A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 63

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 63

063. clackfield (1)

Freud left his seat on his own.

In the room where only the two of them were left, the boy spoke in a voice mixed with various emotions, including resignation and confusion.

“What do you think of me now?”

“As I said. Your death has been postponed. Until the two remaining traitors run out of breath.”

“… Is the purpose of returning to the organization? Are you going to kill all the other executives and change the water?”


In an instant, the door opened and the guy staggered and jumped up from his seat and took an attacking stance.

“… What are you doing? Are you going to hit the Lady with those fists?”

Estelle looked at Bama and smiled.

I put the tray with the coffee cup on the table and closed the door and left.

“I guess I haven’t been able to sleep well at night until recently. An executive is such a position.”

“… … .”

He picked up clothes lying around the bed, covered his skin, and put a mask over his face.

The enemy of executives does not exist only outside.

Candidates always want an opportunity to come to them as the executive positions are vacant, and sometimes they make bold choices such as assassination.

So, unless you have trusted aides as your escort, you won’t be able to rest comfortably.

But there was no way he had such subordinates.

Because he has a deep-rooted distrust of humans.

“But haven’t you slept deeply this time after a long time?”

“… … .”

He looked at me and sat down again.

“You haven’t answered my question yet. Ask again. Is the purpose of returning to the organization?”

“It doesn’t matter what the organization is.”

“You really did this for revenge?”


He slammed the table with his fist.

“Don’t bullshit! The guy I know, you, never moves under the sway of emotions. We thoroughly weigh the pros and cons. Say it! What do you gain from this revenge?”

Ignoring his angry gaze, I raised my cup and slipped the coffee over the back of my neck.

‘It’s what I get through revenge.’

return to reality.

I hadn’t thought of anything else.

‘Back to reality. And then… ?’

I find Baek Jin-woo, who took my writing and tried to publish it as my own.

Then, after returning to reality, will my work eventually become revenge?

As I was thinking, he got up from his seat and smashed his nails.

His nails were not as strong as the real beasts. The battle with the police had left it in ruins.

Just before my nails touched my face, he grabbed my chest and sat down.


“Do you want to harm me? No matter how many times you try it, it will be the same.”

“… plague. I didn’t have time to think in the field, but how did you learn magic? You must have been a normal person who couldn’t handle mana.”

“It is not for you to wonder. Your job is to obey me thoroughly.”

I got up and stomped the mana-loaded walker in his face.

The situation was the same as in the warehouse.

It’s just that this time, I’m keeping my mind colder.

“I haven’t heard the road yet. let me know once again remember This is the difference between you and me.”

The boy groaned and raised his eyes upwards.

“Ugh, I don’t regret betraying you. I don’t know if I feel a little sorry. No matter who you look at, you were in a strong position as the next boss.”

“okay. The boss might have mentioned that he was looking at me as a strong force. If what you guys did didn’t mess up the meeting place. It was my fault for thinking of you as colleagues, even for a moment.”

“colleague! funny sound!ぅ!”

When I applied more force to the walker, the guy trembled.

“I thought that no matter who became the boss, everyone could achieve their goals. There will be conflicts in the process, but ultimately it will be possible.”

“Sounds so ideal, bae! to do! Were you even thinking of sharing the power you gained by becoming a boss?”

To some extent, that was correct.

Restoration of the Great Forest and a paradise for mixed races.

Cain respected the aspirations of Laika and Bama, and if he became the boss, he was going to make their dreams come true first and then carry out his plans.

“okay. When you become a boss, you gain a different level of power than when you were an executive. It’s a power that I think is too much to use alone.”

In addition to the smuggling and smuggling of illegal weapons and narcotics, the business that the organization is involved in spans a wide range of fields, such as the management of local farmland and the operation of high-end pubs and casinos.

Being a boss meant that he could accumulate enormous wealth just by breathing.

“Bye! Back off! To share, I don’t even have enough to eat alone!”

The boy burst into laughter as his face was stomped on by his feet. The tremors of his body were transmitted through his feet.

I glanced at it and said.

“Everyone has a different opinion. Allow yourself some time to accept reality and organize your thoughts. rest.”

I stepped out and headed for the door. When I turned around, I saw the guy with his body shaking in a prone position and the guy who had not touched a sip of his cup.


As soon as I opened the door, I ran into Freud, who was in an awkward pose in front of him.

“Mi, I’m sorry. I didn’t listen to it… .”

I closed the door and said.

“Okay. After all, if you work under me, you will naturally find out. Am I afraid or reluctant to be a criminal?”

“Oh, no. It is a life saver for my wife and daughter, is there such a thing? Although I expected it to some extent, I was just a little surprised when the name of an organization bigger than I expected came out. The Blue Serpent is an organization that even idiots like me know.”

“Then that’s good.”

I said to Freud, who hesitated as if he had more to say.

“If you have something to say, feel free to do it.”

“Oh that. Can you keep Lenny a secret about your identity for the time being? He’s a quick-witted kid, so he might be holding on to his senses to some extent, but I think he might be shocked when he finds out about it. I have memories of being kidnapped by criminals in another area… . Ahh! If it’s a presumptuous request, it’s okay to let it go!”

“I’ll do that.”

Not only was it a trivial request, but he could understand his feelings as a father of only one daughter.

When I answered too easily, Freud looked blank for a moment, then said with a smile.

“Oh, thank you! I will go and prepare dinner, so come later when you call.”

Freud’s face brightened and disappeared toward the kitchen.

I stared at the back for a moment and then went out of the house.

There was a sunset in the sky.

A cold wind brushed his cheeks.

Freud’s house was on the top of a hill.

Below, houses and commercial buildings of all kinds were extended one by one, endlessly.

Smoke rose from the plumbing between the buildings and residents with tools crossed the aerial bridge.

At the end of the hill, a river and a bridge appeared, and on the other side, buildings grew along a gentle hill, similar to a plain.

Estelle came up to me and looked down at me, looking down at me.

“When I first came here, I thought, ‘What kind of city is there? People are weird, and everywhere they go, all they hear is the clicking sound of machines.”

“Did I say this wasn’t the first time?”

“twice? third time? I’ve been here before for a mission at the church. It’s a time when you listen carefully to what your superiors are saying.”

She made one sullen expression and then pointed her finger somewhere down the hill.

“Right now, I wonder if there is a place on the entire continent that has more personality than this. Where else could I go to see something like that?”

Where her finger pointed, a small mechanical device with a propeller was flying among the people.

It was clear that its purpose and aesthetics were second to none.

“There was talk like that. The reason such things cannot be commercialized with active support is because the imperial family is friendly to magic.”

I nodded my head in agreement with her.

The mechanics here don’t just create inventions with their own skills.

At any stage of production, magic is bound to help.

However, in this case, the role of magic is not ‘main’ but ‘secondary’, and mechanical engineering takes an absolute share of the importance of design.

It could be said that the atmosphere was the opposite of that of the capital city’s scientific organization Latium, where magic became the ‘main’ rather than the ‘auxiliary’.

Not to mention, the wizards here are treated more like engineers than wizards.

“Oh, how about Bama?”

“My body has recovered somewhat, and I left it alone in the room. He asked me to give him some time to organize his thoughts.”

“I wouldn’t be able to make a choice by signing an oath anyway, what do you think?”

She shook her head and continued.

“Actually, I was a little surprised when you said you were going to bring in Bama. You’re the one who betrayed you. As soon as we met, I thought I was going to kill you without seeing anything.”

“Private emotions only get in the way of getting things done. It is more beneficial in the long run to keep him alive and use it.”

It was the result of suppressing the emotions emanating from Cain’s memory and making judgments based on reason.

The reason that the old man was entrusted to Freud for treatment in the traditional way was in order not to injure his body, which he would use in various situations in the future.

Healing magic has a fast recovery rate, but it accelerates the regeneration of cells and puts a strain on the body in the long run.

“Sometimes when I look at you, I feel like a living piece of ice. Second of all, he’s handsome like a sculpture or something like that, because he doesn’t show his emotions so much. In fact, it’s not a magic-powered machine or anything like that, is it?”

She took my hand and placed it on the back of her hand, and said in a very serious voice.

“By looking at the body temperature I feel, I am sure it is a person… .”

Then I turned my palm over and started fiddling around.

When she used magic to raise the temperature of her hand, she lifted her hand in surprise.

“Oh, that’s a surprise. What is it?”

“My hands are not clay.”

“… … .”

Her gaze went down the hill with me again.

After a while she said

“Can I ask you something?”

“Unless it’s a pointless question.”

“After revenge is over, what do you plan to do after that? Are you going back to that world again?”

It was a question I had never thought of.

He takes revenge and returns to his original world.

It was only because I was running towards that goal.

‘This is a problem that cannot be easily judged.’

Will this world retain its shape after I return to the original world?

How does Cain become? Does the soul return to the empty shell?

What is the future of this world after the point in time I envisioned?

“… I don’t know.”

“Then how about traveling with me? It’s not about wandering around like it is now, it’s for tourism purposes. What is it? Staring at people like that all of a sudden.”

If this world exists as me, then it perishes with my absence.

can i leave

Leaving behind the characters cast with deep affection and this now ripe landscape and atmosphere.

‘Emotions… . Maybe it’s because the synchronization is in progress… .’

I reached out slowly with one hand, caressing her cheek with a still warm palm, and tucking her hair behind her ear.

She flinched for a moment, accepted my hand like a small animal, and said with a puzzled look.

“uh… . It’s warm and it feels good… . Is it because of what I said earlier that I was like a machine?”

“Think about it.”

“to? I beg your pardon?”

“I’ll think about what you said a while ago.”

I put my hand away and turned my back to go home.

She, who had been standing blankly, understood the meaning of the words too late and followed her.

“Really? Is there any softness or anything like that later?”

Dinner was set in the house, and Freud and Lenny were waiting.

Stews and breads, light meat dishes and wine. It was a rustic meal.

“mister! I made this myself. Try it!”

As I ate a piece of meat and nodded, Lenny smiled brightly.

Leni’s disease was congenital pneumoconiosis. A disease in which the lungs dry up with age and stop functioning and die.

I applied for a treatment at the capital hospital with the money I gave, and he said that he could receive the treatment in about 3 months after the previous waiting list disappeared.

The shock at the time of the incident has not gone away, so he is still hesitant to go out, and instead is studying medicine at home.

“Call Bama. He’s been unconscious for quite some time, so he’ll be hungry too.”

“I will go.”

Estelle disappeared and Lenny asked.

“Is that brother okay? He looked like he was seriously injured.”

“There is no limit to life. Freud’s craftsmanship is so good, there’s no need to worry about the aftereffects.”

“Great, with this much.”

At that moment, urgent footsteps were heard in this direction, and Estelle immediately appeared and shouted.

“It’s gone! that person!”

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