A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 80

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 80

080. before the storm (1)

I put on the mask again and crossed the arena.

All guards and beasts in the way were knocked down by my pistol and Milsian’s sword.

“… … !”


‘It’s an opportunity to wipe out all at once, but it’s a pity that we can’t remove all the guards.’

They needed people to deal with the beast.

At least until we reach the ground safely.

Everyone was distracted by the melee, and it was not difficult to reach the party hall.

The hall was empty, as if people had already evacuated.

Except for one person.

“It’s a pretty sight to behold, yes.”

“I am glad that the minimum expectations were met.”

“I had never imagined a scene like this in my head. As I get older, I have a lot of responsibilities, so I haven’t tried it.”

Many of his touches were made to the facilities in the arena.

It must be the kind of psychology that you want to try to destroy with your own hands.

After all, he is a character more suited to disorder than order.

“Is the gentleman you were trying to save?”

Latino looked behind me and said.

Milsian, who was holding the sword handle, saw me conversing with Laitino and relaxed to some extent.

“Yes. Because he is the person I need.”

Lightino nodded.

“store. I’m going to look around here a little bit more. I want you to achieve what you set out to do. I’d like to forcefully kidnap him and make him his apprentice, but I don’t think it’s going to be easy. Even if you send them away, they don’t appear to have the skills to go anywhere and scream.”

If you had the age and knowledge of Latino, you would have already inferred to some extent about my identity.

Even if it’s not exact, I may have a sense of what I’m going to do in the future.

“I will see you in Latium as soon as possible. Again, is it okay if I don’t make an oath?”

“No need. I don’t see him as a friend who won’t keep his promises. At this age, you can understand what kind of person the other person is. The deadline is one year tomorrow.”

Raitino handed a plaque with the cog symbol of Latium from his bosom.

“It’s a sign of being a VIP. If I’m not there when you visit, show it to the staff.”

“Thank you for caring me.”

Me and Milsian passed him and headed for the exit of the hall.

A demonic beast rushed to Lightino, and the electric current generated in the air turned it to black ash.

There were no spectators in the hallway.

Some of the non-combat personnel were just busy walking around with radios.

In front, the lens of the surveillance camera was staring at this side.

“Kain. Just in case you don’t know, destroying all the cameras… .”

“no. Leave it alone.”

If you want to hide your identity, you can do so.

Not only me, but also Milsian.

All you have to do is use transformation magic to change the color of your face and hair to that of a different fighter.

Inside the arena, there are corpses of fighters that have been damaged beyond recognition, so it’s not difficult to deceive them.

But I didn’t do it on purpose.

The recorded video remaining at the scene will surely be verified by Parter.

Someone exactly rescued Milsian out of the many fighters and disappeared.

And that someone has black hair, an unusual color, and looks familiar somewhere.

You instinctively think of a man, but you can’t be sure.

‘That’ man must be locked up in prison.

But I can’t shake my doubts.

The word ‘what if’ will germinate as a seed of anxiety in the depths of his heart.

Your judgment will be clouded, and you will reconsider the timing of your actions.

‘That’s enough.’

Little by little, I was thinking of leaking clues about my identity.

To make the enemy agitate and cloud your judgment.

I stared into the camera’s lens and stepped back.

“I, we are not fighters.”

Employees encountered looked at their guns and raised their hands up to indicate that they were not willing to resist.

I shot and killed them relentlessly.

Compared to the other personnel, the level was lowered, but they were also a clear mana user and parter’s subordinate.

When we arrived at the parking lot, Estelle, who was waiting, approached us.

Most of the parking spaces were empty, as if people had already left.

“Did anyone in the audience die?”

“At least none of the ones I’ve seen. I went all over the floor and checked to see if there was anyone left. Oh, there were some people who fell and had skin aches. A grown man screams like he’s going to die, but I’m sorry.”

Estelle snorted once and shook hands with Milsian.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Estelle. We will work together in the future.”

Milsian received a handshake without breaking the boundaries.

“Your name will come later. Estelle, take Milsian to Freud for treatment. I am going to reduce the number of enemies here.”

“Kain! I can still fight!”

For a moment, Milsian’s legs staggered.

“I would have never had a proper meal while I was in prison. It is enough just to have endured so far.”

“However… !”

“good. it’s a command The one I will use is not a sword that is about to break, but a sword that has been hardened and forged well.”

“… All right.”

Estelle got into the car first.

Milsian got on the seat next to him with a face of resentment for himself.

“Hold on tight. Because I am driving.”

The sports car made a loud exhaust noise and disappeared to the ground.

It wouldn’t be too difficult to get to Clackfield.

Even if you run into an enemy who is coming for support, you will be seen as a spectator leaving the arena.

I spilled mana on the door leading to the arena lobby.

For Lightino, the internal structure and working principle were already grasped.


Soon, smoke rose from the terminal for entering the card key, accompanied by a small spark.

Then he went to a car parked near the entrance and shot a gun at the doorknob.

Not long after I got into the driver’s seat and waited, a line of cars with heavily tinted windows arrived at the parking lot.

“Hurry! Go straight to the arena!”

It was the Blue Serpent gang members in Area 41 that I couldn’t finish the hunt.

“The door will not open!”

“What are you doing stupidly about the current situation! Break it!”

Some of the larger builders loaded hammers from their trunks with mana and started slamming the door.

The door gradually dented, and in the meantime several more cars arrived.

‘About twenty. Not a bad number.’

I opened the car door and got out.

And without time for the enemy to react, he took out his rifle and fired bullets engraved with explosive magic.

Not even a scream was heard.

Technically, the enemies shouted and screamed, but they were all drowned out by the explosion.


New magazines were replaced and empty magazines rolled across the floor.

There were guys who stood up with a shield, but they had no choice but to continue firing.

A few more magazines were exhausted, and in the place where the smoke was removed, only broken walls and columns and black ashes remained.

I grabbed the rifle in my arms and opened the car’s bonnet to let current flow through the battery.


I got into the car that started and hit the accelerator.


I climbed up the hill and ran between the buildings.

As if there were no enemy forces remaining in the area, the pursuit did not follow.

Lightino, who would remain in the arena, had no need to worry.

He was one of the top ten talents in the world, so he wasn’t something I could worry about in the first place.

The time was just past two in the morning.

The city was drenched in silence again, disregarded by the sound of a huge explosion that had just occurred.

From this moment on, not even a second was wasted.

The body was tired, but the mind became clearer.

After a few hours of non-stop running, we arrived at the outskirts of District 43 around dawn.


I got out of the car and entered the abandoned warehouse complex.

“… … .”

A place where only dust and wind float.

Being aware of the surveillance cameras on the exterior wall of the building, he continued to walk inside.

The moment I arrived in front of the huge warehouse and was about to open the shutter, a sword was pointed at my neck.

“It’s not the number of people who were promised in advance. What is the purpose of coming here alone without fear?”

“Go and tell your master. Evan is here.”

The moment a man in a suit with a sword looked into my eyes, he flinched.

Soon, he growled, trying to shake off the fact.

“jackanapes! Identify yourself first! Otherwise… .”

At that moment, the shutter door opened by itself, revealing the space inside.

It was a landscape unlike any other warehouse.

Except that bookshelves and tables, sofas, and all sorts of things like drainpipes are cluttered together to form a quaint living space.

‘I can’t see a single partition. Is it because of the trauma of being confined in a small space and subjected to an experiment?’

Said the man who was sitting on the sofa in the center of the room, warming himself to the wood fire.

“Tell me in advance that you will come. I hate sudden visits that aren’t scheduled in advance.”

Following his beckoning, the man who had pointed the sword at my neck bowed once and disappeared.

I walked over to the opposite sofa and sat down.

“You must have been awake.”

“Because of whom, I have a lot of thoughts.”

“Are you covering your face and skin even when you are alone? With today’s technology, it would be possible to remove the scales. If you want, I can introduce you to a good doctor.”

“… Let’s talk about the business that has come and gone.”

“I came to find things.”


“There must be some items from Low Tactic.”

“Is that a gun? As you said, we are putting it off in the warehouse and delaying shipment.”

“Look and talk.”

I followed his guide and went out to another warehouse.

Hundreds of boxes were neatly stacked in a large space.

When I opened a box in front of me, I saw new rifles hanging from the cradle.

“If it was originally, these are things that should be distributed all over the continent by now and be used to kill many people. Let me tell you, even if you smuggle all of this volume into the area inside the 20th, which is the most profitable, there won’t be much profit left. Because of someone’s order, I signed a contract in the form of meeting all the conditions for low tactics.”

“Is there a problem? After all, you don’t have much greed for money, and you should be able to afford a few months’ worth of payouts to the boss.”

“… I was an idiot who spoke up.”

I opened another box.

In addition to firearms, equipment such as combat suits were included.

All products were made with the assumption of smuggling, and the manufacturer’s mark was removed.

“Looking at the quantity, I think this is the first batch. Am I right?”

“okay. The second batch will arrive in two weeks.”

“For now, I will take all of this quantity. Hire some trucks and some drivers out there.”

“Are you going to go to war with Parter?”

“I am not very surprised.”

“Because I keep getting reports from my subordinates. I heard that there’s a certain wizard on the side of Puttyland that wanders around the battlefield. You don’t even have to ask.”

Bama summoned his men and gave instructions to prepare a vehicle and a driver.

The time is early in the morning.

Since both the origin and destination are outside, they would be able to move away from the eyes of others.

“If we go into an all-out war, the boss will definitely give us a support order. You know very well that you can’t deny the boss’s orders.”

“Now you can go to war.”


“Participating in battle doesn’t mean you have to fight.”

“Are you talking about cheating?”

“It is enough just to pretend to fight. The place should be around Area 41. I will send some troops there. Make the fight as conspicuous as possible, and grab the attention of the security bureau. In the meantime, I plan to face Parter.”

“What do you plan to do with Leica?”

“I’m thinking of throwing the bait in another area. I can’t figure it out without going there myself. If you send only your subordinates here, you can deal with it enough.”

“I barely understood. and… .”

“When this is over, I’ll give you the next clue about my sister.”

The guy shut his mouth when the answer to the question he was about to come out first.

* * *

“What is your relationship with Cain-sama?”

“You don’t have to be so formal. Well, to be honest, a soul mate?”

Milsian turned his head from the frantic passing wilderness and looked at Estelle in the driver’s seat.

“Cain has never had a lover. Not only during my service, but at any moment in the past.”

“… I can’t even joke because I’m scared. I’m a duty officer. In Kentrock Prison, where Cain was held.”

“Did you say he was a medic? Why is the medical officer with Cain-sama… .”

“I have a lot of questions, but not many I can answer. I’m also full of questions about that person. However, once you ask, I will answer as far as I know.”


There were only a couple of things I wanted to ask.

Every moment from the moment he got out of the prison cell to the stadium was a series of chaos.

Until he meets his master in the middle of the arena.

The chaos was partially resolved, but as soon as the tension eased a bit after leaving the battlefield, bigger questions followed.

“How did Cain get out of prison? I was told that the tendons in my limbs were broken.”

“Obviously it was. I even did a test when I just entered the prison. It was not only a broken tendon, but it was an ordinary person who didn’t even have a circuit.”

“Cain dealt with mana in the arena.”

“Right. One day, I saw that there was a circuit.”

“You can’t build circuits after you’re an adult. That is nonsense.”

“Of course I think so. But do you have a living witness who made it happen? He was also very good at mana handling. It’s as if you’ve tried to hide your skills until now.”

“It is not. Cain-sama was obviously an ordinary person with no circuits on the outside.”

Milsian paused for a moment.

“… Maybe you found a way, I don’t know. In the past, when they had the opportunity to build circuits, they said they rejected it because of their beliefs.”

“Besides that, there are a lot of things I don’t understand. A person who has lived without a circuit all his life uses magic at will, or acts as if he knows everything about to happen.”

Did you know about my horseman? Estelle swallowed the back words.

“Did you say Cain uses magic?”

“How do you think it was possible to make the arena beasts go wild and save them?”

“I thought someone else would have helped. I thought there was a wizard involved, but I didn’t think it was Cain… .”

“I was also surprised when I first found out about it. I used magic as natural as someone who has been using it for decades.”

“Kain-sama has always been able to achieve seemingly impossible things, but this one is truly surprising. When we see each other again, I have a lot of questions to ask. First of all, is Cain-sama’s purpose to return to the organization?”

“Neither do I know exactly what Cain wants. What kind of big picture are you drawing in your head? But one thing is clear.”

Estelle stepped on the accelerator.

The car rattled past the bumps on the floor and drove faster.

“I will remove them all. Those who betrayed themselves.”

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