A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 59

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 59

059. smelting (2)

It was an old woman in a robe.

He wore a headband with a green crystal on his forehead, and in his hand was holding a stack of cards with various dreamy pictures.

“Dot you mean?”

Her gaze was directed towards the glass I was holding. I quickly stopped the magic and recovered my mana.

‘… Why is she here now? No, considering the wanderlust, it’s not possible at all.’

I could recognize her identity at once.

Also, the appearance of the old woman is not her real appearance.

“okay. He seemed to have a lot to worry about, so I thought this old man might be of some help.”

Facing her soft smile, I raised the tension all over my body.

It was almost impossible to predict the behavior of the most dangerous person I set.

“I don’t know if looking at the dots will help me.”

“It may or may not help. It depends on whether you believe it or not.”

“… … .”

For once, I decided to give her some action. There’s nothing good about bothering you.

I took out a few coins and placed them on the table.

“The bok choy is fine. I wish I could be served with a cup of hot tea instead.”

I called the passerby, and soon a steaming cup of tea was served.

She laid the cards face down on the table, half-covered from each other.

“Dots can be viewed in many ways. You can get an answer to a certain question, or you can get a broad answer to the person who is ‘I’. You can even know the fortune of that day.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Then let’s find out what kind of person a young man is. In most cases, the clues are often found in knowing the country that is currently worrying about humans. Choose three cards of your choice.”

She tapped the cards I pointed to and pushed them straight out of the row.

3 cards are placed face down in front of me.

“I have no hesitation in choosing. young people. From the far left.”

As she turned the card over, a picture of a snake appeared on a human arm with its teeth stuck to its shoulder.

“The first card represents the young man’s past. A snake that climbs on its arms signifies ascension, and its engraved teeth signify success. Whether it’s the achievement of personal goals or social success.”

She glanced at my glass again and continued.

“But the interpretation is different because the cards are drawn face down. At this time, the young man is not a snake, but a snake bite, and the image changes to descent. A snake can be the core of your heart, a failure of predictions, or a real acquaintance around you. The important thing is that it was the cause and suffered failure. Examples include betrayal by a trusted colleague, business failure, or frustration from long-standing negative emotions.”

I listened to her silently.

The next card is turned over, and a picture of a cloud appears.

It drew a circle around the empty spot in the center and was swaying violently with the wind.

“The middle card represents the present. It’s a typhoon. It is also the eye of a typhoon. It’s a card that doesn’t come out well… . Clouds and winds mean endless upheaval.”

moon moon.

Instantly, the teacup shook.

Following the movement of her tea spoon in the air, the contents of the cup began to swirl.

“The eye of the typhoon in the robe looks peaceful at first glance, but it is in the middle of the strongest winds, so it is the safest and the most dangerous place at the same time. It’s okay at first.”

moon moon. moon moon.

The teacup gradually shook violently.

The contents were now splashing out of the glass.

“It’s because after the typhoon is complete, you can’t get out of it regardless of your will. So there are two ways. Waiting for the storm to stop naturally, or.”

The spoon stopped.

At the same time, the contents of the teacup also stopped like a lie.

“Stop it yourself. It’s not easy. Usually, you don’t realize you’re the eye of the storm, and even if you do, you’ll just try to stop and be blown away by the wind and become part of the flow. how about it. Are you a little bit into the present and past of young people?”

“It doesn’t feel like much. I think the point is to say something that applies to anyone.”

In fact, both Cain and I were personalities that focused on facts rather than unfounded beliefs.

“… Yes. These days, people think of it as a mere superstition or a use for peace of mind. Perhaps the times have changed, especially for wizards who value logical thinking.”

Her eyes turned to me, to be exact, the coffee cup I used magic on.

‘Have you seen it too?’

Her thesis came out.

It was an unspoken pressure that I was also a wizard.

“It’s a skill that’s insignificant to be called a wizard.”

“is that so. His ability to move mana was not normal.”

She tilted her head and turned over the last card.

A picture emerged of a man in a crown and a luxurious cloak, looking down at the crowd.

“The last card represents the future of the youth. Emperor, it is very interesting.”

It was then that the air changed in an instant.

The mana that had been distributed in the atmosphere around me began to disintegrate.

The elements collided, creating a pressure differential with the atmosphere elsewhere, accompanied by an unpleasant sound.

It felt like a giant’s hand was squeezing his whole body.

He clenched his teeth and swallowed the blood rushing up his esophagus, pretending nothing was wrong and pretending to be calm.

It was a kind of high-frequency and dissonant sound that only people who were extremely sensitive to mana could not feel.

‘Do you want to see me react using mana?’

don’t react

At that moment, it’s like proving that I have the innate ability to respond to mana.

Rather, if he was a normal level wizard, he wouldn’t even realize what was going on around him, and he wouldn’t be affected.

“First of all, the emperor is a very lonely person. At times, they appear arrogant and dogmatic, and are not easily understood by others. Emperors and crowns also symbolize what a young man is looking for in his future career or life. But there will come a time when you have to bear the weight of the crown, and in the process of achieving your goal, you will feel pressured by something, suffer a lot of damage from something, and have to give up something to achieve a huge goal.”

She glanced at my complexion.

The pressure she applied by colliding the elements was gradually getting stronger with an unbearable intensity.

“… I don’t know if this applies to my situation, but I’ll keep that in mind for now.”

Seeing me, who was still calm, a light of doubt appeared in her eyes.

She gauged my talent for magic as the chill enveloped the coffee cup.

‘In a normal situation, there would be no need to endure without responding. Until his body is injured.’

My choice was purely because I knew her completely.

There is a sign of concern on her face, but the answers that can come out are limited.

The other person’s talent is excellent, but not to the extent that it meets your expectations.

The elements that were causing the stretching collision soon returned to their place and became quiet.

The feeling of pressure surrounding her body disappeared in an instant.

she grinned

“Anyway, thank you, young man. Kindly listen to this old man’s cries.”

“It’s nothing.”

She got up from her seat and nodded her head slightly. As she disappeared into the cafe, I called her up for a moment.

“I want to ask you one thing.”

“Something. young people?”

“Do you believe in divination?”

“That’s an interesting question. No one asked the other way around. I believe Destiny or God. Living at this age, you will have no choice but to rely on those things.”

She answered and turned back into the cafe.

Her figure disappeared completely, and I spit out the blood I had been holding in the back of my mouth into the glass.

In an instant, a thought popped into my mind.

If you bring her into a battle with Bama.

Immediately, he laughed and shook his head.

It was like setting the whole house on fire to catch pests in the house.

‘It’s nonsense.’

As her behavior was unpredictable, I had to avoid getting involved with her.

I froze and smashed the rest of the coffee, looking at where she had been sitting a while ago.

The only survivor of the ancient magic kingdom.

They receive the punishment of eternal life on behalf of those who committed the original sin.

The seat where she was sitting, who was wandering the continent in search of a timber that would stop her breathing.

* * *

Three days later, I got a call from the Pyro that the gun had been built.

It was much faster than expected.

“It was fun. I stayed up three days and three nights. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked so immersed.”

He handed me a box with a black silk cover.

Inside was a single revolver, made entirely of silver gray.

Estelle burst out in admiration from the side.

“It is very luxurious. I would believe it even if it was a weapon for self-defense carried by the emperor.”

I reached out and picked up the revolver.

Kirik. shudder.

I opened the cylinder and looked inside and tried to hold it alternately with my left and right hands.

The cold feeling on the palm of his hand was not bad.

“How is it?”


“I was worried about whether I could improve it further, but I couldn’t see anything in the blueprint that I could fix further. It was made without any error.”

In fact, the revolver was exactly what I had drawn on the blueprint.

Simply understanding the blueprints and implementing them into reality are completely different areas, so his ability had to be acknowledged.

“Come on, why don’t we try one shot?”

We went out of the factory and arrived at an open area with piles of scrap metal.

“Are all waste materials?”

“Yes, yes. It doesn’t matter if you hit anything.”

Pyro urged him to check the results of his work as soon as possible.


The chamber had a total of eight compartments.

The output of “Flame Explosion” was slightly different, engraved on the bullet, and inserted into the chamber one by one.

The reason why ‘engraving’ was not widely used among wizards was simple.

The high difficulty of the act of stuffing the elements just before fusion, and the magical power of being halved along with ‘engraving’.

Usually, the power drops from one-fourth to one-fifth, and even I can only imprint magic at a level of just over half.

‘But if the power is calibrated through this gun made of mithril.’


He stretched out his arm, closed one eye, and aimed at the pile of scrap metal.


One by one, they fired at the piles of scrap metal until they ran out of bullets.

An explosion occurred one after another, and scrap metal and debris were scattered everywhere.

Those flying this way were struck by Estelle with her mace.

After the shooting was over, the surrounding area was a mess with burnt and exploding scrap metal.

“How is it? Can you feel it?”

“I am satisfied. It’s exactly what I pictured in my head.”

The power of the engraved magic was almost intact.

Numerically, the level of purification was increased by one level.

Besides, it wasn’t a lie to say that I was satisfied with the barrel as it was still intact even after a lot of shooting.

‘If it’s this much, it wouldn’t be too much of a problem to increase the output and engraving magic.’

It was true that the general firearms used in the past were ineffective during battle because they broke after a few shots of high-powered magic bullets.

“Now that I have checked the results, I should go in and close my eyes. I did a lot of work with my old body.”

The Pyro headed towards the factory with a satisfied smile.

While chasing the staff who came with a notebook and kicking them out.

“It’s okay to do other things. I have a little more left to experiment with.

“I have nothing else to do, but I’m watching, huh?”

Estelle picked up some scrap metal that had fallen on the floor and made a place to sit. Crossing his legs, he rested his elbows on his chin and rested his chin on his palms.

She was wearing new pants and a shirt.

When she received the card, she said she would sweep the entire department store, but in reality she only bought a few clothes, snacks, and daily necessities.

It must have been because he was not used to ‘consumption’ because he had a meaningless life in the meantime.


As I was engraving the magic into the bullet again, I heard the sound of a car stopping behind me.

As I turned my head, I saw the Pieta getting off the luxury sedan.

“I had some free time, so I came here. Evan, long time no see. Did you do well, Priest?”

“It’s only been a few days, but it’s been a while.”

“Oh, I thought you were a little old by then, so a lot of time has passed.”

“President, have you ever been beaten by a priest?”

It was good timing.

Even if it wasn’t, there was a story to tell to Pieta.

Before she could ask about the weapon, I spoke first.

“Pieta. I plan to bring in the police on my meeting with Bama.”

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