A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 69

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 69

069. hunting (3)


The flames engulfed everything that grew on the farmland and burned endlessly.

It was not known whether the hazy mood was due to the drug substance in the air or the heightened feeling that he had begun full-fledged revenge.

“It’s an intruder!”

Enemies poured out of the administration building.

He clasped his weapon and rushed, but his head shattered every time the pistol equipped with a silencer spit out bullets.

All enemies that came close were suppressed by Estelle and fell to the floor.

He put the gun to the head of the struggling enemies and pulled the trigger.


without missing a single one.

I magically raised the corpses of fallen enemies and checked the blue snake tattoos on my arms and neck.

‘As it seems that there is no more coming out, this is the end of the resident personnel. Among them, three belong to the Blue Serpent.’

It was the expected ratio.

The management of the farm consists of 10 to 20 people depending on the size of the farm.

However, as there were not one or two farms and there were many other places to manage, not all of them were made up of Blue Serpents.

A person dispatched from a subordinate organization was in charge of security, and two or three members of the Blue Serpent’s organization were in charge of them.

“How many farms like this exist in each district?”

“Mostly, they are concentrated in the 40th division. Five to six in each district.”

More than half of them belonged to the Blue Serpent.

“Actually, I didn’t know. I’ve seen it pass by, but I thought it was just an ordinary farm.”

“It is a crime that touches everyday life. There are far more kinds of crime in unexpected ways than people usually think.”

The law does not limit time and place.

It is already deeply permeated into the living space of ordinary people.

Rather, they are so close that they do not recognize it, or they live their lives pretending not to know even after they have realized it.

Estelle looked at the blazing fire with blank eyes and said.

“… I feel a little drunk.”

“Have you ever taken any medications?”

“I’ve always wanted to do it. I’m going to die anyway, let’s do everything we can. Still, I felt rejected because I had been living a religious life, so I did not try it in the end. Do you?”

“I tried it. voluntarily or unintentionally.”

I used magic to put the corpses together. and lit it

The smell of burning flesh mixed with the strong smoke and ascended into the sky.


I turned around and headed out of the farm.

Before leaving completely, I took out the sprayer and painted Puttyland’s mark on the farm gate.

* * *

the next morning.

Headed to the tallest observatory in District 45.

I handed the guard some bills and went up the stairs to the roof.

“Here you go.”

Estelle took the telescope and put it to both eyes.

It was not possible to observe all the places because they were covered by other buildings in the middle, but I was able to confirm the places I wanted to some extent.

The lens was directed towards the farm.

All of a sudden, Estelle pulled out another telescope and stood next to me.

“The field is completely burned down. People are gathering at the front door.”

As she said, there were about a dozen people gathered in front of the farm’s main gate.

They were members of the Blue Serpent.

There were several faces I remember.

Around them, looking at the sign on the door and shouting, local residents gathered around them and watched the situation.

One guy slapped a guy with a lower rank than him on the cheek.

The guy who was hit on the cheek trembled and bowed his back several times, then grabbed the cheek and ran to somewhere.

The remnant chased the crowds out.

Even after the villagers disappeared, they remained there with terrified faces.

After some time, a police car stopped in front of the farm.

The police got out of the car and chatted with the gang members, then got back in the car and disappeared.

“Are you just going like that? Are there criminals in front of you?”

“The district police are different from those of the police department. Combating crime is purely the job of the magistrate’s office, and they see themselves as more of a steady-paying local government official. It can be seen as a completely different group. There are cases where they directly engage in crime.”

“… Wow. This is how my taxes are being spent.”

Time passed again and a luxury limousine arrived.

The gang member who was waiting hurriedly approached and opened the door, and a man with a thick cigarette appeared through them.

Appears to be in his early 30’s.

Scars and burns that ran across his cheeks, and a huge physique that seemed to exceed 190 centimeters.

The face I will never forget, the owner of the arena, Parter.

He looked around the burnt farm once and turned to his men.

Then he grabbed the neck of the subordinate with the highest position and lifted it up as it was.

Each time the gigantic hand slammed against the cheek, the subordinate’s neck flashed.

With just a few movements, his subordinate’s face was shattered.

As soon as he was released from his grasp, his subordinate slumped to his seat, shaking his body, and the other guys who were watching quickly supported him.

Parter’s face was terribly contorted.

The scars and burns were bizarrely twisted as the facial wrinkles moved.

The farm will not be able to operate for a while, and it is unclear whether the land will be seriously damaged and recoverable.

The income from the farm is absolutely not small.

Not only will the immediate revenue decrease, but the impact may be permanent.

‘I can’t help but be more angry than in other situations. Because his bathing in water is different.’

He stared at the sign on the front door for a long time and gave orders to his subordinates.

The subordinates nodded with a stiff face, got into each vehicle and dispersed.

Estelle, who opened her eyes from the telescope, asked.

“Will there really be a war?”

“It has to happen. If you just close your eyes and move on, the face of the organization will not stand.”

“Is it a self-esteem problem?”

“Once you pass, there will always be an organization that continues to challenge you.”

He may be welcoming this situation because of his personality.

Apart from the fact that the farm burned down and caused financial loss.

He’s a fighter who enjoys slaughter, and it’s an opportunity to devour all the small and medium-sized organizations his opponent has absorbed so far.

“I’ll buy you something to eat.”

Estelle got up, leaning against the railing, and went down the stairs.

That afternoon, we stayed on the roof and observed the city.

The war started when several black sedans stopped in front of a building in the south.

A group, including members of the Blue Serpent, got out of the car and entered the building, shortly after a window on the sixth floor shattered and the members of Puttyland crashed.

Conflicts broke out in various places in the entertainment district, and street fighting ensued.

Basically, the individual’s fighting power itself was high on the Blue Serpent side, but the Fertilland side did not seem to be too far behind due to the numerical superiority.

“… They are making faces that they are coming, everyone.”

“Actually, the war was planned, so they must have been preparing for it. Now it seems we can move slowly.”

I took two masks out of my arms.

It was a ghost mask and a fox mask used in the auction house.

Among them, the fox mask was thrown at Estelle.

“When did you get this?”

“I wear a mask when dealing with enemies in the future. It will be easier to imprint on people’s minds than to change faces with magic.”

“Is Bama not involved in this fight?”


Bama had already been contacted.

There was a magic marble for communication in the mansion, and using it, I entered the unique number of the magic marble in the guy’s office.

As expected, he had just arrived at his hideout in Area 43.

Said the boy in a slightly tired voice.

“There is going to be a war with Puttyland. yes it can be But don’t move my men.”

The boy looked shaky.

There are overlapping sections between Parter and Bama.

Also, although executives are basically in a competitive landscape, they cannot stand by the public enemy who challenges the ‘organization’ of Blue Serpent.

The moment you watch, the next turn of the threat might be you.

“okay. If possible, it will be arranged on the parter line, but even if there is a fight on the street, don’t move your subordinates. The minimum level of defense is allowed.”

“… I don’t know what you’re thinking. i get it.”

The next target to communicate with was Pieta.

“What happen. I gave you my personal number, but at dawn like this… . I was working. Still, it’s nice to hear your voice after a long time. Do you want us to examine the recent moves of pharmaceutical companies? Well, it’s not difficult. There are connections in that industry as well.”

First of all, it was necessary to investigate Puttyland’s hind stomach.

in case of any contingency that may arise later.

I went down to the ground and started the car.

It wasn’t the sports car I used to ride, it was an unauthorized vehicle with the license plate removed.

Thick armor was attached to the front and sides.


I stepped on the accelerator and entered the city where the battle was taking place.

A member of the organization who was caught in the middle of the course pushed forward regardless of who the opponent was.


stopped in the middle of the street.

The members of various organizations were divided into two camps and were engaged in a gunfight, using cars or billboards as shields.


Blind bullets poured from both sides and hit the car’s shell.

I put on the mask I had prepared and got out of the car with Estelle.

The bullets flying incessantly were blocked by the protection and the rainwater fell.

“Burn the farm! You bastards with no morals!”

From the Blue Serpent side, a guy blocked the bullet with the mana he had on his skin and ran towards him with his sword.

The direction was not on my side, but on the side of Puttyland’s camp.


The guy was hit by the mace wielded by Estelle, and he collapsed and trembled.

“Ah! You are my friend!”

“Sweep it all away! What’s wrong with Blue Serpent? The numbers say we have a lot more!”

Seeing the tattoos on our bodies, the Fertilland personnel exclaimed.

It was said that Fertilland was made up of a number of mercenaries.

Although the number of mana users among the mercenaries is not on the small side, it is not possible to attract a large number in a short period of time.

In other words, the majority of Putilland members are ordinary members who cannot handle mana.

Conversely, Blue Serpent consists of all members of the organization as mana users.

Most of the low-level members of the organization are said to be only at the first level of the circuit, but that alone can deal with dozens of ordinary people.

In other words, if we hadn’t intervened, the situation would have been resolved quickly.

bang! bang!

I shot a few more guys who rushed and dropped them.

There was no need to use a revolver.

Even with the “Wind Blade” of the 3rd stage of refinement, it was easy to break through the shields of lower ranks.

“They keep coming.”

In the distance, I saw a group of gang members approaching.

I couldn’t see any Blue Serpent personnel or any faces I knew.

They were the personnel of the sub-organizations belonging to the Blue Serpent.

“They are not targets. Go up this way.”

“What if the police come in the middle?”

“It will appear when everything is over. Because they know that their lives are precious.”

Mana users from both camps collided and a melee battle ensued.

While facing the enemy, we slowly backed away and reached the entrance of a building.

It was a cabaret building run by Parter.


I turned around and went up the stairs.

─Communication just came in! Close the business today! It’s an emergency. Gather everyone in the store!

Urgent voices and footsteps were heard from above.

An opponent appeared at the bend of the stairs, and at that moment I fired a pistol.


“Uh, uh, what!”

He didn’t stop pulling the trigger.

bang! bang! bang!

“Enemy, enemy!”

He continued to shoot pistols at the bewildered guys who appeared after him and climbed the stairs.

The guys chasing up from the first floor were blocked by Estelle.

At that moment, I could feel the intense movement of mana from the ceiling above, and I shouted while raising the output of my protection.

“Estelle! Wee!”

With my words, Estelle raised her shield upwards, and at that moment a huge shockwave pierced the ceiling and slammed into us.


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