A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 77

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 77

077. Rescue, or Salvation (1)

“Aren’t you moving?”

“Where are you looking?”

People started screaming.

Milsian’s eyes were filled with pure anger.

Parterre, who looked at each other for a few seconds, turned around with a smirk on his lips.

“Bitter player. Please go back to the exit.”

Even when the announcement came out, Milsian did not move.

He was only chasing after Parter.


A fire was fired from the top floor of the arena.

Milsian, who was looking at the bullet marks right in front of his feet, raised both hands upwards, expressing his unwillingness to resist, and walked towards the exit.


From the closed iron door, he turned his gaze to the panel in front of him.

The number displayed on the hologram rises in real time and then stops at a certain point.

The amount bet was 1 billion shillings.

The amount to be received as dividends is approximately 400 million won.

I was in a situation where I took the majority of the money on the other side.

I said to Laitino, who was counting with a frown on his face.

“Please pay the bill.”

* * *

“Sit comfortably.”

Laitino said as he buried himself on the sofa with a tired gesture.

His room was just below the party hall. The structure was exactly the same as our room.

“I don’t know what to talk about. My brain is messed up. Could you give me a moment to organize my thoughts?”

“You do that.”

I walked slowly and stood in front of the glass wall.

The stadium was cleaned up and waiting for the next game.

‘I can’t rescue you right now anyway. If Parter had intended to kill Milsian, he would have done it right away, so there is no need to be in a hurry.’

The emotion I felt at seeing the surviving subordinates had subsided.

There were two conditions for rescue.


Do things as quietly as possible.

It is impossible not to cause a fuss in the rescue process.

Destroying facilities or threatening people may occur if necessary.

However, the level had to be limited to a level that the local police could ignore.

For example, if a high-status audience gets caught up in a commotion and loses their life, the security bureau will not be able to avoid the intervention.

‘Now is not the time to attract their attention.’


Milsian and I should both be able to reach the ground safely.

Rescuing my subordinates is because I need people to reinforce my power and manage my future numbers.

If you are seriously injured or even lose your life in the process of rescue, this action has no meaning.

The best thing is that I personally go down to the 5th basement floor and lead him.

However, it was difficult to even properly explore the surroundings because the boundaries were strict and surveillance cameras were installed throughout the facility.

A situation where a large number had not yet come to mind.

‘Maybe this meeting will give you a clue.’

“Thank you for waiting. Let’s talk now.”


I turned and walked over to the sofa opposite him and sat down.

“I can give you the money you promised. The dividend was about 400 million shillings, so the additional money I would like to give would be about 800 million shillings.”

It wasn’t an amount he couldn’t afford.

As the head of Latium, there were hundreds of patents for magical goods that he had issued so far, and rumors were spreading that he was one of the most refusal in the entire continent.

However, I was a little surprised because I didn’t expect it to be given out to this extent.

“But before that, I want you to answer my question first. You must be a wizard.”

“I don’t know if I can call myself a wizard, but I know how to use magic.”

“great. I expected it to be It’s like you’ve been looking for and reading my book that came out a long time ago, so at least you’re saying you’re interested.”

He took a breath and continued the story.

“You have sensed the mana I fine-tuned and even adjusted the type of magic. It’s only possible when I’m about my age, having been exposed to magic and trained since I was very young. But you did it. At least the ability to feel mana is said to be born with a talent that only comes out once in a thousand years. And I think you’ll also be good at ‘using’ magic. If it’s not unreasonable, no, even if it’s an unreasonable request, I’ll do it once. Can you show me how to use any magic once?”

It was clear what kind of psychology he was talking about now.

In order to guide the situation to my liking, I decided to adapt it to my needs.


I lit a flame on the palm of my hand. The flame soon disappeared, and ice crystals formed over it.

“… … !”

Even if it was a seemingly insignificant magic, if you were an expert at that level, you would have recognized the neat movement of the elements without even an inch of error.

And how wonderful and difficult it is.

He looked at the magic I had created with a blank expression on his face, then came to his senses and started pouring out words.

“You, the color of your mana right now… . Oh no, how long have you been learning magic before that? Where is the school? Master? When did you start to feel mana?”

“I wish I could ask you one question at a time.”

“Ah, Mi, I’m sorry. I’m not really that kind of person. Hmm.”

“I first encountered magic four months ago.”

“Genga are you kidding me now!”

He got up, hitting the table with his palm.

I looked up at him with innocent eyes and said.

“You are free to believe it or not. And there is no school. I even learned it from someone else.”

There is no school or teacher.

At those words, for a moment, a red color flashed on Lightino’s face.

But he soon returned to his angry expression.

“Then did you even learn magic by yourself?”

“Yes. I looked at the books in the library.”

There was no lie in what I said.

It is true that he learned magic in prison, and that he read the book to confirm the theory of magic.

“If you don’t believe it, would you like to check it out?”

I stretched out my arm.

If your opponent agrees, or if you have more power than your opponent, you can inject mana to explore the circuit.

And there is a kind of ring in the mana circuit, so you can roughly estimate when the circuit was built.

It is also possible to calculate the total amount of mana to contain by looking at the degree of development of the circuit.

“… … .”

He glanced at me, then sat back down and grabbed my wrist.


He felt his mana flowing.

“… Heh, I’m not lying. It’s a circuit that has just been built. No matter how much you took the method of absorbing other people’s mana, how could you develop a circuit at this level in such a short period of time… . Without a complete understanding of magic, mana, and circuits, this would be impossible. Haven’t you been constantly learning about magic before that? So as soon as we built the circuit, we were able to grow explosively.”

“You know that theory and practice are very different. No matter how well you master the theory, it is very difficult to apply it immediately.”

“For now, I will believe you. Not all, but some of the evidence is right in front of you. And one more question.”

“Say it.”

“Did you know that your talents are tens or hundreds of times that of others? Regardless of the level of the circuit, you are talking about your mana handling skills.”

“To some extent, I am aware of it.”

“okay. It’s impossible not to know. Overwhelming talent will show up somehow.”

The conversation was interrupted for a moment.

He said in a determined tone, as if there was stillness and determination.

“It may seem really strange to say something like this all of a sudden, but I’m serious, so listen carefully. Don’t you want to be my disciple? I can make you an archmage unprecedented in the history of the continent.”

“Are you saying that you will accept someone you do not know as your disciple? A warlock too?”

“At first, I thought he was the son of an aristocrat who came out to nightlife in the capital. I’m not familiar with the voice and physique, so I’m not a disciple of Magic Tower, but someone else taught me. But when I saw the use of black magic, I changed my mind. There is a high probability that he is a mercenary or a person who lives in a criminal organization who does not need to look out for others. But I don’t care if you’re a criminal. Even if you kill someone in the process of gaining mana. If you want, I’ll wash all the past, get you a new identity, and give you admission to the horse tower. I can even save you a mansion that is not inferior to the capital.”

“I’m sorry, but I will decline the offer.”

“No, why!”

“I don’t doubt the professor’s abilities. I also have talent, so if I study under a professor, I think I will definitely be able to rise to a higher level, even if I am not an Archmage. But I have work to do now.”

“Something about that! Just tell me, I’ll take care of everything!”

“It is meaningful that I have to solve it myself. And I think you’d better cool down a little bit. Don’t you know anything about me? Everything you said earlier is just speculation, it’s not accurate.”

“So I didn’t tell you. I want you to tell me your identity.”

“It is difficult.”

His face turned red and he could see that he was getting more and more angry.

I cut the timing when he was about to shout, I said.

“If you don’t become a disciple, you can’t give money… !”

“I want to get something else instead of money.”


“He passed mana through specially crafted glass. I wonder how.”

“I was curious about that. I will tell you when I become a disciple.”

“Don’t act like a child. This isn’t a request, it’s more of a threat. Haven’t you been manipulating the match like this all this time?”

“… … .”

“If I tell the arena about this, the position will be quite difficult.”

“It’s just a fun story. But what about these options?”

In an instant, his mood changed.

At the same time, an eerie purple electric current enveloped the surroundings.

“What if I kill you here and shut your mouth?”

It was so oppressive that it was difficult to breathe.

instinctively knew.

The fact that the moment it touches an electric current, it will burn without a trace and melt your body.

“I don’t even know who I am, but what are you going to do with the back office?”

“Looking at the fact that you don’t reveal your identity, doesn’t it mean that there is a point of arguing? At least I don’t think I’m in a position I can’t afford.”

“I know you have no intention of killing me.”

“… I’ve felt it before, but you’re such a boring human being.”

The electric current disappeared and the air in the room returned to normal.

“I think it is a condition that will be attractive enough. You don’t have to pay the promised money. I will give you an additional 400 million won of my share.”

“It’s certainly not a small amount, but if it’s money, it’s already too much.”

“What if I could soothe the professor’s boredom?”

“Can you relieve boredom?”

“Yes. From your book, I felt boredom and free. It’s probably because you’ve been living your life so far, and you’ve had the experience of being the stomach of others, and the threshold of stimulation has risen at the end. I can give you a little entertainment.”

“… How?”


I turned my gaze to the glass wall.

“What if this arena collapses?”

* * *

I returned to my room in the morning.

As if sleeping while waiting for me, Estelle was leaning on the sofa in an uncomfortable position, making a low breathing sound.

I sat down on the sofa across from her, and she got up with a sassy gesture and said to me.

“uh? what. came? what is that? What remote control?”

“It’s something that will play a key role in this plan.”

Convincing Raitino took longer than expected.

After positively ‘considering’ becoming his disciple and promising to visit Latium one day, I was able to get the answer I was looking for.

“It’s simple. All equipment in this magically operated arena draws its mana from the tank in the center. This switch may cause malfunction of the tank. It’s only for a short time, though.”

It’s not just the arena.

Much of the role of ‘electricity’ in this world is being replaced by ‘mana’.

There are two biggest manufacturers of mana tanks that serve as power sources.

Latium and Clackfield.

The arena’s mana tanks are crafted in Latium.

Not just tanks, but most installations as well.

‘They would have thought that even if there was something wrong with the mana tank, they wouldn’t be able to file a big complaint.’

Lightino puts a small prank on ‘some’ mana tanks that are shipped out for his little pleasure.


The moment I pressed the button on the remote, the light in the room went out.

All the lights in the stadium beyond the glass walls too.

“uh? It must be a power outage.”

Estelle’s hurried voice came from the darkness right in front of her.

When I pressed the button again, the light came back.

She said looking at my finger on the button.

“Did you turn off the lights now? With that remote control?”


I flipped the remote control at her.

“Do not press. If the lights keep going out, the arena will be suspicious.”

Her finger just stopped to touch the button.

It was a way to temporarily block the transmission of mana by overloading the mana tank.

However, the maximum time to block was not very long, about 15 seconds.

It is possible to use it continuously, but in that case, the mana tank develops a kind of resistance, and the remote control loses its function for a few days.

After that, he stayed in the arena for one more day and checked the movement and shift times of the employees from the first basement floor to the third floor.

Recalling the structure of the 4th and 5th basement floors, I prepared the necessary items.

And the next day at 3am.

The time the last game of the day was over.

I stood in front of the glass wall in the room.

Raising the blinds reveals the stadium still lit.

“Are you really okay alone?”

“okay. Stay here and stop anyone from entering the room.”

“… I know. You have to be careful.”


As soon as the button on the remote control was pressed, the field of vision was darkened.

15 seconds.

However, there was no difficulty in distinguishing objects because they had already used the magic to strengthen the eyesight.

12 seconds.

The wind blew in the form of a blade and cut a portion of the glass wall just large enough for me to pass through.

The glass wall, which had temporarily ceased to function, was cut off as easily as clay.

10 seconds.

I ran through the wall and ran through the arena.

Since all kinds of enhancement magic had been applied, there was no sound of footsteps even if I ran with all my might.

6 seconds.

Arrived at the nearest entrance.

It was an automatic door in charge of opening and closing in the management office.

The mana supply was cut off, so it was no different than a normal door, and it was easily opened by simply opening it with force.

4 seconds.

There was only darkness ahead.

At the end of the hallway, a spiral downhill road continued round and round.

2 seconds.

I jumped over the railing and ran into the empty space in the center.

It increased the weight of its body with magic, accelerated its fall speed, and generated wind and gently touched the ground.


And at that moment the light came on.

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