Civil Servant in a Romance Fantasy chapter 399

399 - The New Sun - 1

399 – The New Sun – 1

The emperor’s declaration of abdication was enough reason for all the high officials in the administration to gather at the imperial palace. The emperor handing over the throne is simply ‘Thank you for your hard work.’ Because it’s not something that can be skipped over with words. I wish I could go over like that, but that is the act of a disloyal traitor.

‘Did I possess a Confucian country?’

As I hurriedly moved along with the principal, bitterness came over me. This strange world is a terrifying hybrid of Eastern and Western cultures. It is obviously a world based on Western culture, but there are many cases where the scent of Confucianism is felt strongly like now.

It’s crazy. No matter how you look at it, it’s a Confucian country when the emperor gathers and wails when the emperor announces his abdication. Wasn’t this western?

If you think about it, isn’t it because of Confucianism that I became a civil servant? This crazy centralized bureaucracy can only be explained by Confucianism—

“The Minister of Inspection.”

When I looked back at the sudden call, I saw the Jeon Seok-gong who was almost running.

For a moment, I felt like my blood was drying up. Because Jeon Seung-gong participated in a gathering of high-ranking officials in the administration? That’s not the problem. In the first place, Jeon Seung-gong is the father-in-law of the crown prince, so he is in a position to shout for communication before anyone else. If you don’t show up for nothing, you’ll become a traitor longing for the emperor to disappear.

‘I didn’t even know the legend?’

The real problem is that Jeon Seung-gong rushed as if he had come across this while at work.

I guessed from the time the head of the imperial household left a typo in the group text, but if even the successor moved so hurriedly, this declaration of abdication was unilaterally promoted by the emperor. If the Confessor had received any words, he could not have been later than I, who was out of the system.

“Greetings, Your Excellency.”

“It’s been a while, sir. How are you?”

“I’m sorry, but I can’t bear to say that.”

At the greeting of the principal and me, Jeon Seung-gong shook his head softly.

“How disappointing it is to see an empire no longer led by His Majesty.”

At that, I unconsciously nodded his head. The emperor’s abdication was something everyone was determined to do. No matter how late it is, within three years, I guessed that it would happen this year at the earliest. However, it was only a guess assuming the worst, I really didn’t know that this year would happen.

During this year, the emperor conquered the north and was crowned khan, reaching the peak of his authority. Seeing even the orthodox royal family, all sufferings disappeared. So this year, I wanted to enjoy the joy and glory and pass it on next year, but the emperor declared his abdication without hesitation.

‘It’s not even a machine.’

It’s amazing. The Emperor has achieved everything by struggling for decades. Now, he is in a situation where he has only a comfortable last year to fully enjoy the dignity and rights he has accumulated, but he is going to give up and step down. No matter what the situation is, the authority will remain, but isn’t the invisible situation different from the emperor sitting on the throne?

Of course, I don’t mean to do it, as I’ve been looking to resign from time to time, but that’s because I have a lot of work to do and I have a lot of superiors to peck at. On the other hand, the emperor is irrelevant, and there is a subject to be treated as the crown prince.

‘Are you human?’

That’s why I felt a sense of wonder. A monarch who quickly steps down because he has no reason to remain emperor now, a monarch who moves only with reason without emotion. Anyone can see that he was born to become an emperor.

“…You don’t have to abdicate.”

This is what the Jeonseunggong must have felt the same way, he muttered softly. Having served as a civil servant for only 5 years, I know how desperate the emperor is. How can I be proud of a Jeon Seung-gong who served the emperor for a longer time than I did and even became his in-laws? He probably sincerely wants to prevent the emperor from abdicating the throne.

It’s only a problem because Yang Yu is serious, not the emperor’s political show.

At the front gate of the imperial palace, people at the level of manager and above were already crowded. It was only natural that he would be suspected of being a traitor if he was even a little late on the topic of drafting.

Anyway, as soon as they arrived at the main gate, Jeon Seung-gong headed for the head of the Imperial Household Department, and the principal headed for the Ministry of Education to find out the details.

“Are you here?”

“Yes, I came asap.”

Of course I joined the Ministry of Finance. Unless the Ministry of Inspection has been officially established yet, I am the head of the Department of Inspection under the Ministry of Finance.

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“Hey, have you heard anything?”

After looking around for a while, I cautiously asked. Looking at the situation, it seems like the emperor’s arbitrary declaration of abdication, but now that the minister of the palace is vacant, isn’t the minister of finance the chief executive officer? So the Minister might have heard something.

“Could it be? Even the head of the Imperial Household is going crazy because he doesn’t know anything.”

However, the answer was grim. I don’t even know anything about the current minister’s rank.

‘I’m going crazy.’

In the end, I let out a sigh. The abdication wave is a big event that is unprecedented in the history of the empire. I had to live and experience such an event, but unfortunately there is no information to refer to.

Damn it, I heard that there were times when emperors put on a show for a week and the administration was paralyzed. Surely it won’t happen this time?

“How long will it take?”

“At the most, it’ll be a day. Since you’ve sincerely declared your abdication, there won’t be a long delay. Maybe it’ll be over within an hour.”

A sigh came out with a different meaning than before. It can last for a day at most.

No, actually, even a day is difficult. Today is not a holiday, but when it’s club time, the members will gather, but I’m afraid something will happen while I’m gone.

Please, please be done within an hour.


– Officials passed through the main gate. All high-ranking officials of the department manager level or higher gathered, and the former Seung-gong also joined.

“There’s no one to come in anymore, so close the front door and be thoroughly prepared.”

– Yes, Your Majesty.

After hearing the report from the head of the imperial knights, I put down the communication tool. It is not comfortable to have a gathering of busy bureaucrats, but it is a tradition regardless of country or era that subjects dissuade a monarch who wants to abdicate. This is not something my individual can get rid of.

So the only consideration would be to end the abdication as quickly as possible. A moderate hour or two should suffice.


Among the previous emperors of the Kfellofen Empire, there is no emperor who has abdicated. There was a declaration of abdication, but it was just a political act to strengthen one’s own position, and no one sincerely wanted to abdicate like me.

That’s why I wonder if this figure of one or two hours is appropriate, but what can I do? Right now, we are in a position to set a precedent, not to follow a precedent.

‘They’re taking all the names of the first.’

Suddenly, I had an idea. The first collateral emperor, the first situation. All the names that will go down in history are to be taken.

However, there is no shame. It was a humble beginning, and the path I took was stained with blood, but it will end in glory. Although history calls my course bloody and ugly, I cannot deny the outcome.

Yes, it must be so.

“His Majesty the Father.”

While I closed my eyes for a moment and calmed myself down, the prince opened his mouth.

Following the voice, I turned my gaze and saw the crown prince lying on the floor with his head bowed.

“Please forgive me. This empire is not yet ready to break free from your majesty’s arms.”

As soon as he declared his abdication, the crown prince ran to him and begged him to withdraw, just like the heirs in history.

This is also a formal procedure. It was already a certain thing to abdicate while I was alive, and the crown prince was also inheriting my duties and titles one by one in preparation for the abdication. Even so, the reason why I beg like this is because history has been like that. It can be a cumbersome procedure indeed.

But why? It seemed that sincerity, not formality, was mixed in the face of the prince lying face down.

‘I’m not ready.’

I thought over what the prince said. Maybe that’s the prince’s sincerity.

Me too. As a single count, he ascended the throne as a member of the embarrassing bloodline of the imperial family. The horror and embarrassment he felt at that time could not be expressed in words.

Is the present crown prince like that? Do you want to delay the inevitable fate even a little like me at that time?


Of course, I have no intention of giving up my will now. The fate of being an emperor is not something you can have or avoid. The more we forcefully delay this fate, the more difficult it will be for me and the crown prince.

Rather, now is the right time, when the imperial family’s authority and the empire’s stability have reached their peak. The full transfer of authority and power by a living emperor to his successor. This is the only consideration that those who have gone ahead can give to those who follow.

“I don’t need luggage in this empire anymore.”

I went up to the prince and put my hand on the prince’s shoulder.

“Nothing lasts forever in this world. Even a brilliant empire will crumble someday. How can only humans last forever?”

“Your Majesty!”

A statement that, depending on interpretation, the Kpelofen Empire will one day collapse like the preceding empires, and a statement that treats the noble and great emperor as a mere human being. The prince hurriedly raised his head at the words that could not come out of the emperor’s mouth.

But what can I do? The crown prince who will succeed me must not be seduced by the word eternity. It should not be forgotten that this empire is not eternal, and even just a few decades ago, it was on the verge of ruin.

The strong Muno Empire, the wise Trica Empire, and the wealthy Apels Empire—all empires finally fell. So is this empire. One day, the mandate of Heaven will be lost and collapsed, and the imperial family will continue to advance to delay that ‘someday’.

Muno, an orphan born mercenary who founded the first empire, the saint who led the Church of Dawn to victory, and the great emperor Eimanka who founded the empire—all the heroes headed to Enen’s side. Me too. I fulfilled my mission, and the time has come for me to step down as a mere mortal.

“So, the crown prince, follow my will. Follow in my footsteps and become the owner of a new empire.”

That must be the mission of the new crown prince.

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