Beat the Boss Mob chapter 76

76 - Four Steps, Truly

76 – Four Steps, Truly

Just, Just, Just―


Seria was biting her nails, unable to hide her nervousness.

She is the kind of woman who never showed a sign of nervousness no matter how many monsters came to her.

Wouldn’t it be a big surprise if others saw that Seria was so nervous.

But she can’t help it. For now, even if she is that Seria, she can’t help but be nervous.

Enlil came to the academy, went into my room, and went to see what he left behind.

He said that if he felt like dying even after seeing it, he would not stop himself.

Of course this is a lie. Are you crazy? To let Enlil go like that?

I’ll hold on unconditionally. It will definitely dry out. I will make you stay in the world.

Is there anything more foolish and miserable than taking one’s own life?

It is absolutely not impossible to not know her sorrow, pain, and regret.

But, still. Can not be done. Didn’t Leone tell her to live?

Seria herself hates Leone. She really hates All the way she is, she is a bad bro.

Still, he wanted Enlil to live. And he wants it too.

Now, if Enlil wasn’t sick anymore, she does. No, she does, even if she is sick, if she lives.

That was the only wish of a poor man now gone.

Because it was his only prayer after seeing all those sad stories.

‘… Why are you not coming out? Anxiously.’

Perhaps he killed himself in the middle of seeing that?

No way. No matter how much, Sister Enlil could not do that….


Apart from the thought, Seria’s feet were already running.

I don’t think so. No way. Please. You can’t do that You can’t do that. Sister.

That’s against the rules. Do not do that. Don’t break me Don’t make me see the tragedy twice.

“Ha-jaw, ha-jaw!”

Seria, who opened her door and stepped inside, let out a sigh of relief.

Enlil sat down in her seat. With tears all over her face.

Holding a letter tightly in her hand, as if it were my only hope.



“Are you okay?”

She cautiously approached Seria and sat next to Enlil.


“Yes, sister. I am here.”

“I-I now… What should I do… ?”

Across unstoppable crying, between uncontrollable sadness.

Enlil barely uttered a word, alas, alas. She did and she sighed.

“I killed that person with my own hands… I didn’t know anything… He loved me so much… Me too, I loved that much… He is no longer in this world….”

“Sister Enlil….”

“By the way, but… Salani. He must live… How can I forget you… How can I ask this and live… Hate, hate i really hate you Leone. I really, really hate you….”

She didn’t have the confidence to listen anymore. At this rate, my heart broke and I felt like crying.

Seria is slow, very slow. She tenderly, she hugs Enlil.

“It’s okay, sister. Are you okay. Everything is fine.”

“I hate you, I hate you… I want to see… I miss you so much… Because I love you. Because I love you so much….”

Pat Pattet―

Since patting the warrior’s back quietly, the saintess hugged the poor man tightly.

There was no way she could do anything about her. The world like this fate like this

“Now, I will never see you again… She couldn’t tell me she loved me… Very very… Whoops. Black… If only I had said that at the end… Like this, like this….”

“You did your best. That was what her brother wanted. I wanted just that. All for my sister. So, even for him. It will be hard, but it will hurt. It has to be okay.”

She cried. She leaves for liver. And she cried for those left behind.

It hurts, resents me, I want to see it, but it’s a nightmare I don’t want to think about.

I had no choice but to do it because I loved it, because it was for the sake of others, because I only looked at that person.

“Huh, huh….”

“What should I do? You….”

The hero spat out a long cry and poured out unstoppable tears.

The saintess hugged the poor man and continued to pat him. Consoling her, she struggled.

Even she forced herself to cry. Just with a heart for them.

The crying continued for a while. And for a very long time, the tears didn’t stop.

I’ll have to live on. You’d want it Sadness was not so easily erased.

Perhaps a little bit of time. No, it seemed like it would take a while.


After the tower fell, the world no longer needed heroes.

Everybody scattered, thanking for a future where no one had to die anymore.

Among them were not only candidates for warriors, but also those who taught them.

In this way, the Hero Academy was scheduled to fall asleep leaving behind a long history of 100 years.

Originally, that was correct. Power without purpose can erupt in strange directions.

It was right for everyone who had fulfilled their duty and destiny to return to their daily lives.

“… I didn’t know you’d come back here.”

So, how did I come back to this place again?

Former head instructor of the Warriors Academy. And for a moment, a bit of the head family security guard.

Then, Edmund is the man who will once again be in charge of the academy’s head instructor.

He stared blankly at the academy, which had returned after a year.

The name of the warrior academy no longer exists. Instead, it was named Continental Academy.

Of course, it is not a place to raise warriors. It is a place to nurture people who will make the world a better place to live.

If only unconditional force and unconditional mental education had been used before.

Now swords, magic, various administrations, music and literature, and even theology.

The world is teaching everything to take a step forward.

“Welcome, Chief Instructor Edmund.”


Seria approaches him with a smile.

Instructor Edmund, who had been greeting each other, exclaimed.

He is wearing clothes that cover her as much as possible, unlike her usual.

Perhaps it is her efforts for the academy’s students.

Perhaps she felt that gaze, Seria smiled.

“I can’t help feeling stuffy, but I have to put up with it for the sake of the students.”

“You have suffered a lot. You must be busy with church work.”

“It’s not as big as I thought. It’s better than when I was fighting demons.”

At Seria’s words, Chief Instructor Edmund also looked at him and smiled.

“I never thought this place would come back to life. I thought it would disappear quietly now that it has been around for over 100 years.”

“I was like that too, but someone said they really wanted to raise it.”

“It doesn’t sound bad. Preparing for the future is always important.”

The reason why the Hero Academy was changed to the Continental Academy was simple.

Preparing for another nightmare that may come in the future.

If the time comes and prepares urgently, there will be many things that will be lacking, so it is necessary.

Of course, it is difficult to promise a future that may come anytime.

Somehow, the intention may change and turn into goalless violence.

Therefore, efforts were made to transform it into a general educational institution.

“I heard that there was a lot of opposition. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong.”

“Yes. Fortunately, the place where I came in contact with the church was convinced by me, and the other places….”

From far away, I can hear students chattering.

Both Seria and Chief Instructor Edmund look there.

There, I saw the students of the academy and a person teaching them.

“I heard you did your best.”

“I suffered a lot. I struggled for days trying to convince those who thought that a military group was coming out for no reason. Now I don’t have a tower or a monster, but I’m wrapping my head again trying to get support from those who ask if it’s really useful. Ugh I helped, but it was really hard.”

At that, Chief Instructor Edmund had to laugh bitterly.

Humans are animals of oblivion. Although that oblivion is God’s true blessing.

It’s only been a year since the tower collapsed and the monsters disappeared.

I am afraid that we are already forgetting the warriors who died after fighting hard for over 100 years.

It’s sad to see how many people gave their lives to save the world.

I wish I could show signs of preparing for something that could happen again at any time.

Fortunately, that person over there. The warrior succeeded in persuading them.

It is said that those who know more and learn more will bring the tragedy to an end sooner.

“Lord Enlil! I-I don’t know! This is too difficult!”

“You said it was a mana technique, right? It’s difficult and the risk is great… Is it really that great? I do not know. It’s difficult and I don’t understand….”

“Let’s go to sleep. Dear students. I understand. Because I was like that at first too. But once you learn it properly, you will see a completely different person.”

With a warm smile, Enlil comforted the students and suggested that they try again.

As he once was with him, now he himself is a teacher.

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