A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 82

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 82

082. before the storm (3)

“It’s amazing that you can grab those tough mercenaries at once. Using the gun felt a bit drastic, but in the end, everyone agreed to follow Evan-sama’s command.”

Lewis said as he watched me turn through the documents with the details of the mercenaries at high speed.

“The number is hundreds. There will still be guys who are dissatisfied but haven’t been able to go out because of the atmosphere. Let them all be culled in the middle.”

“Anyway, thanks to Evan, I saved an hour. At first I thought the war against the Blue Serpent was justified, but now I think it’s really possible. But are you really reading the document right now? It seems like you are just looking at the top row and passing it.”

“When you’re done talking, leave. I have a lot of work to do.”

“Oh, old! sorry!”

Lewis nodded and left my room.

I pushed the information about the mercenaries into my head and speeded up the paperwork.

I cannot give orders to each of the hundreds of people alone.

It was necessary to divide the squad into the proper number and to have the junior and middle managers.

‘Although the squad is already divided, there are many things that the organization lacks.’

What I was doing now was to revamp the existing staff organization.

Because the basics of war were to understand each person’s abilities and to deploy and operate them in the right place.

After two hours of immersion in the work, Lewis knocked in again.

“As directed, the mercenaries are not sent back to their original area, but rather sent to a lodging facility in Area 47 to be on standby. We finished the movement in time to be inconspicuous, and distributed it as much as possible.”

“Good job.”

I got up, put on my coat, and handed the papers I had collected to Lewis.

“Come back in the evening. Then summon these forty-four.”

“Yes? Where else are you going… . I understand for now. Did this back split a squad?”

“There is no need to change where the mercenaries are staying by squad right now.”

His eyes widened as he turned the paperwork.

“The squad has already been divided, but I definitely think it’s a much more efficient staffing here. Huh, how in such a short time… . So these forty-four will be the new squad leader. I will call you when you return.”

I went out and got into the car.

After another hour, we arrived at the information guild in Area 45.

Explosions were made everywhere to disguise the accident, but it was quickly restored within a few days and was operating again.

“Do you have any information you would like to request?”

One of the surviving employees at the time served as the interim branch manager.

I was a little embarrassed because I didn’t know that I would visit again so soon.

“The head of the intelligence guild colluded with another client to assassinate another client. Things will become more interesting when this is known to the upper management.”

“Kill the branch manager yourself with your own hands.”

He’s holding a tight corner of his own, so it’s only natural to see him like that.

“I am not here to ask for information. I’m here to give you information.”


The information guild’s informants are spread across the continent in various identities.

In other words, if it is possible to obtain information, it is also possible to disseminate it.

“You mean spreading rumors?”

“Is it impossible?”

“It’s not impossible if we collaborate with other districts, but… . It is a bit embarrassing because it is a type of request that we have never received in our area.”

“There are three rumors I want to spread.”

Around the 40th Division.

“One of the purposes of Putiland’s war is the Parterer’s Secret Vault.”

Area 33 where Leica’s hideout is located.

“The ‘seed of life’ that sprouts regardless of the quality of the land has been put up for sale on the exchange in District 22.”

And the area around the 20th Division, which is the outermost of the main areas in charge of the Public Security Bureau.

“Bama has appeared in Area 41 and is preparing to smuggle illegal weapons into Area 20.”

Hearing the story, the interim branch manager swallowed dry saliva.

“It’s not going to move one or two informants, and it’s going to cost a lot of money. Even if we minimize the profits of our branch, we cannot control the profits of other branches. Of course, we will fulfill all the conditions Evan said. But apart from that, I don’t know what the estimated cost would be… .”

It spins around, but the point is simple.

Do I have the ability to pay huge expenses?

“This will be enough proof.”

The moment I took out Ignis’ VIP and showed it, the interim branch manager took a deep breath.

“Enough. Thank you for taking our stand, even though you may have been offended.”

“It doesn’t matter how much it costs. There is only one condition I want. Let the rumors run through the district, so that even a child on the street knows.”

“All right. We will contact the other branch immediately and arrange a quote. For a quest this large, it will surpass what other branches have been doing. Leave your communication code and we will get back to you tomorrow morning.”

I left the communication code of the mercenary office in Area 47 and left the intelligence guild.

I went around the shops on the street to buy the supplies I needed in the future and put them in the subspace.

Then, after calculating the time, the telecommunication station routed the call to Freud’s house in Clarkfield.

“Ah, uncle.”

It was Lenny who appeared in the hologram.

「There is a sound but I don’t know how to turn it on, so I just pressed the button, hehe. It’s been a while.”

Freud had been given additional money to direct him to install telecommunication devices in his home.

Since no one knows the communication code except me, this was probably the first time I used the device.

“How you doing? You look a little tired.”

“Okay. The guests must have arrived by now.”

“Ah, that’s right. Estelle’s sister brought an uncle. My dad is seeing the doctor, and it probably won’t be that long!”


After that, when I didn’t say anything, Lenny tried to add something to it, probably awkward.

“Next time you come, I will cook for you. If there are any injuries, I will take care of them. My dad often goes in as an assistant when he sees patients. I get a lot of compliments for understanding quickly.”

“That’s a good thing.”

At my compliment, Lenny blushed and smiled.

When I saw young children like Lenny, I could feel my chest tighten.

Cain spent his childhood in a slum.

There were many older brothers, sisters, friends, and younger brothers who lost their lives for various reasons and stopped at that age forever.

“I hope you don’t get hurt, but that must be difficult, isn’t it? My dad doesn’t tell me even if I ask, but I’m guessing to some extent. I mean, you’re doing something very dangerous.”

There were no children the same age as Lenny among them.

“It’s my birthday in a little while. It’s not that I’m hoping for something like a big present, I just want you to come without getting hurt.”

“I’ll do that. Promise me.”


Lenny, who had twisted her body as if embarrassed, had a reddish color on her face.

Soon there was the sound of a door opening from behind and the sound of people talking.

“ah! I think the treatment is over! I’ll bring you!”

Lenny disappeared from the screen with bouncing footsteps.

Soon Estelle appeared.

“It’s been a while.”

“Is treatment over?”

“It’s cold. I’m getting nutritional injections from the inside. He said that his body was well-trained, so there was nothing wrong with it. If you eat well in the future, you will recover quickly.”

“Good job.”

“Did you expect it? I was sent here just in case because I was worried about my subordinates.”

I did not deny her words.

He gave me the address of the office in District 47 to which I should come as soon as the treatment is over.

“Both of them will take command of the mercenaries.”

“You’re in command… . I’ve never been to anyone before, so is it okay if I entrust you with such a big task?”

“You don’t have to worry about it, as it will move according to my orders anyway.”

“I see.”

Then a voice came from behind her, and the person on the screen changed.

“Kain. I apologize for not being able to greet you properly due to the lack of business conditions in the arena. How thrilling to see you again like this… .”

There were tears in his eyes.

“When Cain-sama fell into the traps of other executives, I was just lamented at what I was doing. Why the hell didn’t you notice it… .”

I said after giving him some time to let his emotions settle down.

“Remembering the past is just a waste of time. Have you been treated well?”

“Yes. There is nothing wrong.”

“I’m sorry, but I think we should go into battle right away.”

“It’s what I was hoping for. I’ve been told that the closest target is to get rid of the Parterers. I will become Cain-sama’s sword and lead the way.”

“Let’s meet and talk about the details. Leave as soon as you are ready.”

“All right.”

After ending communication, I got back into the car and headed for Area 47.


Gunshots were heard from all over the street.

A street battle between the two organizations.

The number was usually dominated by the Fertilland side, but it seemed to be pushed back due to the difference in the number of mana users and the skill of each combatant.

‘If it goes like this, it’s clear to which side the defeat will go.’

The sun was slowly setting when we arrived at Area 47.

“As directed, forty-four mercenaries have been summoned separately.”

I got out of the car and headed straight for the auditorium.

Forty-four pairs of eyes gathered at me.

Perhaps because of the appearance I showed at the first meeting, the atmosphere was more polite than in the morning.

“It may have been burdensome to go out when there was a lot of snow. If there is someone who doesn’t recognize me yet, you can try.”

A mercenary with a huge physique standing in front raised his hand.

“I think the guys who dumped in the morning were stupid. I’ve seen wizards fight in a similar way before. They say that wizards have a weak body, so there is a limit to strengthening their body. There is a time limit to maintaining reinforcement.”

The guy didn’t jump in easily.

“I know everything. Enhancement magic doesn’t look like it. But when you see the attack and use magic, it’s too late. I’m sure he’s still hanging out. Am I wrong?”

A few minutes passed in that state.

Based on his own experience, he decided it was time to run out of mana, so he jumped out of his seat and rushed.

“It’s a mistake to meet someone as experienced as me!”

What he said was half right and half wrong.

Enhancing magic takes time to use, so it’s normal to put it on in advance and keep it that way.

However, in my case, the casting speed is several times the normal speed, so I took the method of canceling the magic every moment and using the magic again whenever necessary to minimize the consumption of mana.

In other words, my mana was not consumed even a trace, and the refined mana in the circuit was ready to be converted into enhanced magic.


His fist was intercepted by my hand.

The fist continued to move forward, but despite the overwhelming difference in the size of the hand, it was the guy who was gradually pushed back.

“The wizard is weak.”


His wrists bent at a bizarre angle, making the sound of bones breaking.

“Who said that?”

I let go of his hand and pulled out a pistol.

He slammed his buttocks on the floor, grabbed his wrists, and moaned and stepped back.

“Shoot, don’t shoot! help me! I think wrong… !”


The body was removed once more with the sound of gunfire.

“If there is someone who wants to test more of the magician’s traits against me, I’m welcome.”

It was intentional to deliberately set aside time to create a situation like the morning.

The imprint of a certain emotion is usually done through repeated situations.

I made sure that no one else came forward and said.

“You will know better for yourself why you were called apart. They have been active as mercenaries for a long time and have been recognized for their skills. I plan to entrust you to lead a squad of 10 to 12 people. We will also pay additional compensation accordingly.”

It is, of course, the squad leader, not the squad member, who returns with greater risk if they do not follow control in combat.

“How much additional compensation are you talking about?”

Therefore, it was necessary to imprint those feelings more deeply in the heads of those gathered here.

“If you’ve been rolling around, you’ve probably heard of Parterer’s secret vault. I promise you a certain percentage of the money I stole from the safe.”

Fear and reward.

Obedience based on two factors.

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