Became a Villain in Romance Fantasy chapter 39

Became a Villain in Romance Fantasy 39

39- why don’t you like me

“What else are they complaining about?”

I was expecting it.

They fought like they were going to die from the first meeting. I just wanted them to ignore each other, but I didn’t know it was that difficult.

“Master, when you returned, you didn’t find the girl first, so I’m very sad now.”

Cecil pushed Kael into the shadow as if she had never done that before, and she naturally came to me and embraced me.

The heat as if it had just been washed and the softness of a woman’s body rushed in at the same time.

“Master, I am always ready.”

Cecile’s hand started to go down my waist.

I was stopped by my hand before going further down than the bottom.

“You can’t be fooled. I’ll take care of that woman!”

What is the problem with Lucia? She was wearing only her underwear, not the means she normally wore.



My hand moved towards Lucia’s body, and her gaze followed.

Lucia’s face heated up in real time.

“What did I say? A prostitute, right?”

From Lucia’s usual behavior, it was clear that Cecil was playing a joke.

Cecile did not separate from me with a sly look.

“That, so this is… That woman comes in and attacks ‘get out of the castle for the master’…”

I roughly understood the situation.

Lucia was changing her clothes when Cecil attacked.

So the two of them overturned my table while fighting.


He grabbed Cecile’s hand and dragged him.

Cecil, in her role, put a pod in her hand.


I lifted Lucia up and put it on her side.

“Get out.”

I sent the two of them out through a door that had been left intact, not through a wall that had already been breached.

Cecile looked up at me with a dazed expression, and Lucia glared at me.

I was the most ridiculous. A normal meal eaten after passing the risk of dying several times.

A person who used to eat only the healthy food of the Holy Kingdom every day, finally overturned the table just as he was about to eat normal human cuisine.

“Let the two of you work out well.”

I closed the door and helped Alice clear the floor, which was already a mess. A small smile leaked from Alice’s face.

“What’s wrong…?”


This has happened before. Alice was cleaning something up, and I tried to help.

At that time, I still vividly remember the shocked and scared look, but now he was looking at me normally.

I grabbed Alice’s ear as she was looking at me with a question mark on her head.

“Hey, hey, lord?”

The upper part of the holding part moved around.

The overall impression was a strangely solid feeling. Should I say it’s a well-trained muscle?

‘It’s not what I thought…’

I wanted a little more soft feel.

Still, there was a unique elasticity that had the taste of grabbing something.


“I have fewer things to do today than I thought. Is there something wrong?”

After taking her in and helping her with her work, there was a certain feeling of ease.

However, right after returning from her holy kingdom, strangely, her workload drastically decreased.

It was less than half of the usual amount.

“Ah. That’s because of this.”

Cecile picked up a ‘thing that was human’ from the shadow and pulled it out.

In his hand were papers and a fan that I had to deal with.

I don’t know what the principle is, but it also came with a desk and chair made of shadows. But it disappeared soon

“That…What is this?”

It was a shadow with a body shape that seemed like it could be used even in a hypnosis app from the NTR genre. Occasionally there was a ‘boo-hi-hi’ sound.

I don’t know why I’m wearing glasses that makes me wonder where to use them.

“When the master wasn’t there, the lord of the county next door came up to fight.”


“The girl killed it.”

The next county was the Dickens family.

It wasn’t a family with strong knights like the Duke of Crown, but it was a family of merchants who grew in power from the Mithril Mine.

Of course, it was a small family by my standards, but it wasn’t a negligible size in the entire empire.

In times of war like now, Mithril’s monopoly was of great value.

“Are there any problems?”

“No? Rather, there was a female successor there, and she rather liked it.”

You like it?

He killed his father and made something like that?

“What do you mean by that?”

“It seems that his behavior has not been good. Maybe that’s why the county didn’t take it as a problem. And they said that they would supply Mithril to our territory.”

“In the imperial family?”

The supply of mithril was a huge boon.

However, even if she was a trashy countess, it was a big deal that she died.

It was not strange even if the imperial consul came to visit.

“They said they were sending someone, but there is no response.”

Cecile told me not to worry, but

“Your lord, a guest has come.”

I knew it would be like this.

With resignation, I followed Sebastian to the front door.

“Long time no see, Laplace.”

In front of him stood Angelica, holding a bottle of something expensive-looking.

“Did you come because of the Count’s problem?”

“That’s the same thing, but there’s an appointment from the other day, isn’t it?”


“I was supposed to have an after party on my birthday, but I ended up running away.”

While I was retrieving my memory, Lucia jumped out from behind me.


The way she ran to Angelica and hugged her was like her older sister and her younger brother. In reality, it was the opposite.

“Why is Lucia-sama here…?”

Lucia looked happy to meet her, but Angelica started looking at me with her interrogative eyes.


The picture came out exactly as I thought.

A battle of nerves between Angelica and Lucia and Cecil.

The figure of Alice caught between them and restless matched my expectations perfectly.

“Laplace. Wouldn’t it be okay if I sold that slave again soon? Can I introduce you to the merchant of the imperial family?”

“Oops, after breaking up the engagement, are you trying to pretend to be your fiancé?”

“That’s Laplace first!”

It was natural for any man to imagine being surrounded by women.

But it wasn’t really worth experiencing.

I was out of breath. It was difficult to distinguish whether the alcohol went into the mouth or through the nose.

The body continued to break down the alcohol, but it crammed it in at random.

Even if I drank, I couldn’t get drunk, but it was better than Alice or Lucia drinking and going wild.

I drank a new glass while watching the nervous warfare.



While I was prepping for tomorrow’s work, I got a headache.

It seemed like it couldn’t be disassembled until the amount exceeded the limit.

I staggered to the kitchen and drank a glass of water. It felt like my head was clear.

“It’s finally worth living.”

Tomorrow I’ll probably have to settle the issue with the county.

For that reason, I thought I’d have to stay up all night to finish my work.

As I was walking back to the office, Angelica, who wasn’t there before, collapsed on the floor.

I tried to pass as quietly as possible, but her Angelica’s hand grabbed my ankle.

“Do you have something to say?”

“Why are you just leaving?”

A smell came up that stung her nostrils.

Something was strange. In the original version, Angelica came out at a considerable rate.

I wondered why she was doing this because she was drunk.

“How much did you drink by yourself?”

Seeing how she chose the same room as Lucia, I expected the two of them to have a party.

But she thought that since Lucia was there, she wouldn’t drink.

“I’m not alone…Lucia drank with me.”

“Lucia won’t be able to drink enough?”

“Lucia had one drink and she fell asleep…”

It was a true injection that could not be compared to Alice and Lucia.

It was a common sight in front of the dormitory on Fridays during my college days.

“I’ll take you to your room.”

“I’m not going.”


“I don’t want to go. I want to stay with Laplace.”

First of all, I helped Angelica. Either take me to my room or take me to Lucia’s room.

I didn’t know what he would do if I left him here any longer.

Angelica is kind, nice, etc. She pressed her body against hers while making a strange noise.

“But why don’t you like me?”


“I always tell Laplace that I like it. Every day, I hate only me…”

Angelica’s tongue began to twist even more, and she suddenly burst into tears.

Little by little, blue water droplets trickled down, contrasting with her red eyes.

“Dad originally said that I didn’t have to get engaged to Laplace… But I said I didn’t like it. First, he said we should break it off.”

This time, he slammed his head into my chest while saying ‘I hate you’.

“There were circumstances.”

“Then do you like me?”

“…That’s good.”

I made a promise.

I will never let these four people drink alcohol.

I was curious about what Cecil would look like, but the appearances of the three people I had already seen made me bury it with simple curiosity.

“Are you sure?”


“Hee hee…”

It was up to me to deal with Angelica’s embarrassing expression the next day.

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