A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 91

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 91

091. Rumors (2)

The door opened and a little blonde face appeared.

“It looks like you are still very busy.”

Estelle poked her head out and went inside and closed the door.

Then he walked over to the sofa in front of the desk and sat down.

“I’ll have to stay like this for a few more days before I have time to catch my breath.”

It was the third day after the war ended.

He fell asleep and concentrated on his work.

“You can’t handle it alone, but give it to your subordinates.”

“No one likes business affairs.”

“You say you are a perfectionist.”

“It is much faster to do it alone than to leave it to the middle-aged.”

“… I can’t respond. Seeing that all the papers piled up when I came in yesterday were gone.”

She looked shrugged.

A beige cardigan over it stood out.

It was the exact same color as the one I usually wear, but the fabric was subtly different.

“I bought clothes.”

“uh? How did you know?”

“It’s clothes I haven’t seen before, so it’s not like I bought something new.”

She opened her eyes and said nothing.

Then he smiled and spoke in a calming voice.

“what. Did you care about everything I usually wear?”

“… … .”

Strictly speaking, it is because of his memory that he can’t forget what he’s seen once, but he didn’t respond because the story got too long.

Instead, he said something else.

“If you want something, buy it. Not just clothes, but anything.”

She had been given a card with a high limit.

However, she was still clumsy in consumption.

No money was spent except for essential items or small luxuries for relaxation such as clothes.

“When I walk around the streets, there are a lot of things I like, but I don’t even think about buying them. I must have been tainted by you. You don’t buy anything but essentials. If you have that much money, you will have greed that you didn’t have.”

A lot of money went out due to the acquisition of the facility and the maintenance of the mercenaries, and it was going to continue.

However, there was still enough money left to indulge in luxury.

Even if not, in units of 1 billion shillings.

“Money is only a means, not an end. The same goes for things.”

“You sometimes sound more religious than me.”

Estelle came with a gun.

He came behind me and looked down the street through the glass wall.

I slowly turned my head and looked at the same place as her gaze.

“Certainly, more and more people are on the streets with each passing day.”

Citizens were walking through the streets in the sunlight.

Many shops and stalls have also reopened.

With a low noise, the cars moved slowly on the road.

A landscape that can be said to be peaceful.

Away from the aftermath of the war, the city was regaining its daily life.

There were also citizens who were wary of their surroundings and kept an eye on them.

He was worried about robbery or pickpocketing, which he usually wakes up to.

However, he soon realized that the streets were safe and walked around the streets more lively than before.

Security was in a much better state than before the war, even temporarily.

As if there was not a single cloud left where the storm had passed.

“It’s like looking through a wall. From there, the security bureau manages it directly, so the atmosphere on the street is exactly like this.”

Her gaze was raised.

Beyond the outskirts of Area 47.

the end of the horizon.

A faint line stretched out horizontally from a distance that no dust could measure.

In this world, each numbered section had a shape extending outward, enclosing the capital in a circular band.

Darts target board.

Or like the concentric circles of a tree ring.

What we were seeing was the ‘first wall’ surrounding the 20th division.

The ‘second wall’ again encloses the 10th division and the ‘third wall’ encloses the capital, and its height and scale doubled as it went inward.

“People say they roam the streets without worries even at dawn.”

“to? Have you never been? In an organization like the Blue Serpent, because of various things… .”

“none. So did the other officers. It’s a difficult place to get in and out of in the first place. Bama, who was in charge of smuggling, was able to enter thanks to the ID the boss gave him.”

The ‘first wall’ was the ‘first boundary’ that separated people’s identities.

“There is no such thing as a slum beyond the wall.”

“Slum… . Right. It is a place where only the upper class can live in the first place.”

Her eyes were somehow immersed in emotion.

Hearing the word slum, he seemed to recall his childhood.

After a moment of silence she said.

“After some time passes, the security here will get worse again, right?”

“Where people gather, crime is unavoidable. The police outside the wall have given up their functions, so it will not be deterred either.”

“… It would be nice if everyone could live peacefully like the people inside the wall.”

The church bells rang from afar.

I looked at her back and said.

“It will be like that for the people of this city.”


den- den-

The bell sounded like she couldn’t hear me properly.

“What is it? I think you just said something.”

“It is nothing. Wouldn’t it be better not to go to the auction than that? Since it is a material that will be used as my own equipment, I think it would be better to see it with your own eyes.”

Mithril’s upcoming entry.

It had been sent to an auction house in another district.

“it’s okay. I’ve done all the verification at the auction house, so there’s no way fakes will come out, and something could happen to you while you’re away, so I’ll have to stay by your side.”

She showed a tendency to stay close to me as much as possible by reducing the radius of action.

It was like that before, but even more so after this war.

‘It must be dissatisfying that I continue to use catalysts and magic crystals.’

Although he doesn’t show it on the outside, he can tell by looking at his often hardened expression and reading books such as ‘Types of Catalysts and Coping with After Effects’.

The lifespan of the circuit is steadily decreasing.

Right now, it will end with short-term sequelae, but in the long run, definitely.

‘It’s still fine. In addition, the circuit level increases, so there will be fewer situations in which we have to rely on catalysts in the future.’

Calculations were still within the acceptable range.

At least until you reach your goal, you should have no problems using the circuit.

“Are you planning on staying here for a while?”

I nodded my head slightly.

I was thinking of deciding what to do after seeing the next move of the boss.

“Parter is dead.”


communication two days ago.

There was no other reaction from Bama to the end of the war.

I didn’t know if it was because I was at a loss for words or because it was the result I had expected.

“Escape the security bureau, return to the hideout, and wait. The boss will give you an order soon.”

“It’s obvious. It must be an order to purge the traitors.”

I thought it was certain that the boss would move the remaining two executives.

However, due to his cautious nature, he would not immediately issue an attack order.

In fact, there has been no significant movement towards Area 47 over the past three days.

The boss’s personal troops also exist.

But writing them would be the last resort.

“The next communication will be immediately after the boss’s order has been issued. Until then, keep contact to a minimum. The next clue about my sister will be provided at that time.”

“… Whatever you want.”

It was a surprisingly gentle reaction.

Before ending the communication, I smirked.

「If you are looking for a way to cancel the oath magic, I recommend Clidman’s thesis ‘On the nullification of the oath and punishment’. I don’t know if you can understand.”

It was a word that predicted what the guy was going to do around that time.

The communication was finally terminated with the appearance of the guy frowning for a moment.


Then the light on the speaker on the desk came on.

When I pressed the button, I heard the voice of the desk staff on the first floor.

─A guest has arrived.

“Who is it?”

—That’s the police chief. I checked my ID and I remember seeing your face before.

“Are you alone?”

─There are several. Although in plain clothes, they all appear to be subordinates.

Police Chief of District 47.

I thought it was time to approach slowly.

Rumor has it that Cain has returned.

It’s only been a few times that I’ve dispelled the magic and showed my face in person.

It was only a fleeting moment of the moment I met Parter.

Nevertheless, there were people who saw their faces, and rumors spread profusely.

He did not try to put him to sleep, and the rumors were large enough to even reach the ears of the police.

‘It can be seen as a confirmation that an investigation is coming out of the Public Security Bureau.’

So the chiefs are worried.

I fear that the reality of the city, which has been well hidden so far, will be exposed to the surface of the corruption they have committed.

Maybe I was impatient because my side didn’t contact me first.

“Put them all up.”

—Yes, I understand.

Press the button to end communication.

“Would it be okay? Should I face the police in person?”

“No worries. Rather, they are the ones who have numb my feet.”


It wasn’t long before a knock was heard.

-The chief has arrived.

I opened the door by turning the handle using “Spirit Copper”.

Surprised faces appeared at the door that opened by itself.

“Come in.”

There were a total of six.

Two middle-aged men who appear to be of some age and four relatively young police officers in their mid-to-late thirties.

They entered the office without breaking their boundaries.

“You have worked hard on your way. I should have been there first, but I couldn’t because I had a lot of work to do.”

When I asked for a handshake in a friendly manner, the two middle-aged men looked relaxed.

Soon, I gained confidence.

As if you knew you would do something like that.

“Only those who have cases. Nice to meet you.”

After shaking hands, they took out their business cards and handed them to me.

Names and communication codes were written along with the titles of police chiefs in District 46 and District 47, respectively.

and looked at me

They were waiting to introduce themselves or give them business cards with them.

It was funny.

Those who could not even see the hem of their clothes during the war appeared all over the place.

I turned around with a smile on my lips.

They walked first without doing anything and saw me sitting at the top of the table.

“Sit down and talk. Because I hate standing there.”

I crossed one leg in an arrogant position.

The two chiefs sat down in their seats with uncomfortable glances.

The police officers who followed stood behind them.

Estelle stood behind my back, folded her arms, and looked at them.

“First, I want to make sure the rumors are true.”

Left, the chief with glasses said.

His gaze was on my face from the moment I entered the room.

It would be a comparison with Cain’s face he had seen on a wanted badge or in the police department’s database.

However, no matter how hard they looked, ordinary people could not see through the face that had been changed by magic.

The police in the back also activated the circuit to reveal that they were a mana user, but they were all close to level 2 or so.

This too was funny.

The act of exposing the circuit was, on the contrary, announcing that they were nervous.

“Rumors, what kind of rumors are you talking about?”

“Yeah, there were rumors. This war is not a battle between the Blue Serpents and Puttyland, but a civil war between the Blue Serpent officers.”

“It’s interesting. I think we heard similar stories from our members.”

was silent for a while.

I opened my mouth at the moment when the other person couldn’t stand their impatience and was about to say something.

“You think of me as an executive named Cain.”

“… … .”

“Not much is known about the Blue Serpent executives. The chiefs who are ‘police’ must know better than a former mercenary like me.”

I accentuated the two letters for police.

They trembled momentarily at the cold voice.

“I’ve only heard the names of executives at best. It was the first time I saw Parter during this war.”

“Huh, hmm, yes. Rumors are always inflated and misleading, right?”

I wouldn’t have believed the rumors to be true in the first place.

Officer Cain was imprisoned in a prison in Oji with a broken tendon.

Then he got caught in an explosion and died.

At best, that’s the amount of information that can be read by the position of chief.

There was one reason for the faint relief on their faces.

If only I was ‘Cain’.

Because the extent to which investigators are talking about the case will be so great that it cannot be compared to when it is simply a ‘fight for interests between two organizations’.

“Can I see you as the head of an organization called Putilland?”

“There is a person in charge, but you are free to tell me. I will pass it on to you later.”

“Anyway, I have a feeling that the war is too big.”

“The other areas were covered by small skirmishes that we managed to cover. But the war in District 47 has already spread as word spreads.”

“We are aware of it.”

“They say that Blue Serpent executives also appeared in Area 41. Since the Special Forces of the National Security Agency had been dispatched, they must have heard the war fought here as well.”

they vomited

As if trying to convince me.

“As you may know, the police officers in the National Security Agency are very different from the police officers stationed in the district.”

“I heard that all members are made up of high-level mana users, so they are a group that chases big crimes and organizations.”

“okay! You know exactly!”

As I showed signs of sympathy, their eyes began to glow more and more.

“Even so, our working-level staff is also preparing countermeasures. We didn’t expect the war to be this big. The members of the gang are disguised as employees of a general business and are all dispersed.

“Don’t worry. We can help.”

“help… mean?”

“okay. We are not as good as the high-ranking officials who come and go in the capital, but we are also powerful people in our own way.”

“An organization called Fertilland is not yet registered in the Police Agency’s database. Even if the investigator comes out, if the chiefs of the 40th Division kiss each other, the investigation will not last very long.”

“Honestly, I was relieved to see that you were not Cain. If it were, the security bureau would have swamped the city and turned it into a wasteland.”

I pretended to ponder for a moment, and in the meantime they looked at me.

“good. If you can help, there is no reason to refuse.”

“okay! Isn’t life in the world all about helping?”

They chuckled.

I, too, laughed a little at that.

“Then when the investigators come out, I will trust you two. Thank you for coming.”

I opened the door with “Yeomdong”.

The moment they saw the wide open hallway, their expressions hardened.

“The next guest will be arriving soon, so I think you have to leave the room. Please return carefully.”

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