A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 86

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 86

086. Avatar (1)

Parter looked down through the glass wall.

It was the top floor of the arena building.

A view of the city came into view.

“… … .”


Like the vast sea, a city that has no end in breadth and depth.

When he saw the darkness in the narrow gap between the buildings, he often had the urge to break through the window and jump.

what do you live for

There has never been a clear answer to that question.

He didn’t have the ability to find an answer, and no one else could.

How did my life turn out like this?

He also didn’t have an answer.

The only time I felt alive was when I was on the battlefield.

The moment his fist cuts through the flesh and bones, and the hot blood that was flowing inside his body splashes on his face.

At that time, my heart was beating fast and I was able to realize once again that I am a living being who lives by breathing.

Then two cars collided on the road through a glass wall.

It was clear that there was no sound to be heard up to here, but there was an illusion that a ‘bang’ sound was ringing in my ears.

In both cars, the friendly and the enemy each got down and fought.


Again, there seemed to be a gunshot that could not be heard.

Swords collided and bullets embroidered the air incessantly.

The combat power of each individual was much higher than that of the allies, but for some reason, the battle flowed unfavorably to this side as time passed.

It is incomprehensible.

For himself, who had witnessed all kinds of fights in a place that could be called a battlefield all his life.

The fact that trash with low skills is overpowering this place beyond narrowing the power gap with mere commanding coordination.

The sense of being alive, which I felt during battle, is no longer felt.

The more he tore apart the enemy’s body, and the more he swung his fists, the crampedness only doubled.

It feels like being trapped in a huge maze and wandering without finding an exit.

He remembered the report he had received from his subordinate a while ago.

“Some of the facility staff and combatants have lost contact. Rumors are circulating that he may have fallen for the conciliation of the enemy, and the combatants are agitated.”

All arenas have been destroyed.

It happened so quickly that there was no time to react.

When I saw the arena where the facility collapsed and it was impossible to even enter, my mind went blank for a moment.


Wasn’t the purpose of trying to steal what I had?


The glass wall that was in contact with the palm of her hand collapsed with just a little force.

At the same time, the faint outside air enveloped me.

“… … .”

He raised his gaze upward.

Only the cloudy sky and the rooftops of buildings similar to this place are visible.


It is a landscape that only those who are located higher than others can see it.

What road did you go through to get here?

But at the same time standing alone.

The human being at eye level with himself is not seen in this landscape.

In a way, this is normal.

Because he has eliminated all human beings who could rise to this height in the city.

whether it’s the enemy

ally either.

Or an enemy disguised as an ally.

‘In the first place, humans are not very reliable animals.’

During his close lifetime in this world, he has seen all the ugly aspects of human beings.

They are usually kept hidden, but in case of an emergency, they have no choice but to reveal their disgusting smell.

There were many times when I was deceived by those I trusted.

For example, there was a time when he was stabbed by a subordinate’s sword during a battle and his life was in danger.

He was a wealthy man he trusted quite a bit, and the shock at that time was not small.

He lifted the torn off his subordinate’s head and planted a principle in his heart.

Betrayal before being betrayed

Humans don’t trust anyone.

He turned his head away from the glass wall and looked back.

There were piles of banknotes, along with all kinds of precious metals, all over the vast space, such as the palace corridors.

The moment I saw it, I felt as if the tremors under my feet had stopped.

If there was anything in this world that could be trusted, it was money.

At least, money did not betray anyone, and as long as there was enough money, it became a means of obtaining anything.

But after the business got on track and an unmanageable amount of money rolled in, I forgot how to spend it.

Even if people buy everything they say they like and fill this hall with all sorts of luxuries, the money will increase rather than decrease.

When I was very young, when I had no sense of money itself, I had already exceeded the target I had set without knowing anything.

The money was overflowing and overflowing.

Then what about after that?

In fact, I never thought about it.

It was a question that could not be answered even if I thought about it.

In any case, it continues to raise money, and it always will be.

The money he had collected so far was his treasure that no one could covet.

No matter how the world changes, he will never betray his master.


“Come in.”

“Excuse me. All Laika fighters who came to the aid were documented as dead during the engagement.”

“Good job.”

Winning or losing a war can be different if reinforcements come.

But the other two executives didn’t seem to mind.

Bama was engaged in warfare with the Security Bureau in another sector.

Leica sent support only to chaff-like guys, who were obviously consumables.

It was after a moment of rage that he ripped off all of their necks by himself.


The subordinate who came in for the report went out and he was left alone again in the room.

I stood in front of the glass wall again. Somehow, I felt my feet tremble.

At that moment, the figure of someone on the roof of a building in the distance caught his eye.


He sprinted his feet and leapt over the broken glass wall.

With powerful steps, he jumped between the rooftops and narrowed the distance with the opponent.

Even with a slight twist, he fell and his body was shattered to pieces.

However, there was no tension, and there were many times when I wondered if I could end this tough life if I threw myself away.

I haven’t tried it, but the results are visible.

This body will instinctively raise mana to protect it.

The body’s need for survival is different from the head’s.


I arrived on the roof opposite the rooftop where the opponent was.

The battle was still going on downstairs.

Hearing his footsteps, the opponent raised his head.

“… … .”

“… … .”

It was a black haired man.

The commander of the opposing faction and the culprit who took away the vitality he could feel during battle.

I’ve been chasing you over and over again until now, but each time it disappears from my sight.

As if to make fun of this side, every last moment before fists touched.

As for the identity, there was a guess.


He came back for revenge.

Rumors circulating among his subordinates had already reached his ears.

Realistically, that’s absurd. There’s no way a guy in prison could exist here.

Hana’s own instinct was shouting the danger signal at the same time.

The guy is unmistakably real.

Today, for some reason, he didn’t run away.

He just stared at him with an expressionless face.

“You don’t run away like a dog with a tail on fire today.”


Small raindrops began to fall.

Raindrops hit the two men’s faces and slipped.

The black-haired man who received the question glanced down and looked straight ahead.

“Thirty-four. Do you know what these numbers mean?”

“… … .”

“The number of four subordinates remaining in this area. It means the time has come to put an end to this war.”

The dark-haired man covered his face with his palms.

Soon the palms disappeared, and a face familiar to Parter appeared.

“Cain, how did you get out of prison?”

I was not surprised.

It just felt like the mouth was full of mud and the heart was tightening.

“Everyone has been asking about it. How did you get over the walls of that imperial prison? Simple. I made a hole without going over it. As if anything that stands in front of you will break and pass.”

“If I had succeeded in escaping, it would have been better to hide somewhere and live as if I was dead. Seeing you come back to me asking me to take a proper breather is just stupid.”

Cain chuckled without answering.

Seeing this, Parter’s forehead twitched for a moment.

“Why did you come back? Is revenge the purpose? what do you want my life? accumulated wealth? Whatever it is, there’s no place for you to come back. All the facilities you owned were absorbed by Leica, and your subordinates were wiped out by our hands.”


Lightning struck and his vision flickered.

At an almost instantaneous moment, Cain pulled out his pistol and pulled the trigger.


Parter’s eyes widened.

Thick palms hit the bullet in the same direction it flew.


sight returned.

The bullet stopped in the air in front of Cain’s eyes.

Soon, the mana covering the surface disappeared and fell to the floor.


In an instant, heavy raindrops hit him, and bullets rolled down the building.

Cain said in a voice as cold as the falling rain.

“Parter. Don’t dare try to grasp my intentions with that bloated head.”

Parter narrowed his eyes.

As he had seen in the days of war, he had mastered magic.

Not just for the sake of deceiving, but for thorough combat.

‘I should have stopped breathing then.’

In the end, this may be what he was worried about.

If left unattended, he fears that one day he will grow into a being that will become a major obstacle to his ascent to the boss position.

Had it not been for Leica to be stalked by the police and the meeting place to be attacked, there would have been enough time for Cain to hold her breath.

‘Although it is doubtful that the thoroughbred beast was followed.’

I thought it was a ruse to deal with all the executives, including Cain, at once, but there was no solid evidence, it was just a heart attack.

Parter growled and said.

“It doesn’t matter what your purpose is. You will eventually die at my hands.”

“Are you sure?”


“Can you be sure that it is me, not you, who is dying today?”

Hearing Cain’s words, Parter burst out laughing like crazy.

In the midst of the lightning that struck several more times and the drizzling rain.

Then he stopped laughing and said with a smile.

“Cain. You’ve never been arrogant for a moment, from entering the bottom of the organization to reaching the executive level. I did not like your arrogance.”

“I didn’t like it because I was cocky. In fact, wasn’t it that I was afraid?”

far away

“That mouth—!”

“Parter. Today you die here. Everything you own will be broken and looted, and after that, no one will remember you.”

“After all, the arena was yours! You touched something you shouldn’t have touched!”

At the same time as Parter took off, the floor of the roof was hollowed out.

Through the rain, his fist slammed into Cain.


The air torn apart by his fists made a strange wind noise.

The figure of Cain, who disappeared in an instant, appeared on the roof of another building.

As soon as the floor was pounded once again, the figure of Parter disappeared.

It was much faster than the first leap.


Parter’s body, which was rushing towards Cain, collided with something in the air and was pushed back.

“… Garbage stuff.”

Two men appeared in front of Cain.

A gray-haired man with a sword.

Blond woman with a mace and shield.

“Parter. I said my subordinates were annihilated. That is wrong.”

“The bastard I had captured finally found its owner.”

Milsian raised his sword and pointed it at Parter, and said with a face dripping with flesh.

“The sin of dishonoring Cain, I will punish everyone today.”

“However much! If only I could do that!”

At the same time as the shouts close to Parterre’s screams, the three figures disappeared from their seats.

The three people reappeared in the center of the roof, and the studio went back and forth at a tremendous speed.

Even against the two people who were disadvantaged in numbers, even against the two people who received reinforcement magic, Parter showed no sign of being pushed back.

Rather, he laughed.

A deep sense of euphoria that wells up from the depths of your chest.

okay. This is it.

Could it be that the reason my heart didn’t beat was because I didn’t have a good opponent?


The sword in his thick grip broke like a dry branch.

Milsian’s body flew into the air after being struck by a straight fist.


Cain exclaimed.

At the same time, he fired a pistol, accumulating shock on Parter’s shield, and at the same time took out a new sword from subspace and threw it.

Milsian, who grabbed the sword, changed his posture in mid-air and lowered the sword.


The sword wrapped around mana fell towards Parter, who had narrowed the distance.

Parter crossed his arms and covered his face.


It bounced off as if it had hit black steel.

Parter immediately turned and clenched his fist.

Estelle quickly retrieved the mace she was wielding and raised her shield.


Despite the defense, her body was pushed up to the ledge at the end of the roof.

“This is the body that was called Avatar in the arena infested with all kinds of monsters! Do you think pyramids like you can inflict a single wound?”


Everyone paused for a moment to catch their breath.

On the ground, the battle was still going on.

If there was one thing that had changed, it was raining and the visibility was blurred, so it was changing to a form close to the nagjeon.

Cain picked up the walkie-talkie.

“All squads stop fighting and head to buildings 2-3 on Street 2 in the center of the city. This is Parter’s last arena. Destroy all facilities and find the safe. I will give the first person to claim the right to claim a certain stake.”

A huge shout was heard from the ground, followed by footsteps that seemed to shake the earth’s axis.

Parter snorted.

“The main camp is guarded by the elite of my troops. It’s different from the fighters you’ve faced on the streets. Even if a few hundred pieces of garbage are gathered, you won’t even be able to get through the entrance!”

Cain pressed the end button of the radio and raised his head to show a polite expressionless face.

At that moment, Parter felt an unknown anxiety.

“Ask a question.”

Cain quietly opened his mouth.

“Can you guarantee that those men still remain as yours?”

Parter’s eyes widened.

My heart started beating like crazy.

It was definitely a different sway from the ecstasy of battle.

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