A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 55

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 55

055. General Meeting of Shareholders (3)

It was a very fleeting moment.

“… … !”

Pieta was simply shocked and unable to take any action.

Her brilliant brain will be busy trying to find the best home to understand this situation.

Because I know I can’t do this for no reason.

“Whoa, whoops! Why are you doing this!”

“You know the reason better, don’t you?”

He tightened his arms around his neck and glanced upwards.

There was a magic camera to monitor the inside, and the moment I poured mana and injected it inside, it broke with a ‘pop’ sound.


At that moment, the light on the button on the 18th floor went out, and the lights on all other floors came on.

It seems that the person in the building control room made a belated judgment.

But it’s already too late.

The elevator was heading to the 18th floor, carrying out the commands already entered.


The heavy door of the elevator split left and right, and a wide, long hallway made of white marble appeared.

The guards who were stationed immediately pulled out their guns and aimed at this side.

“Rain, secretary?”

Although he couldn’t hide the embarrassment on his face, the response speed itself wasn’t bad.

“gun! Whoops! Everyone, get off right now!”

“Ha, but… .”

Using the secretary as a shield, I slowly moved forward and got off the elevator.

Pieta still followed me with a confused look.

“Are you still undecided?”

“… … .”

Loud footsteps were heard from downstairs.

He was getting closer to the stairs going up this way, and some of them were mixed with non-humans.

“If I had gotten off the 17th floor, I would have been guided to a hall other than the place of the general shareholders’ meeting and buried without a trace.”

“Ouch! Don’t, it’s nonsense! Whoops! Uh, come on, this guy!”

“There is no time to panic. Where is the hall on the 18th floor?”

10:44 am.

There are 16 minutes left until the start of the meeting.

It was the time when shareholders and corporate officials were all in attendance and waiting.

She bit her lip and answered.

“I have to move a little. I have to go back to the other side and cross one overpass.”

“Ouch! Oh, girl!”

“Come close to me.”

As I strode forward, the guards flinched and pulled back.

And within a few steps, I heard a cry from the end of the hallway.


“I told you to kill them all! Don’t worry about anything!”

The floor of the hallway reverberated, and prisoners of all shapes poured in.

With gleaming eyes, he ran over here, knocking down and smashing everything that came into his path.

“help me!”

“Why, why is Suin in our building… !”

The guards also looked like mana users, but in front of the number of beasts, it didn’t mean much.

‘Is the author second?’

At the end of the hallway stood a tall woman with reddish brown hair. She looked at this side with an indifferent face and disappeared through the wall.

At that moment, the secretary took a break and pulled a gun out of his arms.

He looked at Pieta with blood-stained eyes and fired at her.



My movements were a little faster.

I gripped the muzzle in my shielded palm, and the bullet exploded, blowing away the secretary’s wrist.


As I unwrapped the arms around my neck, the secretary fell to the floor and moaned.

“Do you need time to say goodbye?”

“… That’s Okay.”

There were a few tears in her eyes. Various emotions such as betrayal, anger, and sadness have been transmitted.

She pulled a gun out of her arms and pointed it at the secretary.


The secretary’s body came to a complete halt with one tremor.

To her who was breathing heavily, I took out a sword of Zervia from the subspace and handed it to her.

“Did you say you went to knights school? Against beasts, this will be more helpful than a gun.”

“I see.”

The beasts were close by.

However, there were too many of them, and it appeared that they were hired by others other than the Greenhorde.

‘Certainly, it would be convenient for the prisoners to use them and throw them away. I’m not interested in human politics, I just want to fight.’

The level of each individual was not that high.



He shot the first one to rush in and dropped it.

The attacks flowed incessantly.

The unavoidable attack is partially blocked by spreading the protection.

Whenever I see a gap, I put a bullet in my forehead.

The one that clings to it is knocked off with the handle of the gun.

Blood splattered everywhere, and the hallways and walls were stained with bloodstains.

With his back to Pieta, he took one step at a time in line with his breath.

He gave her various types of enhancement magic, and the combat sense itself wasn’t bad, so at least it didn’t interfere.

No, the more he adapts to battle, the faster he gets better.

‘Did you say you have no talent?’

I thought that there must be other reasons for dropping out of knight school.

“This is it. But how did you know the secretary was going to betray you? Also, the meeting place is on the 18th floor, not the 17th.”

“The previous question cannot be answered.”


“Even as we got closer to the meeting point, he didn’t do anything, so I thought he was luring us to another place.”

shudder. bang!

“The enemies will be stationed, and in case of emergency, the location is not far from the General Assembly. You mentioned that there are only 16, 17, 18 and 26 floors that can accommodate a large number of people. Considering the noise on the floor, the 18th floor is more likely to be the meeting place than the 16th floor.”

Strictly speaking, it was a probability.

I picked the most probable option, and it just happened.

The enemy was constantly pouring out.

I couldn’t deal with all of them, so whenever a path was cut in a suitable line, I ran down the hallway.

Whenever that happened, the guards that were deployed were swept away by the beasts that were pursuing them.

‘Other staff or visitors are not visible. Have you decided to leave the nearby floors empty?’

In the distance, an overpass leading to the opposite building was visible.

But one question remained in my mind.

Enemies were too weak.

Even after hearing about Jude Law’s failure, knowing that I was a strong man, I should have had time to prepare.

‘Because they’re business people, they didn’t get a sense of the combat power of the mercenaries. I was the only one coming up, so I might have thought that this number of people would be enough. No, I’m sure it’s me… .’

As I was jumping over the bridge, I suddenly felt alive and rolled back, pulling Pieta.

“He’s a pretty quick-witted guy. I thought I couldn’t avoid it.”

In the place we had been before, Hana, a beast in the shape of a lizard, was kneeling with two daggers down on the floor.

“Unlucky. If only I could have died without pain. Kick!”

The guy fluttered his tongue and rushed right in.

visor! visor!

It was different from the beasts he had been dealing with a while ago.

As well as dealing with mana, it was clear that he had received a systematic education if he used this level of swordsmanship.

“Men don’t matter! I told you to kill the woman first!”

The guy’s dagger relentlessly aimed at Pieta.

I got stuck between him and Pieta and focused on defense, and Pieta matched my movements and pierced the attack.



He saw the gap and fired a pistol.

The entire arm that was hit fell off by “Windblade”, and the guy did somersault and landed in the direction we entered.

The beasts who followed them arrived, but when they saw him, they hesitated and stopped.

‘It feels like I didn’t avoid it on purpose. Even if I could afford it.’

He grabbed Pieta’s hand and ran to the empty front.

“It is an honor to become one with Kendrick-sama!”

Looking back, the guy’s mouth opened up incredibly wide, grabbing the other beast’s head and swallowing it.


The body that had lost its head collapsed.

Frightened, the prisoners retreated in confusion.


A swallowed head was seen running down his neck.

Soon, blood foamed at the amputation of his arm, and the severed arm was regenerated.


With the sound of hitting the floor, his figure disappeared in an instant.


A dagger was swung towards Pieta, and I put a pistol in between and deflected the sword.

The pistol shattered and shattered, and I immediately took another gun from my pocket and fired it at him.


It didn’t fit this time.

When I looked up, I saw a guy clinging to the ceiling with both hands and feet attached.

“Kiki Kiki Kick!”

His head bent at a bizarre angle and looked down at us.


As soon as the guy slammed the ceiling again and ran, there was a commotion from the prisoners’ side and a golden flash of light flew in.



The guy who collided with the flash in the air flew away and got stuck in the wall of the overpass.

Estelle was standing in front of us, where the flashing stopped.

“Are you late?”

“no. It came at the right time.”

“I could have come sooner, but there were a few blockers stuck in the middle. We’ll take over here. Go.”

Other mercenaries also came up and said that they were fighting the beasts in the inner hallway.

“Thank you, Priest.”

“… This one is sincere. Come on. I will be late.”

Pieta and I passed the overpass and entered the opposite building.

The prisoners did not appear in the hallway because it was the side where the meeting place was located.

The walls were made of all-glass, so you could see the ground clearly.

The hallway was quiet and nothing but our breathing and footsteps could be heard.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute.”

Pieta stopped and took a deep breath.

Although he strengthened his physical abilities with magic, his basic stamina was unavoidable.

As an ordinary person who does not have a mana circuit, in fact, it could be said that it was a great thing to have accomplished this far.

I checked the time.

10:53 am.

There were about 7 minutes left.

Beads of sweat dripped down her bangs.

“Ha- a little bit, a little bit, a little bit… .”

It will be hard.

it has no choice but to

both physically and mentally.

But I still couldn’t relax.

As she was about to start again, she heard footsteps coming from the aisle in front of her.

again. again.

“It’s been a while, Pieta. I didn’t know you’d come this far again.”

It was the red-brown haired woman I saw earlier.

She was dressed in a half-suite and had a fan of luxurious design in her hand.

Pieta said with a hardened face.

“I didn’t know you were going to show up in front of me. This time, I thought I was going to hide behind my back and just make a plan.”

“Oh, you are your sister. Has your mouth become rough while you haven’t seen it?”

It wasn’t difficult to guess who she was, even if it wasn’t for the appearance or clothing that Pieta had told her.

Melina Nedvice.

He was the second son of the Nedvice family.

She covered the fan with her mouth and turned her gaze to me.

“Hello, gentleman. Thank you for taking care of my little brother. He is a child who lacks a lot.”

“… … .”

“I’ve been watching you, but what are you doing? He was a mercenary who was classified as a special level mercenary, so he had a skill that made no sense. Wizard? No. I’m from the tower, but even there, I’ve never seen a wizard with that much movement. But again, he pierced through the skins of prisoners with a gun… .”

Her eyes looked at me with interest.

“Get out of the way. That’s all I can say.”

“No. That’s difficult. We plan to announce the sad news that the child has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital as soon as the assembly begins. I have already prepared all the documents to be shown to shareholders.”

She continued to speak, mixing her nose.

“It was not agreed upon, so my father’s representative would be embarrassed. At the end of the plenary, they were going to announce a successor, but they won’t. How do you make a mentally ill woman your successor? In that mood?”

She giggled, and Pieta’s expression darkened.

“Well, the atmosphere is a little down, but it’s okay. I have a business strategy material for the next year that the child made, and I plan to present it as scheduled. So I can’t go.”

Melina paid off the debt.

“Pieta, do you understand our decision?”

At that moment, mana gathered in her hand, and she began to feel the presence of others in the passageway she came out of.

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