A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 50

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 50

050. successor (1)

On the morning of the departure day, I drove out of the 88th district.

Several vehicles adapted for combat and a heavily armored van were visible.

Meanwhile, about 20 mercenaries were standing leaning against the car.

“Come on. I was waiting.”

Pieta had her hair tied back and a coat over large sunglasses.

I glanced inside the coat and said.

“It’s a bulletproof vest. I don’t think it will help much.”

“It would be better than nothing at all. And this is not the only self-defense device.”

She said looking back at the mercenaries.

“Hello everyone. The last ones to join are Evan and Estelle. Evan-sama is a very talented wizard, and Estelle-sama is very experienced… What can I say?”

“Call me a mercenary.”

“yes. You say you’re a mercenary. Did you all hear it?”

Hearing her introduction, the mercenaries began to murmur.

“A wizard? I have never heard of such a thing.”

“I was going to say something because the departure was late, but if it’s a wizard, it’s a different story.”

A man with a long scar around his eyes approached, and everyone’s attention was focused on this side.

“What is your area of expertise?”

“Fire series. Offensive rather than secondary.”

“Can we see them use magic?”

Pieta interrupted the conversation with a slightly bewildered face.

“Wait. I have already verified Evan’s skills. Such disrespect… .”

“Employer. We risk our lives here and there, but that doesn’t mean we don’t value them. Wouldn’t it be natural to want to see with your own eyes what kind of person you would like to work with?”

The mercenaries behind them nodded as if in agreement.

Scar turned his gaze back to me and said.

“Is it possible?”

Without a word, I raised my mana with my palm.

A huge fireball was formed as the mana rushed wildly.


‘Three steps would be enough.’

You don’t have to show off all the power you have, but you don’t have to underestimate it either.

Especially among mercenaries, where strength determines everything.

The mercenaries, who felt the momentum was unusual, corrected their posture and raised the tension.

“No, my God.”

Scar took a few steps back as the fireball grew bigger and bigger.

A fireball the size of a human was shot out to a huge rock nearby and burned the whole area with a roar.

“Is this enough?”

There was silence.

Even Pieta, who had seen me using magic, looked a bit surprised.

match. clap clap.

Scar, who had been staring blankly at the black hole, began to applaud.

“Great. It was the best fire magic I’ve ever seen.”

“I guarantee Estelle’s skill.”

“I do. No one will complain.”

It was felt that the faces of the mercenaries had clearly brightened.

I had no choice but to do so.

Because it is a mercenary who sacrifices his life every day, and the existence of a talented wizard is like a check that increases the probability of survival.

“… That’s amazing. I knew he was a talented person, but he couldn’t handle up to two attributes. The promised pay is enough, right?”

“Relax. I have no intention of changing the terms of the contract.”

“Thank you.”

She smiled playfully and summoned the mercenaries.

Then he laid out the map on the floor and started briefing.

“The target is Area 65. It’s a short straight line from District 78, but you can’t go straight there. A mountain range is blocking it.”

Said one of the mercenaries who looked down at the map.

“I have no choice but to go through another area.”

“Right. I’m thinking of going through Area 67. It won’t be easy to get there. As you know, this area is famous for the rough terrain, so you have to go around a lot. Draw the shortest possible path.”

Pieta took out a pen and drew a line on the map.

Soon, a twisted and tangled movement path was completed.

“Actually, you can think of it as almost the only route from here to the 60th division. Assuming you run day and night and there are no interruptions, it takes about three days.”

“It will not be easy.”

She turned her head to the endless wilderness.

“Right. It’s not easy. But I will definitely pay for it.”

Looking back at the crowd, she said.

“I can take a break from work for a while. So are you all ready?”

* * *


Ten vehicles ran through the wilderness around the van.

“Everyone seemed to have talent. The car is also for proper combat.”

Keeping her gaze forward, Estelle said while driving.

As she said, all of the mercenaries were high-level mana users and were driving vehicles for rough terrain that were modified in various ways.

“I wish nothing would happen like this, would it be too greedy?”

“It happens. certainly. If I were an opponent, I would definitely aim for the time to cross the wilderness.”

She nodded her head slightly.

“It’s definitely a good place to raid. There are no witnesses and the terrain gives us plenty of hiding places.”

The wilderness between the 60th and 70th divisions was exceptionally harsher than the wilderness between the other divisions.

Mountains, hills, and canyons appeared frequently, and even when running on flat ground, the car body shook severely due to irregularities.

“I have never seen a place with so many rocks on a flat surface. All of those cars sold off their eyes for a while, and that’s what happened, right?”

“It is very likely that.”

In front of the rocks that rose everywhere, the wreckage of the wrecked car body stood out.

In the distance, I could see small and large factories in the distance.

“There are factories like this. They all seem to be owned by Low Tactics.”

“It’s corporate logic. You must have decided that it would be more beneficial to pay for transportation than to buy land near the city.”

The run started in the morning and continued into the afternoon.

The scorching sun easily overheated the engines of the cars to discolor the cooling system, and at Pieta’s orders the cars stopped in the shade at the foot of a cliff.

“shit. I will die.”

“I feel it every time I go out in the wilderness, but nothing like heat dissipation equipment is useless.”

“That vest? If I was going to buy it, I would have bought it with something enchanted.”

“I know. So, is that a penny or two? I’d rather use that money to renovate the car. Or drink expensive alcohol.”

The bodies of the mercenaries who came out of the vehicle were wet with sweat.

Especially those who sat on the roof where they could operate the guns did that much more.

“Everyone, be strong. If you get paid for the contract, you can buy whatever you want.”

Pieta roamed between the cars, encouraging the mercenaries. And finally it came to us.

“You two are fine. You must have used magic, right?”

“yes. I put cold air in the car.”

Small drops of sweat were forming on Pieta’s forehead.

It wasn’t as much as the mercenaries, but a little tired of the heat was revealed.

‘If she had enough wealth, she would have been able to equip the heat dissipation equipment. No, maybe they were all used to hire mercenaries.’

We don’t know exactly how much money she can manage.

However, if he had hired twenty senior mercenaries, he would have spent a considerable amount.

“Don’t those people know exactly who you are?”

“I didn’t say anything. But a savvy person must be guessing to some extent?”

After that, we shared a few more stories.

“The possibility is small, but I don’t know if my sisters and brothers have stopped chasing me. I decided that I would not come in fear.”

While traveling quite a distance, there was no sign of the enemy. Nothing like any sense or sign.

“After we get to Area 68, we plan to split the number of people and move.”

Talking about her future plans, she seemed to be repeating it to herself, not us.

I did not miss the subtle uneasiness on her face.

Maybe she didn’t even know that she was in a situation where she was stuck on a dead end more than she thought.

Contrary to the seemingly relaxed appearance.

psychologically and financially.

“Then please continue to work hard.”

I cast a spell on her as she headed for the car. Feeling the cold, she flinched and turned around.

Even if the entire mercenary was unreasonable, it was not burdensome enough to cast magic on one person every few hours.

“Thank you for your consideration.”

A smile appeared on her rather tired face. Then she disappeared into the van.

“First of all, I don’t speak. You just have to ask if you can cast magic on yourself too.”

Perhaps this time, Estelle did not show any rejection.

“It’s probably because of pride.”

“The rich do it in strange places.”

“no. Maybe it was thanks to that pride that I was able to survive without breaking down until now.”

The vehicle again centered on the van and ran through the wilderness.

Still no enemies, the sun was shining, and the driving continued day and night.

“Are we going to get to Area 65 like this?”

“Of course you can get the money. Because the terms of the contract did not say that you must fight.”

Physical strength and mental strength were continuously worn out, and the mercenaries began to harbor subtle expectations for the situation.

So the third sun in the wilderness rose.

Only one day left until number 65.

Even I was thinking ‘maybe’.

“… … !”

It was when I was burying my body in the seat and looking at the scenery.

“Estelle. Open the roof.”

“I see.”

Seeing my hardened face, she immediately followed my instructions.


As I climbed up to the roof, the sandstorm slapped me in the face. I looked around quickly.

‘Inside the northeast canyon. The distance is about 550 meters.’

Mana was running out.

With an unstoppable, terrifying speed, approaching.

Soon, the magic was completed and something started to shoot towards this side.

‘It is too late to explain the situation.’

“Turn the steering wheel!”

A message was sent to all vehicles using the communication equipment he was wearing.

At the same time, the car of the mercenaries split left and right according to their respective positions, and huge ice picks were embedded in their place.


An awl was stuck in the windshield of an electric train car.

Good profit-!

The car made a semicircle and moved away from the rear. The mercenary in the driver’s seat was pierced in the chest and died instantly.

The car crashed into a rock, causing a huge explosion.


– Enemy! Increase the distance between cars!

With the instructions of the leader of the mercenaries, the distance between all vehicles widened.

The cars swerved back and forth to dodge the ice picks that kept flying.

It wasn’t long before the awl stopped firing, and a dozen or so cars came out of the canyon and started chasing behind us.

—Inflammation. Somehow it was so easy.

– See you all alive.

Allies and enemies alike, the guns attached to the vehicle blew fire.

Bullets hit the armor, and the sound of metal ringing filled the room.


An enemy car was overturned by a direct hit by the bazooka.


A friendly car with a broken wheel slid towards us.

“Even if driving is rough, I understand!”

Estelle quickly turned the steering wheel.

The car swayed violently, and I lowered my posture to center my body, then got my back up again.

“It’s next to you!”

The enemy’s leading vehicle was stuck in the front left direction.

The beast in the shape of a lizard, who was climbing up the roof through the window, ran towards me when our eyes met.



The guy with his forehead pierced by a bullet fell from the air and tossed around behind the landscape.

When I looked around, I saw an enemy vehicle cut between the friendly vehicles.

Enemies jumped on the roof of a friendly vehicle and a melee broke out.

‘If it’s a beast of this number, is it Green Horde?’

Estimated number of enemies is more than fifty.

Considering the driver, he was close to seventy.

I radioed Pieta.

“You seem to be getting a lot of hatred.”

─I didn’t know it would be like this.

“Never get out of the van. The armor is thick and it won’t be easy to penetrate even the enemy because it’s a moving vehicle.”

-It should be, of course. I must live to repay this insult.

bang! bang!


He calmly shot and dropped the beasts one by one and looked around.

They didn’t forget to absorb mana from the guys not far away.

‘Clearly there is a wizard among the enemies.’

It can be the biggest variable in battle, so we had to find and eliminate him first.

“Rip it! Here the bitch is riding!”

The roof of the van was already infested with prisoners. They looked like they were struggling to tear off the opening and closing device.

At that moment, a friendly mercenary fell from the roof of the vehicle in front and flew over.

I wrapped him up in the wind and landed him safely on this front bumper.

“Bar, is it just magic? I thought I was going to die without a hitch.”

“Are you good at driving?”

“I don’t know what to do. No one here can’t drive.”

As a skilled mercenary, it was quick to grasp the situation and overcome the embarrassment.

“The wizard tells me that, so I have to follow it first, is there any difference?”

He followed my directions and sat in the driver’s seat instead of Estelle.

I said to her who came up behind the roof, winking at the van.

“Can you?”

“There is a lot going on. Does not matter.”


The sports car squirmed to and fro between the cars and rushed to the forefront of the battlefield.


Having been handed the mace and shield, she jumped between the roofs and reached the van in an instant.

When the mace was swung heavily, the prisoners went out, and the remaining ones were pushed out of the car after not being able to withstand her offensive for a while.

Soon the bracelets on her wrists lit up, and a huge shield formed around them.


The prisoners who were jumping were blocked by the curtain and fell straight down.

‘For now, I can turn an hour off with this.’

I watched the battlefield again.

He concentrated all his nerves not to miss even the slightest movement of mana, and soon a slight tremor caught on.

‘It was there.’

In the back row of the battlefield, mana was piled up on top of the truck.

Soon, ice picks formed and were shot at friendly vehicles.

It was far from being negated with “interference” and the casting speed was also fast.

After completing the calculation of the speed of the awl and the angle of flight in an instant, a bullet engraved with “Flame Explosion” was fired.

bang! bang! bang!

Awls hit by bullets exploded and shattered in midair.

“Estelle. There is a wizard in the backmost truck.”

—I understand what you mean.

She stopped the bracelet and leapt backwards.

Wherever her feet touched, the roof dented and the prisoners fell.


I continued to shoot down the flying awl to cover her.

At the same time, I too skipped between cars and narrowed the distance towards the empty roof of the van.

─The front is a canyon! Be careful as the road gets narrow!

Cars lined up in a row.

Cars that could not respond were smashed into the bottom of the cliffs on either side of the entrance to the canyon and exploded.

bang! bang! bang!

He pulled the trigger nonstop towards the prisoners who jumped back and forth and the ice pick that ripped through the air.

The situation was clearly inferior, and the number of allies standing on the roof was rapidly decreasing.

thud! Snuggle up!

A jeep crashed into the back of the van.

He seemed to have changed his approach as he kept getting shot down in mid-air.

I gathered mana in my palm.

“Wind of Blades”

He raised a huge sword of the wind and cut off the beast that was jumping as it was.

Then he swung it big and cut the jeep and tossed it in two.

—Evan-sama! ahead!

As I turned my back to Pieta’s urgent radio, I saw an enemy vehicle parked to the side in front of me.

─Stop! I’ll hit you!

“no. There is no need to stop.”

Once again, the mana was raised.

A huge vortex of wind rose from his fingertips and blasted forward.


The wind ripped it apart and flew right through the car.

Small car shards flew sideways, leaving nothing in its place.

─What did I see now?

The driver’s voice came over Pieta’s radio.

At the same time, Estelle’s radio came in.

—Mage, I got it.

“Were you alone?”

—There was a dog guarding it, and it crushed its bones.

“Good job.”

The situation has been sorted out.

Now all that was left was to help the allies clean up the prisoners.

—Now the canyon is over. If the space becomes wider, there will be a little more room… .


As they exited the canyon, something slammed into the right side of the van.

A truck the size of a van.

To the left was a cliff with a river flowing below.

The van’s hull lifted and leaned toward the cliff. The balance of my body also gradually shifted downward.

‘I didn’t expect this… . If you are alone, you can get out now. However.’

Pieta is on board.

Too late to use magic.

After a momentary calculation, I made a decision.

Down the cliff into the river, I dropped off with the van.

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