A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 5

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 5

005 episode. Prisoner hides power (1)

“Cuck, cack, clap!”

Morphine’s face turned red.

He smashed his fists to remove Cain’s choking arm, but Cain didn’t budge.


Cain swung his arms and threw Morphine’s body against the wall.


Embarrassment, shock, horror.

Above all, my body hurts.

“you you! how! Strength, strength, there must be none!”

Morphine took a quick breath and squeezed the horse out.

Cain was approaching Morphine with that expressionless expression on his face.

Seeing her not limping, a shiver of goose fell behind Morphine’s back.

‘Have you ever been acting?’

Morphine could not comprehend the situation at all.

I heard that he had attempted suicide, and he intended to make him regret that he did not die at that time.

But now, I had an ominous feeling that the opposite would happen.

“Dude, answer me! Boo, obviously all the tendons are broken. That’s right!”

As Morphine squawked, Cain frowned.

He approached the morphine and sat down with his knees bent.


“It’s a dog! Answer me! You, you, Igor-sama, if you know this… … !”


In an instant, Morphine’s face turned wide, and a small white object popped out of his mouth.

And it fell down to the floor.

Morphine’s gaze turned towards him in dismay.

“My, my teeth!”


This time, the face turned to the other side.

“I never say the same thing twice.”

* * *

Cain checked the amount of mana consumed.

[Circuit Level: 1 – Mana 76 / 150]

Applying enhancement magic only to necessary movements did not consume as much mana as expected.

He glanced downwards.

He saw Morphine smashed at him and then collapsed.

There seemed to be no major abnormality except for the little bloody saliva dripping from his mouth because he only hit areas that were not visible on the outside, such as the stomach, back, and knees.

“you… … ! you… … !”

Morphine shivered and looked at Cain.

He was also confident that he would not be pushed anywhere in the fight. But he couldn’t even rub his collar.

“I wish it was a little longer.”



Cain dipped his foot into Morphine’s stomach.

Morphine grabbed her stomach and rolled on the floor.

His eyes flashed in anger, and Morphine spat out.

“You, you, Igor-sama will not leave you alone. Do you know what will happen to you if he and I scream here and now?”

Cain’s face was expressionless.

“Hey, the guard at the entrance will come running. Then you will go to solitary room again. It’s not over in ten days this time, you know? Because you already looked hateful to Gerek.”

“… … .”

Seeing Cain without a word, Morphine was convinced.

He’s regretting it now.

I think I acted too hasty.

Morphine regained her confidence in an instant and continued to speak with equal momentum.

“okay! Even now, get down on your knees and say you made a mistake Bill… … !”


Morphine was kicked in the side and fell to the side.

The world spins. I feel dizzy.

Cain’s voice could be heard above the much lowered field of vision.

“It would be fun. Go ahead.”

“What, what?”

“I told you to run. Scream to your heart’s content.”


He tried to reduce the pain by crouching down as much as possible, but the kick digging into his limbs and tenaciously aimed at his side.

It was a century when there was no abnormality in the internal organs, and only humans felt the greatest pain.

There was no sound leaking.

Cain had already put soundproofing magic on the entire room.

“Wow! This, MI, crazy—.”

“What will you say when the guard comes? You said you were beaten by a limb idiot? People will believe it.”

Morphine was momentarily speechless.

If you think about it rationally, you were right.

Before bleeding, broken bones, or physical evidence that he had been assaulted, he was already rumored to be incapacitated.

The guards who witnessed the scene may believe it, but others… … .

“And it would be a problem even if people believed it. You will become a real asshole who lost to a limb as it is.”

“If you tell me that your body is fine—!”

“If you are confident, do it. I’m going to keep the look I’ve been doing for a while. If people believe you, they will put me through various tests, but I am confident that I will not be found out.”



“If that happens, I will educate you whenever there is nobody like this. And someday.”


“I will kill you.”

Morphine instantly felt the air in the room change.

Cold sweat leaked out of his thick living, and he couldn’t even breathe properly. As I fell to the floor, I did not dare to raise my face.

“You, you, if you kill someone here, you go to a solitary room… … .”

“Does not matter.”


Cain’s feet were on top of Morphine’s lying face down. Cain raised his mana as it was and pressed his foot down.

“Aww, ah-ah-ah–!”

A scream rang out.

It felt like my head was being ripped apart.

“Ah, I see, I see. Stop it, stop it!”

“It’s short.”

“Come on, come on, I was wrong. That, stop… .”

The feet then disappeared.

With a face covered in tears and saliva, Morphine gasped. In less than three minutes, I felt like my body and mind had been torn apart.

‘Gee, I’m serious. You’re really going to kill me.’

There is a high probability that people will not believe what you say.

Believe it or not, that’s the problem.

If you are rumored to be a villain defeated by a villain, you cannot comfortably spend the rest of your sentence in this prison.

‘The guarantee that the guy who has deceived everyone so far won’t be deceived in the future is… … .’

It may or may not be.

But the risk was too great to gamble.

“Wow, what do you want, no, what do you want?”

“Tell me everything you know about Igor.”

“Yes, yes?”

Cain moved his feet slightly, and Morphine shuddered and shuddered.

“no! no! It’s not that I hate to say it. That’s because I don’t know exactly what you want to know… … .”

“The time he entered the prison, the crime, his usual habits and habits, his physical weakness, anything is good.”

Morphine poured out what he knew.

He felt like his feet were pressing down on his head like a presser again if he had been steaming for nothing.

“The crime is… … . I know that he was just caught as a hunting dog. My left ankle is weak.”

Hounds were a generic term for robbers who roamed the wasteland and plundered small villages.

“Left ankle?”

“Yes. Until two years ago, Igor was the class leader. Then, after being challenged by Kiftel… … , Akiftel is the former class leader. It’s long to explain-.”


“—Yeah, anyway, I seriously injured my left ankle while fighting a challenge. I received healing magic, but I know that the aftereffects remain.”

Cain nodded as if he understood.

Morphine hesitated.

“Well, may I ask why you are asking this?”

“I’m going to take over the position of captain.”

Of course, what I had to do was talk.

In fact, that was the case with Cain.

In order to widen the radius of activity, a position was needed where other prisoners could be used like limbs.

“Yes, yes?”

Morphine doubted her ears for a moment.

Of course, Cain showed a strong side now, but he had no idea if he would be able to defeat Igor.

Cain read the meaning in Morphine’s eyes and brought the fruit from the bedside of Igor.

It was iron.

A fruit that needs a special machine to eat because of its hard skin.

Igor used this fruit to measure her grip strength after daily exercise.

Of course, as an ordinary person, it was impossible to crush the fruit with one hand, so only a few finger marks remained on the skin, which was close to the original shape.

“What are you going to do… … .”

Morphine’s words did not last long.


The iron fruit in Cain’s hand was crushed at once, and the flesh splattered in all directions.

“… … .”

… … That doesn’t make sense.

If you don’t have a dedicated machine, you can’t break it even if you hit it dozens of times with a stick.

Cain said while looking down at Morphine, who couldn’t keep her mouth shut.

“If I become the class president, I’ll give you a seat too.”

Cain picked up one of the fallen fragments and shoved it into Morphine’s mouth. The sweet taste spreads in his mouth.

Morphine nodded as if possessed.

After asking for some more information, Cain said, looking at the clock on the wall.

“I will listen to the rest of the story later. go go If you come back too late, Igor will suspect you.”

“Yes, yep!”

Morphine ran out of Burinake.

After he disappeared completely, Cain floated the scattered pulp and other foreign matter with the remaining mana and put them all in the trash.

[Circuit Level: 1 – 7 Mana / 150]

Then he limped towards the window.

I saw morphine running towards the restaurant.

‘He’s a smart guy, so he’ll know which one to follow.’

Just in case there is a possibility, I even hung a hint.

It wasn’t great magic.

I can only use basic magic (with my current mana anyway).

It was a hint enough to amplify the emotions he had now, but for now, that would be enough.

* * *

“Kiftel? Totally tasted it. Every day I scream and knock on the door and shout for it to come out.”

“Heh heh.”

Igor felt good.

On the way back from the restaurant to the room, I met the prison guard in charge of the solitary confinement. The advice I received from him did not leave my head.

“Igor. Kiftel gnome, I’m sure he’ll be put into a psychiatric ward as soon as he’s released.”

“There is no one in Class A who can beat Igor-sama, so the class leader will always be Igor-sama.”

The plain candy-applied of his subordinates wasn’t too bad to hear today.

As Igor opened the door, he found Cain sitting on the bed and was startled.

“Is this the day he came back today?”

“It seems so.”

Morphine responded, pretending to be startled.

I struggled with myself dozens of times, but in the end I couldn’t tell Igor about Cain.

‘I missed the time to speak.’

Now, I had no choice but to pretend not to know.

If caught in the middle, Igor might bend his back.

“It’s okay to stay alone for a while… … .”

Igor, who had bent down so that he was at eye level with Cain, stopped talking and got up again.

It was also a bad look.

It’s like looking through people.

Instead of getting rid of the poison, it seemed to be getting worse than before.

‘Actually, this guy’s mental strength was amazing.’

I expected it to some extent, but I didn’t expect it to be this good.

“Have you ever heard of the former class leader in the solitary room?”

“… … none.”

“Well, that’s it. It must have been exhausting, shivering in solitary confinement. I’m in a good mood today, so I won’t touch you. rest.”

Igor laid a cloth on the floor and called one of his men to do sit-ups.

“Hey, Igor. Ma, if Kiftel comes back, it will be really good!”

Every time Igor’s gigantic body moved up and down, the subordinates holding his feet trembled precariously.

“… … .”

Cain concentrated on turning the circuit’s mana again. I was thinking of putting on a defense magic on my body and holding on to it if I had an argument.

I didn’t expect that kind of reaction, but it didn’t seem necessary to say anything more anyway.

[Circuit Level: 1 – Mana 46 / 155]

Can you subdue everyone in this room right now?

The answer was ‘no’.

With mana fully restored, he was confident that he would defeat Igor in a one-on-one situation.

But he always accompanies his subordinates.

Dealing with a large number of people at once and calculating the mana to give hints still required more training.


Then the door opened and the guards entered.

Seeing the person wearing the medal on the chest of the jacket, all the prisoners stood up.

“Sit comfortably.”

A middle-aged man with a gentle atmosphere.

Compared to the other guards, his eyes seemed to be very generous.

Igor also got up from his seat in a hurry.

And after tidying up his mannerisms, he said in a gentle voice.

“Did you have a comfortable business trip, sir?”

Jared Diaman.

It was the name of the Kentrak prison warden.

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