A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 62

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 62

062. sheep (3)

“Cain? It’s Cain… ? Nonsense! you are obviously… !”

okay. Obviously, I fell into your trap and got caught by the police. With all the tendons in his limbs cut off.”

Confusion and embarrassment, even a little bit of anger and fear.

A mixture of emotions flashed across the boy’s face.

“Do not be ridiculous. I don’t know where he rolled it, but he uses magic to fix it!”

“Do you think it’s a magically faked face? I’m sorry. We’ve known each other for quite some time.”

With every step I took, he took a step back.

Soon after, he was blocked by a wall and could no longer retreat.

“Ask. Why did you betray me?”

“The bastard to chew on is mimicking me!”

The guy swung his dagger in a quick motion.

I immediately activated the movement magic under my feet and moved behind his back.


The guy turned his back to respond and the sword collided.

The shock pushed each other back little by little.


In the warehouse, there were more than a dozen of moving magic spread through engraving.

I immediately activated the magic under my feet again, moved in front of the guy’s nose, and launched an attack.

visor! visor!

“Ask me again. Bama, why did you betray me?”

His blood boiled hot and his head was taut.

A message that hadn’t been ringing for a while rang in my ears.

[Synchronization with ‘Cain River’ is in progress.]

[Current synchronization rate – 88.8%]

“This f*ck… !”

“Answer me. Why did you betray me!”

visor! visor!

The workshop became more intense.

The moment their eyes met, the long torn pupils quickly expanded.

A stream of goose ran down my spine, and I felt the muscles all over my body harden like a stone.

His huge eyes filled the room, and in front of him, I felt like I was shrinking down infinitely small.

However, when I concentrated my mind, the sensation disappeared in an instant. It was as if the ice that covered the body had been shattered at once.

“Is it a matter? I thought the day would come when I would face it in person, but I never knew it would be now.”

“how… !”

As I continued to move, the boy looked somewhat bewildered.

It wouldn’t have been necessary to explain that it was immune to all kinds of mental interference thanks to the ‘Fortitude’ trait.

Even if I tell you, you won’t understand.

I continued to push him.

Originally, I couldn’t deal with Bama one-on-one with my own force.

It was possible because he was currently in a moribund state and had the magic he had installed.


His dagger bounced off and flew away.

I rotated my body and hit him with my elbow, and he was pushed away and fell to the floor with his back showing.

“ha. ha.”

He took a deep breath and approached him.

When he hit his head with his shoe, he trembled.

“This warehouse is relatively recent and has marble floors. How about it, don’t you remember when you were in the old lab? I told you that the floor was like this too.”

The guy didn’t answer.

He only let out a painful moan and dropped his body.

I exclaimed with more strength in my feet.

“Answer me! I mean, don’t you remember the time when you were caught as a hybrid and subjected to all kinds of experiments! Don’t you like the present I prepared for you?”

The boy stopped moving.

Soon after, he began to tremble again with a chuckle of laughter.

“… okay. Now I know. This method of pushing people to the extreme and making existence itself exhausted. It was your favorite way, Cain.”


I pulled out my revolver and aimed it at his head.

“I will ask you one last time. Tell me why you betrayed me.”

“… just i was scared You are the being.”

The boy laughed again.

“Your behavior was unpredictable. When we made eye contact and talked, it felt like I was reading to the bottom of my heart. I said goosebumps look! The guy who should have been in prison even now appeared in front of me! Even using magic!”

“Is that just for that reason?”

“That’s the reason. We are competitors aiming for the same boss position… Ouch!”

Cain considered Bama to be a companion.

I met him in a world that wasn’t worth it, but I think his values and goals in life are worthy of respect.

He also felt a sense of unity because he had a miserable childhood like himself.

‘Evidently, each other functioned as a kind of spiritual haven.’

Past feelings have no meaning in the present. Now, my heart was only boiling with deep anger.

“Hey, hey, hey, kill me. Isn’t that what you came out for?”

I said suppressing my emotions.

“no. i don’t kill you now Pulling the trigger is right for what you’ve done, but I won’t do it right now.”

The sound of knocking on the shield from the outside intensified. There wasn’t much time left.

“Bama. Do you remember what you once said? He said he wanted to find his lost sister and create a zone where people of mixed race like you could live without discrimination.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Are you planning on selling memories all of a sudden?”

“And I told you that I would rise to the boss position and wipe out all the criminal gangs on the continent, and eventually destroy even the Blue Serpent.”

“It’s absurd nonsense. Do you still think that’s possible? Don’t be fooled, just kill me!”

“… … .”

To me, those words sounded like a cry for help.

I had no choice but to do so.

Because I know that Bama is a person who has the will to live more than anyone else.

“Give me a chance. swear your obedience to me Help us kill Laika and Parter. And in the end you die.”


“I mean, I will defer your death.”

The guy laughed like crazy.

“Crazy. Did you come back from prison and lost your mind?”

“This is an order, not a suggestion. Anyway, if you don’t follow my words, you’ll die right here by my hands.”

“Kill! kill me! I’d rather die now than play with you!”

kill it

It is false.

The guy wants life.

The guy’s eyes, his bad mouth, and his trembling body are telling the truth.

“One of your dreams will surely come true. I will find your sister. I will help you find and spend the rest of your life so that you can live a life that will not envy anyone else.”

The boy’s words were cut off for a moment.

After the silence, the boy’s mouth opened.

“lie. what the hell are you And how can you guarantee that you will keep your promise?”

“Everything I said has come true. I never lied in front of you. You would know better than anyone else.”

“… … .”

There was silence in the warehouse.

Only the sound of each other’s breathing and the sound of weapons from outside could be heard.

“There is not much time. Choose Will you obey me and delay death? Or will I keep my pride and die on this spot?”

After a while, the guy chewed and spit.

“… dog food. It was meant to be like this from the beginning. I will accept the offer.”


At the same time as he said, dark red mana flowed from my palm, drawing a magic circle in the air.

“From now on, you will obey my orders and will not take any action that will harm my well-being. The penalty for breach of contract is death. Do you agree?”

“Do whatever you want. Let me tell you, if you don’t keep your promise, I’ll tear you apart first… .”

“I don’t know if I can do that because it’s a breach of contract. Anyway, don’t worry, I’ll definitely find my sister.”

The magic circle was split in half and soaked into each other’s chests.

I immediately activated the movement magic laid on the floor.

At the same time as the guards were broken, the doors opened, and the police rushed in, Bama and I disappeared.

The landscape changed several times and we arrived inside an unfamiliar building.

It was an abandoned building on the outskirts of the factory complex.

Originally, I had to go out and join Estelle, who was waiting for me, as it is, but there was something I had to do first.

‘Looking from the top of the water tower, there were obviously police stationed on the outskirts.’

It looked like they were not elite troops, like those who were put inside the factory, but people who were simply blocking the escape route, but there was nothing wrong with being careful.

He took out a police uniform from the subspace and changed his clothes.

It was in a state of being stocked in several sizes with items purchased with money back.

He took another one and threw it at Bama.

“Wear it.”

“What do you mean?”

“The police are out there. And don’t you hate having your skin exposed?”

“… … .”

The boy quietly changed his clothes.

And with my support, they opened the door and went out together.


Police cars were standing outside with their lights flashing.

There were police all over the place, but no one was watching us when we left.

Putting on his hat and bowing his head, he passed through the police and headed for the exit of the factory complex.

There were some people who looked at them, but basically, because they were busy with their own work and it was an emergency, no one stopped them.

When I arrived right in front of the exit, I heard someone calling from behind.

“Are you here! Lieutenant Xavir!”

I turned around and saw a familiar face heading towards the factory, passing among the salute police.


It stood out more because he was dressed in casual clothes for secret hiding, not the same uniform as other police officers.

“There is a battle going on inside. We know that Bama entered the warehouse and the situation is almost over.”

“Bama became. Have you ever seen a mysterious wizard at the scene?”

“Yes? Are you a wizard?”

“… no. became.”

There is a high probability that you missed the trail while tracking me.

He had visited the scene where the Blue Serpent appeared with the feeling of catching straw.

For her, the arrest of Bama would not be the top priority. Because her obsession with Cain is beyond imagination.

I turned around again and came out of the exit. Before long, a police car stopped in front of us.


The heavily tinted window went down and Estelle appeared.

“Are you going to have to go to the west with me?”

“… Open the back seat.”

The rear door opened with the sound of a button being pressed.

I threw in Bama, who had fainted, and I boarded the seat next to Estelle.

“Is the author Bama? I heard it was mixed with blood, but isn’t it as disgusting as I thought?”

“Isn’t this the first time I’ve seen mixed races of humans and beasts?”

“That’s true, but usually, he looked more like a beast than a human. Anyway, where can we go now?”

“Go to Sector 55, Clarkfield. First aid measures have been taken, so until then, life will not be affected.”

Estelle nodded and stepped on the accelerator.

We switched to a sports car that was parked elsewhere in the middle, and we headed for Clarkfield.

* * *

Bama opened her eyes.

The first thing I saw was an unfamiliar ceiling, and throbbing throbbed all over my body.

‘hospital? no, more than that… .’

The surrounding landscape was close to that of an ordinary family house.

But for some reason, surgical instruments such as scalpels and scissors were strewn on the table.

‘Stand, please.’

As the trauma of childhood rekindled, Bama was engulfed in fear.

The sound of crackling scissors.

Medicines poured over the skin.

The marble floor often touched the head rather than the feet.

An unknown aristocrat who used to whip and whip.

At that moment, the door swung open and a man in his late forties entered.

Bama jumped out of bed, picked up the scalpel and pointed it at the man.

“Don’t come near me! What have you done to my body!”

The man raised his palms over his shoulders with a bewildered look on his face, indicating that he did not intend to attack.

“uh… . Looking at the condition, it seems that the body has fully recovered. Let’s calm down, put down the scalpel and talk.”

The man’s words could not be heard by Bama.

window? door? Which way do you go if you get out? Are there any connected spaces outside?

He was in a state of panic, thinking only of how he could get out of this place safely.

Then another person appeared behind the man.

Blue with black hair. He was a man who looked to be in his late twenties.

“Oh, Cain. The guy you brought in got a little excited. Do you want me to calm down?”

“… … .”

The moment the man’s blue eyes met his gaze, memories of everything that happened in the past flooded Bama’s mind.

The strength in his hands was released and the scalpel fell to the floor.

“… It was not a dream.”

“Isn’t it too vivid to be a dream? sit down Don’t say things you didn’t say.”

As soon as he stopped acting, Bama felt a pain in one side of his heart.

As soon as I sat down, the pain disappeared.

laughter came out.

And I knew.

Now that his life is in the hands of this man he betrayed in the past.

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