A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison Chapter 96

A Genius Wizard Who Escaped From Prison 96

096. Supreme Security (1)

Seeing my changed face, Estelle flinched.

“… Is it an old face? Different from before?”

I got up and walked over to the mirror.

A middle-aged man with light brown hair and a wrinkled face was staring at me.

Overall sharp impression.

I changed my voice and said.

“Can you sense the magic?”

She came over and looked at my face.

I open my eyes and stare at each other with wide open eyes.

“You used magic, right? Can’t you feel any mana?”

Naturally, mana users can sense mana.

Opponent’s active mana circuit.

Mana manifested outside the body.

Magic in action.

The situation changes slightly depending on the level of the opponent, but they are basically detectable elements.

‘If there is something difficult to detect, the degree of magic that has been engraved.’

This is because the elements have already finished bonding and are solidified in a state similar to ‘solidification’.

However, through the purification of mana, the ‘activation’ of general magic also becomes difficult to detect.

‘When it goes through refining, the color of the element fades, and at the same time, the existence itself becomes pale.’

Even if you go up to the 3rd level of refinement, it is difficult for a normal level mana user to detect mana.

Of course, making a surprise attack using tablets during battle is only possible when several conditions are met.

In normal cases, the basic target of refining is mana that is ‘released outside the body’, and enemies who feel the mana being refined will take precautions.

However, if it is a maintenance type of magic that can be used in a place where the enemy cannot see it, the story is different.

If that is not the 3rd stage of refining, but 4th stage or higher.

“what. How did you do it? Before, when I got closer, I could feel the mana, so I could tell it was magic.”

It cannot be detected with a simple sense of smell.

It was thought that even with specialized equipment, magic could not be revealed.

They must have been made with the assumption of ‘three-step refinement’ revealed in the worldview to the last.

“Good luck. If you don’t notice it, other mana users of any level will do the same.”

“Isn’t that the same principle as when we set fire to the library?”

The touch was good.

She looked at me intently and said playfully.

“If it’s not like this, can I walk it too? I used to think that I wanted to change the eyebrows and the corners of my lips a little bit.”

There was no big crowd to maintain the magic.

After reaching circuit level 3, the quality of the circuit improved, and it wasn’t too much of a burden until the 4th stage of refining.

However, it was a waste to spend mana that did not have to be used.

Anyway, she was going to send her to the smithy in Area 62 for weapon crafting.

“I don’t think there is any need to use magic.”

She looked slightly perplexed.

“uh? uh? That’s right? It’s not a lie, it’s the truth. So are you perfect now? really?”

“… … .”

Ignoring her words, I started working on the paperwork.

* * *

A few hours later, three vehicles arrived on the outskirts of Area 47.

Four men got off the first car, four more men from the second car, and a woman and a man from the last car.

There were a total of 10 people, all in plain clothes.

“Segment the area and start exploring. I’ll go see the chief right away.”

“I understand, Inspector.”

Nine plainclothes officers were scattered inside the area.

Their superiors lifted their heads and looked upwards.

Far in the distance, towering clock towers and high-rise buildings were seen above the landscape.

“… Five years?”

When I was just assigned as a freshman.

Haven’t been to this place since then.

According to reports, there were no incidents or accidents, and an appropriate level of security was maintained.

But I knew.

All of them are reports of some degree.

Due to the nature of the special task force wandering the continent depending on the mission, it was impossible not to know the reality of each area.

‘But I don’t know if Parter’s stronghold was here.’

I expected it to be somewhere between the 50’s or 60’s.

Just like the main strongholds of other large organizations.

Obviously, the evidence so far has been the same.

Then one question remains.

Was the chief of the police station in District 47 unaware of this fact?

If it was the site of Parterre’s activity, it should have been a clue in some way.


She captured the boiling emotions and stepped into the area.

Before long, a smell stung his nostrils. It was the smell of a slum.

Unwashed laundry hanging on a line.

Wastewater from the sewer.

Dust rising from unpaved ground.

The musty smell that all of them mix together.

In other words, it was the smell of crime.

Human malice towards each other flows down the slope of wealth, which is originally inclined, and accumulates from the bottom.

“Let me ask you something.”

“Oh, I don’t know, I don’t know. I’m busy right now.”

As soon as the villagers passing by, they became terrified and ran away.

“… … .”

It was somewhat of an expected reaction.

Because slum residents tend to be very wary of others.

When I looked around, I saw the residents who were glancing at them with wary glances towards this side.

His neat appearance, upright gait, and a scabbard at his waist.

Of course it will be because of that.

A sign that the inhabitants of the slum cannot easily have or imitate, indicating that they are foreigners.

However, to explain it alone, their vigilance felt stronger than usual.

‘Is it because it was right after the war was over?’

To say that the city is out of town is the same as saying that the police are out of reach.

It is unclear whether the district police were functioning during the war, but it was clear that at least they must have been more fearful than the residents of other streets.

“… … .”

When I was a freshman, I used to go out to the field with a shabby appearance on purpose to investigate.

But the people of the slums saw through like a ghost that they were not locals.

“People who live well like you have a different smell.”

He couldn’t imitate them.

Just like they can’t imitate themselves.

After realizing that, they decided to build trust by buying favors with things or money they could covet, or by helping them.

However, the identity of the police should not be exposed because they are full of distrust and fear about the existence of the police.


Just as I was taking a cigarette out of my pocket as a favored item, gunshots rang out from the side of the shopping mall.

Her body moved before consciousness.

We arrived at the scene at a speed that could be said to have been fired.

“Look what! I saw you!”

“If you don’t want to die, turn it all off!”

There were three men in masks.

One was pointing a gun at the owner in front of the kiosk in the general store, while the other two were entering the store and coming out with a safe.

Although there was a little distance, it was possible to subdue the man in front of the stand before shooting.

It seemed like it was time to find the owner and proceed with an inquiry to him.

There is an informant on standby at the west side, but the information gathered at the site may be different.

At that time, she grabbed the handle of the sword that had been landed and was about to run away.

bang! bang! bang!

Against expectations, the gunshot rang out again.

But this time, the robbers didn’t shoot.

They had been pierced in the head by three bullets from somewhere.

Soon, a group of men armed with the latest equipment from head to toe appeared, and she was bewildered.

‘Police, no, soldiers?’

Police officers are trained to shoot at their wrists and ankles first when they need to subdue an opponent with fire.

Judging from the fact that he killed the opponent in the first shot, he was not a police officer.

He wasn’t even the emperor’s soldier.

They do not leave the capital easily.

‘That mark… .’

Her gaze was on the markings on the equipment the men were equipped with.

Two crossed guns and one shield as background.

It was a sign I had never seen or heard of in person.

While she panicked, the men collected the body and cleared the scene and disappeared.

As I looked around, I saw residents just like myself who stopped in surprise.

However, most of them turned around and headed their own way, as if it was a somewhat familiar sight.

* * *

The chief’s office.

“Oh, you had a hard time coming here.”

The chief of the police in District 47 treated Zerbia in embarrassment.

But behind the sullen smiley face, he had other thoughts.

‘When I heard that a bitch with a lower rank than me wore a jacket, I lifted my head… .’

Her rank itself was not on the high side as a lieutenant.

However, the position she held was not to be ignored.

A special task force that only those with proven skills can enter, even within the National Security Agency.

Among them, the most talented people are in charge of Unit 0.

Moreover, now that she is also acting as a kind of inspector, I had no choice but to keep an eye on it.

Zervia, who looked around the office once with a cold gaze, turned to the chief.

“… … .”

“… haha.”

The chief sheds an awkward smile with a stiff posture.

Actually, there wasn’t much to ask.

The information was handed over to the informant who had arrived first, and the overall situation had already been grasped.

Also, when I reached the middle-class street, I was able to hear some stories from the residents.

A war broke out.

Parter was defeated,

Putilland sold all the captured facilities and land and disappeared.

After taking a small deep breath, she parted her lips.

“Why didn’t you report immediately when a war between organizations broke out?”

“Wow, I thought it was a trivial dispute as usual. Because there are too many of them to include in the report one by one… .”

“Even when the scale of the war grew, there would have been enough time to report.”

“Yeah, that’s what we meant to do, but our communications facilities were broken during the war. You must have seen it on the way up.”

The chief’s words pointed to a communications building on the premises of the police station.

The communication building was completely charred, leaving only traces of it.

“It was their terror. It was deliberate and rushed. The purpose was to prevent the intervention of outside police. We tried to defend ourselves, but… .”

The chief felt his palms drenched with sweat.

The bombing of the telecommunication building was ordered by himself for excuses.

“After that, I couldn’t afford to contact outsiders at all. “It’s about clearing the scene of the fighting and rescuing civilians.”

I thought it was a well-structured excuse, but the inspector’s eyes were cold.

‘Let’s just go ahead, please.’

The chief lowered his gaze and wiggled his toes, begging and begging.

At that moment, I was awakened by the voice I heard.

“Did you really not know that Area 47 was a major parterner base?”

“Not at all! I had no idea! Had I known that a heinous criminal like you was hiding, I would have taken action sooner!”

The chief complained of his injustice until he got up from his seat and hit the table.

“The Inspector-sama is suspicious of me right now.”

“All right. For now, it will pass.”

In fact, he had already hardened his heart.

Because physical evidence is needed for punishment, I was thinking of skipping unnecessary conversations right away.

She said as she glanced out the window.

“Militants were roaming the streets.”

The chief was hot.

There was a certain amount of guesswork about their identities.

‘In case an investigation comes out, the organization must have been laundered by a security company.’

If the guess is correct, he should never have revealed their identities.

That’s because the commander has in his hands the weaknesses of the chiefs of each district.

“I saw it too.”

The chief took a deep breath and then said.

“It started showing up a while ago, but we are still investigating, so we don’t know much.”

* * *

Zervia left the station and wandered the streets again.

‘In the end, you’ll have to figure it out yourself.’

The chief seemed to be hiding something.

However, it was unlikely that any further information would come out.

The affiliation of the militants roaming the streets was not difficult to find out through interrogation.

「Supreme Security」

‘It started appearing in Area 47 a few days ago. It doesn’t deviate much from the point at which the war is over.’

As a result of a database search, it was an organization that had just been registered as an actual corporation.


She opened the papers.

It was a recent change in ownership of land and buildings in District 47.

‘Buildings and land in the names of multiple owners have been passed on to companies at a lower price than the market price.’

It smelled.

The smell of planned crimes that many organizations and groups must have concocted.

‘First of all, this company called Supreme Security.’

That was then.


A man patted her on the waist and passed.

The wallet that had been slightly protruding out of the pocket of his coat had disappeared.

“… … .”

It was just an ordinary pickpocket.

However, I didn’t notice it because I was concentrating all my attention on the paperwork.


With a small sigh, she raised her head to chase after the pickpocket.

And I was surprised to see the scene unfolding before my eyes.

The wrist of the pickpocket holding the wallet was caught in the hand of a man wearing a coat.

In that state, the pickpocket was floating in the air with his wrists raised.

She made eye contact with the man in the coat.

Middle-aged with light brown hair.

His gaze was fixed on him.

“… … .”

“… … ?”

the center of the city.

One afternoon when the sun shines through the windows of a building.

It was in front of the entrance to a high-rise building.

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