Breaking Up With the Heroine in an Otome Game chapter 70

Breaking Up With the Heroine in an Otome Game 70

70 – Awakening (1)


“Hmm. How does it feel to be kidnapped?”

Despite the seemingly beautiful smile on the surface, for Jin Soyeon, it was an unpleasant smile that made her furrow her brows.

The behavior of Sung Yura, asking about the forcibly kidnapped feeling, was truly bewildering.

Sung Yura, is she in her right mind?

What is she saying right now?

“Sung Yura, is she… what’s going on, why kidnapping?”

As someone who commanded active-duty heroes to forcibly kidnap Jin Soyeon, it was definitely not a trivial matter.

Why did Sung Yura go so far as to kidnap Jin Soyeon?

Is there some grudge?

“Sung Yura. What are you thinking? Why kidnap me…”

“The reason? Well…”

Sung Yura, as if pondering for a moment, tapped her lips with her index finger and smirked from side to side.

After a moment of playful gestures, Sung Yura, with a deep smile, puckered her lips cutely.

And then, she uttered an unexpected and absurd answer.

“Because of your childhood friend and ex-boyfriend?”


Kidnapped her because of Jinhyuk? What nonsense is this?


“Yeah, your ex-boyfriend gave me a hard time. So, I wanted to retaliate.”

Gave her a hard time?


What happened between them?

At this moment, it was impossible to know, but regardless, kidnapping and confinement constituted a serious felony.

Sung Yura, a current student at the Republic of Korea’s top Hero Development Academy, could not have engaged in such actions just because Jin Soyeon’s ex-boyfriend caused her trouble.

Once Sung Yura is calmed down, it’s necessary to find out what happened between them.

To ensure she doesn’t go down the wrong path anymore.

“Hey, Sung Yura. I may not know what happened between you and Jinhyuk, but I can help. So, stop this kind of thing. Kidnapping is a serious…”

“Why? Because it’s a serious crime? But what about this?”

Sung Yura chuckled strangely as if amused by something.

“I mean, I’m like a villain who commits crimes like having a meal. Kidnapping isn’t that big of a deal.”

“Ah, a villain?”

Jin Soyeon narrowed her eyes.

Seong Yura, a current student at Union Academy, a villain?

Normally, she would have dismissed it as a frivolous falsehood, but with the recent kidnapping, she couldn’t afford to think optimistically.

According to her words, Seong Yura might actually be a villain.

A villain, if she really is…


A fleeting moment passed through Jin Soyeon’s mind, a vivid memory of the attack by villains during the recent midterm exams. Security agents and students tumbled in all directions as four unknown villains attacked.

Jin Soyeon managed to hold her ground, but her injuries were serious enough that collapsing wouldn’t have been surprising.

If Lee Jinhyuk’s group had arrived a little later, she might have died.

The terrifying and fearful memory overwhelmed Jin Soyeon.

But she gritted her teeth against it.

It wasn’t in Jin Soyeon’s nature to tremble like a fool. Besides, she couldn’t afford to shake until Lee Jinhyuk calmed her down like a black-handed, long-armed monkey.

Jin Soyeon is an aspiring hero, an aspiring hero!

She didn’t want to show weakness in front of villains.

So, with an even more determined gaze, she glared at Seong Yura. Seong Yura, as if approving of that attitude, shrugged her shoulders and began to speak playfully.

“Want me to tell you something interesting?”


“The Union attack incident. Actually, I was involved too.”


Chuckling, Seong Yura patted Jin Soyeon’s shoulders a couple of times.

“The villains you were fighting? They were my subordinates. They fought pretty well, didn’t they? Almost as good as you’d expect from someone ranked 257th among the freshmen.”

“Sung Yura, you…!”

Did Seong Yura really intervene in that horrible incident?

In that dreadful carnage?

Jin Soyeon shouted her name with all her might, her body twitching.

If she hadn’t been restrained, she would have rushed at Seong Yura.

“Seong Yura! Do you know how many people got hurt because of you?! It’s only lucky that no one died, but it easily could have been a situation where it wouldn’t be strange if anyone died!”

“Ah, yeah. Honestly, it’s a bit disappointing. I thought some people would die, but nobody died. What’s up with that?”

“That’s not the point right now!”

Jin So-yeon was genuinely furious.

Despite maintaining a somewhat indifferent attitude despite her own kidnapping, Jin So-yeon couldn’t bear the thought that numerous people had shed blood due to Sung Yura.

She was far more sensitive to others being hurt than to herself being hurt.

Moreover, the Union’s attack incident was genuinely a serious situation.

It was almost a miracle that no one died.

“Jin So-yeon, don’t yell too much. I might make a mistake, you know?”


Sung Yura raised a smile as she gently lifted a sword, the sharp gift presented by Lee Jin-hyuk the previous night. She slowly extended the sword toward Jin So-yeon’s neck. As the pointed tip of the sword touched her skin, tiny droplets of blood began to trickle down.

The chilling sensation threatened Jin So-yeon. Even the slightest misstep could mean the blade severing her life.

However, Jin So-yeon, without paying heed to the dripping blood, simply stared back at Sung Yura with a calm gaze.

She would no longer be frightened.

Even in the face of a villain.

“That look in your eyes is impressive.”

Ah, that gaze, it appeals to me.

Sung Yura harbored a deep smile within her mind.

Even in a situation where a strike might happen any moment, that bold gaze and attitude are quite appealing. I wish to make her plead for mercy, begging for her life while trembling.

“If you keep staring like that, I might move my hand involuntarily?”



“If you want to stab, then stab, Sung Yura.”

With a knife at her throat and blood trickling down, Jin So-yeon’s audacious expression remained unchanged, daring Sung Yura to act.


Judging by that gaze, it doesn’t seem like it’s merely due to pride… Could it be she doesn’t actually think I’ll stab her because she’s a hostage? If so, I’ve misjudged you, Jin So-yeon. Hostage or not, I can harm anyone as I please.

“Jin So-yeon, you mean I can’t stab…”

“You’re planning to kill me anyway.”


“Once I’ve seen your face, there’s no intention of letting you live. So, don’t bother with any foolish acts; if you’re going to kill, then kill.”

Quite audacious, this one.

With such limited experience, it’s an unexpectedly bold attitude.

Well, it’s amusing when the whole body shivers like a bamboo in the wind out of fear. But there’s no hint of fear in the girl. Even for an adult man, in such a situation, one would usually swallow hard and discreetly assess the situation under the watchful eyes of Sungyura.

However, Jinsuyeon’s gaze was as calm as a lake.

Is it just a bluff?

It might be mere bravado, but Jinsuyeon does nothing more than gaze steadily at Sungyura’s face with unshaken eyes.

It’s becoming a bit interesting.

Because I’ve seen that gaze several times in the past.

A brilliant and upright gaze that never yields in any situation.

Even after enduring numerous pains and hardships, there’s a determination not to bow down.

Rather break than bend, is that it, Jinsuyeon?

‘I see.’

Sungyura chuckled inwardly.

Ah, in the old days too, there were quite a few who didn’t know their subject, yet insisted on establishing beliefs or pride, saying they wouldn’t submit to villains or that they would never forgive. Such nonsense…

They blabbered on, but a little torture and they would cry and scream like little kids throwing a tantrum.

Really pitiful, truly pitiful.

But Jinsuyeon, you’re different from those fakes, you know that.

It’s those eyes of yours.

Because I’ve seen them before.

‘Eyes. Yes, those eyes. They remind me of Loxanne.’

Those upright and confident eyes.

As they reminded her of Loxanne, who faced numerous hardships with confidence, Sungyura couldn’t suppress a feeling of delight.

“hehehe. More enjoyable than I thought. It’ll be a good pastime until Lee Jinhyuk arrives.”

Sungyura smiled mischievously and sheathed her sword.

“Kill? Why use such harsh words, Jinsuyeon? We wouldn’t treat a guest invited to our house so recklessly, would we?”

“These days, have you seen invitations being optional?”

“It’s rare to be invited, but I’m worried about refusing,” Seong Yura said, swinging the sword a couple of times gracefully.

The blood on the sword shimmered in the air.

“It’s a good sword, isn’t it?”

The feeling of smoothly cutting through the air is exceptional.

Unlike its plain design, you can tell it’s an excellent masterpiece.

“Jin Soyeon, do you know? How many villains your ex-boyfriend has cut down with this sword?”

“What nonsense again.”

Did Jinhyuk cut down villains?

It’s an unbelievable statement.

Jinhyuk is nothing more than an academy trainee.

He hasn’t encountered many villains, and he doesn’t have the ability to defeat them.

Jinhyuk’s practical skill score is at the bottom, the lowest. It’s absurd to think that Jinhyuk can defeat villains.

“Stop with the nonsense, Seong Yura.”

“Oh, really? You didn’t know anything, huh? You two were childhood friends for over ten years.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Well? Should we leave you alone with the joy of when you were childhood friends with him and played house? Your childhood friend will be here soon.”

Seong Yura glanced at the time.

The appointment time was almost up.

Has Jinhyuk arrived at the abandoned building in Gyeonggi Province? Unfortunately, the location Seong Yura told Jinhyuk was a trap. What awaited him there were numerous traps and Seong Yura’s subordinates.

Even if Jinhyuk is infamous in the underworld, it would be impossible for him to face so many people alone.

Moreover, considering the possibility that Jinhyuk won’t come alone, Seong Yura had arranged her forces generously.

She also entrusted the command to Beom Taekyeong, one of Seong Yura’s strongest subordinates.

Beom Taekyeong was Seong Yura’s left arm and a skilled fighter who approached the highest rank. Even though his skills might be far inferior after retiring due to injuries, it was certain that ordinary heroes would not be able to match him.

Whoever Jinhyuk brings, as long as they are facing Beom Taekyeong and the deployed forces, they should be able to handle it.

And, oh, they have an ace in the hole – Jin Soyeon, the hostage?

If the situation becomes unfavorable, they can use the hostage to threaten Jinhyuk.

So, if Jinhyuk falls miserably, show that scene to Jin Soyeon to make her face cry… Huh?

– Ring.

“Have we finally arrived?”

It seemed like a message from one of the subordinates.

Seong Yu-ra wondered whether Lee Jin-hyuk had come alone or brought others with him as she answered the call.

But looking at the caller ID, it seemed like a contact from the mansion’s security team?

Why would the security team suddenly call?

“What’s going on?”

“… Intruder! There is currently a man suspected to be Vittilante who has intruded into the mansion!”


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  1. Dagonsuznyx says:

    The villainess should be killed immediately. Just bash her head in until she dies and then some more

  2. Zhen Wu. Zhen Wu. says:

    It seems to me that the reason that vigilante appears in the reality and has not appeared in the game is because of the inventory since I could not track the sword due to the game’s inventory.

  3. Amunmu says:

    Vigilante morirá sin que nadie se de cuenta y luego todos pensaran que mc es vigilante?

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    Dammit. We can’t see how this situation plays out until the next update 😭

    It’s a good novel but I do dislike some aspects about the MC, like his weak combat power and the type of misunderstandings he creates. My vain hope is that he gets a proper power up such as an awakening, for example.

    The dynamic between the MC and Soyeon is definitely the highlight of this novel. It’s yet another rare instance where I wouldn’t mind the novel being a Pure Love rather than a Harem.

  6. Kyryuu says:

    Soyeon seguro cree que vigilante será su amigo de la infancia después de esto

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    Eh it’s fine enough. The pacing’s not that atrocious unlike some works that were praised as good by some people here but crumbles later. Yet. Though I do hope author author actually gave development to MC’s munchkin part soon and gave way to world building and other stuffs, as I’d hate if the misunderstanding tropes were painfully and artificially prolonged like just recently. That’s a yellow card in my eyes.

    1. I don’t think Author’s going to make him OP or munchkin or whatever… This novel mostly revolves around romance related drama.

      Even I don’t like reading novels with weak MCs.

      1. simplethrone says:

        It’d be stupid not to as the buildup was mainly that.

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