A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 74

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 74

074. fight club (1)

“Then why didn’t you make the conditions harder yesterday? We were in a situation where we were making an oath, and we could have put more restrictions and made him completely like a slave.”

Estelle said as she put the plate of fruit down on the desk.

She was bringing fruit by changing the kind whenever she had a chance, whether there was any desire for a challenge.

As if it were any ground task.

“… … .”

I picked up an orange and held it in my hand. After thinking about it, I put it back on the plate.

“I was just controlling the power. It can burst if you hold it tight.”

With my life in my hands, it wasn’t that hard to get things going the way I wanted them to.

“I could kill him right here, but I won’t. Because they definitely have the cards I want. Violence doesn’t always solve the situation.”

“… … .”

“Give the command over, I don’t want any more. In return, I will drive out the Blue Serpent and allow Putilland to take over all the land. At least not as far as I can reach.”

“No, no matter what, the condition is… .”

“Anyway, the moment I leave the ranks, Fertilland will never defeat the Blue Serpent. There must be limits to the number of mercenaries that can be mobilized.”

“Well, even if that were the case, how did you promise that you would keep your promise?”

“You’ve probably heard of the oath.”

I didn’t put any more conditions than what was initially suggested.


Because it responds to the contractor’s inner will, if it is not sincere, the magic itself will not manifest itself.

Therefore, pushing the opponent to the limit was not a good choice.

It was necessary to make them accept the contract on their own by raising some harsh conditions and circumstances.

‘You can get the conditions you want just by threatening to kill, but if you don’t make an oath, you can hit the back of the head later.’

“The moment you reject the offer, I will kill you on the spot. Think carefully.”

I don’t really mean to, but I spit it out like that.

“And since you don’t need this down payment, you can handle it as you like. Putting it into an account that no one knows about, or something like that wouldn’t be a bad idea. He said that he had a fairly high position, so isn’t it possible enough?」

Appropriate compensation was also presented.

It didn’t take long for him to nod his head in a trembling motion and sign the pact.

“… It’s an attractive offer. At least a lot more than before. I just want you to give me a little time before handing over the command. Although I am in charge, it is not something I can handle alone, and it takes time to solve some obstacles.”

“How much time do you need?”

“1 week. I will finish all preparations by then at the latest.”

“If you give me the communication code, I will contact you first. And as for the head of the information guild… .”

Belfort cautiously got up from his seat, keeping an eye on him for fear that I might shoot him.

Jack was still fainting.

The staff, no, Jack’s men, stood by the door, unable to do this or that.

I got up and laid down on the sofa.

I was the only one sitting comfortably in the room.

“The head of the intelligence guild colluded with another client to assassinate another client. Things will be interesting when this is known to the upper management. The branch is shut down and all the personnel involved are purged. At least as far as I know.”


The body of the subordinates flinched at that word.

“Don’t make a suggestion. Treating all of this as an accident. A gas explosion due to negligence seems appropriate. I will create an explosion with magic and make up all the circumstances so that when an investigation comes out, it can only be interpreted like that.”

The subordinates looked at each other and began to murmur.

Then a guy came forward and said.

“Is that really true?”

“Discipline is unavoidable, but at least your life won’t run away. Once the site is settled, it may be possible to return to work. What I want is simple. I will remain silent on this matter forever and do my best to cooperate when I return to Area 45 later.”

Once again the murmur grew louder.

“And one more thing.”

I pointed the pistol’s handle towards the men.

“Kill the branch manager yourself with your own hands. I am a human being who has no reason to live.”

“… … .”

Silence passed, but this time the answer was decided.

There is no incentive to work at all, and it is Jack who often intercepts the achievements of his subordinates.

Loyalty to Jack cannot exist.

Furthermore, a guy with quick calculations may even be considering the fact that his death could make him a candidate for the next branch manager.

“I’ll do it.”

The guy who asked the first question came up to me and got a gun.

With trembling hands, he pointed the gun at Jack.

While everyone held their breath, the trigger was pulled.


It was a rather bland ending for a person who had made a name for himself in the industry.

In this world, you could die at any time regardless of your abilities.

And the reason Jack died is because I didn’t understand my skills properly.

I would have gathered the information and did my own analysis, though.

“The sun is starting to set, so get up slowly.”

“It was called Area 41.”

The game we wanted to see was midnight.

It takes only an hour and a half from the mansion in District 45 to District 41, but I thought I would have arrived in advance to understand the atmosphere of the street.

I went out to the garage and got into the car.

Of course, it was not a conventional sports car, but a general vehicle purchased as a consumable item.

“Certainly, the air in the streets has subsided a lot.”

Estelle said looking out the window.

Every time I passed a point where there were few people out of the center, I could see members of the organization walking around in groups.

He was hiding a weapon in his arms, walking with a harsh expression, and creating an atmosphere that seemed to explode when touched.

“I think the powder keg is moving around. If you hit it, it will explode. bang.”

Blue Serpent members were searching the streets.

If you find a man and woman with the same hair color as ours, they stare at you with persistent eyes.

If we find the same car model as the one we’ve been riding in, we carefully look inside the window.

Conversely, Fertilland only wandered around in preparation for an attack from the Blue Serpent, but did not see anyone looking for any more.

Leaving behind them, they exited the outskirts of Area 45.

After an hour and a half, we arrived at Area 41.

It was a zone free from war, so people were roaming the streets relatively peacefully.

He did not forget to check out the Blue Serpent’s building and karma in Cain’s memory as he drove around the streets in his car.

After finding a place to stay and spending some time, I went out just in time for the arena’s opening at 10pm.

When he reached his destination, he changed his hair color by magic.

“I never thought I would be in a city like this. I must have passed this area several times… .”

It was a luxurious high-rise building.

The ground floor was all business-related offices, and the basement was a structure operated as an arena.

Without stopping, I headed towards the entrance to the arena located behind the building.

Downhill to the basement, in front of it was a barricade and a sensor to detect a card.

「B1 Fight Club Lobby/Parking Lobby」

We passed the luxuriously designed information board and stopped in front of the barricade.

I rolled down the window and held out my membership card.

beep. Confirmed.

“Sometimes I see the virtue of the dead like this.”

“Memberships that few can have are enough to stimulate the vanity of the rich.”

It was Jude Law.

The third of the Nedvice family.

now he has become a dead man

A little further down, a staff member in a suit appeared.

I followed his instructions and climbed up the car elevator.

Soon the door closed, and the floor began to slowly descend.


When the door opened again, a vast parking lot was spread out under bright lights in front of me.

The waiting staff came and spoke politely.

“From here, we will park the car. The entrance to the lobby is over there.”

After handed over the keys, we got out of the car and another employee opened a large bag in front of us.

There were several types of masks lined up inside.

Estelle whispered.

“It’s like Zero Flow.”

Whether it’s an auction house or an arena, the main customers are the wealthy upper class.

The majority of social classes are high and have much to lose if scandal spreads.

Therefore, it could be said that consideration to not reveal one’s identity while staying in the space was essential in such a karma.

“… … .”

I looked at the mask slowly.

Perhaps it was because the main characters in the most sensitive case were wearing it, the ghosts and fox-shaped masks were not visible.

We chose the mask with the largest area to cover our face and headed to the lobby.

“Oh my gosh. That’s number 6 in the Requiem series. It was a limited edition and only 10 were produced. There is also an MX-1 from Randes.”

Estelle couldn’t take her eyes off of all directions and burst out in admiration.

Perhaps because she spends a lot of time in a car, she has been interested in cars recently.

“This is room 31. I hope you have a great time.”

After receiving the card key in the lobby, I followed the staff’s instructions and arrived at a room.

It was like a special room in a luxury hotel.

The room was spacious enough to be the size of an average commoner’s house, and famous painters’ paintings and crafts were decorated here and there.

The only difference was that one side of the wall was made of huge glass.

Beyond that, we could see the amphitheater made of stone floors.

The surrounding walls were all made of translucent glass, so the same room as this one surrounded the stadium in a grid pattern.

You can see the outside clearly from the inside, but from the outside, you can only distinguish the silhouettes of the people inside.

“What I was thinking… . It’s very different.”

“Did you think it would be a more shabby and closed space as it is illegal?”

“Yeah, probably. If not shabby, I thought it would have a more gloomy atmosphere. Spectators sit together, screaming, and throwing trash at the fighters.”

There were arenas like that, but this wasn’t the case.

Because it is a place that is run exclusively for the upper class.

But even among the upper classes, there were bound to be those who wanted to enjoy the atmosphere she spoke of.

“You say something like that?”

I raised my finger and pointed to the other side.

The space with a large number of seats could be seen faintly through the glass.

“ah. Right. People gather over there to watch a game together.”

“I don’t scream or shout. A lot of people watch the game over there because they want to feel the real feeling of a large number of spectators betting in real time.”

I turned around and manipulated the panel that rises in the form of a tier next to the glass.

A hologram was printed on it.

It was divided into three main compartments.

Profiles of fighters in action.

The amount I have currently charged.

Dividends you can receive if you win the bet.

The game had not yet started, so all the squares were empty.

“If you’re going to top up your money, will I come over?”

“It happened today. I’m just here to check out the atmosphere.”

As it is a place frequented by many factors, the arena has a large number of members of the organization that cannot be compared with other facilities.

It was necessary to reconfirm the structure remaining in Cain’s memory while traveling around the arena, and to design a movement line to remove the load.

“Sit down for now.”

I reclined on the armchair in front of the glass wall.

Not long after waiting, the clock showed half past ten.

In line with that, a voice like a knife came out of the speaker installed on the ceiling.

“Thank you to all the distinguished guests who came to our Fight Club today, and we will start the first match tonight.”

At the same time, the doors on both sides of the stadium began to slowly rise.


The heavy sound of the iron door going up came through the speaker.

In addition to the sound, the screens taken from various angles throughout the stadium were also being transmitted to the monitor in the room connected to the magic device.

“I would like to introduce the fighters participating in the first match of the day. Please pay attention to the east entrance of the stadium.”

He turned his gaze to the left.

A man in his mid-30s, dressed in rags, was staring at the other side with wide eyes.

“Kaldike the killer. He was a person with a high bounty for serial killings and robberies targeting civilians in the 60th division. After killing a cop a few weeks ago, he fled and disappeared. That’s how he became part of our fighting club.”

There was no mention of how he came to the arena, but it was predictable.

There are not many cases in the first place.

Whether you volunteer for a fight, go into debt, or be captured in war or defeated in battle.

In fact, Parterer has absorbed and merged small and medium-sized organizations and put the most rebellious ones into the arena.

After paying the amount of damage to the Blue Serpent in debt, he contemplates it like a fish in a tank.

Of course, paying off all debts does not release them, so it could be said that it was a bad hobby that trampled on the hopes of others.

“Next, look at the west entrance. Paul Enix. A mercenary who was famous as a monster hunter in the 70th division. He has proven many times that his hunting skills also apply to the same human beings. It can be said that he is a rising star who is currently on a four-game winning streak.”

A man appeared on the other side as well.

His upper body was not wearing any clothes, revealing his muscular body full of scars.

A few more explanations followed, and the floor in the center of the stadium went off and then came back up.

Above it appeared a cradle with all kinds of weapons, including swords, spears, mace, and guns.

“Then let’s start the first match of the day!”

At the same time as the signal, two fighters rushed towards the center.

And so the fight club night began.

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