A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 64

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 64

064. clackfield (2)

The curtains were swaying in the wind in front of the wide open window.

“I think he ran away… . Shall we go out and find it? The more time you give, the greater the distance.”

Everything in the room was the same.

Only one coat and Bama that were hanging on a hanger disappeared from their seats.

“no. You don’t have to. I think I know where you went. Eat first.”

I said it was okay to Estelle, who was about to follow me, and then went outside.

I went down the hill along the narrow road between the buildings and the people.

Geography is all entered into Cain’s memory, and the place he may have gone to can be estimated as a writer.

We arrived at the riverbank at the foot of the hill.

The area was full of discarded materials and parts, and I slowly moved and patrolled under the bridge.

‘Only vagrants on this bridge. Surely somewhere nearby… .’

As the shadows of the legs faded and faded over my head several times, I found a familiar back figure.

I approached and spoke.

“Is there anything you want in the river?”

“… … .”

He was staring at the river, which could not be said to be very clean as a living sewage.

“It flowed away. Damn, I can’t even remember when.”

“It will be alive somewhere.”

“Of course!”

I knew what he had been floating away.

He was abandoned with his younger brother when he was very young.

He was sold as a test subject to a certain wizard in Clarkfield while wandering the back alleys, and escaped through a drain pipe on a rainy day.

For losing his sister’s hand while being swept away by the torrent, he has been living with a sense of guilt.

“I don’t think you’ll ever really find my sister. Even though I’ve been looking for it for decades, I haven’t been able to find a single clue. But at least you have to show that you are doing your best.”

“Let me do that.”

It’s almost impossible for a young girl, even a mixed race beast, to survive in a slum.

He knows it in his heart.

His younger brother had already died a long time ago, and his feelings are close to regrets caused by guilt.

“I don’t know if I deliberately let go of my hand in order to live.”

A kind of reflection, or regret.

It was for that reason that his hideout was located in District 43, which is close to this place.

I looked down at the river.

The figure of the guy with a complicated expression was swaying in the river.

‘Your face will be worth seeing when we meet again later.’

His brother is alive.

She is also a character I set and joins the protagonist’s party as a helper in the middle of the novel episode.

Coincidentally, he became a wizard.

Just like the very being who abused him as a child.

In addition, he later feuds with the protagonist, who is in a situation where he has to kill Bama.

Of course, it is not certain that this will happen now. Because my planned future may have changed because of me.

The only certainty was that I knew her whereabouts, and little by little I was going to unravel the information and make her follow my instructions faithfully.

And I was thinking of making the meeting happen when the value of his use is exhausted.

“Illness. No matter how hard I try, my mind is not organized. You said you’d use me to kill other guys. Can I run now and get Parter and Laika’s heads? yes?”

“You don’t have to. Once back to the organization. What happened at the factory will not be known to other executives. All the gang members at the scene are dead, and the police aren’t going to let the fact that they’ve missed you go all over the place. And within a few days, a low tactic person will come to visit. You just have to fulfill all the requirements.”

“You don’t know the exact location of my hideout. How are you coming?”

“I have already given you my words.”

“… crazy guy Since when? Do you know the location of the hideouts of other executives?”

I nodded my head slightly.

He knew not only the area number, but also the detailed location and access method.

“… I mean, that’s what I thought. I think you might really succeed in revenge. I can’t even imagine seeing the other two guys die. Especially the bastard Laika.”

“If a knife goes into the heart, everyone dies. As long as it is a living creature that breathes.”

I took a breath and continued.

“When you return, investigate the locations of Parterer’s men. All without exception. It won’t be too difficult because both you and Parterre are based in the 40th Division. Afterwards, I’ll either call you first or go in person to get a report.”

The next target was Parter.

He has the most subordinates among the executives.

Roughly two hundred of those numbers.

There were always dozens of escorts and there were a lot of subordinates in the hideout, so it was a great risk to enter the front.

In a guerrilla style, I was thinking of removing the subordinates one by one, weakening the power, and slowly squeezing my breath.

“And I ask you one thing.”

“Say it.”

“What happened to my men?”

“Everyone is dead. They were all purged in the name of traitor’s minions. There are those who are lucky enough to have escaped alive, but not even five fingers.”

Cain’s total is twenty-two.

Contrary to Parterre, he had the smallest subordinate among the executives.

‘They were all talented, but there must be no way to avoid the sudden surprise.’

On the day of the incident, all personnel were waiting outside Area 34, where Cain’s hideout was located, or outside the meeting place.

At the same time or before Cain’s capture by the police, he must have been attacked.

But if there were any living ones, they had to find them and assemble them. Its existence alone would be a great power.

“I wouldn’t have stopped chasing after it in moderation. Where was the most recent tracking?”

“The guy my men were pursuing has been lost in Area 99. It was already a month ago. I think I’ve heard that Laika’s men lost contact, and I wonder if the guy they’re looking for is still alive.”

It seemed like he was talking about the maknae.

I even closed my eyes myself in Area 118.

“Do you know anything else?”

“I’ve been hearing rumors like that lately. Parter says he has captured one of your men and uses it as a plaything in the arena. They say that they deal with all kinds of monsters and are slowly drying them to death.”

Parter operates dozens of underground arena in addition to all kinds of entertainment and production facilities in the 30th and 40th divisions.

Although it is absolutely illegal, they have formed a close relationship by stabbing the police in the area with a large amount of back money.

Of course, without revealing himself, he thoroughly puts forward a representative as the operator.

I said raising my eyebrows.

“… The bad taste is still there.”

“I’ve never seen a guy so mad at fighting as he is. I’ve never seen her eyes open.”

“I also entrust the investigation of the arena. I just need to figure out what number of arenas my men are in.”

He travels around the 40th division, reducing Parter’s load, and searching each arena at the same time.

The next course was pictured in my mind.

“If necessary, I can also kill your subordinates, but if possible, that order will be the last.”

“Thank you so much for that. Once I cooperate with you, but … .”

Then the vagrants under the bridge approached us.

For a moment, Bama flinched.

Then, realizing that his skin and face were covered, he relaxed.

“Who is there with permission to see the river right now? ok?”

The smell of alcohol wafted through the dreary appearance.

They gibberish, but in any case, the conclusion was to give them food or money.

“go away. Before I kill them all.”

Bama growled wildly.

It was a hoarse voice that filled his body with goosebumps.

Normally, he would have been pushed back by the momentum, but unfortunately, the vagrants were very drunk.

Believed in their numbers, they rushed all at once.


For a moment, Bama’s figure flashed among the vagrants.

Bama’s dagger pierced the hearts of the vagrants and made a sound of breaking bones, and the vagrants fell into the river in an instant.

It took a while for the blood to rise, and the vagrants drifted downstream, and the river soon regained its original turbid black color.

“Do you still hate humans?”

“I don’t like it all. either human or beast. If you grew up being pointed at wherever you went, you would have been like this too. Do you have more to say to me?”

“The instructions are all that was said before. Otherwise, eat and go. Freud prepared dinner.”

The boy shook his head and turned around.

“done. I want to go back and rest. Call the men nearby.”

He limped as if his body had not yet fully recovered.

The figure disappeared completely, and I looked at the river and walked back to Freud’s house.

* * *

After dinner, Freud had his artificial tendon checked.

In a scarlet-lit room, Freud, wearing monoclear glasses, looked at the parts exposed between the blood vessels.

“First of all, there are no major problems, but the consumption of parts is high. I mean, I’ve been doing a lot of exercise for the past month and a half. At this rate, the parts would have to be replaced every year instead of three years.”

“If it wasn’t broken, that was it.”

Freud covered the skin again, and I used healing magic on the incision, allowing the skin to heal quickly.

“Did you say that we leave tomorrow?”

Freud asked as he organized the tools he had used for the examination.

“Early early in the morning. I plan to leave at noon at the latest.”

“I want to tell you to take a break, but I can’t because I’m busy.”

“If you get a chance later, I’ll let you stay longer then.”

The necessary parts of the conversation we had with Bama ended up being shared with Estelle.

“It goes around the 40th division. I’ll have to move a little bit faster for a while.”

And there was someone I had to meet here before I left.

Although it wasn’t the first time I had come to Clackfield for that purpose.

“Come get some air.”

I put on my coat and went outside.


The summer night’s wind was cool, and the sound of grasshoppers was faintly heard around.

The workshop along the hill was dotted with lights on, and from time to time the sounds of machines and people’s voices could be heard outside.

Over the moonlit river, I crossed the bridge and reached the other side of the street.

After walking another twenty minutes, I arrived at the entrance of a certain building heading underground.

I went down the stairs following the light illuminating the bottom of the field.

When I looked down a little, the door appeared, and I put my finger on the sensor in front of it.

“Recognition is complete.”


The light was bright.

Huge chapters were neatly laid out in a shape reminiscent of a library shelf.

The interior was quiet.

It seemed that I was the only one who came to this place at night like this.

Going deep inside, I turned to the passage between the intestines.

I stopped in front of one of the grid-divided spaces and pressed the button protruding below it.


With the sound of a mechanical device moving, the transparent alloy membrane opened and a shelf slowly pushed out from the inside.

A mortuary tablet with someone’s name on it, an ossuary, and a small device in the shape of a record were placed on it.

[Synchronization with ‘Cain River’ is in progress.]

[Current synchronization rate – 89.2%]

His hand stretched out as if attracted to a magnet.

I pressed the switch on the device while holding the mortuary tablet in slow motion.

As the disk rotated, a small hologram appeared on it.

She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties.

She put her hands in front of her and smiled warmly.

‘… Cain last visited this place on the day he was immersed in the Blue Serpent.’

I vowed not to find it until I reached my goal in life.

At a very young age, the village where Cain and his mother lived was burnt down in a war between the lower ranks.

Cain, who had been hiding on the basement floor, got out after his son-in-law died, hugged his mother’s charred corpse and cried.

Not a single picture of her mother existed. Because photos were too expensive for the lower class to have.

Later, Cain commissioned the wizard of Clackfield to magically restore the image of his mother in his memory.

no longer grow old,

A mother of eternal youth.

“… Is it one of the people you said you should meet? is he?”

When I turned my head, I saw Estelle standing at the end of the passage.

I knew right away what was coming.

There was no reason to pursue it, so I just let it go.

She said, looking at me a little.

“Sorry. I didn’t follow you with the intention of following me from the beginning… . I’m curious where you’re going… .”

“Okay. I think he came along because he was worried about my well-being.”

She cautiously approached me.

“If I ask who you are, will you answer me?”

“He was the person I loved the most in the world.”


She had a complex and subtle face. He licked his lips and spoke as if he had made up his mind.

“I’ve never had a girlfriend, so I can’t fully understand how you’re feeling right now. I hope you don’t feel too sad though.”

He seemed to have misunderstood something, but the explanation was too long, so I left it alone.

It took me a few minutes to digest all the emotions that flooded me.

As I was about to exit the passage between the intestines, I grabbed the shoulder of Estelle, who was walking in front of me, and pulled her towards me.

“… … ?”

She had a questionable face and I put my index finger to my lips to convey the message that I had to silence the sound.

And whispered a little.

“Someone else is here besides us.”

Except for a moment before, he felt no sign of any kind.

It was correct to see that someone with a certain intention followed us.

If you are a regular visitor, there is no need to hide your presence.

He carefully pulled his head out of the closet and looked inside.

As if hiding somewhere between the fields, the figure of the opponent could not be seen.

The moment he strengthened his eyes using magic, he could find a strand of hair that had fallen to the floor in the distance.

Long blue hair shimmering in the light.

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