A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 56

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 56

056. General Meeting of Shareholders (4)

Mana gathered in her palm.


A brightly colored flame appeared at the place where the elements had finished fusion.

At the same time, five men in suits with masks appeared behind her with their swords drawn.

Beside him, Pieta whispered with a nervous face.

“Look out. Still, she’s a woman who has even heard the sound of a water jacket. There is a high probability that the guards next door are also from the Knights School.”

Information about the brothers and sisters had already been heard from her.


He said that he was once promising as a divine in the Matoap, where he entered the school based on interest.

After his interest in magic cooled, he dropped out of school halfway to learn how to run the company as originally planned.

‘I don’t think it’s a lie to say that it was definitely promising.’

It was a neat impression of magic.

There was no disturbance of the elements in the process of completing the magic, and the time it took for the fusion to end was also quick.

Aside from the assumption of what it would have been like to learn magic all the time, it was already far beyond the undergraduate level.

“Gentleman. You seem to be fighting in a way that strengthens your body with magic, is it possible to fight five guards at the same time as advanced knight level? It also interferes with my magic. I’ll give you one last chance. Send the child over here.”

For a moment, I felt disgusted.

Unlike Pieta, her dignifiedness was close to arrogance.

The attitude of looking at the other person under her and showing mercy was deeply ingrained in her eyes.

“Don’t refuse.”

“Why? What did that child promise? House? car? money? Executives in the company? Whatever it is, I can give you more than that. You must be a smart person, so think carefully. Which choice will be more helpful in the future.”

“No matter how many times I ask, the answer is the same.”

As soon as I finished speaking, I raised an awl-shaped ice crystal and shot it at her.


One of the guards jumped forward and barely broke the decision before it reached her.

Her posture shook greatly at the sudden surprise, and the flame was extinguished.

After calming her startled heart and understanding the situation, she wrinkled her face and bit her lip.

“Kill me.”

One guard stood by her side and the rest rushed in from all directions.

“I will have to pay extra for this.”

I pulled out my sword and grabbed Pieta’s nape, as she was poised to respond, and sent it behind me.

Immediately, he took a manastone from his pocket, swallowed it, and grabbed a lower-level catalyst.

Break up!

The catalyst was broken and a different dimension of protection unfolded in front of me.

A huge, thick dark blue membrane.

The swords of the guards that smashed on it bounced off a great deal.

Without a sign of embarrassment, he corrected his disturbed posture and struck the sword again.

Fit geek-!

Different colors of mana bloomed on the sword facing the shield.

A mana pressure was applied to the shield, and a sound like scraping glass echoed through the hallway.

‘… They have quite a bit of experience dealing with wizards.’

It is easier to break the protection by applying continuous pressure rather than simply applying multiple impacts.

Even if it was something that could be learned at a knight school, without practical experience, this natural response could not have come out.

“It’s a magic worthy of shouting. It also uses catalysts. But how long can you last?”

As she said, cracks were slowly forming in the protection.

I stretched out my palm forward to add the power of protection, and continued a bloody power battle with the guards.

“Wait a minute. I’ll break that flimsy protection with one hit of my magic.”

Again, mana gathered to a point in the air in front of her.

Judging from the types of elements visible to the naked eye, it is a flame-based attack magic.

As the element fluctuates violently and the color gradually fades, the element is undergoing purification.

‘Step 1 purification has been exceeded. In terms of speed, step 2 is the limit after about a minute.’

Pieta said in a hurried voice.

“I will call for assistance.”

“no. Not required. Rather, it can be dangerous to run into enemies on the way.”

Mana was escaping at a high speed to withstand the attacks of the guards.

I made a small chunk of mana with a water element as the center and sent it out of the shelter.

Damn it!

An ice pick fell on the guards’ heads and fell.

Because the body was momentarily twisted or struck with a sword, there were no effective blows.

Seeing the completed magic and responding to it, the speed was unbelievable.

Like those expected to have experienced many battles, they were responding to the movement of elements in advance.

Whether it sees the color of the element revealed to the naked eye, or detects the element itself.

“I don’t think you learned magic professionally, do you? I don’t even know how dangerous double chanting is, and I see them use it so much.”

It was clearly a sarcastic tone.

The moment the control over the elements is disturbed even a little, the flow of the circuit is twisted and serious damage occurs.

Therefore, casting multiple spells at the same time is taboo among wizards, and only those who have trained for a very long time could do it.

‘If you were a magician who reached the stage, you would have understood my skills just by looking at the movement of the elements.’

Unfortunately, she was not at that level.

He seemed to think that I was having a very hard time continuing the double chants.

Ignoring her ridicule, he continued to make an ice pick to distract the guards.

At the same time, he gathered elements for the casting of “Garp” near his left hand.


The element quickly entered the 3rd stage of refining beyond the 1st and 2nd stages.

“Everyone get out of the way!”

With Melina’s shout, the guards moved away from the protection.

A blazing fireball was flying in this direction at high speed.

The magic had already been completed, so it was too late to neutralize it through interference.

I couldn’t afford to do that because I was blocking the guards.

I dispersed the mind I had poured into the protection and sent mana, including water elements, towards the fireball.

Purification is the same two steps.

I poured a little more mana than my opponent took, and I also have an advantage over my opponent.

Damn it!

Just before the fireball reached us, the water element turned into ice and covered the fireball as it was.

And with a loud noise, it fell to pieces and fell to the floor.

“Well, what, how could you use magic that you wrote so hastily… .”

My magic casting was so fast that I didn’t think it was the same 2nd stage.

She was perplexed, but not slow to react. Immediately, I tried to interfere with the “Gust Wind” I was casting.

The guards who had widened the distance leapt and jumped at me.

After that, all movements were done quickly in seconds.


When the element of the “Squall” that was being interfered with was greatly twisted, Melina vomited blood and bent her knees to the floor.

Break up!

As Yuan entered the fourth stage of refining, the guards’ gaze fell from my left hand and turned to the front.

Level 4 alone could not be detected unless the person had a good sense of humor.

Swinging his left arm, he scattered the elements just before fusion on the wall.

The tip of the sword rushed towards me, but there was no need to spread the protection anymore.


A huge gust of wind from the wall blasted out broadly towards the glass wall by the window.

The guards, who were careless, quickly wrapped mana around their body, but the wind pressure could not help them, so they crashed into the glass and fell outside.

Among the scattered glass fragments, I lifted Melina’s body, which had fallen, into the wind.

“What is this… .”

Floating in the air, she appeared to be unaware of the situation yet with a very bewildered face.

I slowly approached her and stood in front of her.

18th floor.

Under the vanished glass wall, the landscape on the ground unfolded dizzyingly.

The guards who collapsed and could not even move looked small.

“How many times have you failed in your life?”

Looking down, her face turned pale blue.

I tried various kinds of magic, but my intervention only lost control of the element and returned to the atmosphere.

She raised her head and met my eyes.

“Mi, I’m sorry. Please, please drop me off at a safe place and talk to me.”

The arrogant tone of speech was gone.

There was only one frail, terrified woman left.

“… … .”

She didn’t seem to have the time left to answer my questions.

Guessing, maybe I’ve never experienced failure in my life.

The people around her cringed at her status, and her talent wasn’t bad either.

Perhaps you have never met a strong man who tried to defeat him with all his might.

“… … .”

Pieta, who had been crouching to withstand the wind pressure, cautiously approached behind me.

“How would you like to deal with it?”

“Give me a little time to think.”

On the other hand, Pieta has gone through a lot of trial and error.

It wasn’t that he won the president’s trust from the beginning.

It was only after he proved his ability to be a child of a concubine in the face of discrimination and ignorance that he could become a candidate for successor.

“Peep, Pieta. I just did what my brother told me to do. Really.”

Pieta’s eyes were cold.

“… I don’t want to be the same person as the other person, so I won’t say anything like saving my life. There’s no such thing as an absurd thing to say, right? I have already killed Jude Law and the secretary myself.”

“Do you want to dispel magic like this?”

“no. For once, I’ll save it. It’s not about sympathy or generosity, it’s because I’m sure it will be of value in the future for me to run the company.”

It was a strategic decision in its own right.

I nodded and then magically moved the wind, moving Melina’s body into the hallway.

And after striking her behind the neck with the blade of a hand, she passed the “sleep” magic.

He would not be conscious for several hours unless someone came and shook him vigorously to wake him up.



I ran back down the hallway and ran quickly.

The time was already three minutes past the hour.

“It’s over there. It is the largest multi-purpose hall in the headquarters building.”

she said, gasping for breath.

There was a large door where the finger was pointing, and as I approached, two guards blocked the entrance.

“The general meeting has already begun. You cannot enter.”

The guards’ vigilant glances were disturbed, and small drops of blood splattered up and down our attire.

A little embarrassed. It was evident that they were judging our identity and situation.

However, he was saying that he could attack immediately by putting his hand on the scabbard.

‘There is a high possibility that it is a recruited person. It’s in front of the hall, so it’s probably not going to attack right away.’

As expected, when Pieta took off her sunglasses and mask, she didn’t look too surprised.

Rather, it was closer to the troubled face that it was coming.

“… The youngest lady, no, the managing director. After the start of the general meeting, there was an instruction from the vice president not to bring anyone in.”


Me and Pieta took pistols from their arms and aimed them at the foreheads of the guards in front of them.

Perhaps we did not think that we would reach this far, the level of the two guards deployed was not high and did not respond to our movements.

“Open. If you don’t want to air your brain.”

The guards retreated with their hands up. Then he swallowed dry saliva and opened the door to the side.

We headed inside without hesitation.

About 100 shareholders were seated in the spacious hall, split in half, and a man in his early thirties was standing on the podium in front, pointing to the screen printed with magic.

“… Therefore, the managing director is currently being transferred to the Lagratta Psychiatric Hospital in the capital city for treatment. Issues that are bound to be revealed externally someday, but information is released as slowly as possible so that the stock price is not affected… .”

The man’s eyes met Pieta, and he frowned as he spoke.

“Aren’t you the managing director?”

“He said he was hospitalized. But how are you here?”

“I have blood on my clothes.”

A murmur spread across the hall in an instant. The deployed guards were also panicked and waited for the man’s instructions, but could not take any action.

“If you don’t have a master, sit down.”

I took a seat in one of the most empty seats in the front. The shareholder sitting next to him was startled and widened the gap.

Pieta strode up the stairs and headed towards the center of the stage.

‘From now on, it’s entirely hers.’

There was nothing I could do in front of all shareholders.

She headed towards the center, glancing out in the middle and making eye contact. Then he turned his head again and turned to the man who was still bewildered.

“Pieta… ! How… !”

She didn’t answer.

Instead, he took the remote control he was holding and flipped the screen.

“Thank you for waiting. As you all know, I will skip my introduction and start announcing next year’s business strategy from now on.”

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