A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 68

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 68

068. hunting (2)

Doo doo doo-!

The glasses on the table shattered without mercy.

I spread my shield to stop the splashing glass shards.

“Obviously it is yours! Sell my information without fear! Thanks to you, I became a body chased by the organization!”

The intruder let out a scream that was close to screaming and stopped firing only after the bullets ran out.

In the place where the bullets were thrown, Jack disappeared and only the sofa that had become a beehive remained.


Suddenly, Jack appeared behind the intruder and wrapped his arm around the opponent’s neck.

“Who is this? Isn’t that the guy who got drunk the last time and talked about his organization’s business partners around the neighborhood?”

“Bye! Yes, you are definitely! Selling information… !”

The drunkenness up until now seemed to have disappeared.

The red-faced intruder tried to get the arm strangled by the neck, but Jack didn’t budge.

“I do not deny it. This is information that will spread anyway, but I picked it up a little early and sold it.”

“Bb, hey, f*ck, bastard!”

“If you don’t like it, you should be careful. Isn’t it a fact that every dog passing by knows that the owner here is a human being who lives on information?”

As it is a place where power struggles between organizations are fierce, the existence of the information guild is not so secret.

Jack’s tavern is visited not only by people from the back world, but also by some city officials who don’t want to be seen.

A lot of information comes and goes, so if you don’t want to divulge something about yourself, it’s a well-known guideline to not open your mouth here.

Of course, not everyone knows that.

For example, like this intruder in front of you who was ignorant and drunk.

“What are you talking about now? !”

Estelle jumped open the door with a surprised expression and entered.

When he saw my hand gesture that said it was ok, he stopped.

Then the staff followed.

Looking at them restless, Jack said.

“Go upstairs and figure out how this guy got in. And give me a gun.”

“Oh, yes.”

Jack took a pistol and shoved it into the intruder’s mouth.

and looked at me and said

“Guest. Didn’t you say you need information about Puttyland? ask this guy This gang is now sandwiched between Fertilland and Blue Serpent and is on the verge of being eaten by either side.”

It wasn’t a bad opportunity.

I didn’t know if I could get more information than the information guild had.

“Does the information obtained through this person add to the cost?”

“You are registered as a VIP, but you should provide this level of service.”

I nodded, got up from my seat, and moved to the other side of the table.

Then he grabbed the trigger of the pistol and faced the intruder’s trembling eyes.

“I can’t promise that I can save you. But I promise I’ll let you die pain-free. Nod your head if you know.”

The boy just rolled his eyes and didn’t nod his head.

“Estelle. Get out.”

“Oh, okay.”

Sensing that a rough scene would be produced, she closed the door and went out.

The staff also looked away and left their seats.

I glanced down.

A thorn wheel tattoo engraved on the neck of the intruder was visible.

Thorns Wheel.

Their main business was to kidnap children from high-numbered slums and sell them to places in need of cheap labor in a small organization of about 50 people.

“Give me one more chance. Answer my questions sincerely. to the best of what you can Nod your head if you know.”

As soon as I saw that he was still staring, I put my thumb into his ear canal and squeezed his temple with the palm of my hand.

Break up!


His body trembled once, and then he limped. Her pupils were opened, and there was foam on her lips.

You don’t die because you control the strength.

It was only painful enough to die.

“Wow! Customer, it’s hotter than it looks!”

Even after seeing the magic, Jack didn’t seem so surprised.

‘You must have already read my information.’

Requesting an information guild is equivalent to saying that there is a risk of your identity being exposed.

‘Even so, there would be no particularly nutritious information.’

A high-level wizard.

Accompanying a blonde woman.

High interest in Blue Serpent.

That’s the information I’ve been exposed to.

One day, someone who wants to dig up my identity will appear, and the possibility that the identity will be inferred from the above information alone cannot be completely ruled out, but that one day will not be at least in the near future.

From the guild’s point of view, customers who consistently submit large amounts of quests don’t want to lose easily.

But in the future we need to be a little more careful.

It was better to keep the existing quests, but avoid new quests that could be inferred.

For example, finding Cain’s minions somewhere in the arena of the 40th Division.

From the guild’s point of view, it’s hard to meet customers who consistently submit large amounts of quests.

Or, it was possible to deliberately expose information about me to make a later situation advantageous.

“Nod your head if you understand what I’m saying.”

I grabbed the intruder’s hair and lifted it slowly.

The boy nodded vigorously with the force to hand over his soul.

“Why is Fertilland trying to absorb your organization? What did you offer in return?”

He answered my question as if possessed.

When I had as much information as I wanted, I passed the trigger to Jack, who also asked some questions.


As Jack pulled the trigger, blood spattered on the walls and tables.

He looked at me and said, wiping his hands with a wine bottle cloth.

“It sounds like you’ve done a lot of interrogation. Are you still from this world?”

“I have dipped my feet. not now but.”

“Anyway, I’m sorry. While we were talking, this rude bastard suddenly came up to me.”


Jack snapped his finger and the staff came in.

“Get this bastard out of here. Disinfect well so it doesn’t smell of blood. Then, sir, we can move around and talk.”

I nodded.

Glancing at the intruder’s corpse, he turned and followed Jack out of the room.

* * *

We exited Jack’s tavern.

Estelle asked as she started the car.

“Is that person dead?”

“dead. Are you sorry?”

“no. It’s not like I’ve seen people die once or twice. I’m just curious. In this world, I wonder if this is often the case.”

“If you cannot take responsibility for what you have done, it will take your life. It’s a simple principle.”

The car ran on the road.

I leaned back in my seat and quickly flipped through the papers Jack had given me.


: Formed half a year ago in District 54. Absorbing surrounding tissue, buying land and growing rapidly. The size is estimated to be around three hundred people. Mercenaries of various levels are the main constituents. The boss of the organization is unknown, and he has been active in the 40th division recently. Considering the huge amount of capital being poured into land and buildings, it is highly likely that personnel from the business world are behind them… .

In addition to basic information about the organization, the analysis made by the experts of the Information Guild was annotated.

After memorizing all the contents, I lit the paperwork and threw it out the window.

The organization purchases land.

There was only one case.

I looked out the window and looked at the granary in the distance.

“Estelle. Do you know what is the most lucrative crop that can be grown on this fertile soil?”

“to? I do not know? I’ve never thought deeply about it. wheat? barley?”

“It’s a narcotic crop.”

“ah. But that’s illegal… . no. I almost sounded naive again. Whether it’s illegal or not doesn’t really matter.”

“okay. Money is above the law.”

Cultivation of narcotic crops is openly practiced throughout the continent.

The bribe was under the protection of local police officers.

“I think the reason we bought the land was to grow drugs. The bribery of the police must have already been completed.”

“The most coveted business of any organization is the drug business.”

Blue Serpent also runs a drug farm through a borrowed-name company.

In operation, the law is not an issue. What matters is the other organization.

Since there are checks such as setting fires to fields or trampling them on by force, small organizations do not dare to think about starting a farm.

“You said you were going to reduce Parter’s subordinates, didn’t you? disguised as his identity.”

“okay. I think this puttyland would be a good fit.”

It won’t be too difficult to remove the subordinates.

Since there are many areas to be managed, they will be dispersed.

However, there was a risk of being trampled on by the tail, so it was necessary to distract attention.

‘As the intelligence guild analyzed, there is a high possibility that the person behind it is a person from the business world. There is also a corner for straw.’

But it didn’t matter who the boss of Putilland was now.

What was important was the fact that Putiland and Blue Serpent were at odds.

‘It’s about pushing your back. That’s enough to escalate into a war.’

Parter and Bama had been watching and watching Puttyland’s movements even before I entered the prison.

War is foreordained.

My job is to give them a cause to advance the timing of the war.

With the eyes of the police, you won’t be able to wage a large-scale war that will involve the general public.

As predicted, small-scale guerrilla-style warfare will occur throughout the district, leaving ample room for us to seep in.


I raised mana and embroidered a pattern in the air.

A song stuck in the ground.

It was the mark of Putilland.

After engraving the mark on the back of my hand, I created another mark with the same pattern in the air.

“Oh, wait a minute. me too? I need mental preparation.”

“… … .”

“After all, this is a tattoo. This is the first time this kind of deviation has happened.”

“Mana is being consumed just by floating in the air.”


She moaned and pondered and picked the nape of her neck.

She grabbed the handle with one hand and lifted her hair with the other to check her neck in the mirror.

“The pattern isn’t pretty, but, well, it’s not bad.”

“… This is not a fashion item.”

“It just makes me feel. Actually, there are a lot of things I wanted to try. When I was a priest, there were so many restrictions on this and that.”

While we were talking, we reached our destination.

It was the district 45 branch of the Zeroflo auction house.

“The earliest auction date for Mithril Ore is 15 days.”

“When is the next sale?”

“It’s back 15 days from the previous auction.”

Confirmation of schedule.

That’s all I had to do at Zeroflow.

In order to manufacture as much equipment as you want, you had to win the bid for at least several months of raw stones for sale.

‘It takes about a month to complete the work in the 40th division.’

It is better to participate in all possible auctions in person, but if time is not enough, I was thinking of asking Pieta to send an agent.

After leaving the auction house, I looked around the city and the streets.

“… It’s definitely an area where there are a lot of places to take advantage of, so there are a lot of people who are clearly members of the organization.”

Tattoos exposed on their skin and bulging coats to hide guns revealed their identities.

A tension was felt between them as if something was about to explode.

Most of the small organizations had already been absorbed into either Blue Serpent or Fertilland.

Therefore, in District 45, it was good to say that the two organizations were in fact splitting their interests.

The ratio is roughly 6 to 3.

The remaining 1 were small organizations that had not yet been absorbed.

“This is it. Off to the next street.”

The car stopped for a moment and started again.

The location of major facilities and buildings remained in Cain’s memory.

However, it was necessary to check that part because the territorial diagram of each organization had changed subtly.

So I went around all parts of the city.

In the middle, I stopped by a gun dealer and a repair shop to check the condition of weapons and vehicles.

Then he returned to the mansion, stockpiled ammunition, and waited for the sun to set.

Estelle swung her mace nonstop in the garden.

She and I took action when the moon rose.

He went to Blue Serpent’s farm he saw during the day and set it on fire.

The defense wasn’t that strong.

He didn’t even know it was because no one had ever tried to attack or break into the Blue Serpent’s name.

“… … .”

Behind the corpses of the guards lying on the dirt floor, I looked at the burning flames.

Under the night sky, the flames blazed as if to devour everything.

It was a kind of eve.

Announcing the beginning of my true revenge.

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