A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 46

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 46

046. auction (4)

“engagement? It looks like we are in a romantic relationship.”

Estelle chuckled and laughed.

“Would you like to do it after Kim has spoken? engagement? I don’t think you’re that bad.”

“I do.”

“Eh, that’s a joke.”

“I’m joking too.”

Hearing our conversation, the cat mask spoke in a clearer voice for some reason.

“Oh, I see. They were wearing the same ring, so I thought they were engaged.”

She took a business card from her arms and handed it to him.

“I will introduce myself first. This is Pieta Nedwice, managing director of Low Tactics.”

Then he took off the mask.

The red hair tied at the back of the mask ran down to below the shoulder line.

low tactic.

A giant company that produces more than a third of the firearms distributed on the continent.

The president’s life was short-lived, and I had heard of his children taking up positions as executives throughout the company.

‘Pieta. Was it the name of the youngest daughter? At most, they are in their early twenties, but I never expected them to be this young.’

Revealing your identity here has one of two meanings.

Don’t care what other people look at.

Or you are confident in your position.

Judging by the confidence in her voice, expression, and gestures, she seemed to fit both.

“… … .”

she stared at me

Having revealed his identity, this meant that he should act accordingly.


He only spoke of a pseudonym he made up.

I came here for a different purpose, so there was no need to engage with people more.

Silence passed again.

Despite the seemingly embarrassing situation, she continued to speak casually.

“It’s Evan. I’ll ask you straight up. I want to hire you as my escort. The contract is from this moment to the time it arrives safely on the ground.”

Her gaze flickered toward someone’s corpse.

“I was a knight and had a lot of experience working as a mercenary, so I didn’t know that I would die so easily. There are a few escorts outside, but it’s getting really hot.”

She pulled out a blank check and wrote down the amount.

“Thousands of shillings. Would this be enough? And even after I go out, if there is a doctor there, I want to hire him as an exclusive escort.”

“If you have that kind of money, why did you withdraw from the auction earlier?”

“Bracelet? I just decided it wasn’t worth it. There is no need to overspend just because you have a lot of money.”

It was a strange technique.

Even though he did not dare to hide his true intentions, he was implicitly conveying the meaning that the money presented to me was not overspending.

“Don’t refuse.”

“Why? If you don’t have enough money, I can give you more.”

The money is already overflowing.

No matter how much she moves, she will not have close to 2 billion shillings as an individual.

“Find someone else. Estelle, go.”


Pieta hurriedly grabbed my arm as I was about to get up and let it go.

Estelle’s eyebrows twitched when she saw that.

He sent a glance to her, who was about to take action, telling her to stay still.

“Call me later. I will be waiting for you.”

She tucked the business card I had not received into the front pocket of the suit.

‘It’s low tactics.’

I was thinking about taking it out, but I came up with an idea and decided to keep it for now.

“Think about it.”

After a little distance, Estelle said.

“People are a little unlucky. just grab someone’s arm trying to solve it with money. All the rich do.”

I didn’t have to deny it.

After that, he wandered around the auction house, absorbing mana from the corpse of Red Skull.

“How do priests, priests and warlocks in one place… .”

Those who knew what the act was, flinched and withdrew.

There was no one who dared to stop him, only smirking and staring at him.

“… Do you feel a little stronger?”

For this moment, she was far away as if she couldn’t help the feeling of rejection, but returned after absorbing mana.

“As you can see, I’ve only recently built the circuit. There is no way you can get stronger faster than this.”

“I am not criticizing. I’m just… .”

“I know there is nothing I can do.”

After leaving her apologetic face behind, I checked my mana.

[circuit level: 2]

[Mana: 223 / 842]

The total amount of mana increased was 192.

‘It’s still… . faster. You must become stronger.’

The amount of mana I gained from each battle was increasing, but I still felt it was lacking.

‘If only he had the power to absorb mana right away during battle.’

In that case, the maximum amount of mana may have exceeded 1000.

Mana is the least lost when the opponent absorbs it right before or after death.

Since then, it has been decomposed into the atmosphere and the amount that can be absorbed has decreased sharply.

“I’m angry? His face is scary… .”

“It is nothing. Branch.”

I staggered towards the exit. Estelle followed.

As we approached, the people near the door split open the way.

“We have already tried to open the door. He didn’t even blink. It probably opens only when the device is operated from outside.”

“There could be a fight going on outside. I know he’s talented, but he’s very tired. Resting and waiting for rescue… .”

I looked at the door slowly.

Door made of adamantium alloy.

There was at least five overlapping lock magic.

‘Unraveling itself is possible. But the time and resources that go into it.’

I told Estelle.

“Can you pierce it?”

“I do not know. Even if it does, it will take a long time. The thickness is not normal.”

Everyone nodded as if in agreement.

I took a few steps back from the door and pulled the rifle out of my arms and held it.

Those who realized the meaning hurriedly fell from the door and spread the distance.


He pulled the trigger without hesitation.

A gun shot out, and a series of explosions erupted from the door.

chin. shudder.

Change the magazine and try again.

chin. shudder.

Once more.

Empty magazines and cartridge casings piled up under their feet at high speed.

When the firing ended, there was a huge hole the size of a human in the center of the door.


“It’s hot.”

As I walked through the hole with my head down, I looked back and asked.

“Is there a place to change clothes here?”

“Oh, yes, yes! There is a changing room for the staff inside the aisle.”

Among those who had their mouths open blankly, one who appeared to be an employee came to his senses and answered.

“Thank you.”

I walked along the dimly lit pathway.

“No one is following.”

“If I had the courage to do that, I would have stood up and fought when the battle broke out.”

I found the room the staff was talking about and opened the door. Inside, in addition to the cabinets used by the staff, there was a hanger with new uniforms on it.

I turned my back and changed clothes without delay.

There may be enemies lying outside.

I couldn’t hope to avoid suspicion by wearing a suit with ripped spots.

Her voice could be heard through the rustling of clothes.

“… scars on the back. Ever since I saw you in prison, I’ve been curious, what kind of life have you been living?”

“… … .”

“If you don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to.”

“It’s obvious what a child born in a slum must have gone through.”

There was surprise in her voice.

“A slum?”

“What surprises you?”

“just… I thought of it as the son of an aristocrat or a noble family. My knowledge and communication skills are not at a level that ordinary people can imitate.”

“It’s just something I picked up and learned. Go out first.”

I went outside and waited for her by the door. Soon she appeared in a white shirt and black vest.

“Don’t use magic stones as much as possible. I will do my best to prevent that from happening.”

“Thanks for your concern.”

Next, we went to the storage room.

“There is nothing left. Are you going to chase me?”

I nodded.

As expected, everything that could be used for money, including the mithril, was swept away.

“A little rush.”

The sound of footsteps echoed through the dark aisle.

The light from the exit gradually drew closer, and soon a bright hallway appeared.

A narrow hallway in the basement floor.

No one was visible.


I got on the elevator and pressed the button on the 2nd basement floor.

The staff at the auction house had been informed of the approximate location of the vault.

It was located inside the general manager’s office, at the diagonal end of the hall.

“Are you ready?”

“I’m a little nervous.”


A bright light lit his face.

The same scenery as before entering the auction house unfolded before my eyes.

“You can come up from downstairs and be suspicious. Be as natural as possible.”

“I see.”

He walked through the crowd with a tray of drinks lying on a table outside the restaurant.

‘I planted a lot. Roughly one in five.’

As soon as I recognized it, the Red Skulls hiding as employees all over the place clearly caught my eye.

I could see what the sense of incongruity I had felt so far was.

It must have been their job to help the leader escape safely after taking the safe.

“Can I take the tray? There are customers over there looking for drinks.”

An employee approached and reached for the tray.

The tip of the sleeve and the upper part of the red skull tattoo were barely exposed.

“… … .”

He tilted his head and looked into my eyes.

I too, in a stealthy motion, rolled up my sleeves to reveal some of my magically drawn skull tattoos.

he whispered

“How is the downstairs? It’s the lowest floor, so there’s no radio.”

“Basically, there is no problem. I came out because there were more factors than I thought among the hostages, and I thought I should inform the leader.”

The boy nodded and stepped out of the way. Then he pointed to one side.

“Go across the hall to the end at 11 o’clock. You must be working on opening the safe by now.”

He got out of the way and we started walking again.

I felt that the suspicious eyes that had been staring at me had disappeared.

continued walking.

People were enjoying the facility in a relaxed manner, unaware of what was going on on the bottom floor.

“Here it is.”

how far did you walk

The door to the manager’s office appeared.

It was at the end of the hallway outside the hall, so no one was walking around.


He looked inside and carefully opened the door.

The smell of blood came up through the cracks in the door.

Inside the office were the corpses of several of these apparently security guards.

“Traces are everywhere… . I see it was very intense.”

“The manpower guarding the safe must have been tough.”

I opened the door inside the office and walked along the aisle.

“… open it… If not.”

“wait… crab. ji, now… .”

The voice came closer.

He added speed to his steps, took out his gear, and handed it to Estelle.


When the passage was over, my vision brightened at once.

Spacious room with tile floor.

In the center of the wall was a huge circular vault door.

‘Leader and two subordinates. manager. The same number of people who left the auction house.’

No personnel were added.

They were gathered in front of the safe, and around them were boxes of cash and carts.

Estelle whispered.

“These guys are sharing two briefcases. All the valuables in the storage room must have been stored there.”

“okay. The item we are looking for must be in one of those two.”


At that moment, the safe door opened.

The interior was once again connected to a separate space.

A pile of piles of cash caught my eye even from afar.

“leader. I am thrilled. It’s a moment we’ve been waiting for for a year, isn’t it?”

“The share that falls on us will be significant.”

“Don’t be fussy. It’s not our money until we get it out safely.”

As we made our way out, they looked back.

The gaze moved for a moment, and the leader said.

“I know there will be no dinner report for the manager today.”

“Yes. It was obviously empty on schedule.”

“Did you come in by chance while passing by? Well, it doesn’t matter. deal with it.”


One of his subordinates straightened his sword and leapt on the spot.

As soon as the sword line was drawn in the air, Estelle took out the mace that was hidden behind him and struck the sword.


It did somersault in the air, bounced off and landed on its original spot.

The leader said with a look of surprise.

“okay. Now that I see, they are not familiar. Most of the staff I remember. Did you leave the auction house? Or maybe it was stuck in the middle.”

I didn’t answer.

Instead, he pointed his finger at the briefcase.

“It doesn’t matter what your purpose is. Hand over the bag.”

As he giggled, his subordinates began to laugh along with him.

“Are you going to rob the robber again?”

“It’s about getting my things back.”

“Ah, it looks like there is an item that has been successfully bid. but there is Do you think you are in a situation where you can order me now?”

“okay. It is a command, so follow it.”

The leader flinched at the last sentence.

I knew the other person’s identity.

To be precise, it was also the minor role I set, and he was also a person in Cain’s memory.

Isaac Lecter.

As one of the members of the Red Skull, he had encountered Cain on numerous battlefields in the past.

He’s also a brainwave, but he’s never beaten Cain.

—Yes. It’s a command, follow it.

A sentence Cain used to humiliate him. From his point of view, he could never be forgotten.

The boy’s body was visibly trembling. The emotion was obviously anger.

“Wait, now I see that tone… . maybe not Nonsense. Kill it!”

A fierce battle ensued with the shouting.

Strike the sword with the barrel, dodge it, and shoot bullets through the gap.


Chaeng-! Tang-!

A 3-2 battle continued.

Naturally, I was pushed and pushed into the safe.

“under! The shelter is getting smaller and smaller, so what can I do now!”

The leader smiled triumphantly.

“Do you like money?”



At that moment, sirens began to sound from the ceiling.

It was a sound so sharp that everyone’s spine rose up.

“What, what!”

The boys turned their heads and looked back.

There was a manager who broke the glass membrane on the wall and pressed the switch inside.

“You would know that too. alarm switch. Guards from all floors must be flocking here by now. Your men will try to stop it, but there will be a big battle.”


At the same time, the double door inside the safe was closed.

from top to bottom.

at a pretty fast pace.

I asked.

“Now what?”

with a sly smile.

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