How Did I Become a Great Prophet chapter 21

21 - Succumbing to Temptation

21 – Succumbing to Temptation

A few days after Akame left for revenge, I was able to see her face again.

…On TV, in breaking news.

[Breaking news! Currently, a clash between S rank superhumans has taken place in a city at 00:00 in Japan! Yamatake Toyoda, one of Japan’s S-Rank superhumans, famous for his violent personality and known for constant vicious rumors, and one of the three great swordsmen, who have not been seen for several years and even rumored to be dead, It is said that ‘Flower Sword’ Sarameya Akame took over!!]


While practicing how to shuffle the cards neatly on YouTube, I was drinking cold water for a while, and water dripped from my mouth without even realizing it.

No, how long has it been since you moved to Japan, and your revenge is breaking news in Korean news?!

How the hell did you run wild…

[As a result of that rare clash, the ‘big boss’ Yamatake Toyoda died horribly, and a disaster in which an incumbent S-rank superman died. In addition to the clash with Take, the tragedy of massacring all superhumans under the command of Toyoda Yamatake caused great damage to the city, and the whereabouts are unknown!]

Pooh! Cool! Heck!

From noble mtl dot com

And shortly thereafter, seeing a breaking news report that made my concerns a reality, I couldn’t help but squirt the water I was drinking.

“Oh, thank goodness. The card isn’t wet…”

Thanks to the uncontrollable spouting, there were many things I had to put away… But it’s fortunate that the cards didn’t get wet.

Unfortunately fortunate…

[This incident is presumed to be a revenge play caused by Sarameya Akame, who had been attacked by Toyoda Yamatake years ago, holding a grudge against the incident, and experts say that the damage was remarkably small compared to a clash between two famous S-rank supermen. , It is estimated that Akame Sarameya, who is presumed to be the protagonist of this case, won an overwhelming victory over Yamatake Toyoda, and it is estimated that Akame Sarameya’s power has become significantly stronger than several years ago, but the method is questionable…]

“…Does that do little damage? After all, it’s scary and amazing in many ways. High-ranking superhumans…”

“Hello~. Oops! Did you hear what I’m talking about, sir?”


“Ah! I just opened the window and came in!”

“No, why bother with the windows while leaving the door intact?”

“Uh… Maybe it’s for an impressive appearance to imprint my presence on the teacher…?”

“Not in a positive way, but the intention itself is a success…But next time don’t do that…”

I almost lost my liver…

“hehehe…Yes. Got it!”

Akame answered cheerfully and sat next to me naturally.

…What is this naturalness? This must be my house…?

Even with such a big man sitting next to me, I became an enormous burden. I feel like I’m breaking out in a cold sweat!

“I came as soon as possible as soon as my revenge was over… The news is so fast! I even jumped across the sea to come quickly!”

No, he said he ran across the sea…?

Damn it, it’s more burdensome to hear that! I feel that you care about me, so it’s more burdensome!!

“Uh…But how do you communicate with each other now?”

“Ah! I got an interpreter artifact! I’ll give it to the teacher too! Please feel free to use it!!”

“Ah, yes…”

An interpreter artifact…Is there such a thing?

But seeing that he prepared these things and gave them to me as a gift, I had an ominous feeling.

“Anyway! Now that you have the revenge you wanted, it’s time to pay the price, right?”

Akame, who had suddenly changed from a cheerful atmosphere to a solemn one, bowed her head while holding out her sword to me.

“As I swore before, this Sarameya Akame. I swear that I will be by Dam Han-ul’s side to support you for the rest of my life.”

Damn it! I knew it!


Heavy! Too heavy! It’s even burdensome and scary!

An S-Rank Superman is going to serve an ordinary person like me?! Damn… I feel like I’m really sweating!!

Even for a lifetime!? Does anyone have anything to do with a stomach ache!! If you eat something you can’t handle, you can’t pretend and your stomach explodes and dies!! Especially me…!!”

However, it was more difficult for me to say ‘Ah, that’s a bit…’ In this atmosphere.

An S-Rank Superman, a person who is strong enough to easily kill another S-Rank Superman puts down his ego and everything and refuses to serve me so seriously? If you do, you will die with a single knife. It’s guaranteed!!

Anyway, there was only one option for me to choose.

“…Uh, that…I get it for now…Lifetime feels a bit excessive…But you can leave whenever you feel like it…”

I have no choice but to pray that I will get tired of my grass and fall off…!!

Is it supposed to be an Indian-style rain ritual meta…?

“Thank you, teacher!! From now on ‘for the rest of my life’!! I will support you with all my heart and selflessness!!”

Ah, but if I feel like this is wrong from the start, I’m not mistaken, right?

He even speaks with great emphasis on life. hahahaha… Screwed this up.

No, and what else is selfishness?!

“I’m just hanging out with you, but… I have to give you a salary, right?”

“It’s okay sir!! I didn’t ask for something like a salary!!”

“No, I think it would really hurt my stomach if I didn’t give you that…”

By the way, this is the truth…

It’s embarrassing to have an S-rank superman as a subordinate, but he’s working it without pay?! I’m not going to make it first!!

“Uh…If that’s the case…Cheaply take about 30 million won a month!”

“Yes? Three thousand…?”

Keugh! I expected it, but it’s also a high-class manpower…!! Expensive…!!

“hehehe…Is it too cheap? It’s okay though, since the money will come out automatically after going through a few dungeons!!”

You even think this is cheap!! As expected, an S-rank superman… It feels like life itself is on a different level from an ordinary person like me.

Well…Recently, when S-Rank Supermen enter any large guild, they say that the ransom starts at hundreds of millions of won in basic annual salary…Thinking about that, a bargain is a bargain…

S rank superhumans are strong and rare, so just recruiting them gives the guild a huge benefit. Are you a bit like the sports stars of the past?

“Okay, okay. Then let’s do it…”

Fortunately, these days I have a large amount of fixed income, and my fortune teller job is quite good, so I thought I could afford that much. A little sad, but…

“Ah! But then, how should I address the teacher? Um…Master?”

“Yes?! No, that’s kind of…”

Listening to the voice of the master to an S rank superman? Ugh! Just imagining the pain…!!

“…Just call me by name. Hanul or Dam Hanul…”

“hehehe, then I’ll call you Hanul from now on~? Please take good care of me from now on, Hanul!”

“Ah, yes…I am…”

Akame smiled brightly as he held out his outstretched hand.

“Ah! By the way, Hanul! I will have to live in Korea from now on, but I have no place to live! What should I do?!”

“Yes…? If you find a hotel…”

You’re an S-Rank Superman who makes a lot of money… If you ask an ordinary fortuneteller like me…

“I can’t do that! Do I have to protect Hanul from now on? So I looked for a property near this house, but there was none…”

Hey, why do I feel so ominous again?

Aren’t all the troublesome things already over?

“So…Can we share Hanul’s house…?”

Damn!! It was this!!

“No, no matter how…”

No matter how much you do, you shouldn’t be living in the same room, but you live in the same house with an S-rank superman?! This is absolutely not possible…!!

“Ah! And I forgot to tell you… I thought the grace I received this time was too great, so I brought some extra money~?”

Akame, who smiled leisurely as if she had expected everything, swung her in the air, and I had no choice but to stop my actions at the object I took out.

Because the feast of green bills covering the TV with the momentum to smash the floor, and the shiny gold bars that revealed their heavy presence…!!

Even those bills were all dollars…!! Crazy!

“When I opened the place Han-ul said, I saw something like this? I think it was probably something like Yamatake’s slush fund… Originally, there were more, but this was the only one that was fine, so I only took this.”

Ah! Suddenly, a halo seemed to shine behind Akame’s back. Why does it look very familiar when I see it again…?

“And there was a car that looked good, so I brought it. You don’t have one yet, do you?”

Oh my God! Even cars?!

When I received the car key, it was indeed an unusual brand.

“Hmmm, so… Can I live with Hanul…?”


“No matter how much it is, if I can live with an S-rank superman, it would be my greatest honor! hahahahaha…”

Tada! After all, there is no such thing as absolute, right?

But I couldn’t help it…!! Looking at Akame’s satisfied smile, I knew it was intentional… But it was too much money to refuse…!!

And these days, while my mentality is being torn apart, my only cure is financial treatment… I couldn’t help it. If it wasn’t for the amount of money piling up, I would have withered away long ago…

“Whoa…Please take good care of me in the future? Oh, and it’s inconvenient to keep at home, so I’ll clean it up and deliver it to you!”

“Oh, thank you. hahahaha…”

Anyway, living in a house with an S-rank superman, which was so burdensome, began.


A few days have passed since then…

I got a call from someone I was familiar with.

[Hey! How are you?! Of course I’ve been doing well…Now I’m in Korea to see you? I’m sorry you’re not paying attention! Kyakyakya!]


[I’m kidding! Anyway, I have something to give you, so let’s see you tomorrow around 9pm! I’ll send you the location!]


From noble mtl dot com

[Then see you tomorrow, Mr. Fortune Teller!]


…And in an instant, an unpleasant promise was made.

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