Civil Servant in a Romance Fantasy chapter 398

398 - Time goes by and goes - 5

398 – Time goes by and goes – 5

The aftermath of ‘that’ incident shook the continent.

A rare event that showed off the power of the empire as the crown prince wished, and showed off that the force supports the mandate of heaven. It was a performance that was unique in the world, so it was only natural that everyone in the academy was mesmerized. Needless to say, people who were bewildered spread rumors all over the continent.

And the Continent, who heard the rumors, went into panic as a group, so it was a perfect performance indeed.

‘I can’t be calm after hearing that.’

A meteor that appeared in the dry sky, a slash that split the meteorite. Honestly, isn’t it a crazy situation just listening to it? I think it’s bullsh*t, but I want to hear it for nothing, but surprisingly it’s not even bullsh*t. It is the truth proven by countless witnesses and countless recorded videos.

Even the witnesses who witnessed the scene, and most of the people who recorded the scene are friendly to us. No matter how much the academy was opened to outsiders, it was difficult to make it to the Imperial Academy unless you had a fair amount of passion. Even so, they gathered at the academy. They are nobles who are obsessed with swords and magic.

Thanks to that, most of the outsiders at the academy at the time were fascinated by the performance, apart from being mesmerized. The entire process of creating a meteo on top of them and breaking that meteo——was regarded as an ‘extreme point of nothingness’ rather than a ‘act of force that threatened their safety’.

Of course, not all crazy people gathered there, so some people must have felt threatened, but since most of them were cheering, they probably couldn’t raise a problem because they were swept away by the atmosphere. Everyone is happy, but if you show your face alone, you become a ignorant person.

‘Anyway, the result was good.’

The rumors spread by those who are friendly to us could only benefit us, and the Empire by extension. Even the Crown Prince, who had been holding back after hearing the contents of the performance, confirmed that the diplomatic channels were quiet, and said that he immediately launched a large-scale publicity campaign.

Actually, I don’t think there will be any problem even if diplomatic channels are congested. Even if other countries recognized this incident as a ‘terrible act of provocation by the Empire’, there is nothing they can do. Will they impose sanctions on the Empire, or will they start a war?

Perhaps it might have been an empire just after the succession conflict ended, but the empire that swallowed up the north was not a country that would only stumble at the resistance of the eastern kingdoms.

“So can you forgive me?”


I can’t.

I bowed my head helplessly at Mar’s resolute appearance. If Marr can’t forgive, he can’t help it…

‘I thought it would pass safely.’

It’s bittersweet. The military power that the crown prince showed off beyond what he had hoped for, the grandeur of the empire that spread across the continent, and even the crown prince who meekly praised this situation and moved on. It was a really perfect case.

Of course, it can’t be denied that it was an excessive act, so there could have been a punishment for it, but even that possibility disappeared as the entire continent was enthusiastic about this incident. If you punish me for this incident, ‘the situation at the academy was not the intention of the imperial family, but an unexpected act by the servants.’ Isn’t that like admitting that?

In other words, giving discipline is like admitting that the imperial family cannot control Beatrix’s force. So, both I and Beatrix were able to pass without incident.

In public terms.

“Fortunately, I was able to pass without incident, but Carl and my sister could be resentful if things went wrong.”

I personally couldn’t get over it.

“Depending on how you interpret it, you could see it as an act of threatening foreign people. An act done with good intentions could return with bad intentions.”


I just repeated the word sorry because it was the right word.

As Mar said, things are going surprisingly well now. Both Beatrix and I had committed eccentricities at the time, enchanted by an irreplaceable opportunity, but when we regained our senses and thought about it, it was an act that had a lot of potential for problems.

If someone was frightened by the meteor that appeared above their head and made a formal protest, it would be annoying. The purpose of showing off might have been achieved, but he would have been responsible for the disturbance and notoriety for his eccentricity.

“The child seems to be reflecting, so why don’t you watch it now? Both I and the child have fully understood it, so this will never happen again.”

In the meantime, Beatrix, who had been watching from Mar’s side, cautiously opened her mouth. Originally, Beatrix would have to kneel down alongside me and listen to Maru’s rebuke—

“I’m sorry. That spell was never completed by my father, so I really wanted to try it someday.”

When the memories of her father and daughter were mentioned out of nowhere, Marr passed Beatrix and pecked only me. She said that she wanted to show her daughter in front of people who had completed the magic that her father could not complete, but when she reprimanded her here, she became cold-blooded and without blood or tears.


And Mar’s gaze turned to Beatrix.

Is it because of my mood? For a moment, it seemed that Beatrix had flinched.

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“You’re reflecting too, right?”

“Yes, yes. Of course.”

Watching Beatrix hurriedly nod her head, Marr let out a short sigh and nodded her head.

“…Okay. If it’s my fault, it’s my fault that I couldn’t clear up until the end, and the imperial family was also happy, so I don’t have the right to say anything.”

“No, Mar. Thanks to Mar, I realized my imprudence.”

Maru’s expression softened a little when she made a somewhat ugly remark.

‘It’s fortunate.’

I thought what if I didn’t even want to see your face for a while because it was such a big accident.

She let out a sigh of relief inside her and turned her gaze slightly to Beatrix. Beatrix, who received my gaze, also nodded softly with a relieved expression.

‘I should have dropped only one.’

Actually, the reason Mar is angry isn’t because he used Meteor on people. The action itself, as I just said, was something Mar also agreed to.

The problem lies in the number of meteorites dropped. In the president’s office, he promised to drop only one, but he didn’t think it would be fun to do just one, so he made a secret agreement with Beatrix to drop several just before the closing ceremony.

That was crazy. Living with the brain of a beast is something that humans would be incapable of.

Let’s avoid surprises as much as possible in the future.

After the representative schedule of the 2nd semester, the class competition, time passed smoothly. In the first place, there is nothing special about the academy schedule except for club fairs, school trips, and class competitions.

Instead, since the academy is quiet, an incident broke out outside the academy.


– Khe, thank you.

Fortunately, it was a positive event, not a negative one.

‘The world is true.’

Cognitive dissonance is likely to come when I see Section 2 smirking.

‘Is that guy… Dad?’

This morning, I heard from Elizabeth that the second section chief’s child was born, so I hurriedly called the second section section. It’s strange that the crown prince became a father, but the second section chief also became the father of a child. How the hell is this world going?

Of course, unlike section 2, who is not a human child, his wife, Christina, is an extremely ordinary person, so she might have a child. There is no

“Did you say son?”

– Yes, he is a pretty son who resembles me and Christina half and half. When I grow up, I think many women will cry.

“I must have inherited something bad from Abby.”

This is a statement with sincerity. I am worried about the child’s future when I think that he worked as a Casanova in Jedo until he got married. Please, you should only look alike and not have a personality.

But the 2nd manager just giggled as if he just heard me as a joke.

‘You bastard.’

Originally, he was hard to damage with words, but he’s gotten stronger these days. Is it because you are the head of the family?

Chief 2, who had been laughing for so long, belatedly asked if he remembered something.

-Oh, and I’m going to throw a banquet when Cristina gets herself in shape. Do you have time?

I immediately nodded at those words. Miu or Gou, anyway, her subordinates saw their children.

“Tell me when the date is set. I’ll be there right away.”

– Well, it’s an honor for the Minister of Inspection to shine with the Minister of Finance.

“A bastard.”

The sight of the 2nd section chief feeding the fatal blow naturally made me feel a twinge of lust. Not minister yet. Called an intern.

‘Damn it.’

I feel sorry for you. To be teased by subordinates for a promotion you didn’t want, who should you share this pain with—

‘Shall I upload that bastard too?’

Suddenly, I had an idea. As the head of the inspection department, I am a nominee for the minister, and the deputy director is going to take me as secretary to the minister. All seats above section 2 are vacant.

It’s unreasonable to give that bastard a manager, but I think you can at least give him a manager, right?

‘It’s nice.’

My mind became calm. In the future, if there is a subordinate who smiles and congratulates me on my promotion to minister, I will reward him with a promotion.

As I made such a promise and smiled lightly, the 2nd manager hurriedly finished the call, perhaps feeling something unusual.

– Well then, I’ll see you in Jedo at the banquet.


I’ll bring news of my promotion as a gift, so look forward to it.

The next morning, as soon as I saw the purple light vibrating communication sphere, I immediately felt it. It seems that Section 2 is not going to see it at a banquet, but today.

[ Declaration of the abdication of His Majesty the Emperor. High-ranking officials of the rank of department head or higher are to immediately gather at the imperial palace. ]

And since uneasy feelings are always right, the text sent to the communication port contained the reason to go to Jedo right away.


As soon as I saw the word Yangwi, I laughed out loud. I was prepared that there would be an abdication scandal sooner or later, but I hoped it would happen next year if possible.

‘…I’m not the only one surprised.’

If you look closely, you can see quite a few typos in a short sentence. The person who sent the text message was also quite upset.

I became solemn when I thought of the head of the Imperial Household Department, who would be moving hastily in place of the vacant Minister of the Imperial Household.

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