A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 58

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 58

058. smelting (1)

“Illness! These bastards!”

The interior was also closer to a blacksmith than a factory.

The shout was heard in front of the furnace lined up inside the factory.

“die! If you’re going to keep doing things like this, you’re going to stick your nose in that molten iron!”

An old man with gray hair was screaming in front of several staff in work clothes.

Whenever a thick, loud voice rang through the factory, the employees working in different directions also flinched.

“Whoever sees it, that person must be the factory manager.”

“… It seems so.”

He had such a straight face that it was embarrassing to call him an old man.

With a strong and muscular physique, his pupils poured out a dazzling glare.

He slowly approached the old man and the staff and spoke to them.

“The plant manager of Plant 62-3. Are you Pyro-san?”

Pyro Bachman.

He said he was over seventy years old.

Since I was in a position to ask for something, I needed to take some respect.

He turned to look at us and clicked his tongue.

“under! No one would have told me not to go into the factory during working hours! What the hell did the cubs outside do? ok? I’m sorry, guests, but come back later. about five hours later. I’m going to smash these idiots in the head right now, so it’s going to take some time to get things done.”

I took out a letter from Pieta and handed it to him.

“I have been introduced. Read it.”

“I am not in the mood to talk right now. Did you not understand?”

His excitement didn’t seem to subside any time soon.

However, five hours is too long to wait, and since he usually lives in a private studio, I thought that I might not be able to meet him at once even if I come back later.

“It is important. You must read it now.”

“Illness. These bastards and those bastards are different.”

He took a portable musket from his pocket and pointed it at me.

“Go, plant manager!”

“Shut up. Before you make a hole in your forehead first. Guest. Get out of my factory.”

He pronounced the last sentence with strength, one word at a time.

Without recalling the letter I had handed out, I looked at him.

“What? Aren’t you going anyway?”

“Factory manager! please!”

“Shut up! You bastards!”

His eyes grew more and more anger.

I didn’t avert my gaze until the moment the trigger was pulled.


All the staff had their eyes closed.

And when they opened their eyes again, they could see bullets suspended in mid-air.

Leaving behind the employees who were muffled in surprise, the Pyro spoke in a muffled voice.

“what? Were you a wizard?”

I retrieved the bullets wrapped in mana and glanced back.

concrete pillars.

Initially, the bullet’s trajectory was deflected by the side of my face.

Seeing that there weren’t a lot of bullet marks on the pillars, it seemed that it wasn’t the first time they had chased customers in this way.

“You can’t find me in the tower. Is it Latium? Would you have pinned me down before that you didn’t want to work there?”

“Not both. I was introduced to you by Pieta.”

“Pieta? is that kid?

He narrowed his eyes and looked at me, took the letter, and opened the envelope with a rough motion.

Then, after dictating the glasses to one of the staff members, I read the contents slowly.

“Oh hey. The little boy is the president. In the end it happened. Wait, what else is this? There was a shooting during the assembly?”

A staff member intervened with a glance.

“It wasn’t even a riot a few days ago. I brought a newspaper to the studio, but when I was working, I threw a hammer so as not to disturb me… .”

The Pyro snorted without listening to the staff.

After throwing away the finished letter in the furnace, he pulled out a thick cigarette from his pocket and put it in his mouth.


Before one of the staff could bring a lighter and wait, a small flame ignited in the air and ignited the tip of the cigarette.

The Pyro’s gaze glared at me.

“Are you a flame wizard? once passed. I’ve never seen one go crazy with a fire man. Except for this crap here. What do you do! Everyone go to work!”

The staff, who received the Pyro’s gaze, trembled and dispersed in all directions.


The Pyro smoked one long cigarette and raised it.

The excitement seemed to have subsided to some extent.

“Okay. I didn’t really like what other guys did to their father. Pieta The kid was fine. So, you want to make a weapon?”

“That’s right.”

“They told me to meet all the requirements without paying any fees, but Pieta seems to have taken a lot of care. He’s not a one-sided favor.”

Pyro said with a big smile.

“What weapon do you want? All the ingredients are here. knife? window? mace? He’s a wizard, so he might want gloves. In any case, you can make anything with just a kind.”

“I brought the blueprint.”

“Then the story will be faster. Change places and talk. The lights are dim here, so I can’t see the pictures and the writing well.”

“You don’t have to.”

A thin thread of mana stretched out from my fingertips and drew a picture in the air.

Soon, a brightly shining blueprint was completed.

“Hey. it’s a gun Is it a pistol? No, it’s a little bigger than that. The chamber is separated from the barrel, so it’s more like a revolver.”

After a brief moment of surprise, the Pyro looked closely at the blueprints, her eyes lit with curiosity.

“A gun for magic.”

“Magic? I think I need more explanation.”

I took out a bullet and imprinted the minimum output “Flame Explosion”.

After inserting it into the magazine, it was loaded into a pistol and aimed at the pole.


There was a small explosion the size of a fist.

As the smoke cleared, the top of the column, recessed in the shape of a hemisphere, was visible.

“Just something?”

“The bullet was injected with magic and activated the moment it hit the target.”

“Is that possible?”

“As you can see.”

The Pyro said as he stared at the fan grooves on the poles, with a face that he had heard an unpleasant joke.

I repeated the same process one more time.

“I understand the principle. okay. Theoretically not possible. Theoretically. You’re a wizard, you’re a people who do a lot of weird things, so that’s right. Is it for experimentation?”

“It’s for combat.”

This time he put on a bewildered expression.

“Are you going to use this in practice? I can’t handle mana, but I know magic. It’s not like I’ve collaborated with wizards once or twice. If you want to use this in practice, you have to set the timing of impact and magic every moment, but the calculations will melt your brain.”

I made a number of bullets engraved with “Flame Explosion” with the minimum output.

Then, they fired consecutively at the iron plate placed nearby.

bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!

The magic was activated the moment the bullet and the iron plate contacted without any error.

“It’s not impossible to use it for combat.”

“Heh, heh heh. Are you crazy?”

“The gun I showed you the blueprint is for withstanding the output of the mana injected into the bullet and amplifying its power.”

The Pyro smoked one cigarette and pulled out a new cigarette.

“Give it one more time. My head is complicated. It’s because I saw the nonsense right before my eyes.”


He smoked a cigarette and approached the blueprint with a very serious face.

“It amplifies magic. Ah, so the chamber and the entire barrel as a mithril… . Now I understand why the muzzle is a bit longer than other revolvers.”

He let out an exclamation in between, and after talking to himself for a while, he looked at me and said,

“Who made this? Knowing how to use it, there is no such thing. Damn it, it’s disgusting, but it’s beautiful. You did a damn good job.”

For a moment, I thought that if the designer revealed that I was me, things would be bothersome.

“It was a drawing I got at an auction, so I don’t know the exact source. After I remembered it, I burned it.”

“Right. I think it must have been a blueprint found in the ruins. It makes no sense to come up with a blueprint like this with technology now.”

“Can you make it?”

“Say it! There’s nothing I can’t make. I’ve never built this type of gun before, but if it doesn’t work, I’ll let it happen. I didn’t expect a challenge at this age.”

He still couldn’t take his eyes off the blueprint.

“But it takes a lot of mithril to make this… . I just came here with a purpose.”

He burst into laughter when he saw me taking out the mithril stone and holding it.

After that, I called an employee who was walking around with a notebook and said:

“All reservations for a week in front of me have been delayed.”

“Yes, yes?”

“Is your ear canal blocked? postpone the reservation. I’m going into the studio, so don’t look for it unless something like a natural disaster has happened.”

“Yes? Oh, factory manager. If you delay your order because you have been waiting for a long time, you will definitely get a claim… .”

The Pyro silently raised the hammer lying around him.

“Procrastinate. Because I have an object I want to start working on and my hands are itching.”

The staff gave me a helping eye. When he answered with mourning eyes, he disappeared from the seat, writing something in his notebook with a crying face.

“How long will it take?”

“7 days. No, it will be finished in five days.”

“Then I will come back then.”

The Pyro took the ore from me and disappeared inside the factory. While swearing at the staff you see in the middle.

“… He is a very fiery person.”

“You seem so talented.”

We turned and walked towards the factory door.

“Are there any plans to change the equipment?”

“I do not know? The equipment we are using now is good enough.”

“Aren’t you greedy for other weapons?”

“I’ve been dealing with this and that, and the mace suits me the best. It’s the first weapon I learned at the church, and I felt like I was going to kill my opponent in earnest with the blade, so at first I only used the mace.”

Combat priests are basically trained in almost every weapon in existence.

It is a method of selecting one’s main weapon after receiving a certificate of completion, and some people carry multiple weapons.

However, she was not very greedy for equipment.

Maybe it was because he thought he was going to die anyway, and it was probably because of his fighting style that believed in his own strength rather than technique.

“How about you? How about using a proper weapon other than magic? When I saw the movements during the fight, it seemed that I had mastered martial arts.”

She said looking at the weapons the staff was transporting.

‘A weapon.’

It was not impossible for a wizard to fight by injecting mana into his weapon.

However, the method of mana operation is different, and the efficiency is extremely low to put effort in both directions, so only one of them was selected and trained.

Simple operation is still possible.

I used to inject mana into the barrel and use it for defense.

However, in order to reach the same level as other powerful players, it would have to take a considerable amount of time and effort.

“Think about it.”

“okay. Just talk at any time. Because I can take care of the weapon handling. Because you are, I think you will learn it quickly.”

We went out of the factory and got back into the car. I moved to the city center and found a lodging and stayed there.

“Really? Can I buy anything I want?”

“If you need something, do it.”

Estelle took one of the cards I had made as a spare and ran to the shopping mall, gunningly.

I sat on the street cafe terrace, sipping my coffee and stocking up on ammunition.

She was circling around me without departing from a certain radius.


As I magically chilled the melted coffee again, I remembered the conversation I had with Pieta before departure.

“What is the purpose of meeting Bama?”

First of all, I will keep the contract, but I want to know the purpose because it is an important position for running the company.

That made a lot of sense, and I answered with a little interval.

“I intend to kill him on the spot.”


A moment of embarrassment crossed her face, but it didn’t last long.

“Is it revenge? Or what order? I expected it to be someone related to the organization, but… .”

“Relax. Even if Bama dies, the Blue Serpent will not be hostile to Low Tactics.”

Although the Blue Serpent is an organization, in reality, it is close to a simple aggregate of forces led by each executive.

They move separately under the direction of the boss, and there is no trust or cooperation between them.

If he dies during an activity, it is considered that the member’s skills were insufficient, and he is the subject of ridicule rather than mourning.

Except for cases where he had a strong relationship of trust with his subordinates like Cain.

And the place is quickly filled with others coming up from below.

There are no exceptions, even for executives.

Cain’s seat was also likely not to remain vacant.

“Since there are fewer competitors, the other executives would rather welcome Bama’s death. Candidates will rush to sit in the empty seats. When the situation is settled, I will help Low Tactic to sign a contract on better terms than in Bama.”

Better contract terms.

Pieta responded to that.

The more specific the figures to be written in the contract, the wider her eyes opened.

“Can you tell me?”

“If you want, make an oath.”

“… no. it’s okay. I trust Evan-sama.”

Her eyes glared at me.

“Actually, if it weren’t for Evan-sama, I wouldn’t have been able to come up to my seat right now. There are also abilities that you have shown so far. Anyway, I was thinking of keeping the contract and doing it even if I ask for more unreasonable requests… Apart from that, it is undeniable that it is definitely a harsh condition. We’ll talk more about it after we’ve been there.”

Pieta clasped my hand to say good-bye, and Estelle wiggled her eyebrows at the sight.

“Wait, why are you holding your hand now? .”

Without hearing it, Pieta disappeared with the guards.

My recollection came back to reality.

‘The time remaining until the tangent is now 12 days.’

The location is Area 53, but it is not known at which factory the tangent line is made.

If you wait at a designated cafe, Bama’s subordinates will come to you and drive you to the factory.

‘The best case is to defeat him with just me and Estelle’s power.’

It is not impossible at all after the weapon has been crafted and the power has been strengthened.

However, the damage was not so great that it was necessary to rest for a long time before taking the next action.

He has a lot of power and has to deal with his subordinates, so using a magic stone or a catalyst or two could not be enough.

‘If it attracts other forces.’

A few cases came to mind.

police. red skull. small and medium sized organizations.

As I was immersed in my thoughts, I suddenly heard a voice from above.

“You look very anxious. Why not take a look?”

The moment I lifted my head to check the owner of the voice, I couldn’t help but feel my breath stopped.

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