A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 52

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 52

052. successor (3)


All eyes were gathered in one place.

I emerged out of the machinery in full swing.

“Look, what did I say? You said you’d be hiding here, didn’t you?”

“That’s right. Your hair is dry arbitrarily. It’s the guy who fell into the water.”

The beasts giggled as if they had found their prey.

Jude Law glanced at me behind me.

“Where is Pieta? Are you hiding behind him?”

“Pietara, I don’t know who you are talking about.”

He licked his tongue and said.

“Then Pieta got out of the car on her own? nonsense. You look like a mercenary with advanced skills, but think carefully about how you should act now. Because trying to keep the contract can cost your life forever.”

It was a tone of tone that was already convinced that Pieta was here.

It was a natural fact.

The factory door can only be opened by fingerprint recognition of a direct line or manager.

The outsider inside the factory itself was nothing but disproving her existence.

‘It’s no use looking around.

I put my hand in my arms with a secret move.

“If you cooperate even now, your life will . . . .”

“Don’t refuse.”

“… I want to die, but I have no choice. deal with it The rest are searching inside.”

At the signal, the two men left their seats and leapt towards me.

At a moment that could be said to be simultaneous, he took out his pistol and fired two shots.


The first bullet broke the shield on the left and pierced his heart.


The second bullet only caused the guy on the right to momentarily turn around and rub his shoulder.

The first bullet went straight ahead and hit Jude Law’s ear, who, along with the beasts, turned his back and headed elsewhere.


Flesh fell off and blood splattered.

His fingers groped the spot where the earlobe was.

“What, what is this?”

Seeing the bloodstains on the floor, he muttered in a bewildered voice.

For a moment, silence passed.

Finding the situation was faster for employees than for employers.

The beasts began to run away with their eyes gleaming.

“It’s hunting! hunt!”

“A bullet pierced the shield! How did you do it?”

I ran up the stairs and ran along the long iron scaffolding along the second-floor wall.


The guys stepped on the factory equipment and machinery and jumped straight up to the second floor.

Sharp nails have been drawn.

It rolled the body forward and fired a bullet backward at the same time.

“I can feel the mana in the bullet! This is my first time seeing this!”

The bullet did not hit.

Unlike when moving between vehicles or the first shot a while ago, the guys were clearly conscious of their guns.

“Pieta! Come on out! My brother is here and I have to show my face!”

Jude Law shouted in an angry voice.

He walked around the factory with one hand covering his injured ear and the other holding a pistol.

As soon as I grabbed the door handle of the management office, I fired a gun.


The handle came off and he fell flat on the floor in shock.

They fired a few more shots, but they narrowly missed due to the obstruction of the prisoners.

“what are you doing! Come on kill me! I know you hired me to be so lazy!”

He crawled on the floor and hid behind the fixtures. And never came out again.

With this, Pieta’s side was resolved.

The remaining problem was to deal with the four animals.

‘It is not difficult to dodge the attack itself.’

Strictly speaking, the fighting power of these guys was not that low.

Rather, it was right that I became stronger during that time.

The amount of mana that can be used has steadily increased, and the treatment of wrists and ankles has made movement even easier.

It also helped that there were a lot of terrain features available there.

However, it was not easy for the guys to read and match the direction of the muzzle.

I tried to throw some attack magic with a short cast time, looking for a break, but it was the same.

Due to the risk of equipment exploding, the range of attack magic and the angle of shooting were also limited.

‘If it’s a lightning magic that targets people, it can be finished quickly. However, the mana consumption is large and I do not know how many enemies there are outside.’


The gun barrel and nails collided.

Without missing a moment’s break, he pulled out his shotgun and pulled the trigger.


Dozens of bullets were lodged in the wall opposite where he disappeared.


He raised his gaze and gun just above his head.


The boy’s reaction was a little quicker.

In mid-air, he spurred the wall to avoid it.

At the same time, the figure of the next guy appeared in the air at the same time and slashed his nails.

‘It’s not an avoidable angle.’

After a short period of time after casting “Protection”, he extended his left arm in front of the path of his nails.

Gee geek!

sounds like scraping iron.

The nail that had been slashed ran out of force, and the protection broke in line with the calculation.

For a moment, the boy’s posture was disturbed.

Without missing a beat, I pulled my arm toward me, and at the same time shoved the gun into his mouth.


“Let’s see if his mouth is as tough as that leather.”

“… … !”

The bewildered guy tried to chew my hand with the gun, but this time I moved faster.


Blood and flesh erupted behind his head, and the corpse fell onto a conveyor belt under the railing and drifted away.

“Villas is dead!”

“Kick! You’re dead because you’re stupid! I would have avoided it!”

They continued to run, regardless of the death of their comrades.

Dodging the attack and aiming for another gap, I felt regret.

‘If only I could use magic faster.’

It’s just a matter of being able to hit them, but their shields aren’t that strong.

It consumes a small amount of mana, so this situation could have been sorted out immediately.

‘The situation might have been different when I faced Red Skull at the auction house.’

Contemplated When I woke up, I had reached the end of the scaffold.

bubbling bubbling.

Down below were furnaces and molds for casting barrels with their mouths open.

Another guy was waiting, looking up at this place where he could land safely.


While preparing the “floating” magic, a tongs for carrying cargo connected to the ceiling in the distance approached this way.

Looking down at the management room, I saw Pieta manipulating the panel through the opaque glass.

‘Still, you have some sense.’

There was no reason to refuse the option to save mana.

He leapt big and grabbed the hook part of the tongs. At the same time, fingernails flew into the spot where I was standing a while ago.

“Kick! Use your leftovers!”

A guy at the footing followed and took a big leap forward.

It was a tremendous jumping ability that was incomparable to humans.

The guy below jumped at the right time, and the guy above took a double leap using the back of his colleague as a stepping stone.

「Wind Vine」

“… … !”

With the magic he had prepared, the guy’s body was entangled in the air.


He fired a bullet at the struggling guy, and dispelled the magic with him.

He fell and was buried in an ammunition box on a conveyor belt.

“It’s no use trying to do it! You and that bitch are dead!”

Then a call was heard.

The factory door was slowly opening, and Jude Law was standing in front of it.

A special wavelength of mana was radiating from the gold watch he was wearing.

‘Are you calling the prisoners?’

It was the same magic that was engraved on Ignis’ fountain pen.

While I was figuring out the number of beasts I could deal with at the same time, Pieta appeared and slammed Jude Law’s body.

“You motherf*cker!”

Jude Law was a complete civilian, so Pieta had the upper hand in the fight.

She pulled something out of her arms, grabbed it, and ran quickly out of the factory.

‘He didn’t run away. If my judgment on her is correct.’

First of all, the fact that the beasts were flocking to him was more important than that now.

As I was contemplating whether to go out or stay in the factory, a bullet filled with ammunition caught my eye.

One thought ran through my mind.


He let go of the hand holding the ring and fell down.

He narrowly avoided the attack of the guy who was waiting, and started running with a handful of bullets in his hand.

“awesome! How can you run so fast with that leg?”

“No, it will be over soon. You can’t load it properly and you’re dripping bullets.”

The two remaining guys chuckled and followed.

While I poured mana to strengthen my footsteps, I separated the fire element and quickly split it apart.






And again three times.

They were so excited they didn’t seem to even notice what I was doing.

‘Did Jude Law disappear outside chasing Pieta?’

“The prey is over there!”

“It’s mine, so don’t touch it! I didn’t kill a single one before!”

As soon as the door opened, the prisoners poured in like waves.

The attack was strong, but he ran while barely avoiding it using the terrain.

However, it was self-evident that the moment when all of the mana was exhausted would be the end if the time was continued like this.

Break up!

And with superhuman concentration, he finished the fourth division.

‘You can’t deal with this many numbers in a normal way anyway. Injuries are also inevitable.’

At the moment of the fifth fission, the circuit is damaged.

But, in my calculations, the moment when the accumulated damage returns to a great woe is still far away.

And if you were in a situation where you had to use magic stones or catalysts, it was decided that this would be better.

dodge and containment shots.

and the fission of elements.

Everything was done at the same time.

My mind became hazy and my head became stiff, but probably because I had already experienced it, the aftereffects were less than before.

I was laughing at that situation.

I had such a mind.

The desire to check the limits of my power beyond simply making efficient judgments.

Not as a ‘me’ who wants to escape this world, but as a ‘magician’.


After a minute or so, the fifth division was finally over.

After engraving the completed magic on one bullet, it was inserted into the magazine and loaded into the pistol.

Then they fired at the pillars towering in the center of the factory.


“dummy! Where are you shooting!”

The bullet was stuck in the pillar as it was, and the magic had not yet been activated.

Each of the remaining bullets was engraved with a “flame explosion” and flowed all over the escape route.

These were enough to act as catalysts, so they used minimal mana.

‘If Pieta thought the same as me.’

After I finished spraying bullets into the factory, and when my mana ran out, I turned to the factory door.

Soon, the sound of a car outside was heard.


A black sedan equipped with thick armor, hanging the prisoners, entered the factory door.

Tung! Tung! Tung!

I ran as it was, deflecting the beasts that stood in my way, and stopped precisely drawing a U in front of me.

The prisoners who were hanging on to the strong sudden braking fell to the other side.

“Take it!”

Pieta, who grabbed the steering wheel, shouted.

I jumped from the scaffolding onto the roof without hesitation.


He immediately turned his back and fired a pistol, and the guy who was running after him fell straight in the air.

Good profit-!

The sedan turned properly and began to drive wildly.

The prisoners on the second floor jumped off, but they were thrown off by a car or shot to death.

“Good timing.”

“I am so sorry that I am late. I stole my car keys, but a garbage man followed me.”

The factory door was closing at a fast pace as if the manipulation had been done in advance.


One man hit the bumper and fell off, and the speed of the sedan stopped for a moment.

‘You may not be able to pass this way.’

Suddenly, Pieta pulled something out of the window and threw it.

It was a gold watch.

Powerful mana was emitted, and the beasts who had lost their reason and rushed immediately flew in the direction the clock flew.

Without missing the gap in the road, the sedan pressed the accelerator full.

There was still no time to catch a breath.

Because the number of guys who rushed without losing their mind was not great.


The gunfire did not cool down.

Snuggle up!

The body of the sedan was wrinkled, scratched and broken.

“Not long left!”

The factory door was right in front of us.

There was barely a gap left for the sedan to pass.

I collected all the remaining mana and deployed “Protection” with all my power.

A dark blue curtain was wrapped around the sedan, and all the prisoners who were running rushed out.


The sedan pulled out and the door was closed with an intermittent car.

Soon there was a rough sound of knocking, scratching, and banging from inside the door.

“… … .”

“… … .”

The wilderness on the other side of the factory, in contrast, was just bleak.

The opening in the front of the sedan roof opened and Pieta was buried deep in the seat.

She said turning her head this way.

“… Can you take a breather for now?”

“for now. Good job. You know how to use your hair quite a bit.”

“I think it was the best decision we could make in that situation.”

I sat on the roof and took a rough breath.

At that moment, I met a man who was standing by the factory door, and his eyes met.

Jude Law.

As if he had been beaten by Pieta and rolled over, his suit was dirty with dirt.

He said with a strong expression of T, trying to hide his embarrassment.

“Hey, give me money! Double the amount that the year offered!”

I looked at him with dry eyes without a word.

“Three, three times! Kill that bitch right now! Shoot me with that gun!”

Upon hearing those words, Pieta looked up at me with anxious eyes.

“Don’t worry. Because I keep my promise.”


Upon hearing my answer, Jude Law got up and immediately attempted to escape.


“My, my leg!”

Then I got shot and fell and grabbed my leg.

I got off the roof and slowly walked towards him.

“It doesn’t seem like a vessel to be president. Even if it rises, it won’t help me.”

Pieta slowly followed me.

“Are you going to turn around and praise me? I will become the president’s vessel.”

“Oh, don’t come! I dare you to know who I am!”

He pulled out a pistol and fired it like a smirk.

Pieta flinched for a moment, but when she saw the dark blue curtain in front of her, she straightened her posture.

I fired two more shots and hit his hands.

“I won’t let it go… . you… certainly… .”

His mouth bubbled and he trembled incessantly.

I glanced at the figure and handed Pieta the pistol by turning it toward the handle.

“Do it yourself.”

“Am I?”

she asked in surprise.

He took the pistol and looked at it alternately between the object in his hand and Jude Law.

Ten seconds passed, and as if she had made up her mind, she aimed her gun at Jude Law’s forehead.

“I always hated those sly gazes at me.”

anxiety and tremors. strange excitement.

There were many emotions on her face.


Jude Law’s body stopped shaking.

She stood still as she fired the pistol, then came to her senses as if she had been released from hypnosis when I put her hand on her shoulder.

“Good job.”

“… There’s nothing wrong with it. than I thought.”

I dropped the pistol handed her to the side of the body.

Then I turned around and got into the sedan with her.

“Estelle is coming. Don’t go straight like this.”

“What about the prisoners? Is it okay if I leave it like that?”

There were still all kinds of noises coming from the factory door.

It looked like it wouldn’t last long as there were dents.

“Pieta. Do you hate when someone touches your stuff?”

She stared at me with red eyes and opened her lips as if she noticed.

“Basically, everyone is like that. Did you do something inside?”


“It’s a factory that will be mine, but it’s a special situation right now, so it doesn’t matter. Do whatever you want, Evan-sama.”

I nodded.

After stepping on the accelerator to widen the distance between the car and the factory, I took a deep breath.

And the magic that was imprinted on the bullet was activated all at once.


A huge pillar of fire erupted from the center of the factory.

He climbed high as if to pierce the sky and dyed his vision red.

bang! bang! bang!

The high windows of the factory walls were broken one after another and a fire broke out.

The explosions occurred in a chain, and the factory was engulfed in flames in an instant.

“… Oh My God.”

Pieta murmured in a lost voice.

A spark flashed in her eyes and flickered.

“I’ve never seen anything like this.”

I agreed with her opinion.

Because this was a power that even I didn’t expect.

She gazed at the flames, approached cautiously, and threw the jewelery she had been wearing on her head in a position where the object would not melt.

Her hair, which had been tied up, was untied and flowed down.

“Because you don’t know. Someone might come to investigate the trail.”

It was the sound of disguising death.

After that, for a long time, the fire did not seem to go out.

Scattering debris under the setting sun, it burned as if it would never go out.

As I gazed at the scene, I suddenly remarked.

“Can I leave you driving? I’m a little tired.”

My mind was clouded.

I was sleepy and my ears were deaf.

It was the aftermath of excessive use of magic.

My body was sending me a strong signal that I needed to rest.

“I see. Change your seat. Take a break.”

I nodded slightly and closed my eyes.

The warmth of the flames coming from behind his head encouraged his consciousness to sink below the surface of the water.

In the distance, I could feel Estelle approaching this way.

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