A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 57

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 57

057. General Meeting of Shareholders (5)

“Vice President. The surprise event you were preparing for, I saw it while walking from afar, and you did a great job. It’s to the point that I, who is the culprit, even want to be deceived.”

Vice President First Hector.

Unlike Pieta, who was smiling brightly, his face was contorted without mercy.

─An event like this in a public place? Isn’t that absurd?

—Definitely, you haven’t appeared in public for a few weeks. You look too good to be mentally ill.

It was a situation in which Pieta missed the timing to respond by hitting a player in dialogue, and shareholders were confused.

he said in a shaky voice.

“Pieta, you seem to be getting a lot better. You must be somewhere other than here at this time.”

“Oh, are you still acting? If I make a mistake, the shareholders may be angry, right?”

Hector wiggled the corners of his mouth and lowered his voice, growling.

“Go down now. Before being caught and taken away by the guards.”

“The person who has to go down is the vice president. Isn’t it?”

Their voices were barely whispered, and not even the shareholders could hear them.

I could only guess that some kind of quarrel-like conversation was going on.

“I can’t put it into words. I will call the guard right now.”

“Do whatever you want.”


“The moment you do that, you will be exposed to everything you have done.”

“It’s nonsense, do you think shareholders will believe it?”

For a moment, Pieta’s expression turned cold. The cold voice continued.

“I can’t hear you. Turn it off, if you want to save face. Still can’t figure out the situation? There’s blood on my clothes and I’m acting fine. Which statement do you think is more convincing, you or me? A quick-witted person must have guessed the situation already, right?”

Hector’s eyes turned to the hall.

Shareholders were still chatting, and in between were a few reporters.

“This is the last generosity I give. If you don’t want to see the stock you fear so much fall, get out.”

One last word pronounced with force.

Hector’s body twitched.

Deep strife crossed his face, and he ended up clinging to the wall with a pitiful look at the end of a long podium.

“I apologize for the delay due to the coordination of the content of the presentation. Now let’s really get started.”

Pieta looked around the crowd once, then pointed the screen with the pointer.

“First, if we look at the monthly sales trends of our main products last year… .”

Her presentation was supremely smooth and natural.

By pointing out only the core without being superfluous, the shareholders were able to understand the content without consuming much mental energy.

“Obviously someone says the day will come when guns will not be used due to the development of magic.”

Moreover, it was not a simple presentation, but a presentation that clearly diagnoses the company’s weaknesses and suggests strategies to compensate for them.

With Pieta’s deep appeal and charisma, shareholders were already deeply immersed in the announcement.

The first commotion was erased from his mind, and he took out his notebook and was taking notes.

“You mentioned that it is a win-win with magic, but have you already selected a partner?”

“What do you think of the imperial government’s recommendation to relocate the factory?”

Questions came from all over the place, but Pieta answered without hesitation as if she had prepared all the cases.

There were people, including Hector, who asked questions that were clearly intended to embarrass the opponent, but rather embarrassed the questioner with an outrageous answer.

When the presentation was over, thunderous applause erupted in the hall.

Next, Hector, with a complicated face, went up to the stage and continued to make presentations related to the restructuring of the company.

Now the karate has changed.

“How did you prepare for the loss that would occur when the marketing team was scaled down like this?”

“that… .”

Pieta’s question was sharp.

In fact, it was a question that was not in the script that could only be answered by knowing the work of all departments of the company.

Shareholders still chattered over their aggressiveness towards each other, and Hector ended his presentation in a bewildered way.

The general assembly proceeded in the order of the ceremony and came to an end.

The agent pulled out a sealed document from a metal bag with a lock.

“Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to attend, and I will deliver the President’s last words.”

When I opened the document, a piece of paper came out.

I glanced at Hector.

He was staring at Pieta with a stiff face throughout the assembly.

But now, the corners of his mouth are slightly raised, so I can intuit that his arrangement is still there.

‘If you have an idea, it would be better to admit defeat and take advantage of even a little.’

I turned my head and looked around the hall.

Soon, a guard placed on the side of the wall close to the podium could be caught fidgeting.

“I will announce it.”

The agent holding the paper took a deep breath and said:

“As of this time, I am delegating the position of Chairman of Lowtactic to Managing Director Pieta Nedvice.”

There was a moment of silence.

But soon, people who understood the meaning of the word started clapping, and soon the hall was covered with shouts and applause.

Because it was an unexpected announcement, the applause did not subside easily.

“Pieta Managing Director. Come up on the podium. It is a master card that allows you to view all company information and operate facilities.”

Following the agent’s instructions, Pieta went up the stairs.

At that moment, the guard, who was watching, took out a gun from his arms and fired at Pieta.


Stretching out my shielded hands, I flew towards the trajectory of the bullets.

* * *

“The shooting at the general meeting of shareholders. Is it a political plot or a strategy to promote their products?”

Estelle walked through the room with the newspaper, reading the headlines.

It was a residence for the president located on the top floor of Low Tactics.

It was like a small mansion using the entire floor as a barrel, and some of the rooms were occupied by us.

“Look. Here’s your picture.”

As I was sitting at my huge desk, checking ammunition and guns, she approached me and said:

At the bottom of the newspaper was a picture of me grabbing a bullet in my hand.

“You also filmed a dragon.”

“It’s the people who risk their lives for the scoop, journalists.”

Pieta tried her best, but there was so much attention in the general meeting room, and she couldn’t stop the article from appearing in the end.

“It’s amazing that there was such a commotion and the stock price soared.”

“It must be said that the business strategy presentation was that perfect.”

There were two main types of public analysis.

It is related to the illness of the chairman and correctly diagnosed as a power struggle between the successors.

Or analyze it as a kind of well-planned show to attract public attention.

Separately, Pieta’s appointment as chairman and expectations for the company’s growth next year caused the stock price to soar endlessly.

“Should I buy it now? Can you lend me some money?”

She joked and sat down on the desk naturally. And read the next part of the article.

“Chairman Pieta Nedvice has dismissed the commotion as a ‘happening’ and said that no information can be given as to the identity of the person who stopped the shooting.”

She put the newspaper down on the desk and pointed to a section of the picture.

“I think a lot of people are wondering who you are. There’s a half-face in the picture, but it shouldn’t be a big deal since you can change it again with magic.”

I wiped the gun with a cloth and nodded slightly.

“Even though I’m busy, I’m too busy. After that day, you left us here and didn’t see our faces for days.”

she grunted

Pieta, along with the chairmanship, was entrusted with all powers related to the company’s operation, and was busy moving without a second thought.

“Don’t be in a hurry. I need time to calm down anyway.”

“It’s because you’re overdoing it with magic stones or catalysts again. It was a situation that should have been overkill, but… .”

she licked her lips.

“Sometimes I feel like that. Maybe one day you will crumble and disappear like a withered branch.”

“You can rest assured that you will be fine at least until your disease is cured.”

“no. It’s not just about that… .”

Then there was a knock on the door and Pieta appeared.

“I’m sorry. There were too many things that needed to be done urgently, not excuses.”

As soon as she entered, she sank into the sofa helplessly. Even if it was a corpse, his complexion was unbelievable.

Estelle gave me a cup of coffee without a word, and Pieta smiled.

“thanks. Estelle.”

Pieta briefly explained why she had been busy for several days.

It was said that the first major personnel purge was initiated.

He cut out all those who had been nominated for the succession, and filled in with the neutral forces who declared their support for him and those who had followed him in the past.

Hector and Melina said they were thinking about how they could use them after their positions were lifted.

“Even the vice-chairman cuts it at his own will, so it’s really unparalleled power.”

“Right. So, the way low tactic operates depends on who the chairman is.”

Pieta turned her head towards me.

“Aren’t you planning on taking a seat, Evan-sama?”

“I am not the type to enjoy jokes.”

“I’m not kidding. I think you will do well in anything.”

“Don’t refuse.”

“That’s too bad.”

she smiled

The story moved on to pay for the completion of the contract.

“I have already paid the other mercenaries. In addition to the 15 million shillings we promised you, we are going to give you an additional 30 million shillings to Evan and Estelle. It’s small compared to the help the two of you gave, but I don’t have a lot of money that I can personally manage right now. I will prepare it in cash, in an account, in any way you like.”

“Take it to your account.”

There was no reason to refuse the additional remuneration.

“But I would like to receive the additional 30 million shillings in stock. Is it possible?”

Pieta’s eyes widened in surprise.

Estelle, who was listening to the conversation, too.

“It is possible. But all 30 million shillings?”


“It’s not something I would recommend very much. Thank you for trusting our company, but the stock price has already risen so much in just a few days. It’s better to buy after the stock price stabilizes in a few weeks… .”

It was said that there is a higher probability that it will fall in the future.

“no. The time to buy is now.”

“… I see. I’ll do that for you if you want. And the contract renewal date with Bama is two weeks later. We decided to meet at the abandoned factory in District 53.”

“i get it. How did the recruitment of technicians go?”

“Our factory is in District 62. A forge might be more appropriate because it is a place where orders for weapons other than firearms are made.”

Pieta held out an envelope sealed in wax.

“The factory manager has an eccentric personality, but he has excellent skills. Even the imperial family received a scout offer. Thankfully, he was close to my father, so he chose us.”

Pieta said the envelope contained a letter she had written herself.

The factory manager is locked up in the studio every day and communication is often not possible, and this is the case.

“I will go to you and show you the letter and he will do as Evan asks.”

After that, Pieta got up from her seat, sipping a little coffee and chatting, saying that she had to deal with the overdue work.

In the meantime, he did not forget to bring up the story of the exclusive escort again and receive Estelle’s stinging eyes.

“Then see you later. Evan.”

She left and I thought for a moment.

How long will it take to build a weapon?

When meeting with Bama, how will he approach him and stop him from breathing?

* * *

two days later.

I drove towards Area 62.

The roads were paved and the distance was not far, so we could get there in a few hours.

“It’s really close to the blacksmith. rather than a factory.”

I nodded at Estelle’s words.

A two-story factory stood in the large vacant lot marked on the map.

The surrounding warehouse was filled with processed or raw ore like a food warehouse.

Machines loaded with molten iron or heated metal were operated by workers and roamed around in a hurry.

The scorching heat has spread all the way here.

“I think the entrance is over there.”

I got out of the car and went inside.

While walking towards the factory door, no one stopped or spoke to me.

Rather than not paying attention to the visitors, they seemed to be busy with their own work.

‘It was said that the private studio was inside the factory.’

I arrived at the factory door with Estelle, who looked around and was amazed.

And as soon as I opened the door and stepped in, I could hear a loud shout.

─I! When extracting iron! Set the temperature so that it doesn’t shift by even one degree! How many times have you talked! These cool bastards!

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