Dungeon Monsters Keep Offering Sacrifices chapter 68

Dungeon Monsters Keep Offering Sacrifices 68

68 – Half Goblin Mass Production Plan (1)


Celia chuckled while reading the report.

“What should we do about this?”

Dealing with the adventurers was a good move.

It was the goal to block adventurers who intruded for those guarding the dungeon.

In that sense, everyone performed their duties splendidly.

The method of using Bency to control a paladin and lure opposing adventurers into the dungeon was truly effective.

Thanks to that, seven adventurers were now controlled by Bency along with various offerings.

If handled well, they could even form an army composed of adventurers.

Secondly, the response of Orc Scoll, who leads the ‘Red-Headed Tribe’ dungeon, was also pleasing.

It is said that he broke all the opponent’s will with overwhelming momentum.

A warrior must have such confidence and vigor.

He fulfilled his role well.

Finally, the slime’s method was also really good.

According to the report, adventurers were lured into hot springs.

If Bency lured opponents with a paladin, the slime stimulated primal desires.

There would be nothing as enchanting as a place to rest for the weary opponent.

It was a strategy only the slime could employ.

But there was a problem.

“Doesn’t this mean there are hardly any adventurers left?”

Adventurers had already died too much.

Too much death, indeed.

Of course, it wasn’t a total annihilation.

Some adventurers were still wandering nearby, trying to escape.

However, this time, the goal is not simply to thwart adventurers.

It is to evaluate four dungeons under our jurisdiction.

Two of them have already been assessed, but two still remain.

However, the remaining ones make it ambiguous to evaluate other dungeons.

“Should I ask for more adventurers to be sent?”

Celia pondered.

In fact, there was a specific reason why these adventurers came to the mountain range.

Nobles of the Sale Kingdom unilaterally hired them and entrusted them with a mission.

Moreover, they did so clandestinely, going against the royal orders.

Princess Irena naturally vowed to uncover those involved, but Celia intervened.

She couldn’t afford to miss such an opportunity when they willingly came.

Celia intended to use them to identify shortcomings in her dungeon and others.

But it was in vain.

“It seems the adventurers’ skills are too low.”

She sighed, pushing aside the documents with her tongue.

Then, she looked at the goblin lord beside her.

“I’ve read the report you submitted, Goblin Lord. You mentioned that we need adventurers to establish a guard unit, right?”

In response to Celia’s calm words, the goblin lord nodded.

“Yes, that’s right, Caelum.”

The goblin lord nodded and pulled out something long.

It was a mana gun.

The first person to give this mana gun to the goblin lord was Celia herself.

Celia also acquired this weapon when Azmo, on Earth, gave it to her as a gift during their first meeting.

Mana gun.

A weapon used by hunters on Earth.

It operated on a principle similar to the crossbows used by adventurers or mercenaries, but the key difference was that it could be easily fired as long as mana was replenished.

In other words, it was a weapon that could be fired infinitely if there was enough mana.

And if the mana grade was high, its power naturally increased.

“So, this is the key.”

Celia picked up the mana gun.

Grasping the mana gun, she immediately infused it with mana.

Celia’s magical power reached the S-rank level.

It had already been experimented that injecting Celia’s mana into the mana gun resulted in tremendous power.

Knowing this fact, Celia personally charged the goblin lord’s mana gun.

If the power was low, the meaning of the weapon would vanish.

But, it couldn’t be done every time.

In response, she considered an alternative.

“A half-goblin elite guard.”

Celia returned the fully charged mana gun, speaking as the goblins listened.

Goblins were not an exceptional race when it came to mana.

Even the goblin lord had inferior mana, thus relying on Celia’s strength.

Of course, among the goblins, there were those who utilized mana.

Goblin shamans were representative of such individuals.

They used mana to perform various spells, but they were still just goblins.

The power of the mana gun couldn’t be brought to its peak.

Eventually, a breakthrough was needed.

The goblin lord proposed a solution.

Utilizing adventurers to mass-produce half-goblins.

The goal was to create an elite guard that could use mana guns.


Literally, goblins with mixed blood, not of pure lineage.

In this case, human blood was considered mixed.

Celia didn’t view this negatively.

After all, wasn’t she the one who gave human girls to the goblins in the first place?

Coincidentally, that girl also carried mana.

And with a little more time, the first child would be born.

Celia tapped the desk with her fingers and then spoke.

“I’ll capture all surviving adventurers. It would be great if among them, there’s someone with mana.”

The purpose of the half-goblin elite guard was to cultivate goblins with powerful mana.

To increase that probability, the opposing humans must also harbor mana.

It’s not just about having mana, but it must be of a high level.

The mana grades of the half-goblins born in between will increase accordingly.

As this cycle repeats, eventually goblins with powerful mana will be born among them.

In that case, not only will the overall strength of the goblins increase, but it will also become easier to establish the Goblin Lord’s elite guard.

Ultimately, this augments the power of the dungeon itself.

As the dungeon becomes stronger, it will undoubtedly expedite the Master’s plans.

Celia rose from her seat, contemplating these thoughts.

Most adventurers were already dead.

While there were survivors, their numbers were woefully insufficient to assess the strength of other dungeons.

Celia had resolved to leave this evaluation here for now.

However, that didn’t mean she intended to let the surviving adventurers go.

One must bear the consequences of trespassing into the domain of a venerable being.

“Capture all the remaining ones alive.”

She intended to make strategic use of the remaining adventurers.

In addition to the Goblin Lord’s plans, if there’s room, she might even operate an adventurer unit using Benshi.

The Master is a great person who will dominate even wider territories in the future.

To achieve that, more strategic cards are needed.

“Tell everyone. Not a single injury is allowed.”

The shadow that had been waiting for Celia’s command disappeared.

Now, her orders would be relayed to everyone within the territory.

Celia, leading the Goblin Lord, slowly stepped out of the dungeon.

* * *

“Haa… Haa….”

Nariel and Eserin were crossing the forest.

Their breaths were heavy, but there was no time to stop here.

“As long as we get out of here, we’ll be fine, so let’s push on!”

Eserin encouraged, giving Nariel more strength.

The reason they were running was not extraordinary.

This place was hell.

“There was no safer place anymore.

Just a moment ago, they were inside the slime dungeon.

Could it be that their brief lapse in vigilance had become their downfall?

Adventurers who were taking a break in the hot springs within the dungeon had been wiped out.

Initially, the adventurers had felt safe because the slimes had been friendly. Or perhaps it was complacency, but that was inevitable.

Their spirits had been shattered after witnessing a comrade’s brutal defeat in a battle against an orc.

Considering the time it took to embark on the mission, they hadn’t had a proper rest for days.

In such circumstances, what adventurer would pass by a place to rest?

Even the slimes seemed friendly, so everyone had let their guard down.

But they were never truly friendly.

‘Using such nefarious tactics.’

The slimes lured the adventurers to the hot springs and wiped them out in one fell swoop.

Their flesh began to dissolve in the acid.

The joyous expressions from moments ago turned into screams filled with despair and agony in an instant.

In a blink of an eye, their flesh melted away, leaving only bones behind.

Most adventurers met a futile death.

The few remaining chose to scatter and flee in all directions.

This place is hell.

It was a place one should never have entered.

Everyone thought that way.

They believed that scattering and fleeing individually increased their chances of survival more than staying together.

“This wasn’t part of the contract!”

They could understand why the Saleel Kingdom and the Adventurers Guild had restricted access.

From Noble mtl dot com

Something was amiss with this mountain range.

Isrin, pondering this, shook their head.

For now, getting out of here was the priority.

Other thoughts could wait until they were out of the mountains.

Penalty fees?

They didn’t even consider them anymore.”

Survival was the top priority.

“Jo, let’s take a short break…. *sigh*.”

Nariel, panting heavily, came to a halt.

It seemed like she had pushed herself to the limit.

“Yeah, let’s do that.”

Eslin, too, was exhausted.

They found a spot under a suitable tree nearby and settled down.

“Ah, I feel like I can live now.”

Eslin lay down on the ground completely.

Then, she stared quietly at the sky.

Darkness had already fallen.

The forest was filled with silence.

Thanks to the branches that spread in all directions, even moonlight didn’t penetrate.

“…Can we really survive?”

Nariel spoke weakly.

“I… meeting Miss Eslin was so nice. Miss Eslin was the only one who accepted me as I am.”


Nariel continued her words.

“So, I’ve always been thankful. Even though you knew my identity, you treated me without discrimination.”

Nariel took off her deeply pressed hat.

As she removed her hat, her hair flowed down, rustling.

“I’m sorry for expressing these words only now. I’ve been so embarrassed all this time.”

As she took off her hat, her hair flowed down, rustling.

“From now on, I won’t hide anymore. I want to live confidently, just as Miss Eslin advised.”

Above all, her ears caught the eye.

Her ears were not those of an ordinary human.

The tips of her ears were pointed and elegant.

Nariel shook her head once and spoke to Eslin.

“So, what I wanted to say is, if we survive this time, let’s -“


Nariel, who was speaking, closed her mouth.



The figure of Isrin, who should clearly be next to her, was nowhere to be seen.

It disappeared as if by magic.

“Isrin, are you there?”

Nariel hastily looked around.

But there was nothing but darkness.

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