A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 89

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 89

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The moment the first bullet pierced Parter’s heart, I drained his mana.

[The circuit level has risen.]

[circuit level: 3]

[Mana 517 / 2,521]

[Mana quality is greatly increased.]

[Mana recovery speed is greatly increased.]

[The amount of mana required to use magic is reduced.]

[A new attribute window is unlocked.]

[A new attribute point has been acquired.]

The increase is about 500.

In addition to the steady absorption during the war, mana exceeded 2,500 at once.

A feeling of fullness spreads throughout the body, and some of the fatigue caused by the aftereffects of the catalyst has been alleviated.

‘… It’s called a characteristic point.’

I was momentarily taken aback by the unexpected message, but I soon found my composure.

But I didn’t have time to look into it in detail right now.

Available mana is 500.

It’s not an objectively large amount, but for now this was enough.

Even with the same amount of mana, there is a stark difference between circuit levels 2 and 3.


The second bullet was fired at an almost instantaneous moment.

Jaina’s eyes widened.

The hair that was tied up was untied, and a tremendous amount of cold flowed from her body.

Go away!

The bullet froze in front of her eyes.


He held his breath and continued shooting.

She disappeared from her seat and reappeared a few steps later.

“Flickering” to change one’s coordinates to a nearby space.

The communication device she was holding fell to the floor and went out of power.

“I know what he is doing now—”


He continued to fire wherever she appeared.

She bit her lip, and soon, countless inflection points of mana appeared around her.


Ice crystals with jagged thorns in all directions bloomed and flooded me.

By looking at the fusion rate and concentration of the elements, the stage could be inferred.

Step 1 of purification.

For a wizard at her level, it was nothing short of an instant.


Some that flew in front were broken by shooting them with a pistol, while others twisted and bounced off the mana of the orbit.

He accelerated his steps to dodge the rest of the flight that followed.

Ice crystals pierced and burst where I was, and in the aftermath the bills around me flew.

Magic that belongs to the basics of attribute magic, and that is only the first stage of refining, but the story is different if she specializes in water and ice elements.

Meanwhile, I did not stop the trigger and she continued to dodge and use her magic.


The ice crystals that had just bloomed around her shattered with a powerless sound.

“… Nonsense!”

“Magic doesn’t end once you use it. Haven’t we been taught that we must concentrate our minds until the elements are fully united?”

“How can you interfere in such a short time … !”


The moment the elements are combined to become magic, twisting the flow of elements to nullify the activation of magic.

Originally, it was almost impossible to interfere with a magic that had a casting speed that was this fast.

She knew it too, and it must have been her experience, so after using magic, she didn’t pay attention to the element’s movement.

“It must have been a long time since I had been ‘interfered’ by someone.”

“Shut that mouth.”

she clenched her teeth.

At the same time, the number of ice crystals blooming decreased, and I felt a repulsive force from the element I was interfering with.

It was proof that she was concentrating on every single magic.

‘But definitely, I have the upper hand when it comes to the ability to manipulate elements. The initiative lies with me.’

Especially in situations where you have to use multiple magic at the same time.

By analogy, writing with the left hand and drawing with the right hand.

It was a task that was ten times more difficult than that.


Still, about a third of the ice crystals disappeared in the air without being completed.

“I dare you to live with Cain-sama!”

“For now, I’m pretty sure it’s not an ally.”


The shadows of the two were reflected from the hole in the ceiling.

The sword and mace were deflected by Jaina’s protective magic.

“Suppress it. If you don’t like it, you can kill it.”

“All right.”

“… I will try.”

The two straightened their posture and immediately left their seats.

Chasing Jaina, who was constantly changing positions with magic, they swung their weapons.

I lowered the gun that was aimed at Jaina.

There was a possibility that Milcian or Estelle would be right.

Instead, he focused on the mana sensed around the three of them.

“… … .”

Gray mana and gold mana.

Mana, each with its own color, was covering Milsian and Estelle’s bodies.

Its thickness reached the maximum in the weapon he held in his hand, and it showed a wobbly appearance beyond covering it.

On the other hand, Jaina had no mana covering her body.

Instead, the mana of a slightly different color was fluttering in a position spaced apart from the body part, depending on the magic she used.

Is it connected to the circuit?

Or was it released?

It was the difference in mana management method between wizards and non-general mana users.

With the exception of the strengthening-type magic that completes the combination of elements within the body, almost all magic is set to ‘outside’.

Inevitably, she has the possibility of being open to external interference, and the same is true of the “flickering” that she uses in succession.

The moment silver mana wrapped around her body at regular intervals, I concentrated and shook the elements that were being combined.

“… … !”

Her raised eyes turned to me.

The sword and mace that approached all of a sudden fell and struck the protective magic.

Snuggle up!

‘Are you both too tired to break it all at once?’

The sword and the mace lowered the shield and sparked.

Light cracks began to appear in the shield, but it seemed that it would still take a long time to completely break it.


The elements that make up “Flickering” fluctuated violently.

Get caught up in a power fight between two wizards.

Like a bowl on a table shaking in an earthquake.

‘… It’s a pity it’s far away.’

Control of elements becomes extremely difficult the further away they are.

It is not for nothing that wizards choose to create attack magic nearby first, and then send it out.

The current element’s position was ‘next to’ Jaina.

I tried to narrow the distance, but it was difficult to approach because of the ice crystals flying only after me.

‘I can only be satisfied with delaying the casting of magic a little.’


Jaina’s body disappeared and then reappeared nearby.

Milsian and Estelle reacted to this and immediately turned and flew away.

Gee geek!

The shocks gradually accumulated from Jaina’s protection.

The same situation was repeated several more times, and every time she used “Blink”, she was interrupted by me and hesitated.

Maybe he changed his mind and stopped moving and poured mana into his protection.

At the same time, the formation of ice crystals also stopped.

Snuggle up!

I slowly approached the three men fighting for strength, and pointed my pistol at the shield.

“You know that an attack on me is like an attack on the boss. Get rid of these people right now. If you don’t want to regret it.”

There was no sense of danger on her face.

There was only anger and displeasure that came to mind.

“The organization has already abandoned me. I am no longer a member of the organization, so he can no longer be my boss.”

“Cain, I was thinking about that. You have no idea how scary the boss is.”

I laughed out loud.

Because the boss was also a character I set.

I was the one who knew more than myself.

“I’m laughing. You are not taking me seriously at all.”

“You are a human who sent you alone without even calculating this side’s power. It means you don’t think deeply, so it shouldn’t be a big threat.”

“I must tell you, it is my sole decision to come without an escort. I’ll admit to being careless. I knew the level of magic was high, but I didn’t know it would be this far. But flying out of the boss’s eyes is a different matter altogether. If you say you are strong alone, you will never-”

“I never said I was alone.”

“Are you talking about these people? There is one old subordinate. But do you think there are a few talented people who can fight the boss?”

“Not a few.”

A moment of wonder flashed in Jaina’s eyes.

The friction between the shield, the sword, and the mace sounded like a dissonance.

“I am going to create an organization.”

“… That’s crazy. It wasn’t enough that I turned down the offer, so I’m going to form a separate organization. The boss won’t forgive you any more.”

“That is something that will only be known with time.”

I tightened my finger on the trigger.

“It’s a bullet imprinted with magic. It’s quite a strange method, but it doesn’t penetrate my defenses that much.”

“You can try it. See how many feet you can hold.”

“You will regret the choice you made today.”

“I have no regrets.”


It was the moment the trigger was pulled.


The jewel in Jaina’s necklace cracked and a light burst out.

“see you next time. If only I could survive until then.”

In the next moment, a tremendous amount of cold air erupted from her center and swept through the entire underground space.

* * *

“Eh, ah, ah!”

Estelle coughed.

He wrapped his arms around his shoulders and shook his head.

The basement was completely frozen with ice, including walls and ceilings.

Jaina’s necklace was engraved with ice-type magic.

As if it was for a simple escape, the power was not so strong, and the instantaneous protection made it possible to pass it without any major damage.

step up, step up.

Estelle bumped into it.

“… … .”

I pulled out a thick coat from the subspace and wrapped it around her shoulders.

A pile of frozen banknotes was melted and set on fire.

She made a small ‘ah’ sound, but when I didn’t respond, she approached the fire like a cat in front of the fireplace and warmed herself.

He turned his gaze to Milsian.

He didn’t say it was cold, but his slightly trembling lips were telling him his current condition.

He took out a suitable overcoat and threw it at him.

“… It’s a shame that I can’t stand this cold. thank you.”

Like Estelle, he approached the fire and sat down.


The two looked at the burning fire with empty eyes.

tired and tired

It was because the tension that had filled his body during the long war had disappeared at once.

Estelle spoke first.

“I said boss. Is that woman what I was thinking of earlier?”

“okay. One of the Blue Serpent executives I talked about before. She’s the boss’s secretary.”

“I’ve heard that he’s a wizard, but I’ve never seen him actually take part in a battle.”

“Now that we have declared war, we will have a real, real war.”

“I am always ready.”

“No, it’s not that I don’t like it, I’m ready. I was just curious what kind of fight it would be.”

From the moment I spilled my identity during the war, I had in mind the possibility that the boss would take a tangent.

The moment he accepted the offer, it was clear that all sorts of surveillance would be attached to him and his actions would be restricted.

Therefore, the option of going under the boss and aiming for a time of opportunity was not considered from the beginning.

declaration of war.

It was just a little early, but it was going to happen one day anyway.

In the grand scheme of things, there was no hindrance to the plan in the least.

When I got up, the gazes of the two came up.

“There will be many more difficult moments in the future. I hope you still believe in me.”

“Sometimes you talk as if you didn’t believe me, sadly. It’s like a community of fate. It’s much better now than when I lived like a dead man.”

“I, too, have never distrusted Cain-sama. It’s just an honor to be able to help.”

“Thank you both.”

Estelle’s eyes widened.

“The reaction was surprising.”

“no. It’s just something I never thought I’d ever hear from you… .”

“Cain is a warm-hearted person.”

“me too… I think so. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to hear these words myself.”

She had a blank face, like someone who had been punched while being vigilant.

Then he looked at the body of Parter behind him and asked.

His whole body was frozen and he looked like a statue of ice.

“Hey, are you sure he’s dead? Who is that?”

“Give me the gun. If you are worried, you can do a confirmation kill.”

“Eh, okay.”

She glanced at Parter and approached him, closed her eyes, and put her hands together.

After a brief prayer, she said.

“Should I bury you? Just to leave it here… .”

“I do it.”

Mana was restored to some extent while resting.

I lifted him up from his sleeping place with a “yeomdong” and headed upstairs.

I put it on the floor of the stadium and stood in front of it.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Milsian and Estelle, who followed, held their breath and watched my actions.


When the fire element was raised, the palm of his hand became hot.

It was brought directly to the chest of the ice sculpture.


The extreme heat melted the ice in an instant.

His body, which was hit directly by lightning, had already been severely damaged.

And it soaked in, drop by drop.

The blood shed by countless fighters.

With countless scratches and dents from their weapons.

The boos and shouts of the audience melt.

On the floor of the stadium where he spent most of his time from birth to death.

He said that if he died, he would like to die fighting in the arena.

It was a kind of expression of respect.

The viciousness of his actions or thoughts cannot be defended, but only the fierceness of his life is not a lie.

Before long, all the ice cubes melted and absorbed the floor.


I said as I floated up and climbed the hole.

There was a lot of work to be done.

The full-scale occupation of the business operated by Parter.

Analysis and planning of the boss’s actions to be taken in the future.

The real protagonist’s actions in the story and concerns about the fate of this world.

It was all tomorrow, or no, right now, I had to deal with.


I opened the door of the entrance that was not functioning because all the windows and handles were broken and I went out of the building.

In front of them were the mercenaries who had left the battlefield according to orders.

He hadn’t even thought of avoiding the pouring rain, and his eyes were full of fear and awe.

Everyone must have seen lightning strike the top of the building.

Those with a good sense would have figured it out.

That the lightning was never natural.

I glanced at them and said softly.

“Parter is dead.”

I threw the ring he was wearing in front of the mercenaries.

It was charred, but the shape remained and could be identified.

“It is our victory.”

For a moment, the atmosphere was buzzing.

Various emotions ran through the faces of the mercenaries, but no one spoke first.

Starting with someone, the mercenaries began to bow their heads.

And he did not raise his head for a long time.

It was not difficult to recognize that it was a kind of expression of respect.

I bowed my head and took a step towards the mercenaries lined up.


It was still raining.

The real storm had not yet begun, I knew.

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