, my God… !”

“What is that… .”

Lights were broken everywhere in the auction house, and the whole place was dark except for the stage.

In the darkness, the lightning flashed like a living creature.

The bewildered faces of the people reflected beneath it.


The snake opened its mouth wide.

Its fangs were exposed and rushed towards its prey.


The first one targeted hurriedly rolled over, and the snake’s head roared to the ground.

“Sah, I lived… !”

The moment he breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at the melted black spot, the snake turned its head and rushed back towards its prey.

Break up!

The boy fell to the floor with his body charred. After that, there was no movement.

“Avoid! Harm! If you’re by my side, you’ll get hit! Scatter!”

The snake twisted and then spread out and rushed to the next enemy.

Occasionally, there were those who tried to block it with a protective shield around their body, but they were just swallowed and burned to black.

[circuit level: 2]

[Mana: 56 / 650]

I used up all my mana.

There, he overdose on the catalyst to the point where his body was endangered.

In terms of power alone, there was no one in this position who could withstand that magic head-on.


He continued to control the magic.

There were guys running this way, but Estelle blocked me and I couldn’t reach them.

The number of Red Skulls decreased rapidly. Then a cry was heard from the hostages.

“Stop the magic now! Otherwise, these people have no life!”

It was the guy who was giving orders as acting leader. He was holding a knife to the neck of one of the hostages.

“… Wasn’t he holding hostages in preparation for a confrontation with the outside forces? If you kill them all, your insurance will disappear.”

The boy flinched for a moment.

But he soon came to his senses and said.

“Does not matter. Even if a few die, it won’t affect our plans in any way. Stop what you are doing right now!”

“Kill it.”

“What, what?”

“I told you to kill me.”

“I guess you didn’t understand what I was saying. Right Now… .”

“I think he misunderstood something. What does it matter to me whether they die or not?”

It was literally.

I didn’t fight them to save them.

I was just working towards my goal.


He threw the hostage on the floor and ran towards it with his teeth clenched.

And the moment he was about to strike the sword at Estelle, he was swallowed up by the snake’s jaws that followed him.

* * *

Things settled down to some extent and I sat down.

Burning me was everywhere, my head was dizzy and my stomach felt nauseous.

I could still feel the mana circuit, which had once run wild, still wriggle.

“Goo, thank you for saving me. If I reveal my affiliation, I must give my case… .”

Some of the people came and talked to me. Among the dogs was a cat mask.

“… … .”

I ignored it and concentrated on getting my body back on track. Then he put his hand in his arms and took out the magic stone.

‘I have exhausted all my mana. It’s taking too long to just wait for him to recover.’

“thanks. I took my ring and used it anyway, but thanks to you… .”

Just as the cat mask was about to talk to me, Estelle ran in front of me and snatched the magic stone.

“… … .”

She was making sure all the Red Skulls were dead.

He glanced at the cat mask, then looked at me again and continued talking.

“Don’t eat it. Do you know that I don’t even know that I swallowed a manastone last time? Like I just used the catalyst. Fighting is good. But please, take care of yourself and fight.”

“But thanks to you, didn’t you finish the work quickly?”

“If I had thought a little more, I would have found a better way.”

She knelt next to me and used healing magic.

People who saw the bright light flocked to the crowd.


“My buddy hurt his leg. rushing down the stairs… . Could you please take a look… .”

“I am first. Do you know how much money I donate to the denomination each year? You don’t know how shocked my heart was when this happened all of a sudden. A magic that can calm you down a little… .”

Estelle raised her eyes and said.

“Turn it off. Before I kill them all.”

Surprised by the momentum, the people hesitated and retreated.

After that, they scattered all over the place to examine the Red Skull’s corpse, to exhort each other, and to find a way to open the door.

With the bright glow, the wounds from sleeping were healed and the wounds were healed.

“Do not forget. When you die, my life has no meaning. Remember that your life is not yours.”

Without realizing it, I laughed out loud.

“Try it.”

Even then, the cat mask was watching us without leaving the seat.

suddenly she asked.

“Are you two engaged?”

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