A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 53

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 53

053. General Meeting of Shareholders (1)

I ran through the wilderness in the sunset.

It wasn’t long before he came across a cargo truck with mercenaries and a sports car.

“I was really alive.”

“I thought I would fall off a cliff and die.”

The number of mercenaries was reduced to eight.

There were scratches all over his body, and some were bandaged or limped.


The sports car door opened and Estelle followed.

She came straight up to me and looked at my body first, and Pieta watched the scene with strange eyes.

“it’s okay? Where are you hurt?”

“It’s fine. At least as far as I can see.”

After understanding the meaning of the words, she made a complicated face.

“The fire was yours, too. He must have used a method that hurts his body again.”

Then Pieta interrupted the conversation.

“I wish I had lived. from moving. We don’t have much time left until Area 68, and there may be remnants of the surrounding area.”

Their eyes met again.

In any case, Estelle also agreed with the idea that they should move immediately.

Pieta got into the mercenaries’ car, and I got on the sports car and headed out into the wilderness again.

“The fight between her car and you fell off the cliff, and the fight ended. Enemies fell first. We met and fought again while we were here.”

She briefly explained the situation.

In the meantime, additional mercenaries lost their lives, and after a simple funeral, they gathered the rest and came here.

I also explained the situation after falling off the cliff.

Cut out unnecessary parts and keep only the necessary parts.

“Then the third son is dead. And I said I had an eldest brother and a second sister.

“okay. This may not be the end of the mercenaries they hired, but at least the ones the third brought in seemed to be all.”

never followed us.

Until you can see the outer wall of District 68 in the distance.

“I just thought of that.”

“… … ?”

“If I had been stronger, there would never have been anything for you to overdo.”

“… … .”

“It’s just that.”

A subtle dissatisfaction was etched on her side face as she was driving.

The car drove another twenty minutes and arrived under the outer wall. I parked my car in an inconspicuous place and walked into the area on foot.

“I have researched where to stay.”

And instead of going into the main street, I went into a five-story accommodation on the outskirts.

It felt a bit shabby, but it had all the assortments, including the basement bar and the rooftop lounge.

“You came earlier than you booked. You can use it comfortably until midnight the day after tomorrow.”

The owner handed Pieta the bundle of keys and then bowed down and disappeared from the building.

There were no other guests in the room.

She said looking back at us.

“The down payment paid to the dead will be transferred to the family according to the relevant laws or will be processed according to the will. You won’t get any extra pay for completing the contract.”

She continued, clapping the bundle of keys.

“If you want to get out of here, that’s fine. However, half of the deposit will be returned. On the other hand, if you keep working together to complete the contract, I will add a million shillings to the promised extra pay.”

There was silence among the mercenaries.

While they were looking at each other, someone said in a sullen tone.

“The enemy is tougher than I thought, but if you’ve come this far, you should go. Didn’t everyone risk their lives to do this?”

The others nodded their heads in agreement.

It wasn’t as gloomy or subdued as I thought.

Rather, it was closer to peace.

They didn’t even know it was because death was like an everyday thing that was always with them.

“I plan to do one repair here and leave in two days. It’s quick to get to District 65 on the highway.”

The mercenaries expressed their intention to continue together one after another.

Then they got the key from Pieta and went up to the room on the floor they wanted.

Some even went up to the roof to commemorate the souls of their dead colleagues.

Soon, only Pieta, I, and Estelle were left in the hall on the first floor.

“What are you two going to do?”

The skill of inducing the actions of the mercenaries was not bad.

It was the right time and the right motivation.

Contrary to the attitude of the mercenaries, it was a situation where there were enough escapees.

“As I said. There is no breach of contract.”

“Thank you. Evan. Estelle too. Get the key. I’m sorry. We couldn’t keep it in a luxurious place due to financial circumstances. Labor cost is more important than accommodation.”

“Maybe this place is better if you don’t want to be seen by the enemy.”

I took a bundle of keys, picked one of them, and gave the key to the next room to Estelle.

Pieta said.

“Once we got inside the area, there was no chase. There didn’t seem to be any surveillance. But even if that were the case, the enemy wouldn’t be able to move around recklessly because it’s where people’s eyes are.”

“The stock price is at stake, so I can’t help but be sensitive to rumors.”

“Right. So, the third brother’s appearance in person was an unconventional move. I didn’t expect it. No matter how wild it is.”

Perhaps it was because he was trying to secure a say in the power struggle after the removal of Pieta, I thought.

After finishing the story, I went up the stairs with Estelle.

She said as she grabbed the doorknob of the next room in the hallway.

“Get some rest. I can’t heal the internal wounds, but if you need help with anything, call me.”

“I do.”

The assortment is in a small room equipped.

After taking a cold shower on purpose, I lay down on the sofa.

And check the condition of the circuit.

[circuit level: 2]

[Mana: 958 / 1024]

There is no problem in using mana right away, but the damage done so far was obviously going to be cumulative.

Because he was constantly using catalysts and manastones, and recently overstepped the limits of existing refining.

‘The sequelae usually do not appear immediately, but come as a result of a shortened lifespan.’

The circuit is integrated with blood vessels and affects the function and health of the body.

It was set to reduce the lifespan each time the circuit was overloaded.

at least in a few months.

up to several years.

‘4 years. According to the calculations, about that amount of life was cut off.’

Cain is 26 years old.

Considering the average life expectancy in this world, about 40 years of life remain.

Considering that, 4 years was a time that could never be said to be short.

At the time of escaping from prison, the time it took to get revenge was measured in quarters.

However, when it came out, there were more variables than expected, and the growth rate was slow.

Obviously, there was a need to refrain from overuse of the body and circuit.

In the worst case, you may have to wait a year or more to achieve your goal.

‘For now, it would be best to prevent that from happening.’

After organizing my thoughts, I got up and headed out.

The hallway was dark.

The voices of the mercenaries were faintly heard in the room, and the sound of snoring could be heard from fatigue.

jerk. jerk.

In case of emergency, I went up and down the stairs to understand the structure of the building.

‘You don’t have to worry. Where are the targets of revenge not fleeing to?’

I repeated to myself.

Thinking in a hurry can actually ruin things.

But even when I tried to clear my head, the thoughts of the future kept raising my head.

As if he would not allow even a moment of rest.

“… … .”

My steps suddenly reached the bar in the basement. There was no one inside and the lights were turned on, but it was still dark.

I went into the bar, took out vodka and tonic, poured it into a glass, and poured it into my mouth.

Basically, the mana of the circuit automatically breaks down the alcohol that enters the body, but depending on the control, it can stop its function.

In other words, it was said that it was possible to take it according to the will.

A little bit would be fine.

If you put your mind to it, you can get rid of the drunkenness right away.


As he filled his glass and poured it into his mouth once more, the door to the bar opened.

It was Pieta.

Her hair was still wet from the shower, too.

“I thought the door was closed, but is there any business?”

she laughed playfully. Then, after coming to the bar and sitting down, I naturally placed an order as if I was a customer.

The lights in the bar dimly lit only our seats.

“I’d like something sweet and without alcohol. I don’t drink very well.”

“… … .”

He took out the appropriate ingredients and made a cocktail.

Taking a sip of the lime-filled glass, she said.

“You seem to like alcohol. You are very good at moving.”

“I used to work in a bar.”

“Wow, when? Before working as a mercenary?”

“Twelve years old, working with beatings.”

“… … .”

she asked, fiddling with the bottom of the glass.

“How did Evan come to learn magic?”

“… … .”

“At first, I thought it was simply excellent skills, but I saw and felt the magic in the factory. This is beyond what is normally conceivable. And the black color that showed mana when using magic… . Black magic and the priestess, I wonder what kind of relationship you have with Estelle… .”

“That’s a difficult question to answer.”

She looked at me with a deep smile and smiled.

“I’m sorry. I asked a rude question. I’m only working, so I’m a little clumsy in things like this other than work.”

“Do you have any plans after entering Area 65?”

“There is. I can’t tell you everything right now.”

“I heard that the general meeting of shareholders was 4 days later at 11 am. If he finds out that you are still alive, the enemy will use an additional number.”

“It would be. try to kill Trying to prevent them from arriving at the headquarters where the General Assembly is held. It’s delicious. One more drink, please.”

little girl.

Ice slides into the glass and the cocktail fills it up.

Under the dim lighting, the cocktail passed over her pure white neck.

“For now, my sister and brother will disguise me as suicide. It’s an extreme choice due to depression and panic disorder. I already had my alibi that way, and I bought my employees to make up the story.”

“I know quite a bit.”

“There is an assistant inside. There’s only one, though. I’m coming here tomorrow to discuss what’s going to happen after we enter Area 65.”


Then the door opened again.

It was Estelle who changed into light and comfortable clothes.

“I came here because I heard a voice passing by.”

It was most likely a lie. Perhaps it was followed by my energy.

She came over and sat down next to Pieta.

“Can I drink too?”

“Drink under your own control.”


After pouring whiskey into a glass as ordered, and making a highball, she smiled and took the glass.

Pieta, who was looking at her like that, said:

“I’m sorry for being rude in the first place. Estelle.”

Estelle’s hand, which was about to pass the glass behind her neck, stopped in the air.

“to? I beg your pardon?”

“I’m sorry. Be rude.”

As if asking for help, Estelle asked me with her eyes.

─Why is this girl all of a sudden?

I just shrugged once and filled my glass.

“Uh, uh. Suddenly?

“yes. No matter how contractual it is, he is someone who protects my safety, but I think I have been very rude until now.”

silence for a while. The dust floated leisurely under the light.

Putting down the glass she was about to drink, Estelle said.

“I see. I accept the apology. I’m sorry for being harsh on you.”

The two women smiled.

For some reason, the tension was not resolved and still remained in the air between the two.

As I was checking my plans for the future in my head, I asked Pieta.

“Pieta, what kind of man was Barma you saw?”

“Bam? Did you ask me to meet you as a condition of the contract?”


Pieta looked at Estelle.

It meant that she could listen to the story too.

Estelle, who received attention, said.

“it’s okay. We share everything together.”


“Estelle. Don’t speak in a way that will mislead others if they hear it.”

“It’s not entirely wrong, is it?”

“yes? yes?”

Pieta showed a rare bewilderment.

She looked at me and Estelle in turn, then came to her senses anyway.

About the Bama she knew.

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