City of Backstreet Nymphs chapter 78

78 - 078 – There is a pair of sandals... ! # 3

78 – 078 – There is a pair of sandals… ! # 3

078 – There is a pair of straw sandals… ! #3

“That’s why I was wondering if today’s date was fun… !”

It’s time to get some sleep now.

Oinoi asked me various things while brushing his teeth.

“We nymph sisters love to chat about other people’s love stories as much as candy made from honey… !”

The nymphs seemed to be very fond of talking about love.

Actually, it’s fun to talk about other people’s relationships.

I suddenly became curious.

“I told you that Seo Ye-rim is not a first-class wife. Is there some sort of scoring standard?”

“Muhh-. We, the nymph sisters, go through a very strict examination and measure the score of our bridesmaids… ! Because Kore Yerim is such a wonderful woman, she is rather less compatible with the owner of the house… !”

Because she’s such a gorgeous woman, she’s rather less compatible?

What does this mean?

I couldn’t understand the whole thing.

Soon, Oinoi smiled and added an explanation.

“There is a pair of straw sandals… ! However, if you bring a nice and wonderful glass slipper as a pair of straw sandals, they do not match… !”


I was a quick-witted person.

So, I immediately understood what Oinoi was trying to say.

“Because I’m too lazy compared to Seo Ye-rim, Seo Ye-rim and I don’t get along? That’s why Seo Ye-rim can’t be my number one wife because they don’t match, right?”

“It is true… !”

I was convinced.

Certainly, Seo Ye-rim was like an angel or a fairy who lived in the heavenly realm.

And I must be a woodcutter.

The probability that they will lead to each other is 0.

Even if it continued, it was clear that it would not last long.

In the end, the fairy and the woodcutter run away, unable to bear the miserable earthly life of the fairy.

“Unsuitable environments lead to discord and ruin… ! This master of Oinoi told me about a poor shepherd who died while aiming for the most beautiful woman… !”

Oinoi warned.

If you marry or mate with people who are not at the same level as each other, you could die—.

It was a very serious story for a warning from the nymphs.

“I see. What do you keep in mind?”

It was time to think about that.



The squirrels started barking.

On a dark night, I saw a car gliding into the neighborhood from a distance.

It was a very quiet car.

“Ah-! Such a quiet and eco-friendly electric car is obviously Kore Yerim’s car… !”

As Ohinoi said, it was Seo Yerim’s car.

Didn’t you go back home?

Why did you come back?

From noble mtl dot com


Illinois and Seo Ye-rim got out of the car.

“By the time Illinois woke up, the situation was already in the endgame… ! That Illinois couldn’t even look at the criminal’s montage… !”

Illinois made a lot of noise.

He was very excited and seemed distraught.

I could tell that something great had happened.

“So the woman with the dagger in her hand cut off four of her hair?”

I looked at Seo Ye-rim.

Seo Ye-rim grew her black hair long, and her hair was so lush that she even shot an advertisement for a shampoo or conditioner earlier.

But now that hair was cut randomly.

As if someone had been mercilessly cut off.

“Oh my God. It’s the first time I’ve seen hair robbery again.”

Should I say I’m glad I didn’t get hurt?

There was a corner where I couldn’t believe this situation itself.

Seo Ye-rim, an S-class awakener, was unilaterally attacked and her hair was robbed.

Is this possible?

“That Illinois. It was a promise to eat very delicious mango bingsu before going to bed today… ! I’m asking you to call the lawyer right away… !”

Illinois also seemed very upset about the sudden change in schedule.

Looking at Illinois like that, Ohinoi said.

“Today is to sleep with Oinoi… ! This Oinoi is going to show the luminous dinosaurs purchased with the sponsored money… !”

“Is it a luminescent dynaso… ? It was really interesting… !”


They were nymphs who went into the room and covered themselves with a blanket.

Seeing that, Seo Ye-rim frowned at her.

“Did you just hit me all of a sudden? I tried to counterattack, but the mana control wasn’t cool. Should I say that I feel like a normal person? I couldn’t control my magic power.”

Seo Ye-rim said that she couldn’t even fight back.

So it must have been that a lock of her hair was cut off and taken away.

Farr – Vibrant Calligraphy.

Soon the guy raised his finger.


“It is still difficult to control the flames.”

“Really? Is it because your hair is cut off?”

Those with manipulative skills were generally strict in character.

If you don’t like something in the slightest or if you sense an unpleasant ‘change’, it’s said that the use of your ability will also be affected.

From the fact that Seo Ye-rim, who had grown her long hair, cut her hair, it seemed that there was a slight change in her ability control.

It’s a big deal if you fire it up because you’re inexperienced in operation.

“How long do you think it will take until you get your senses back?”

“We need to get it back as soon as possible! Even if I don’t do that, the T-class rift keeps opening and it’s annoying, but I’m going through all sorts of extraordinary things! Totally lucky!”

Seo Ye-rim looked really angry.

I’m not sure if I should say that she’s not timid or scared.

Soon after – Seo Ye-rim exhaled.

“Aren’t they perverts? What the hell are you doing with my hair? I feel so bad!”

It was natural to feel bad if someone took your hair. Seo Ye-rim is a popular celebrity who especially had many sasaeng fans.

By the way-.

I could feel a strange sense of familiarity in taking the hair.

I also had a hard time getting Seo Ye-rim’s hair in the past.

It was not long after she met Oinoi and suffered.

Might have something to do with it.

My senses are telling me that.

It felt like two ants crawling behind my back.

-Zuji… !

– Ororong… !

“What is it? Now that I see it, it’s Angang and Elizabeth.”

I grabbed the ones that were crawling behind my back and placed them one by one in the palm of my hand.

Honey ants are so nice that they stay calm when they stand on my palm.

Seeing that, Seo Ye-rim frowned at her.

“I am really living with honey ants and squirrels like family.”

“Sure. Of course. They will protect us today.”

“Will you protect me?”

“Yes. Yerim Seo. You’re going to sleep here tonight Although this house looks so flimsy, it’s actually great in terms of security. There’s a kongkong, and there’s an angang and an army of honey ants.”

A person who is attacked once may be attacked twice.

Therefore, it was a good decision for Seo Ye-rim to evacuate to my house.

You must be a veteran S-class.

# # #

“Oh noi, it feels good because there are so many people… !”

She was oh ino oi raising her pillow up high in her nightgown.

It felt good that Seo Ye-rim and Illinois decided to sleep over at my house today.

I asked Oinoi in a calm voice.

“So, is there any chance that the person who cut Seo Ye-rim’s hair is the same person as the witch who cursed me?”

“That means that even this Oinoi doesn’t know… ! However, Kore Yerim’s hair is said to be very good to be used as a material for witchcraft… !”

Oinoi nodded.

A terrifying witch.

Thinking that such a being might use Seo Ye-rim’s hair to put a curse on people again made me feel a bit worried.

“Kong-ah. You have to keep an eye out for suspicious people approaching.”


“Booming you too.”

ㅁHooong… !

I assigned boundaries to the animals living in my house.

I was relieved a little after seeing that even the CCTV was working well.

“I haven’t felt this helpless in a long time.”


It was Seo Ye-rim, who clenched her fist while looking at her CCTV monitor.

She was treated like a weapon because she was victorious as an awakened person, but was it a new feeling to see that she was attacked defenselessly?

I told him.

“Then go to sleep. I’ll look after you today.”

Today I was up all night.

My stamina was good, so it was easy to stay up all night.

Time flies when you look at your phone.

I have to watch all the overdue entertainment programs-.

When I was thinking about that, Seo Ye-rim said.

“You. I like it.”


I was genuinely perplexed.

Because it was the first time I heard such a question since childhood.

Is this a question without context?

Seo Ye-rim soon added her words.

“No, you are too kind. Give me milk tea as a gift today. Am i good at it? Are you trying to do me a favor because you like me?”


It was Seo Ye-rim who opened her slender eyes.

“I felt it for a long time. You’re strangely kind to me. Now that this has happened, tell me honestly. Do you like me Since when? From long ago? Say it. Ever since we first met?”

Seo Ye-rim’s personality was similar to Cathy’s in some ways.

She had the feeling that Cathy did everything she had to say with a pure feeling, while she had the feeling that Seo Ye-rim did everything because she wanted to say ─ like arrogant feeling.

“It’s all over already. She tried to hide it, but to no avail. I pretended I didn’t know, but she just tried to move on. What the-.”

Ssuk ssuk ssuk ssuk-.

Seo Ye-rim was fanning her own face with the palm of her hand.

I remembered an old memory.

When I was in elementary school, my partner said “Hey! Hail too! You like me! That’s why they keep coming over my desk and stepping on my slippers!”

At that time, I was so embarrassed and nervous that I said “No!” But the girl frowned and burst into tears and all the girls around me were angry with me.

– Hey! Why are you beautiful? Apologize soon! If you don’t apologize, I’ll hit you!

– You’re right that Areum likes it! Say you like it quickly!

I almost thoughtlessly replied “No!” This time.

But I thought that shouldn’t be the case, so I managed to swallow the words that came out somehow.

If I said “No!” Here, I had a hunch that Seo Ye-rim would frown on her and burn her house down.

When she was thinking about that, Seo Ye-rim said.

“I like you.”

“…… !”

I was very surprised.

It felt like my heart was about to drop.


Seo Ye-rim approaches me.

Said the guy.

“I have liked you since a very long time ago. You and I like Seo Ye-rim. I like you too Isn’t that enough?”


I felt like my heart would explode.

Did Seo Ye-rim like me for a long time?

“Seo Ye-rim, you said you liked me? Since when?”

“Why are you ashamed to ask such a thing? Of course, since the first time we met.”

“When was the first time you met? Was it a fast food restaurant?”

“Yes. That’s when.”


Seo Ye-rim came towards me and took off her socks.

I couldn’t help but be nervous in many ways.

Then she slowly reached her hand towards the dagger she had placed on the table.


I grabbed the dagger and asked.

“Who are you?”

“What question is that? Me. It’s Seo Ye-rim.”

“No. You are not Seo Ye-rim. Seo Ye-rim said that because she is a busy person, she doesn’t even have time to think about dating. And that she likes me I can’t even say anything like that. Also, the place where Seo Ye-rim and I first met was not a fast food restaurant, but a soup restaurant.”

I was convinced that the woman in front of me was not Seo Ye-rim.

Soon, Seo Ye-rim, no, her unknown woman frowned at her and grinned.

“You are quick to notice. Even the animals were fooled.”


A woman with the same face as Seo Ye-rim broke her window and escaped.

I reflexively shouted with a chilling goosebumps.

“Kyung-ah! Chase!”

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