A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 48

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 48

048. Organization (1)

I was looking for a mask and put on the mask because I was anticipating what was going to happen in the future.

“I came here after hearing that they were still staying here.”

Soon Pieta ran into the room.

“Who is coming in now?”

Estelle followed after him.

“A suggestion I made. Have you not changed your mind yet?”

It was a tone that must have changed his mind by now.

I put the newspaper I was reading down on the table and said.

“You mean escort?”

“yes. Right. In other words, it’s my exclusive escort.”

“She is a funny woman. Why don’t you come in without permission? You say something too. Why are you accepting me?”

As I didn’t show any signs of vigilance, Estelle came up to me and rolled her eyes at Pieta.

I said in a low voice.

“Even if not, I thought we would meet and talk.”

“Are you talking about a woman who doesn’t have that kind of courtesy? why?”

“Sir. I hear it all. By the way, I even mastered the imperial etiquette.”

“Oh yeah? I guess not at all?”

Their gazes collided, and for a moment, the illusion of sparks bouncing in the air arose.

Soon Pieta turned to me and said,

“Like I said, money can make it even higher. You look like a mercenary, isn’t it better to work in one place than to wander around all the time?”

Her demeanor was as aggressive as her crimson hair color.

His eyes were also shining with a desire to achieve what he wanted.

Although it wasn’t a character I set up myself, I could easily tell what kind of human she was.

“Why do you have to hire me? There must be a lot of people who want to work even if they go to the mercenary office.”

“I have hired a lot. They all die sooner or later. It was this time too. We didn’t hire one or two people.”

“Are you going to hire me for such a dangerous position?”

“Evan. Aren’t you confident in your skills?”

She sat down casually on the sofa in front of the table.

“And I don’t think there is anything like a wizard. When you need to respond to multiple variables.”

she said, crossing her legs.

“But it is rare. You can only see it if you go to a place like the capital’s horse tower or Clarkfield, right? If you’re a talented person like Evan-sama, it’s even harder to meet.”

I paused for a moment, put together the information given, and it didn’t take long for her to come to a conclusion.

“Looks like you’re being hated.”

There was a twinkle in her eyes.

He smiled brightly as he drew a crescent moon shape.

“You are sharp. Right. There are a lot of people who are eager to kill me.”

“Is this a succession fight?”

“Well, I’ll tell you, it’s not a very secret thing. Father will die soon. ‘Cause you’re so old The doctor said he wouldn’t last even a month.”

Her explanation was simple and clear.

The president’s wife and four children left behind.

She said she was the youngest among them.

“My father loves me the most. My older sisters and older brothers are only interested in the company’s stake, but they have no affection for their father at all. It’s time for you to die, so now you’re working hard.”

The president appointed her as his successor.

It is planned to be announced at the general shareholders’ meeting in ten days, and all of the other brothers and sisters are aware of this fact.

“So, I am running out of area 65, where the headquarters is located. Assassins keep coming. Actually, my support base is the weakest. The bracelet was also about to be won for self-defense.”

Pieta’s gaze turned to the bracelet hanging from Estelle’s wrist.

She said in a slightly sharp voice.

“Sir. Can I have a cup of tea please? I think the story is going to be long.”

“He brings it and drinks it. No hands or no feet.”

Again sparked.

The conversation continued without hesitation.

“Do you know how to manipulate mana?”

“A little. I used to go to knights school. I just quit because I didn’t have the talent.”

She made the terms of the contract.

“Once I am announced as the next president, all the neutrals will be on my side. Then those people like my older sister and older brother will no longer be able to touch me.”

On the day of the general meeting of shareholders, make sure that you enter Area 65 safely.

With her gaze fixed on Pieta, Estelle whispered in my ear.

“You’re not going to accept it, are you? A suggestion for that poor woman?”

“Sir. I hear it all. I told you before.”

Pieta added.

“I don’t like it, but I can give you more if you sign a contract with the priest. From ten million shillings to fifteen million shillings. I don’t know why the priest is in a place like this, but I won’t bother asking.”

Remuneration was a secondary issue.

What matters is what other benefits you get from helping her.

‘If there is a dispute over succession, there is a high possibility that other successors have also hired an escort.’

It can’t be done so proudly, so I have no choice but to find the shade.

The target of employment is mercenaries, or organizations in the dark.

Red Skull and Blue Serpent are not hired by anyone, so in the worst case, the opponent could be the beasts of the Green Horde.

But that wasn’t a big deal either.

Pieta wouldn’t want to end the escort alone, so there must have been mercenaries to join as allies.

Besides, if it was Area 65, it didn’t deviate too much from my movement.

For a moment, I put together in my head what I could get from my contract with her.

“Accept it.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I thought so.”

In the opposite reaction, I added words.

“There are two conditions.”

“What? If it’s a paycheck, I can raise it even more.”

“The pay doesn’t matter. instead.”

I took the mithril out of the bag under the table and put it up.

“First, I would like you to hire a technician who can process this mithril and provide a place.”

Although Low Tactic’s main business is gun production, it also produces small amounts of weapons for mana users.

It must have been equipped with facilities and manpower capable of processing mithril.

“Would you like to build your own personal equipment? It’s not a difficult request. like. But it will be possible only after I safely take office as president. What is the next condition?”

“Do you know Bama?”

For a moment, Pieta’s body stopped.

“… How much do you know?”

“Isn’t this a public fact? Everyone knows as much as everyone who knows.”

Firearms manufactured by Low Tactic are distributed all over the continent.

It is also distributed inside the 20th division, where importation is prohibited, and most of the quantity is digested in the shade rather than the sun.

It is the Black Smuggler Bama that makes it possible.

As a Blue Serpent executive, he had that level of distribution network and personal connections.

“I don’t think it’s useless to deny it. Right. I know. The brothers and sisters take turns meeting regularly to renew the contract.”

“When is the next meeting?”

“A month later. But it’s not my turn.”

“The order doesn’t matter. If that person becomes the president, you can designate whatever you want. Take me as an escort to the return meeting. That is the second condition.”

‘I didn’t know there would be an opportunity to get involved with Bama in a place like this.’

Weapons made of mithril fully absorb mana and amplify its power.

If I had a gun that could handle even just one of my magical powers, I had a good chance of winning the fight against Bama.

“What are you thinking?”

“If you don’t like it, you can say no.”

“no. That’s not it. It’s just a condition I never thought of. I can’t say that there’s no risk, but it’s important to take over the father’s place safely first. make a contract Make an oath.”

“I know a lot.”

“You said it. I used to go to knight school. I learn that much as a liberal arts subject.”

Dark red mana flowed from the palm of my hand, drawing a magic circle in the air.

“The penalty for breaking the contract is death.”

“does not matter. If you don’t get to the president’s seat, you die one way or another.”

As they swore the contents of the contract, they were split in half and smeared on their chests.

she got up from her seat

“The departure is in two days. That will be enough for Evan-sama to be well, and it will be time for me to hire other mercenaries as well.”

“good night.”

Before leaving the room, she looked back and said.

“Oh, bare face, can you show me now? I’ll see you later anyway.”

As I took off the mask, her eyes stared intently at me.

“It’s not a real face, is it?”

“I do not deny it.”

“Wizards don’t show their faces well. Magically transforms into a different face. I hope to see your real face someday.”

She disappeared out of the room leaving her last goodbye, ‘See you in two days.’

Soon, the sound of the door opening and closing was heard.

“I won’t ask why you accepted the offer. Everyone has an idea and a plan. I absolutely believe in your choices. However.”

Estelle grunted.

“I don’t like her.”

“Did she lie in anything she said?”

“no. It’s not like that. You’ve signed an oath, so there’s nothing to worry about. I just don’t like it as a person. humanly.”

As a child, she was raised in a slum by a benefactor and raised as a priest of the Order.

Most of the apprentice priests were children of wealthy families, and she was ridiculed and discriminated against for her background.

The resentment may not have been simply because Pieta showed an attitude of ignorance.

Seeing her fiddling with her bracelet, I lay back on the couch.

‘He’s the president of Low Tactics.’

A remuneration of fifteen million shillings.

Even a technician who can handle mithril.

Also getting a chance to attack Bama.

Not everyone could see the real reason for accepting Pieta’s offer.

The money was sufficient, and the latter two tasks were self-sufficient enough with time and effort.

The only thing I was considering was the connection she would make when she rose to the presidency.

I was thinking of getting more people.

Chess pieces to help me achieve my goals.

Anyway, the three executives I have to kill are considered to be strong even within the Blue Serpent.

It is important for me to be strong on my own, but that alone will hit the limit.

As these guys always go with their subordinates, there will be situations in which I have to deal with many by myself.

The prediction was the same, and it was the same when I met the Leica on the actual train.

If it wasn’t for the well-timed Red Skull, he wouldn’t have been able to hit the ball on the last minute.

‘At the end of the day, people are needed to advance the goal.

The number may not be short enough to be called an organization, but the number of people I will manage will definitely increase.

He would travel around various districts according to his instructions, and at that time, his connection with a business giant would be of great help.

Of course, we cannot be 100% certain that she will rise to the presidency.

Maybe you can step up and continue your relationship with me.

I just decided based on my intuition that it was a game worth walking.

I raised the corners of my lips and slowly opened my eyes.

“Estelle. What do you think my intuition looks like?”

“Intuition? Don’t you calculate all the circumstances and act?”

Estelle, who was taking the bandages off my arm again, tilted her head.

“You pretend not to be, but you follow the odds thoroughly. Intuition doesn’t go well with the word intuition. you.”

“I am what you saw.”

“My eyes are accurate. I have met all kinds of people.”

There was silence for a moment, and the only sound in the room was the rustling of bandages.

Like her experience of caring for many patients, her hand movements were skillful, and soon the bandages were replaced with new ones.

She said the job was done.

“Healing magic is also a method of accelerating the regeneration of cells, so if you keep using it, it will put a strain on your body. It’s good to let minor wounds heal naturally.”

“Do that.”

“What are you going to do today? Departure is in two days, are you going to rest in your room?”

I thought for a moment and then said.

“Can you tell me if there is a library nearby?”

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