Became a Villain in Romance Fantasy chapter 38

Became a Villain in Romance Fantasy 38

38- Subdue Thieves

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“I’ll go up after that.”

I pulled Lucia’s shoulders as she expressed ‘I was drunk’ with my whole body.

However, it was not Lucia who would follow me.

“Am I so easygoing? Since the last time we met, you’ve been ignoring me!”

No matter how small a woman she is, Lucia, who has already gone through dozens of battlefields, is fiercely resisting.

She couldn’t easily drag her along.

Occasionally, a picture of a Chihuahua floating on the Internet came to mind.

“Let’s go up and talk.”

“Huh? You’re touching the saintess’s body right now!”

I tried to calm myself down for a moment, but at that moment someone came in with a rough kick at the door.

It was a group of five people, all armed with eccentricities.

“No seats?”

The youngest-looking man among them showed a condescending look and overturned a table nearby.

Of course, it was the seat where someone was eating.

I thought there would be a fight, but most of the customers in the store started to leave in a hurry.

I didn’t know what was going to happen, so I shut Lucia’s mouth.

“Hey, master, bring all the leftovers. The money is good today.”

Thump, the oldest-looking man tossed a sack that looked like it contained money on the table.

A fluid that appeared to be blood was seeping out.

“Boss, it’s been a while since I made a good deal.”

“I always told you, peddlers have escorts. You can target those traveling like this.”

What’s so funny about it is that the guys were laughing while talking about the last sightings of the travelers they had killed.

“What? She wants her wife to live because she’s going to die herself?”

“At that time, my older brother said, ‘I have a wife that I love too, so I’ll listen to that much.’ When he said that, the smoke was stifling.”

“A married woman who has lost her husband is the most delicious thing in the world.”

“Ahhh… You change the things you like about married women.”

“Anyway, aren’t we going to eat again when we go back to the hideout?”

Looked like a bandit.

That’s also bad quality.

The moment I thought I should send Lucia upstairs and deal with it.

One of the guys pointed a finger at us.

“Hyungs, the girl’s body is a little over there, but isn’t her face very smooth?”

“He has a bit of a manly face. He looks like he has some money.”

“If I were a married woman, I would eat first.”

A giant man walked slowly and stood in front of us. At 190cm tall, I had to raise my head.

“The woman stays, and you give out everything you have and jump out. It’s done in 10 seconds.”

The man started counting to 10 seconds.

If I didn’t escape inside, the club in the man’s hand was certain to point at my head.

He stretched out his hand to the waist holding the sword.

The man seemed to think that he was about to put down his sword, so he showed a happy expression.


Even though I pulled out my sword, the man’s expression did not change.

With a satisfied expression, I kicked the head rolling on the floor and moved it to the side.

A large body approaching 2m collapsed, and a dull sound rang out.

The faces of the four people who were s*xually harassing Lucia at their seats were crumpled.

“You bastard!”

Club, Scythe, Hooked Gauntlets, Chakram.

Seeing her pull out all the seemingly useless weapons, she felt sorry for her for a moment.

As I poured some mana into the sword, the dragon engraved on the blade began to glow brilliantly.



A man stabbed in the stomach let out a painful moan.

It was amazing to see him writhe in pain.

I couldn’t understand how the guys whose business was killing people were so hurt by their pain.

“Where is the hideout?”

“Will you… Say that?”

I wonder if he’s the boss of the thieves. The man did not open his mouth easily.

I twisted my sword.

“Back, back mountain! There’s a big rock there, go over it and you’ll find it.”


I twisted my sword once more.

“The password is ‘I don’t like alcohol today’.”

As I drew my sword, I wiped the blood from my eyes.

“Is it okay if I go now?”

As if he had accepted what he said as an affirmation, the man left alone grabbed the pierced belly and started walking out.


A spear of light pierced his head.

“Are you crazy enough to save a guy like this?”

Looking at the place where Lucia was, there were 2 dead bodies rolling around as she went that way.

It was the end of the guys who attacked the saintess who used divine power to exert absolute power against the wicked.

‘I was thinking of taking Lucia hostage.’

I wiped the blood from my eyes with my sleeve.

“Then are you sane?”

Basically, it was a divine power with the ability to purify, and alcohol was no exception.

“What is that…”

Lucia’s face turned red. She seemed to remember what she had done.

“Everything, isn’t it a problem because you ordered such a strong drink?”

“She’s a drunken saint, so this is a look that no one sees.”

Leaving Lucia alone and shy behind, she approached the owner of her shop, who was hiding in her kitchen.

“Sorry for not being able to help…”

She still couldn’t get out of the counter and looked trembling.

“I’ll pretend there was no accommodation. This is compensation.”

After taking out 10 more gold coins from the pockets they had brought, I headed for her entrance with Lucia.

“You are kind.”

“What do you mean?”



Let’s go to the place he said, there is a fort.

At this size, the guards in this village were not aware of it.

As for the problem, since it was a small village without a Knights, it seemed that the residents couldn’t do anything.


I knocked on the door at the entrance. A clap, the sound of arming was heard.

“I don’t like alcohol today.”

After I said the password, there was a moment of silence inside.

Then the sound of a conversation came in for a while.

“Is this the first time you hear a voice?”

“Let’s just open it, you must be a newcomer.”

“Then what if the Holy Knights came?”

“Don’t you remember the guys whose heads were broken by the boss for opening the door late?”

After about five minutes, the door slowly opened.

“New recruit? Where’s the boss?”

I tried to stab it with the sword I pulled out in advance, but the spear of light flew in first.

“It’s not like you, you’re acting so frustrating. Just sweep it away.”

The spears created above Lucia’s head flew towards the enemies. There were enemies who noticed and tried to escape, but they couldn’t be faster than light.

“What are you going to do with the hostages?”

“It’s okay. If you’ve never committed a meaningless murder, getting hit will only sting you a little.”

There was one thing I had forgotten for a while. Lucia is also a human from the Holy Land who wants to kill the evil person once she sees it.

If I hadn’t been the Duke of the Empire, I would have died the first time I met him.

As if trying to forget the shame of her drunkenness, Lucia mercilessly attacked.

After my sword pierced the heart of the last hiding enemy, I began to investigate the living quarters in earnest.

“By the way…It’s very spacious.”

“There will be hundreds of these guys living on the continent.”

No matter how circumstantial the thieves on the continent were, in the end, they were garbage-like guys who sided with the Demon King’s army.


Still, it wasn’t a problem with the Holy Kingdom.

The Holy Kingdom actively tried to solve the problem, but the exponentially increasing number of bandits was the problem.

‘Except for the empire… How many countries would normally pay taxes?’

It was a world that had already begun to open up. It wasn’t anyone’s fault.

As we entered the deepest room, naked women were tied up.

The women looked at me with bitter expressions, but then, seeing the blood on their swords, they spoke to me with slightly fearful expressions.

“Are you… A knight?”


From noble mtl dot com

At my answer, despair once again appeared on the women’s faces.

“It’s not an article, but that doesn’t mean you guys will continue to be held captive.”


“Follow me.”

I took the women out.

The sound of the hooves of the knights of the nearby temple, who arrived late after receiving a call from Lucia, was heard.


‘There’s nothing useful.’

After leading all the women to the knights, I searched the remaining places.

However, other than a small amount of money, nothing useful came out.

“You… Come and see.”

Lucia, who was searching alone, heard her angry voice.

As she entered the room she was looking at, there was a strong stench.

Nude corpses of both men and women filled the room.


Abusive words that I had only thought of inside came out of my mouth.

“…Aren’t they the same people as us?”

Lucia’s tightly clasped hands trembled.

“If you bury it in the ground, wild beasts will dig it up. Give it a ride.”


After swinging the sword once, a small spark formed.


“Are you back?”

When I opened the castle gate and entered, Sebastian was the first to greet me.

“The saintess next door…?”

“I’ll stay here for a while. Please guide me.”

While Sebastian guided Lucia, she changed her clothes and went down to her restaurant.

Alice’s ears, who seemed happy to see me after a long time, moved in different directions.

The moment she was about to eat the food Alice prepared.


The wall next to it was blown off.

As well as the table where the food was placed.

“Today, I will expose its true nature. Castle… No, prostitute.”

“Tea, whore? Are you talking to me?”

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