A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 76

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 76

076. fight club (3)

The air fell again coldly.

Silence passed for a moment, and the old man spoke softly.

“It was an unexpected answer. I like how confident you are. I mean, I didn’t see anyone wrong either. But I mean, where would you take an old man’s finger and use it? Instead, if you win, the extra payout is doubled, not equal to the dividend, how about?”

It was somewhat of an expected reaction.

At first I didn’t think the old man would accept my offer.

Basically, it’s like placing a bet with my own money.

However, if the result is correct, you will receive a total of three times the dividend, so there was no reason to hesitate to bet.

There is already a huge sum of 2 billion shillings, but the more funds you can manage, the better.

“I will.”

“It’s good that the decision was made quickly. Now, let’s wait for the players.”


Just in time, the speaker’s voice came out of the speaker.

“Let’s start today’s main game. I think everyone has been waiting for this moment. First of all, I am the hero of the day who is running an 8-game winning streak!”

Unlike his previous games, his voice seemed to be somewhat excited.

“The traitor biter! According to rumors, he was a member of a certain parent organization, but an executive he trusted and followed betrayed the organization and was purged together. I don’t know if the rumors are true. But it is clear that his skills are real. Countless contenders have fallen under his sword.”

At the same time, the west door opened.

A man with gray hair and a beard covering his face appeared with a helpless gait.

“For those who oppose this, we have had a hard time serving them. We managed to find the person in the desert outback and transported them with special equipment.”


The east door opened.

It was not a small door that had ever been used by people, but a large door with locks.

The sound of something thumping could be heard coming from inside.

And as soon as its silhouette finally appeared outside the door, the moderator exclaimed.

“I think everyone was waiting. I am introducing. A monster with the blood of an extinct dragon! This is Drake!”

─ woo woo woo!

It roared.

The first thing that came to mind was a lizard.

It had solid scales covering its entire body and a body the size of a house.

The guy sniffed the floor and looked everywhere, and when he found his opponent on the other side, he looked very excited.

“It’s your first time visiting this place, so you’re not surprised? Did you hear about today’s main game?”

“I didn’t hear any rumors, but looking at the draw, I expected it. Occasionally, there are people who use the name of the beast as their stage name, but since it is the main game, they must have prepared something that will attract people’s attention.”

The old man wiped his mouth as if it was a pity that I did not show embarrassment.

“Then let’s start the game!”

─ Whoops!

Even if the call of the moderator was a signal, Drake sprinted to the ground.

It was a speed that could not be expected at all for a huge body.


Drake’s body, unable to control his speed, was stuck in the wall on the side where the fighter was standing.

The next moment my gaze turned to the air.

Suddenly, the fighter jumped off the ground and landed over Drake’s body, running on the weapon rack in the center.

His face was visible through the fluttering hair.

‘You were really alive.’

The fighter’s name I heard a while ago had long since been erased from my memory.

Because it wasn’t his real name.

Milsian Reinhardt.

That was his real name.

The head of the fallen knight family.

A loyal subordinate of Cain who took care of most orders.

A person who was at the top of the entire organization except for executives based on simple skills.

As soon as he realized his identity, an unknown emotion permeated his body.

Are you stuck in this place because of me?

Complex emotions that cannot be described in words, such as anger, regret, and sadness.

Perhaps because of the more advanced synchronization, the intensity was stronger than that of Maxim.

“Are you not going to bet? Wouldn’t the odds be lowered if you wait too long?”

I woke up to the voice of the old man next to me.

Milsian was facing Drake, who was rushing at him with a sword in his hand.

“Now I am ready to bet.”

Drake is notorious for its ferocity and danger to the extent that dragon blood flows.

Mana users of any level fall out with a single flying tail, and the moment they rub against the fine thorns on their skin, they fall into a poisoned state and become incapable of combat.

However, if you have the skill of Milsian, you will be able to subdue one or more.

On the surface, it may seem like an incomparable fight.

As evidence of that, an overwhelming amount of money was betting on Drake’s side.

“If you want to make a little money, wouldn’t it be better to bet on that monster even now? Up until now, it would have been possible to win a streak because the same person was the opponent, but against a monster like that, it’s impossible.”

“… … .”

I watched the game a little more.

The situation is not easy, considering that he is barely dodging the attack.

But it hasn’t taken a decisive blow yet, and the movements don’t look unnatural.

‘I don’t think there were any untreated injuries. Nutrition isn’t too bad either.’

I bet by manipulating the panel.

100 million shillings. The old man who saw the amount said as if surprised.

“Huh? 1 billion already? Can you afford it? If the prediction fails, the burden is entirely up to you?”

“I know.”

The battle went too far.

The sword was swung a few times, but all bounced off the scales.

There were some cases where it was broken, so I found a new weapon in the cradle several times.

Drake’s movements became wild and agile as time went on, and Milsian was desperate to dodge the attack.

No one was predicting his victory, but I kept betting on him for 100 million shillings.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking. To be honest, this isn’t the first time I’ve offered you a bet like this. It’s a place where people who are so insensitive to money gather, so I’ve seen a lot of people betting without fear, but at least I bet where there seems to be a chance of winning. But I don’t understand why you keep throwing money into the air.”

It wasn’t something to worry about at all.

This situation was a bit disconcerting.

“Isn’t that what you want me to lose money?”

“Well, it doesn’t matter either way. I’m curious. Like a stone, you are betting money without any emotion.”

“I have no intention of losing.”

“You are such a boring person.”

Why bet money.

It was simple.

Because you have to win the bet.

My gaze followed Milsian’s movements and analyzed every movement.

Things like trivial habits, behavioral patterns, and habits during battle.

And the more he did it, the more confident he would eventually subdue the beast.

The wounds continued to increase, but the feeling of allowing them all on purpose was strong.

To accept it to the extent that it can tolerate it, and to understand the characteristics and weaknesses of the beast.

When it comes to battle, he was a character that could be called a textbook.

It was only a matter of time before the situation was reversed once the grasp was complete, as he had no experience dealing with the beast called ‘Drake’.

I glanced at the old man.

His gaze was directed over the glass wall.

‘If this old man is who I think he is.’

The old man must also be reading the real flow of the battle.

The fact that the gray-haired fighter is preparing for something, and the fate of the match has not been decided yet.


In an instant, Drake crashed into the glass wall right in front of him.

There was a brief vibration, but the glass wall was not even scratched.

“I am not surprised.”

“I know it as a special glass made in Latium.”

It was a bit of a bittersweet tone.

Not only now, but during the betting process, I did not show any emotion.

What he wanted to see was the various emotional changes of the person he had made a toy with, so it wasn’t that he didn’t understand the change in his attitude.

─ Whoops!

Drake turned and dashed in the opposite direction.

At the end of the direction was a Milsian with one knee bent.

I bet the last 100 million shillings on him.

“In the end, I bet all 1 billion on that fighter. If it were me, I would have diversified my investments. Do not regret your choice.”

“It will never happen.”

The distance was short, making it difficult for anyone to avoid it.

I drew Milsian’s next move in my head.

‘Bend your back to get out of the trajectory, then dig into it and stab it under your chin.’

Areas not covered by scales.

Drake’s only weakness.

Having induced the same situation a few times by draining Drake, I could easily predict his next move.

As Drake rushed, the distance narrowed in an instant.

Instantly, I sensed a minute flow of mana.

It wasn’t inside the stadium, but outside, right next to it.

A thin stream of mana stretched out of the old man’s hand, crossing the glass wall and heading towards Drake at high speed.

‘You’re joking as expected.’

The glass in front of you has the property of absorbing mana as well as physical shock.

In addition to the safety of the spectators, this is to prevent secretly applying variables from the outside to the inside.

For example, the acceleration magic used by the old man now.

“… … .”

But the old man is passing mana.

Mana so fine that it could not be captured unless it was specialized equipment.

‘Have undergone more than 4 stages of refining, or know how to negate the function of the glass wall.’

The likelihood is overwhelmingly high for the latter.

And the old man who boasts astronomical wealth and can cause malfunctions in special items made in Latium.

“I didn’t expect to see Professor Raitino, the master of magic engineering and lightning magic, here.”

For a moment, the mana that had been extending from the old man’s hand was disturbed.

Soon after, Milsian’s sword pierced Drake’s chin, and a loud roar resounded through the speaker through the hall.

“What did you say now?”

Smiling Tal looked at me.

It was clearly visible that he had a confused face inside.

“It is an honor to meet you. Professor Raitino.”

“First, lower your voice. Professor, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I have always wanted to meet you. Professor La.E.T.No.”

The old man jumped up from his seat and covered the mouth of my mask.

“That’s right. I’m the Latino, so shut up that mouth.”

I nodded, and after a while his excitement subsided and he sat down again.

“Who are you? do you know me?”

“You must have played a lot of pranks like this. Did you not think that one day you would be inferred?”

“Before I rip that mouth open, let me reveal my identity. Are you a student in my class?”

“I am not a student, but I was impressed with your book. “The Future of Magical Engineering”. It was particularly impressive that he shared the hardships and anguish he had experienced as the elder of the tower and the head of Latium.”

“Oh, hmm, thank you. It was written a long time ago, so not many people know about it… . No, it’s not this, it’s about revealing your identity clearly!”

“Keep your voice down. Maybe others will find out that the Matop Professor and the Chief of Latium is in an illegal arena. Well, since they are humans who have a lot to lose to each other, I won’t be spreading rumors.”

Lightino looked around and coughed.

“Anyway, your identity… .”

“You are under no obligation to reveal your identity to me. If you wanted to reveal your identity, would you dare wear a mask to enter this place?”

Latino didn’t say anything.

He wanted to refute, but he had nothing to say.

“Yeah, that’s right, but I said it was a joke earlier. What does that mean?”

“He said he was trying to cast an enhancement magic on Drake. I don’t know how they got mana through the glass wall.”

“Are you Mana? You’re a mana user too, did you notice that? How?”

“I felt it. It seems to be an acceleration series that enhances movement.”

“I just felt… ! Even some kind of magic. Are you a wizard too? Undergraduate student at Matop? At least it’s not the voice I know. No, there has never been a student who excelled like this in all of graduate school. Except for one guy. But the body shape is different. He couldn’t possibly be here… .”

At the end of Latino’s words, it became more like a self-talk.

I could quickly find out who the ‘boy’ he was referring to was.


The protagonist of the story, who is a student at Mato and is currently traveling to various places to explore.

Aitar, another elder in Matoap, who discovered the main character, and Raitino, who is in front of me now, are close friends for a long time.

The two are overly competitive, and Raitino saw the Laxen brought by Aitar and was very greedy.

The two of them had been looking for a successor to pass on everything they had for a long time, and they knew at a glance that the raksen would come out once in a thousand years.

He tried to seize Laxen by persuasion and persuasion and make him his disciple, but was unsuccessful.

He was a character who set fires for events in all places throughout the story, adding anger and competitive spirit to his original eccentric personality.

“Do you feel it? this? really?”

Latino raised mana.

A very small amount of mana in the 3rd stage of refinement.

It was an amount that was impossible to detect unless it was an elder-level wizard.

“Yes. It’s concentrated on the second finger from the left.”

He swallowed his saliva.

Just as I thought I knew what to say next, I heard the sound of something huge collapsing from the speaker.


Turning his head, he saw Drake lying on the floor.

Dozens of swords were stuck in his chin, making it impossible to recognize the original shape under his head.

“Overturning everyone’s expectations, the victory went to the Fighting Biter!”

A murmur spread throughout the hall.

Lightino also made an ‘Oops’ expression.

While everyone was speechless for a moment, Milsian, gesturing tiredly, approached Drake’s corpse and drew his sword.

And what action did you take?

it was throwing sword.


The sword loaded with mana flew away and hit a glass wall located high up.


The walls were made of several layers.

The outermost glass shattered, the opacity faded, and the silhouette of the person inside was revealed a little more clearly.


He was looking down at the arena with a glass of whiskey.

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