A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 61

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 61

061. sheep (2)

“Nice to meet you. Mr Bama. My name is Evan, the head of planning at Low Tactic.”

“… … .”

Beyond the sunglasses, I could feel Bama’s gaze swiping me up and down.

He didn’t accept my handshake, and I pulled out a chair and sat down in front of the table with my outstretched hand.

The escorts who followed me lined up behind me, looking very nervous.

Chi- Tong!

The door closed and silence fell.

Bama whispered to his subordinate standing next to him.

“… I’ll tell you. It’s the first time I’ve seen your face, so why didn’t the original people come?”

“As you may have heard the news, a lot has happened in our company recently. Managing Director Pieta has been appointed chairman and a major restructuring is taking place. Everyone was crazy, so I came out instead.”

I pushed the prepared business card onto the table. It was forged by Pieta.

I looked around with a squint while Bama took the business card and looked at it.

A large spear behind Bama’s back.

The sun was shining so intensely that I couldn’t look straight at him.

‘Certainly the table was in the expected position.’

The location of the magic that was engraved on the floor of the factory was checked once again.

All the subordinates accompanied by him were equipped with considerable armed force above the level of cadre cadets.

However, if you use the prepared magic, there was nothing you could not deal with.

There are also mercenaries in this place who will take the time.

“Bama wants to review the contract right away.”

“You do that. There is nothing good about staying here for long.”

The contract was conducted verbally without paperwork, and all of Bama’s words were passed on through his subordinates.

“I will tell you. The 70th and 80th divisions will keep the delivery price and supply as before, and the 90th will keep the delivery price but reduce the supply by 20 percent. Because the population is decreasing, the quantity cannot be digested.”

“All right.”

“The supply of expensive firearms smuggled into the 20th division is increased. Rumor has it that trust in the police is declining, so it seems that it is fashionable among the high-ranking people to have a personal army or have self-defense equipment.”

“All previously traded models can be supplied additionally.”

The contract ended in an instant, thanks to Bama’s thorough preparation of changes to each item.

I checked the watch.

2:08 p.m.

It was less than ten minutes after I sat down.

The presence of the police was not yet felt outside. He seemed to be reconsidering the timing to enter.

“Then let all the changes take effect from next month, and let’s end today’s meeting with this.”

“It’s not over yet.”

Bama stopped from getting up, and I dragged the time into silence.

“Come on, answer me… .”

“I have a request for you, Bama.”

“This cheeky… ! Where dare you!”

Bama reached out and stopped his subordinate who was about to pull out the sword.

As if to tell the next story, his gaze reached me.

“This is a personal request. It’s not that difficult, so I’m sure you’ll be able to hear it.”

I took a deep breath and then said.

“Can you see the face behind the mask? The gender is unclear, and the age and voice are unknown, so I was curious and couldn’t stand it. Most importantly, don’t you think it’s a violation of etiquette to come out like that when you sign a contract?”

The air froze in an instant.

“Gee, what now… .”

Even the subordinates had their faces hardened.

He was afraid of what was going to happen.

jerk. jerk.

Bama turned around the table and stepped in front of me as everyone was not taking any action.

A voice came out through the mask.

“He’s a brash guy. Haven’t you heard any warnings from your predecessor?”

Mid-bass turbidity.

It was a voice that stimulated nerves in an unpleasant way, like scraping metal with a knife.

He straightened his posture in the chair and prepared to activate the magic of the seat he was standing in.

“I’ve heard the caveats, but my curiosity has doubled. Judging from the voice, it seems that the gender is male.”

The guy took off his sunglasses.

The whites of the eyes were those of humans, but the pupils of their pale green pupils were long and thin, like those of reptiles.

I sensed a presence on the roof of the factory and beyond the walls.

“Curiosity kills the cat. You must have heard such a proverb.”

“indeed. It’s more interesting. Would you like to take off your mask too? Unless there is something ugly that cannot be seen by others, is there no reason to hide it? For example, scales that are creepy just by looking at them.”

The bandaged guy’s hand was raised high.

“I will tell you to send the next successor to a more polite person.”

At that moment, the roof, walls and windows of the factory were broken and the police rushed in.

-You are surrounded. Let go of your weapons and surrender.

Troops armed with guns, helmets and protective suits surrounded the area in an instant.

“… is it yours? I must have set a boundary, but I must have been attacked by the dogs of the country.”

He shrugged at me, and then his hand slammed into me. Immediately, the magic under his feet was activated.


The floor rose up in the form of a wall, and he threw himself back.

The bandages on his hand rubbed against the wall, revealing his thin, sharp nails and scaly skin.

A wall at least 5 meters high protected me, but I couldn’t be vigilant.

Suddenly, the guy who jumped up the wall was jumping towards me.


I rolled around and dodged the attack.

The spot where I was a little while ago had three dents left.

“Kill them all. There is only death for a traitor.”

His men moved.

The mercenaries brought as escorts were either cut off their necks in an instant or their hearts were pierced by a sword and fell.

After that, the men kicked the floor and ran into me.

Attacks were flying in five directions.

─Everyone drop their weapons and stop moving! If you do not obey orders, I will fire!

The police encirclement was also gradually narrowing.

‘I don’t have much time. If you leave the car, even me will get involved in the battle.’

I activated the magic carved on the floor all at once.


Just before the tip of the sword touched me, it soared around a huge wind pillar.

“When dealing with wizards.”

The wind cleared, and their posture collapsed, revealing the guys flying away.

The destructive power of magic was weak, so it didn’t take any damage at all, but it didn’t matter.

“It’s not about kicking the floor and jumping.”

In the first place, the purpose was to create a gap for shooting.


He took out his revolver and immediately took a stance.

For a very brief moment, a light of relief appeared on the faces of his subordinates.

They must have thought that guns could not penetrate their shield.


The trigger was pulled and the cylinder turned.


Five bullets were fired in an instant in each direction in an instant.

The bullet pierced the forehead and chest, crushing the mana shield.

The wind completely disappeared, and the five bodies fell to the floor like broken puppets.

Seeing that scene, Bama’s pupils got bigger.

“I think we need more education. It doesn’t mean that anyone is being vigilant.”

“I think I have some skills. What did you get for handing me over to the police? Do you think Low Tactic can get out of here safely?”

The guy grinded his teeth.

He pretended to be calm, but showed signs of embarrassment and anger.

The next attack came.

He narrowly evaded and landed at the place where the movement magic circle was engraved.

“Then let’s hang out with the guests I invited.”

“Answer my question!”

Just before his nails touched my face, I cast a spell.

The magic circles that had been engraved in various places, including at my feet, worked one after another, and the landscape in front of me changed several times in an instant.

The last place we reached was on the water tower.

“… … .”

looked down at the ground.

Police were also encamped on the roof of the factory and outside.

Birds of prey markings engraved on the equipment indicated that they belonged to the Security Service.

‘I didn’t know this was going to be sent to the capital’s special forces. The police have prepared quite a bit.’

His ability to hide without a trace and then enter the factory again made sense now.

‘Bama. How long can you really stand it?’

There was noise coming from inside the factory.

Breaking, breaking, collapsing, crashing.

Before long, one of the walls collapsed and Bama ran out.

His hat and sunglasses were removed, revealing his pale green hair and eyes, and his clothes were also torn everywhere, revealing his skin.

—Human cubs! You guys always did!

The guy let out an evil cry.

Stepping on the police shield blocking the front, he jumped up and climbed over his head.

And he tried to crush the whole helmet using his whole body.

I took out my sniper rifle and quickly started assembling it.

―Ouch, ouch! Sah, save me!

The police, engulfed in fear of death, struggled, and the more they tightened their helmets.

Other police officers with swords and sticks surrounded the surroundings, but they did not appear to attack in fear of injuring their colleagues.


After assembly, the body was placed close to the floor.

I brought my eyes to the scope and pulled the trigger.


Bullets flew through the air.

For a moment, the eyes of the guy in the sight turned towards this side.


His figure disappeared from view, and the bullet ripped through the air and landed on the floor beyond.

When I took my eyes off the sight, I saw him moving to another place and fighting with the police.

It didn’t hit, but that was enough. Because the original purpose was simply to restrict his movement.

The few remaining Bama’s men followed the collapsed wall, but they were all knocked down by my subsequent fire.

All that was left was Bama alone.

The one-on-one battle continued.

If Leica’s battle was ‘strength’, his battle was closer to ‘technique’.

The guy used his high speed to dodge all the bullets, and when it wasn’t working, he got hit and ran through the police.

─Mo, my body doesn’t move!

The policemen who made eye contact with the guy couldn’t move their body at all.

It’s like the muscles all over your body have stiffened.

eyes full of fear.

A prey in front of a predator.

With every flash of sharp nails, blood spewed from the necks of the cops exposed between the guards.

Swords and sticks covered with mana cut through the air again and again, and the surroundings were filled with corpses in an instant.

However, as I began to intervene, the face of the battle changed little by little.

I pulled the trigger just before the siege was broken or a casualty occurred, and each time it stopped him from moving.

‘You must know that you are at a disadvantage if you go to a long-term battle.’

Actually, the guy’s endurance wasn’t on the good side.

As evidence of that, his movements were gradually sluggish, and afterimages were increasing all over his body.


The guy jumped into one side of the siege with a more accelerated movement as if he was throwing a win, but was blocked by my obstruction and hurriedly turned inside the siege again.

The guy was clenching his teeth.

it would be frustrating

An attack that can’t be counterattacked keeps flying.

As if he had changed his strategy to annihilate the police rather than breaking through the siege, his movements became more violent.

He ran wildly among the police, waving his nails, and smashing the walls of the building in a fight.

However, the encirclement still did not break through, and the boy appeared to be gradually falling into a state of panic.

─Don’t look! I told you not to look at me! Kill all the chicks you see!

His nails were all broken, and he had a dagger in his hand.

His clothes were torn, revealing his scaly skin, and his whole body was covered with blood from the wounds from the sword.

It was an appearance that could not be called a human or a beast.

I continued to fire and drove him in the direction I wanted.

‘Nearly half of the cops are dead. It was cheap enough to catch him.’

But it was there.

The guy was in a state of no surprise even if he collapsed right now.

The moment the flocked and driven guy entered the warehouse, I immediately activated movement magic.

The scenery changed a few times and as soon as he arrived at the warehouse roof, he activated the magic that had been carved around the entire door and wall of the warehouse.


A dark-blue “protection” thick enough to be fifty centimeters surrounded the warehouse.

I took out a dagger and activated the movement magic that was carved on the roof of the warehouse.

The connecting exit was under the roof of the warehouse.

The landscape in front of me changed and I saw the guy’s back.

I fell as it was and slashed the dagger at the guy’s shoulder.

“… … !”


The guy twisted and hit the dagger. I bounced back and landed.

“To say that he still has enough power, does he mean that he is also mixed with the blood of a beast?”

He said, picking up a rough breath at my rustling.

“Shut up. This f*cking human bastard… .”

Outside, there was a loud sound of knocking with swords and sticks trying to break the shield.

“You’re a human to chew on. Still, he seems to think he’s closer to a beast. It certainly would not have been welcomed by either side.”

“under! Given that he was determined to do this, it must have been that he did some research on me. How dare you know what… !”

“I have no choice but to know.”

I put my palms to my face.

After dissolving the transformation magic to change to Cain’s original face, he lowered his palms and said.

“Because you told me the story. Long time no see, Bama.”

“… … !”

A look of dismay appeared on the boy’s face.

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