City of Backstreet Nymphs chapter 107

107 - 107 – Ninjas suddenly appear! # 4

107 – 107 – Ninjas suddenly appear! # 4

107 – Ninjas suddenly appear! # 4

The nymphs spewed water with great water pressure from their mouths.

Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo -.

Truly a waterfall.

As the nymphs joined forces and spewed out water, the ninja’s flames were powerless and went out.

“Are you saying that the sparks created by magical powers are extinguished so easily?”

“These strange guys are strong!”

“These are not strange guys, but Oinoi, the nymph of the ditch… !”

“The water cannons of our nymph sisters have special magical powers, so they can put out any kind of fire… !”

“It means to pay for the water… ! Didn’t you hear from Adam’s Smith, a disciple of Illinois, that nothing comes for free… ?”

The playground is filled with water before you know it.

The bodies of the ninjas were also soaked.

Soon, Cha Yura stretched out his hand.

“It’s easy for me to overpower when it’s that wet! Come on, freeze. Prisdent!”

Damn it-.

The wet ninjas froze at high speed.

It happened in a very quick moment.

“Blizzard Breath!”

Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo Woo -.

Cha Yoo-ra exhales cold air from her mouth.

The playground froze like an icy road and the ninjas were rapidly frozen like frozen tuna.

A skill that subdued close to 10 awakened people in a very short amount of time.

Indeed, the fighting power of an S-class awakener was no different from a natural disaster.

“This is the joint attack of Na Cha Yura and her nymph sisters! If there are nymph sisters, I, Cha Yu-ra, are truly invincible! Mhahahaha!”


Tea Yura raised his hand.

The combination of Cha Yoo-ra, who can actually control the cold, and the nymphs, who can spray water at will, was very good.

“Domo-. Cha Yu-ra Award. Ambush Ninja Death.”


Then someone jumped at Cha Yu-ra.

It was a black shadow.

Very fast.

Just when I thought I couldn’t stop it, something like a silver flash came out and blocked the black shadow’s kick with my own foot.


The two bounce off at the same time as the intense shockwave.

The two braced themselves and spoke to each other.


“Cyborg Ninja.”

Will awakened people in Japan stick together?

The two soon drew their swords and started a bloody fight, but the clash of mana made it impossible for others to intervene.

Kang, Kakagaga River-!

A situation where each other’s ninja swords and murderous karate jitsu create sharp slashes and get involved in the surroundings.

That 「A. The guy called “Ninja” Probably had a full A rank, but “S. The hands that fought against the ninjas were extremely powerful.

“hehehe… ! It’s so fast you can’t see it… !”

“Oinoya! Come over here with the other nymphs!”

I thought I had to evacuate the nymphs first.

It was the moment when I successfully put the nymphs into the bunker in the playground.

– Kleureung… !

A kong that had puffed up its fur while sitting on my shoulder.

When I turned my head, Seungjae appeared on the playground along with a swarm of bees on countless machines.

“The duty of an Awakener is a combat weapon. Just as there is significance in running a car. We Awakeners are also only on the battlefield, so it’s meaningful.”

“Seungjae Ki, you’ve been working hard.”

“If you don’t want to be forgotten by everyone, you can turn the world into a battlefield. Forever!”

Could it be that his body was turned into a machine and his soul was engulfed in cold metal?

Ki Seung-jae had become a person who said very crazy things.

– Kleureung… !


Even though I didn’t ask for it, Kyeongkong jumped at Seungjae.

Of course, the mechanical squirrel that jumped out of Seungjae’s arms stopped Kyeongkung.

– Kung. Kong.


A mechanical squirrel that emits powerful electrical currents that can be seen from its body.

Kkyongyi moved quickly to and fro, dodging the current.

I must have figured out a pattern from fighting a mechanical squirrel once.

“You—! This terrorist! Nice to meet you!”

It was then.

The air seemed to be heating up, and I saw Seo Ye-rim spreading her palms toward Giseung-jae.

He seemed very angry.

“Fire leaves!”

A flame in the shape of a maple leaf stretched from Seo Ye-rim’s palm.

It hit Seungjae’s body, and the coat that was draped over his body instantly melted and evaporated.

“What a monstrous b*tch! Blowing the fireproof coat all at once!”

Ki Seung-jae seemed to be taken aback by Seo Ye-rim’s firepower.

Didn’t you know that the power of an S-class Awakener was this much?


It couldn’t be.

This guy isn’t the type to do things so sloppy.


I noticed something odd.

However, Seo Ye-rim’s palms are already loaded with the second glowing leaves.

If we stay like this, everyone will be seriously hurt.

“Lee Jin-ah! Stop Seo Ye-rim!”

“What? Why! How can I stop that!”

“Once! Let your rage calm down!”

“No, that’s not an easy task-. Hmmm-.”


Lee Jin-ah puts her hand on her own temple.

Soon, the tendon that stood out from Seo Ye-rim’s forehead slowly disappeared.

“What is this? My mood has sunk. Rather, I feel bad about this. I think I’m going to get angry because I’m in a bad mood.”

Did you succeed in temporarily controlling Seo Yerim?

But this state won’t last long.

I quickly shook my head.

# # #

I remembered the past.

Even the past that I didn’t want to recall.

In my mind, Ki Seung-jae was a person who especially pursued perfection.

-Look at this. A robot that moves with perfect algorithms and assemblies. Isn’t it cool You can’t do this by making it hard. Only perfect people like me….


Seungjae Ki was a perfectionist in his own way.

With the sensitive and agile dexterity he gained after becoming an Awakener, he steadily rose to Class A.

Terror by such a guy.

If you think about it now, isn’t something strange?

I said to Ki Seung-jae.

“You. Why would you deliberately exaggerate events and do stupid things like this? If the purpose was to hurt people, it could have been done without us noticing.”

Ninjas were people who could move stealthily.

If there were killing drones made by Ki Seung-jae, the damage would have been greater.

However, there was a comical part to the current situation, like children’s pranks.

It causes a big fire for no reason and is easily suppressed by the nymphs and put out.

I thought it was suspicious in many ways.

“Other people may not know, but I can’t fool myself. Ki Seung-jae. Unusually clumsy. Like an operation devised with the assumption of failure in the first place. It sounds clumsy and sloppy in many ways. This goes against your algorithm.”

From noble mtl dot com

In the first place, if it was a normal operation, they would not charge into a battlefield with at least four S-class Awakeners.

It’s as stupid as running into a burning house with a gas canister.

“However, it makes sense if you think that causing trouble is an end in itself. You. You just wanted to get people’s attention, right?”

I have long been a person who has been craving attention.

I knew better than anyone about the mindset of attracting attention and attracting aggro.

However, Ki Seung-jae did not admit it.

“No. What nonsense. Hail also. Don’t make a lot of noise and just attack me, bastard! What’s wrong with a nerd who’s been in D-class for a long time, talking so much? Do you still think you are the best of us?”


Ki Seung-jae spread his hands.

Then, the mechanical squirrel’s tail, which was fighting Kungkong, turned around like a chainsaw.

“Go! Iron Tail!”

Gi Seung-jae shouted loudly.

However, Kyeongkong opened his mouth wide and roared like thunder.

– Kleureung… !


The fire that spewed from Kyeongkyongi’s mouth.

Seeing that, Ki Seung-jae was taken aback.

“Does squirrels breathe fire?”

“Among the top dog squirrels, there are some dog squirrels that sometimes breathe fire, and they say that such dog squirrels can evolve into dog fire squirrels called “The sole king.”

“… A squirrel….”

His eyebrows twitched as if he couldn’t understand Ki Seung-jae’s expression.

But the important thing was that the kong jumped at the mechanical squirrel that was on fire and bit the mechanical squirrel’s neck hard.


– Kung. Come on….

A mechanical squirrel hanging around wondering if an important wire was cut.

The message of this spectacle was clear.

The second match seems to have ended with Kyeongkengi’s victory.

“Then I should try my best too.”


I pulled out my beam saber.

Then, he quickly jumped at Seungjae.

“Come on! You bastard! Haildo, do you think you can scratch your body!?”

He raised his arm to block me.

It was a mechanical arm, but I pretended to wield a sword, walked lightly, knocked him over, and pointed the lightsaber at his neck.

“The fact that you can’t fight is still the same. Ki Seung-jae, you were a guy who hated fighting in the first place. You always hid as if you were forcibly dragged in every operation.”

“… What is he saying now. It’s true that we were forcibly dragged. Did we volunteer to fight?”

Giseung-jae obediently raised his hand.

He was worried that the guy might go out of his way, but fortunately that didn’t happen.

Ki Seung-jae was a smart guy.

I asked such a guy.

“Why did you do such a stupid thing? Be honest. It’s between you and me.”

Ki Seung-jae seemed to realize that everything was over.

The guy who had been mumbling for a long time finally opened his mouth with a sigh.



“Mingyu’s daughter entered elementary school this year. When I went there, Min-gyu, her parents, and her daughter were living in a small room in the middle of summer without a fan. He gave me ice cream even though he was sweating profusely.”

“… ….”

“The three of us were living in a small room. It is said that her wife ran away with the compensation that Min-gyu had received. Hail also. Do you think this makes sense?”

I had nothing to say.

Jung Min-gyu was the first to leave the world.

He also had a good personality.

He hated fighting.

Back then, those kind guys were the first to get hurt and fall down.

“Now I’m going to get a big name in the newspapers and news for interfering with officials’ soccer games. Mingyu’s daughter is living in a single room without anyone noticing. Do people know who Jeong Min-gyu is in the first place?”

“… ….”

“Everybody forgot us. The most upsetting thing is that we forgot about us too. For one reason or another, we also forgot about ourselves. If I don’t do this now, I’m really dead.”

I was able to understand Seungjae’s heart.

So I got angry.

“Is there any other way? Was this the best for a guy with a good head?”

hehehe – Ki Seung-jae smiles.

Said the guy.

“Haildo. I know you made little money and sent it to the dead. So you must have lived in poverty. But that doesn’t solve the underlying problem.”

“Seungjae. No matter what you say, your actions are acts of terrorism.”

I restrained Kiseungjae’s arms.

His body was now mostly mechanical with almost no human parts, but somehow I could feel his blood still flowing and his heart beating.

It was then.

Someone popped out with a pababat.

“Are you trying to turn the scene of Criminal into a new drama? ? Just like a snake climbing over a wall, it’s useless even if you try to sneak over it… !”

These were the nymphs who had been evacuated to the temporary bunker in the playground.

“I, Illinois, will never forfeit the grudge of betting everything on the victory of the Japanese soccer team… ! The nymph sisters are punishing this steel-type human… !”

“This Oinoi was also looking forward to the soccer match… ! However, it is very regrettable that it was fuzzy due to the invasion of ninjas… !”

“I don’t know what this coris is, but he is happy being with his nymph sisters… !”

“Let’s do it… !”


The nymphs couldn’t resist and surrounded and beat the bound Giseungjae!

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