A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 83

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 83

083. open (1)

There are stories that people who live with their feet in the shadows have heard at least once.

The lost slush fund of Red Skull Boss Al Pacino.

Blue Serpent Executive Parter’s secret vault.

Immortal Wings, the imperial jewel stolen by the great ruler Jordik at the risk of his life.

They are rumors floating around like ghost stories or some kind of urban legend, but they are all rumors based on facts.

“Who owns the most businesses in Darkside?”

The luxuries definitely point to Parterre to that question.

He assumes that the accumulated wealth is kept in his own secret safe, not in a bank.

His character, who never trusts others, already has a reputation among those who know him.

“Is that safe really there? Isn’t it just a rumor?”

“The information was confirmed by a reliable source. If you think about it, it is strange that a person of the size of Parterre does not have personal funds.”

Even a child can easily guess that his fortune will be in the billions of shillings at least.

‘It is not comparable to the size of the funds of super giants like Latium.’

In any case, it is clear that it is an amount that ordinary people cannot even dream of in their lifetime.

The moment they promised an incentive of a certain percentage, the eyes of the mercenaries changed.


I threw the file I brought into the air and used telekinetic magic at the same time.

The documents inside were scattered in the air and at the same time surrounded by black mana.

And exactly one by one, they landed on the hands of the mercenaries.

“It’s a new squad composition. The profiles of the combatants are also listed, so please familiarize yourself with them quickly.”

All of the squad leaders were selected with skill as well as experience in commanding.

Some were active in the military base of the imperial family, and some were active in the mercenary corps.

It wouldn’t take too long to get acquainted with the content.

“Go back and wait. All outside activities are prohibited until ordered. The equipment will also be provided on time when the time is right.”

After returning all the mercenaries to the dormitory, I went back to my room and focused on making magic bullets.

[circuit level: 2]

[Mana 1572 / 1717]


It will vary depending on the type and output of the engraving magic, but it was a figure that could produce about 50 bullets per hour of enough magic bullets.

Hundreds of bullets had already been accumulated in the subspace according to their type and purpose.

‘About 800 mana required until the next level.’

Whenever the level rises, the quality and recovery speed of the mana in the circuit rises dramatically.

At that time, he would be able to pour out high-power bullets like a factory.

After exhausting a certain amount of mana, I went out with a map that looked at the entire area of District 47 from above.

He cycled around the area, envisioning the upcoming battle in his head, crafting ammo every time he ran out of mana over and over again.

And the next morning, Estelle and Milsian arrived.

“You don’t know how thrilled it is to see you again, Cain.”

I said to Estelle, raising Milsian, who was about to kneel in tears.

“I’m sorry, but I’m leaving right away. The troops to be dragged were waiting outside. Now that you have spoken with Bama, go to his hideout.”

Tangent to Bama in District 43.

Produce a false battle in Area 41 to attract the attention of the Police Department.

She briefly outlined what she had to do.

“I know. It’s about playing hide-and-seek.”

I additionally gave her the file.

It was a kind of manual that recorded how to deal with various unexpected situations.

Turning through the thick paperwork, she admired.

“Oh my gosh… . There are very few variables that deviate from this. To be honest, it was my first time acting separately, so I was a little anxious, but now that I have this, I feel a little relieved.”

“Don’t get hurt.”

“Absolutely. Whose order?”

She led ten squads and set off for Area 43.

I looked back at Milsian.

“Milcian, you do not take on a separate squad, but move according to my instructions according to the situation.”

“All right. Rather, did you hold hands with Bama? He was also involved in the betrayal. I can assure you that I will never betray you again… .”

“There was a deal. I’m definitely holding the leash, so I don’t have to worry about it. he is an ally At least until the end of revenge. ”

“revenge… . You certainly do not intend to return to the organization.”


After the three executives are removed, the Blue Serpent will not look the way it used to be.

Even though I didn’t intend to do that in the first place, there would be no room left for the organization where everything was messed up.

And I return to reality.

As long as the situation does not turn around due to some anticipated variables.

“The organization abandoned me. All the executives betrayed me, and the boss didn’t care what power struggles broke out under him. Isn’t it natural for me to abandon the organization too?”

“… I understand what Cain means.”

“And I ask you one thing. On the day I was arrested by the police, how many people in total survived the raid?”

“I don’t remember exactly. A sudden explosion in the office building caused havoc. Most of them lost their lives in the explosions, and those who barely survived were chased by the water and fled in different directions.”

Milsian’s face hardened as if he remembered the events of that day.

“I have definitely seen the backs of the siblings Maxim, Huening, and Pavli. I don’t know if he’s alive. According to the guards, most of them were caught and killed at the end of the chase, but… .”

His clenched fists were trembling.

I put my hand on his shoulder.

“I understand your feelings now. ‘Cause I’m feeling it too Remember your feelings clearly, and release them all to the enemy.”

He nodded softly.

‘After this is over, we may be able to get some clues about the survivors.’

Bama, Parterre, and Laika split the pursuit of Cain’s men.

“Your men are all dead. At least the guys I’ve been tracking. I don’t know what the other executives are like.”

Like Bama, the other two would have kept records of their pursuit.

‘Possibility exists.’

If there are any survivors, they will become the backbone of the organization that will be formed for the decisive battle with Laika after this battle is over.

“Go up. You have a lot of work to do.”

“All right.”

I went up to the office with Milsian.

And in the late afternoon, I got a call from Estelle that they had arrived in Area 41.

“After making contact with Bama, we each moved to Area 41. Even the places where the battle will be staged and the movement lines were all put together as you instructed.”

“Isn’t there any mercenary who didn’t follow the instructions?”

“There were people who looked down on me as a woman. When I put a mace on my chin, I quickly became polite.”

“Good job. The battle will be fought until the security bureau arrives. After that, focus on keeping the magistrate’s feet in Area 41 as much as possible.”

“I know.”

After the communication ended, Milsian said.

“The task force will be moving. When I worked as a police officer, I saw training from a distance.”

“It’s a different group from the organizations in this world that fight without a special strategy.”

“Aren’t you worried? If Bama and Estelle were to be caught by the task force… .”

Security Bureau special task force.

Armed with new equipment, each mana user is the best armed group in the National Police Agency in name and reality.

However, the majority of those personnel are dedicated to policing the lower-numbered areas.

At most, about 100 people can freely move to the outside.

It was safe to say that the number of people who appeared when Bama was captured in the factory complex was the maximum they could mobilize.

“Okay. I gave Estelle all the countermeasures, and the task force must have had the most power.”


She won’t be able to do anything related to the Blue Serpent to protect the ashes of her blood.

At least in terms of her personality I know.

Day 1

Estelle and Bama began fighting in various areas of Area 41.

The rumors that I commissioned the information guild spread secretly in each area, and I started to supply equipment to the mercenaries.

The mercenaries had ceased their activities all at once in Areas 46, 47, and 48, and to avoid the enemy’s eyes, they took time to visit the offices of each squad and collect their equipment.

Day 2

Police officers with security service badges were caught moving around in the 20th division.

In the evening, vehicles marked with raptors drove through the perimeter of each area.

from the morning of the previous day to the evening.

It was enough time to go through the process of confirming that the real Bama appeared in Area 41.

Day 3

Rumors that Fertilland was targeting the Blue Serpent executive’s secret vault spread all over the streets around the back alleys.

The fact that it became one of the main causes of the war.

Blue Serpent’s members were also captured.

Or roam the streets in search of the missing Fertilland mercenaries.

They threaten citizens who are talking about the two organizations and crack down on them.

Citizens who had a foreboding of the coming of a great storm did not leave their houses, and only wind and dust floated on the streets.

And late in the afternoon, intelligence came in that a police car had arrived in Area 41.

“Parter never leaves the arena building. Occasionally, his vehicle would come out, but basically, they all worked nearby and went straight back to the arena.”

Milsian, who went out on a reconnaissance alone, said.

His appearance had been transformed into a tall, youthful one thanks to my magic.

I said looking down the street under the roof railing.

A black sedan was patrolling just below.

Not to mention where the car belonged to.

“I think it would be good to start soon.”

I picked up the walkie-talkie and gave instructions.

“Blow it up.”

The moment the sedan passed by, the explosives installed behind the trash can exploded.


The sedan crashed into the air several meters away while showing the underside of the vehicle.

Simultaneously, mercenaries in bulletproof suits poured out of a nearby building and opened fire on the sedan.

Doo doo doo-!

The engine exploded and the sedan was engulfed in flames.

The overturned door opened and the enemy came out.

The skin was slightly tanned around the shield, but it didn’t look like it was seriously damaged.

─Where have these rats been hiding?

They were the elites of Parter.

They took their swords out of their arms, grabbed them, and ran towards the mercenaries.

“Squad B2 continues to fire and retreat to the second block. C7 covers B2 and D3 blocks the escape route and surrounds the enemy once the enemy has crossed one block.”

─Transfer, B2 is… .

-Wait. We rush to the signal.

My orders spread through the squad leaders.

The mercenaries moved according to the instructions.

It was incomparable to the soldiers who had received professional training, but it was not a bad move for an improvisation in a matter of days.

Doo doo doo-!

4v40 battle.

Bullets rained over the shield.

The enemies stopped running and moved forward at a fast pace.

They must have known that the shield would break the moment they lost their minds even for a moment.

“Milcian, do you know why guns aren’t used as weapons by mana users?”

“Because it has an inappropriate form for a weapon to contain mana.”

“okay. Conversely, that doesn’t mean you can’t break your opponent’s shield. You can’t usually put mana into each bullet.”

It is a popular notion among people.

But that was wrong.

The physical laws of the real world act on the shield made of mana.

If you shoot for a long enough time, the shield will break.

‘It’s just a matter of efficiency. Because there will be no people who will be able to hit all those bullets in real life.’

Enemies that narrowed the distance leapt, swinging their swords.

“Stop shooting. Squad B4 forward.”

The first row with guns took a step back, and at the same time those with shields rushed out from behind.


As a group of three, they strongly pushed the slashing sword.

They all knew how to manipulate mana, and their shields were shining the same color as the mana they had infused.

Enemies were greatly pushed back.

Perhaps it was an unexpected counterattack, some fell without being able to hold their position.

“B4 covers the front of B2. B2, resume firing.”

Bullets rained again, and a look of embarrassment appeared on the faces of the enemies.

I had no choice but to do so.

A battle like this had never been experienced before.

Tick, Tick!

The shield gradually faded in color and began to crack.

The enemy later realized that the situation was unfavorable and turned, but the escape route had already been blocked by the newly emerged mercenaries.

─What nonsense is this!

He jumped in while swinging his sword, but the same thing happened in the opposite direction.

Several more attempts were made, but all were in vain.


That was the enemy’s last cry.

The moment the shield was broken, the bullets turned their bodies into honeycombs.

“Stop shooting.”

I shook my head for a moment.

In the distance, I could see enemy vehicles coming from all over the city.

The mercenaries, who were stunned by the results they had caused, were instructed to retreat by designating a route.

─An enemy vehicle is parked on street 5.

A radio came from not far away.

I created a wind bridge that leads to the roof of the building next to it.


“Yes. But is this really okay?”

“I’ve grown scared a lot while I haven’t seen you.”

“It’s scary! Could it be!”

I stepped over the bridge.

Milsian followed behind with a cautious gesture.

There were only two kinds of sounds resonating in the landscape that spread under the transparent bridge.

The noise of the busy wheels of the enemy’s car.

And only the footsteps of the mercenaries filled with excitement.

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