Became a Villain in Romance Fantasy chapter 37

Became a Villain in Romance Fantasy 37

37- A saint is also a human being

“Ah, hing, ek, black!?”

Lucia must have been quite taken aback, and a strange chooimsae she had never heard before flowed out of her mouth.

“What are you talking about!”

“It’s literally. I’ve been liking you for a long time.”

Now Lucia is upset, and she uses that as an excuse to go back.

She thought it was the perfect plan.

“That…But I’m also a saint.”

Until Lucia reacted like that.

I expected the reaction I would expect would be an angry slaughter, or a silent attack.

However, Lucia showed a completely different appearance.

She put her hand on her chest, not looking me in the eye like a normal girl in love with her.

“That… Lucia?”

It was when I felt something was wrong.

f*ck, Lucia’s head hit my chest. I lowered my head and looked down at her.

I could only see her with her head down.

When I called again, there was no answer, so she raised her head and looked at me.

The reddish cheeks created a strange feeling.

“Sit down.”

In this situation, she wasn’t saying to sit on the floor, but bent her knees and squatted down.

It was only then that our eyes met, telling me the difference in height between me and Lucia.

Lucia’s hands grabbed my head.

‘Are you trying to throw a knee kick?’

But it was different.

Lucia brought her face to me slowly and kissed her on the mouth.

The accident did not catch up.

It was only possible to have a comradeship. We passed the risk of death together.

But considering the way she looked from the start, the feeling she had towards me was close to disgust.

A kiss from Lucia.

It was an awkward kiss.

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That feeling itself was cute, but from the victim’s point of view, it was something subtle.

It could have been a simple joke, or it could have been sincere.

But I couldn’t leave it out. It just didn’t fit her personality.


I grabbed Lucia’s stiff waist. I could feel Lucia’s heart beating fast.

She held her head with one hand while holding her waist with the other and slowly stood up.

Lucia’s legs were off the ground, but she had enough strength to lift her up.

“All, all, you?”

Lucia looked flustered.

When I came in, I was free, but not when I left.

She stuttered her and kissed her.

It was a different kiss than just before.

Tongues and tongues mixed thickly, coveting each other’s lips.

-Chewup, Chup, Chook.

After her short kiss, he slowly put Lucia down.

Even though the kiss was over, she looked blank. Like a chick asking for food from a mother bird, Lucia was sticking out her lips to me.

When I put Lucia down, she sat down as if her legs were weak.

And after a while, she seemed to have finally come to her senses.

“What have you done!”

Lucia opened her door and left, stumbling out of her mind.

She thought that now she could finally go back.

It was undesirable to become a slave of the Holy Kingdom.

‘What should I ask Alice to do for me when I go back?’

I missed Alice’s cooking because only healthy food was served every day.

– Smart.

She thought it was an attendant to help her prepare to return at the sound of a knock, but

“Just die together.”

There stood Lucia holding an explosive magic tool that was about to explode.


“The saintess kissed first!”

The pope slammed his hand down with a hearty laugh, ‘ha ha ha’ as if it was so funny.

She sat next to me, Lucia, as if she were a sinner, with her head down and not saying anything.

She noticed something restless.

“So, is there any reward she wants for attacking the Sanctuary?”

She saw Lucia picking up items containing divine power in her spare time, and she said they were valuable items in the Holy Land.

“Not much.”

“Then how about this?”

As the pope gave the signal, the priests in the back came with a sword wrapped in cloth.

“You can check it.”

According to the pope’s words, the cloth was unwound.

It was a sword with subtle yellow lines drawn on a black background. It must have been the holy sword I used to fight enemies in Sanctuary.

“Isn’t it a holy sword?”

“That’s right.”

The holy sword was an object that symbolized a warrior and was treated as the finest treasure in the Holy Kingdom.

It was a problem because it was sometimes found in dungeons.

“Anyway, a sword engraved with dragon word magic cannot be used unless it is approved by the Dragon Lord.”

Looking around the sword, I noticed that there was a dragon written on it that I couldn’t confirm because I was distracted during the battle.

Rather than calling it a holy sword, it looked more like a demonic sword.

“Then take it. I’ll go back now.”

I stood up with my sword. It was time to go back alone.

“Wait a minute. But I have one more thing left for you.”

“What is it?”

It was tempting. In the yard where the holy sword was handed over, the Pope’s reward?

Sacred Power Buff max, Temple Healing Free Ticket, Pretty Goddess.

It felt like there was something odd about the example, but she was excited to see what she would get.

“As for the divine power, I’m going to dispatch one person who has the best talent in the Holy Land and is also proficient in healing arts to that territory. What do you think?”


The pope was bigger than I thought.

The manpower of the Holy Kingdom was not something that could be bought with money like the Mage Tower, but support for what they said was right.

“Thank you for the favor.”


I don’t know why Lucia reacted strangely again, but she felt genuinely grateful.

At the very least, I felt better because I thought I wouldn’t see the guy who was living in a guesthouse near me.

“Yes, saint.”


The pope said it went well, and gave Lucia a pat on the back.

Has a talent for divine power (because she is a saint), and is good at healing (because she is a saint).

It was true, but common sense made it strange.

“Don’t you know who I am?”

Imperial Laplace. Reputation is trash, force is strong.

It was strange to send a saint to a guy like this.

“Don’t worry. Even a saint seems to appreciate your skills, and a saintess who tries to rehabilitate people like you. Isn’t the picture pretty?”

“It’s not like that.”

“Our gods do not like lies.”

It was right after he said he liked me, so I had nothing to say.

“Among my servants, there is a necromancer. I don’t think he’ll fit well with a saint.”

Lucia, who comes as a dispatch, is a guest from my point of view.

Then it was said that she should sleep in the castle.

Cecil and Lucia. It was a terrible combination to think about.

“That’s right. It would be nice if we could edify him as well.”

The pope only showed a sly look.


I grabbed Lucia’s shoulder with her nuance to say something to her.


She just kept hiccupping.

Glaring at the laughing pope was the biggest protest I could make.


“What the hell were you thinking?”

On the way back to the manor, I stopped at a tavern and asked Lucia, who was sitting across from her.

If you got along with me, it was certain that Lucia’s reputation would be cut.

That kind of sh*t reputation wasn’t going to disappear just by posting a win or two.

“…That’s right.”

Because of her last kiss, Lucia, who was usually violent, disappeared everywhere, and she could see the calm Lucia.

She trembled for a moment, then drank the glass in front of her in one go.

It was the glass I ordered.

It was a body that raised resistance to curses and then to resistance to poison.

I knew I couldn’t get drunk with moderate alcohol, so I ordered an extremely strong alcohol.

And it was Lucia who usually lived a restrained life.

“Dah~ you!”

I wonder if it’s different. Lucia slammed her glass on the table, screaming her unfocused eyes.

All eyes were focused on this direction at once.

“Not interested in me every day!”

Bang bang, Lucia slammed her glass on the table in quick succession. Tears began to well up in her eyes.

The shop owner approached with a troubled expression on her face, so she handed over 5 pieces of gold.

“I will calculate the share of everyone here.”

5 Pieces of gold was enough to buy 50 of these tables, even after paying for the food.

“Please feel free to enjoy!”

The owner went into the kitchen showing a bright color.

Weird noises were heard all around.

“You’re a big brother!”

“Effective~ love fight?”

“Let’s drink and die!”

Despite the reaction of those around her, Lucia silently screamed.

“Really, is having small breasts a problem!?”

Someone said, ‘I rather like it’, but I ignored it.

“Saints are people too!”

After the glass hit the table about 10 times, the table started to crack.

“You seem very drunk. Let’s go upstairs.”

Since it was a bar that also served as a lodging, I had already booked a lodging.

“Just like you stole my first one, I’m sure he’ll be brutal this time too!”

Lucia, struggling as she was dragged up by me, said a word,

In an instant, the eyes around me grew cold.

I am the victim…

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