How Did I Become a Great Prophet chapter 1

1 - Somehow

1 – Somehow

I went to a shop run by a friend at the request of a friend, and suddenly I was asked to look at the shop.

“…No, I suddenly asked you to look at the store?”

“Oh, I’m really busy with work… Please, please! You’re unemployed anyway, so you have a lot of time!”

“This bastard asks for a favor and stabs you with a knife?”

“It’s because I’m really, really busy!! I heard there’s a blind date?! You know how solo I’ve been!”

“…No, then just close the door! You could close the store for a day!”

“I can’t help it because I can’t even make money these days! Please look at me a little! I’ll ask you like this!!”

“You said you were playing cards or something! How did I know that!!”

“I just need to make a reservation for the guests coming in! You don’t have to watch the tarot? It’s so simple!”

“Oh, but I can’t. I have a schedule, too.”

Today, we have to fight before the promotion.

Looked back. Play unconditionally today!

Anyway, I didn’t go into detail about my schedule because it would stick with me more.

“I’ll give you a part-time job!!”

“Give me money…?!”

Wow, would this change the story?

“How much.”

“100,000 Won! I’ll give you 100,000 won!!”

“Hey! I don’t know how long it will take if I go on a blind date.”

“Okay…Okay, then I hit all the food and coffee for 200,000 won!!”

“We will do our best customer!!”

Jackie, it seems that you were in a lot of hurry? Saying that they have no money, they call for 200,000 won.

Anyway, 200,000 won for sitting and looking after the store for a few hours? I can’t stand this!

After putting off the promotion match, I took 200,000 won in advance and sat down behind the table where the cards were set.

“Hey…I sat down and saw that the store is pretty big, isn’t it?”

It was even very luxurious. Thanks to that, it seemed quite mysterious.

Is this how Tarot works?

It’s a field I’ve never been interested in, so I’m not sure, but I felt like I had it.

Anyway, as my friend said, there weren’t that many customers.

It’s not like there isn’t one at all, but one or two people came to visit from time to time, but they left their phone number and left a reservation.

“Hey~. This sounds so sweet, right?”

There was not much to do, so all I could do was sit back and play. It was a very sweet part-time job. The money is good too.

For the occasional guest, simply make a reservation and send it off. It was very comfortable.

I must have paid for the meal.

It was the perfect part-time job for an unemployed person like me.

I was watching a Youtube video while leaning back in a very leisurely, comfortable chair, and then the door opened and the bell on the door rang.

Sounds that a guest has arrived.

I put my phone right away and looked at the visitor.

This time, the customer was a woman wearing a neat suit and giving off a pretty cool impression.

“Welcome! Are you here to see Tarot?”

“Ah, yes. I’m here to do some divination.”

“Ah, in that case…”

As usual, I was about to announce that I could make a reservation because I couldn’t see the tarot right now, but before she could finish talking, a woman quickly approached me and sat down on a chair and stared at me with a serious expression.

‘What, what is it? Are you very fast? Is it superhuman?’

While I blinked in surprise, a woman started talking to her.

“Because I have something really important ahead of me. I’d like to get some fortune telling about it.”

“Ah, that’s right. But now I don’t have a teacher, so I can’t do divination…”

“I don’t have much time. I’m in a bit of a hurry and need to get ready and get to work in a few days.”

“I know you’re in a hurry, but now…”

“As the situation is urgent, I would like to see the divination quickly. Is that possible?”


‘A nobleman who doesn’t listen to people…?’

On the outside, he was smiling, but on the inside, he was stuffy.

No matter how urgent you are, can’t you see a fortune without knowing what it is?

“But now…”

“Some say that this place is quite useful. That’s why I’ve prepared enough money.”

The customer opened his wallet and took out a bunch of 50,000 won bills that were shining bright yellow.

‘Ouch…! How much is all that?!’

“500,000 Won. If it’s not enough, I can give you more…”

“Oh, no! That’s more than enough!”

Oh my God! Burning 50 on one tarot isn’t enough, you can spend more?!

I had a hunch that the customer in front of me was not an ordinary person.

“That’s good. So… Can you see the divination now?”

“Oh, that, that’s…”

I gulped at the 500,000 won in front of my eyes.

My friend who says he doesn’t have many customers and doesn’t make much money isn’t really the fortune teller’s owner, so I think he misunderstood something…

Those things aside, 500,000 won in front of my eyes was too much of a temptation.

“Khhhhh good. Let’s try something…”

“Thank you.”

Now that this has happened, is it not the customer’s fault for not listening to me properly?

So what…Now I don’t know.

Isn’t tarot reading 100% correct anyway?

Just…Let’s try it.

I picked up the card next to me.

And I used jjambab, which I used to play card games with when I was young, and mixed it.

‘Uh… I mixed it up… And laid it out nicely?’

Thinking about what I had heard somewhere, I laid the cards out on the table.


“…Sir, the cards are stacked?”

I didn’t know how to shuffle the deck, but I didn’t know how to lay it out. How can I play it well?

Cards that were not laid out properly and were cut in the middle were divided into three piles.

‘…Uh, what should I do?!’

I barely managed to improvise by turning my head as far as I could at the feeling that I was about to break out in a cold sweat behind my back.

“Ah, that… My card points are a bit different. I deliberately divided them into three. Ha ha ha…”

‘Please, please…!’

“Aha. That’s right. As expected, dragons are different.”

“hahahaha…I’m a bit different…”

Because I’m a newbie among newbies who’ve never done it before…


‘I passed…!’

Fortunately, it worked!

With a deep sigh of relief, I spoke to the customer.

“Now, would you like to draw a card on the right?”

Following my guidance, the customer drew a card.

When I flipped the card over, I saw a tower with lightning, fire and falling people.

“Is this…?”

“Oh, this is…”

What does this card mean…How come it doesn’t look good…

‘Eight, you don’t have the jaw to know what you’re seeing for the first time just because you’re worried. Let’s just say it to make it look rough!’

From noble mtl dot com

Having made up my mind, I deliberately stiffened my expression, lowered my voice, and pretended to be serious.

“Surely…You said you had something urgent and important to do.”

“Yes, it is.”

“You must have lived quite hard until you did that?”

“Oh, yes. I’m not proud of it, but I’ve worked really hard. In training… Building a reputation… This opportunity is the result of a lot of hard work.”

“As expected…”

I said something important while putting on my pods.

“If you look at this card…The tower is collapsing? People are also falling.”

“Ah, yes. I’m sure it is.”

“This means that the tower you worked hard for will fall. I guess it means that the things you built up to now will probably fall because of that important thing…?”

“Is that so?! Then how can I avoid it!”

“Hmm… First of all, the Tarot isn’t finished, so let’s try the next one.”

“Oh, I see.”

I calmed down the excited customer and had him draw a card in the center.

Then again, something unusual came out.

‘The…Pillar behind it? A person who fell bleeding… What is a round thing? Is that water in front of you? Something is laughing right next to the person… What kind of card is this?’

“Sir, sir. What kind of card is this time?”

“Um…This is…”

This time, too, I put my brain to full use and came up with a story roughly improvised.

“You see these two pillars? This means that I passed the important moment in this job well. However, because of this rock here, I feel like I’m about to collapse before my final destination. The…Dogs next to me Seeing you like that, I’m crying bitterly.”

“That, it can’t be… That, sir. Is this really a rock? It doesn’t look like a rock at all…”

It doesn’t look like a rock to me…But there’s nothing I can do about it since the horse jumped out like that. You just have to push

“Rock is right. hahahahaha…”

“Oh, so what can I do to avoid this?”

“What…It’s simple. Be careful of the rocks…?”

“Okay…I’ll keep that in mind, sir.”

“Then shall we look at the last card?”

The customer draws the last card, and I open it.

Then this time I saw a card that looked pretty bright.

‘In a bright mood…A man on a horse? There are also clouds… Hmm… I think it looks like a nice card?’

I wish I could roughly explain this. If you’ve only heard the bad news, shouldn’t you also have heard the good news?

“What kind of card is this…?”

“hahahaha…It’s simple. If you overcome the crisis well…So if you handle the rock well…It means you can return home brightly and golden like a man on a horse. So, it means you can succeed. “

“! I see…! Then sir, finally, how can I explain in detail about that rock…”

“hahahaha… There is a limit to what you can foresee with cards. I don’t think I can tell you more. From now on, you have to do it yourself.”

It’s impossible anymore…! My head is overloaded and it doesn’t work well…!!

Please just leave now…!

“Is that so…I understand! I will engrave your words deep in my heart! By the way…May I have your contact information?”

“Yes? Why is the contact number…?”

“If this goes well, I want to thank you. If it works out as you said, I want to use it often.”

“Uh…Well, yes. I see.”

I even handed over my number on a whim.

‘Hmm… I don’t know what’s going on, but I just saw it… There’s nothing else to do…?’

Anyway, the customer left, and I sighed as I managed to get over it.

Then he took the money.

‘Whoa… But I still have a nice side income!’

After that, soon after, my friend came back and this part-time job came to an end.

“This older brother is here!!”

“Oh, well-kee bright? Did the blind date go well?”

“Oh no! I can see the solo escape angle now!! Let’s go!! I’m shooting today!!”

“Oh! Are you showing me?”

When my friend came back, I forgot what I had been doing and left the store happily.

But at this time, I didn’t even dream of it.

I can’t believe that the glimpse I just saw will completely change my life…!!

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