City of Backstreet Nymphs chapter 108

108 - 108 – Suddenly ninjas appear! # 5

108 – 108 – Suddenly ninjas appear! # 5

108 – Ninjas suddenly appeared! #5

The attack by Ki Seung-jae and the Japanese ninjas was suppressed in less than half a day.

There was no damage except that the grass in the playground was burned or frozen.


Ki Seung-jae was tied up and knelt down in front of Seo Ye-rim.

Ttsk – Seo Ye-rim clicks his tongue.

“Don’t you know that if people don’t remember you, causing trouble and making a fuss like this, it will have a worse effect?”

The purpose of Giseungjae was to create a commotion.

The purpose of this attack was to cause a big incident and become an issue.

Ki Seung-jae said confidently.

“Now people will find out why I had to do this. Now, he will be interested in us and our families who are injured, sick, broken, and forgotten.”

Even though he was tied up, Ki Seung-jae, who straightened his waist, had the feeling of an activist or a martyr.

However, Seo Ye-rim had a different opinion.

“People are so naive. Korea is a land where nothing goes the way you imagined it. The first-generation Awakeners are crazy and terrorize—if such articles come out, they will be regulated and excluded.”

I wondered if that would be the case, but when I thought about it, Seo Ye-rim’s opinion had some truth.

Let the world spread the fact that the first-generation Awakeners raided chaebols and ran amok with PTSD and hardships in life.

Certainly, the citizens say, “There is a first-generation Awakener living next door to us! I hear strange nonsense every day. Is this a symptom of PTSD!?”

「Awakened person regulations」.

Doesn’t that kind of thing come out and make it harder to be active and have to be meticulously inspected?

“What would you do if people like Haildo, who was living hard because of you, were harmed? Are you going to do another terrorist attack then?”

“So you’re saying you have to keep doing things that no one knows about? Yerim Seo. Guys like you who have lived without lack of interest from the beginning to the end will never understand!”

Ki Seung-jae shouted in a fit of rage.

“The S-class Awakener, who is treated like a VIP everywhere, knows what we are!”


Ki Seung-jae seemed to have lost his temper and shouted, but I thought it was a stupid story.

You said that to Seo Ye-rim, an S-class Awakener, and not to anyone else?

There are only two S class in Korea.

It was clear that Ki Seung-jae probably did not know the meaning.

It must be because of the narrowed field of view.

I grabbed Seungjae’s body, raised him up, and said clearly.

“Hey. Ki Seung-jae. Speak straight! Who do you think is keeping the peace now? Even if ordinary people don’t know, you shouldn’t say things like that to Seo Ye-rim because you want to be remembered by people!”

Humans have developed along with the 5th industry.

The chance of dying or being injured in a rift is extremely low.

This is because the system was accumulated in many ways through the challenges and sacrifices of many people.

Nevertheless, if there is a chance of serious injury or loss of life in a crack, the T-class cracks, which are called the worst cracks, would be the most dangerous.

S-class Awakeners like Seo Ye-rim and Cha Yoo-ra are experiencing the scenes where I and Kiseung-jae had to risk our lives a long time ago.

If an R (Ragnarok) crack at a level beyond the T (Titan) level was to be born in Korea, the first to be put in were Seo Ye-rim and Cha Yu-ra, who were S-class awakened.

No matter how dangerous and rough it can be.

“Because of Seo Ye-rim, we can sleep comfortably every day. S-class awakeners are people’s hope, beacon, and bulwark.”

I wanted to be like that too.

Right now I’m on the verge of crawling because I don’t have enough strength!

“… ….”

Giseungjae also shut his mouth without retorting, probably noticing that he had made a mistake.

Immediately, Seo Ye-rim laughed at her.

“No. Well done. Okay. I’m a gold digger. So what? Is it a sin that I was born rich? And I said no one will notice, but someone is bound to notice.”

Saying that, Seo Ye-rim’s expression was very red.

Are you angry because you heard something from Ki Seung-jae?

The surrounding temperature also seemed to rise.

“hehehe… ! This Koris’ ice slush is melting again… ! Global warming is a very serious thing… !”

As Koris trembled, Oi Noi raised her hand.

“The owner of the house is to tell Oinoi about the computer every day… ! And he helps to tend the golden apple trees every day and waters them well… ! This Oinoi knows that… ! Nymphs do not forget the favor and always repay it… !”

It was a strange compliment.

Oi Noi stretched out his chest as if he was proud of himself, as if he had given him a very great praise, and hmm-! She snorted.

Soon, Corris said too.

“Preliminary Kore Jina also combs Koris’s hair every day, goes for walks with her, and teaches her how to work… ! This choris is not to forget… !”

“I, Illinois, will never forget that I was pinched by Corey Yerim and that her pocket money was cut by 80 percent to 20,000 won…” !”

It was a touching yet strange story in many ways.

Ddu-beok, d-beok-.

At that time, I heard the sound of footsteps, so I looked up and saw Seo Sang-yong approaching.

He looked at Ki Seung-jae and said.

“Seungjae Ki. Unfortunately, this will not be on the news or in the media. I can’t spread the word that the security of Telos has been breached. They will all be buried.”

“…… !”

“There was nothing. On this island. We are.”

Ki Seung-jae was greatly embarrassed.

It must have been shocking to know that everything that had just happened was gone.

But it was natural.

Because 「Telos」 Was a Megacorp with super-legal authority.

It wouldn’t be difficult to make what happened on the island into something that never happened.

Ki Seung-jae’s expression darkened in an instant.

My back, which had been upright until just now, was saggy.

“It was meaningless—” He said. Are you saying that? My work was meaningless.”

“No. It wasn’t pointless. At least for their PR, it was great. If you have Mr. Seungjae’s skills and help, I think we can speed up the progress of Telos’ new companion animal industry.”


Seo Sang-yong freed Ki Seung-jae from being tied up and raised him up.

And he told him.

“Among the non-profit projects that were abandoned in Telos, there was a pension and welfare project for the first generation Awakeners and their bereaved families. It would be good to review and discuss it again.”

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Seo Ye-rim was startled.

“Are you going to do that? The Telos company’s motto is not to do things that don’t make money. Last time I just cut it off saying no, so why?”

“The corporate motto never changes. Because what we are pursuing is not philanthropy. As long as Mr. Seungjae is cooperating with us. We’re also going to give it back. Isn’t this a win-win?”

I thought it was a good idea too.

Being an executive in a giant corporation is not for everyone.

If I had been there, would I have been able to immediately think of those agendas?

“The act of ruining an Illinois football bet… ! It’s something I never fall for… ! Although it won’t be recorded in the media and news, that Illinois is not going to fail… !”

Illinois with a clenched fist.

He shouted.

“Every day, once a month, with a heart of apologizing and making amends, come to be beaten by those Illinois and the nymph sisters… ! It means that you might be able to release this anger by hitting it… !”

… I’m not sure what this is.

Anyway, Seungjae Ki was led by the Telos security team.

Then, Ki Seung-jae stopped walking.

“Hey. Hail also. You said my strategy was clumsy.”

“…… ?”

“I wouldn’t have said that if I had the bag that was stolen from you. I’m not a person who doesn’t fight without winning. I know you’re lucky.”


Come to think of it, I stole a very expensive and sturdy bag from Ki Seung-jae.

Should I give it back? When I was thinking about that, Ki Seung-jae said.

“It is a gift. Take it.”

It seemed so.

# # #

“In the end, the Telos executive meeting has come to an end in many ways. What about the stakes and engagement issues?”

Ahri yawned as if she was tired as she examined people who might have been injured.

As Ari said, the reunion ended eventually, and it was unclear what the outcome would be.


Then Reiko raised his hand.

“Hooray! An engagement fizzles out if it doesn’t produce results!”

Is that how it works?

I looked at Tsubaki.

Tsubaki and her eyes met and she blushed terribly.

Only then did I remember what happened last night.

About the things I unilaterally harassed Tsubaki, a woman in the public bath (even though I didn’t mean it at all)!

If she even said, “That guy molested me!” I was sure to be featured in the newspaper more prominently than Ki Seung-jae, who had staged a terrorist attack on the officers!

「The first-generation Awakener Hail also harassed a woman in the Japan Theater Theater-.」

「Incidents of the growing number of first-generation Awakeners. Are you okay like this?”

「Some people are reviewing the regulation that Awakeners should be regulated—」

News articles unfolding before your eyes.

I also thought that World War 3 might break out at the same time as the severance of relations between the awakened people in Japan and the awakened people in Korea.

Was I a more dangerous and bad guy than Ki Seung-jae, who tried to cause terrorism?

Before things get too big, you should apologize and find some mercy!

I strode towards Tsubaki.

Tsubaki was in the middle of a conversation with people.

“We’ll take care of the ninja recruits. It looks like these guys were just hired for money. More than that, Hail too? What happened?”

“Me, Tsubaki-san. What happened in the bath yesterday…. I will take responsibility as much as I can. So please be kind somehow….”

In many ways, it was the end if a problem like s*xual scandal broke out for me, who dreams of becoming an S-class awakener. And I felt sorry for myself for treating Tsubaki, a woman, like a man.


I thought you were a man because Seo Ye-rim told me not to treat you as a woman.

There were many things I wanted to say in many ways, but in the end it was me and my responsibility to act.

“… Responsibility?”

Tsubaki made an expression as if he couldn’t understand my behavior.

Then he punched my back with his hand.

“Well, you can make mistakes in life! And us Did nothing happen? That’s why you shouldn’t go anywhere and say strange things. We did nothing.”

Nothing happened-.

The story made me feel like my old jams were going down.

Are you saying you want to make it happen?

How broad-minded is this?

She was truly the owner of a bigger and grander heart than men.

It’s not like I was called ‘Prince’ for nothing.

“And the word ‘responsibility’ is not to be taken lightly. For us Japanese, responsibility is always something we have to prove with our actions. Like seppuku. Cut off your finger.”


Cut off your finger!

In many ways, cold sweat flows.

However, Tsubaki laughed pahahahaha.

“But you. Did you have a lot of guts? 「S. Ninja” Seemed to like you too. Sooner or later, I will invite you to the main theater of Japan. I will refuse to refuse.”

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