How Did I Become a Great Prophet chapter 27

27 - The red car shakes three times

27 – The red car shakes three times

What Jiyoung Wi wants to see is to cross the wall.

It seemed to be similar to, and almost identical to, the point that she had previously asked for under the housekeeping.

‘Hmm… Wi Ji-young jumps over the wall…’

But seeing how it’s called the last wall, it looks like it’s going to be a bigger wall than cleaning…

‘Cross the wall…’

After thinking for a moment, I put down the stack of cards I was about to pick up.

This point is because I thought it would be better to look at it as something other than a card.

“Ohhh? I know that you mainly watch cards, didn’t you?”

“Oh, that’s right. It’s this card that I use often.”

Is it because it was a card that I used when I first saw the divination? I was most familiar with the card when I looked at the divination.

Well, the ones I used then were tarot cards, and the ones I use now are cards for card games.

“Then is it contemplation? I’ve heard that contemplation is also one of the best.”

“Unfortunately, it’s not a contemplation. It’s not a marble. Oh, more than that…Do you have a car?”

By the way, I’m talking about drinking tea.

“Cha? Of course there is…What kind of tea do you want, sir?”

“It doesn’t matter what kind. I’d like something I can get as soon as possible. It’s not my drink hahahahaha.”


Wi Ji-young smiled lightly as if she was having fun.

“That’s interesting. Do you mean that seeing things is different when you become a teacher?”

“…Well, I don’t know what you mean, but I’m sure it’s not like that?”

“Whoa… Let’s do that.”

Wee Ji-young called a servant and told her to serve some tea, and the servant nodded and served her tea a little later.

…I mean red-hot poison tea.

“…Uh, is this…?”

“It’s a tea made by brewing the venom glands of red wine. Not only does it have blood and scales, but even its eyes and poison are red… If you pull out its venom glands and boil it, a pretty good tea comes out.”

Oh my God, tea made with poison from poisonous snakes…?

A poisonous horse drinks poisonous tea, even tea… Maybe that’s why it’s nicknamed poisonous horse…

It feels the same way to know why Wi Ji-young’s nickname is Dogma. If she lives like this, she deserves that nickname…

“The refreshing sweetness at the end of the bitter taste is exquisite. Would you like to try it?”

“…Um, no. I’ll decline.”

At first glance, it looks ominous, but after listening to the explanation, I can definitely feel that it is a tea that will go to the goal if you drink it.

“Hmm, is that so?”

Wei Jiying smiled and beckoned, and her servant stepped away, and Wei Jiying poured out the tea in the teacup that her servant had brought and handed it to me.

Then, after pouring her own tea, she quietly tasted it and said.

And when Wi Ji-yeong stared at me with a light smile, I cleared my throat once and started fortune-telling.

“Kheum, then let’s begin.”

After removing the teapot, I lifted the teacup in front of me.

And I poured it slowly onto the table, being very careful not to splash the contents on me.

Kulleong. It’s a joke.

The slightly viscous and slightly sticky tea water began to slowly cover the wide table.

The poisoned tea, which continued to grow slowly but little by little, soon completely covered the table, thin but wide, and swayed outside the table without a single drop flowing.

Swaying- swaying- swaying-

I looked closely at the poisoned tea, which was quietly covered in its own red color on the table, without moving, as it sank quietly right after the three rocking movements, and Wi Ji-young stared at me with interest.

“Do you see something?”

“…Yes. It looks good.”

“hahahaha…That’s amazing.”

Not empty words, Ji-Whee Ji-Young, genuinely curious, bent over her body and looked around at the poisoned tea poured on the table.

“Where and what did you see this tea poured on the table? I don’t understand… You’re a really good fortune teller.”

Well, it could be.

Actually, I can’t understand why I can see this. The heart understands but the head doesn’t, is it a feeling like that?

So, whenever I see a fortune, I feel very strange.

Anyway, what can be seen in this poison car…

“Then, with the dot, let me explain.”

First, the tea water from poisoned tea was stirred three times, covering the entire table without leaking a single drop outside.

“To cross the wall, you must find and take the three poisons you do not have, no more and no less.”

“…Three poisons I don’t have?”

“Yes. You must find and drink three extreme poisons that are so rare that no one has ever seen them before, and that no superhuman other than you would dare to handle.

“Three extreme readings…”

“The first poison is the poison of erosion that will darken even the brightest stars. It exists in Egypt’s S-rank dungeon ‘Black Serpent’s Scales’. It will be sucked into the center, but if you follow it and reach the center of the dungeon, you will find poison crystal like a black jewel. You can swallow it right away and press down the miasma to completely control and conquer it.”

“Such a secret was hidden in the black snake’s scales…?

S-Rank Dungeon Black Snake’s Scales is a dungeon that Wi Ji-young herself used quite often because it is overflowing with poisonous monsters.

“The second poison is the poison of destruction that destroys even immortality. If you pierce a single huge mountain that exists in the Wyvern’s nest in the A-class dungeon in Norway and enter the mountain’s interior, the mistletoe grows strangely twisted inside it. There will be a tree. Pull this tree whole, go to the root, combine the powder with the guest’s poison to form a pill, swallow it, and conquer the poison like the poison of erosion. After conquering the poison of erosion, it won’t be that difficult .”

“Raise the mistletoe…”

Wyvern’s nest is a tricky dungeon where you have to kill the wyverns that live in steep mountains, but Wi Ji-young doesn’t care.

Wi Ji-young, who has been seriously listening to Dam Han-ul’s fortunes for some time, has deeply imprinted those contents.

“The third and last poison is a transformation poison that destroys the poisoned person by using the power of the poisoned person adversely. Enter Italy’s A+ grade dungeon ‘Mystery of the Five Colored Mirrors’ and break the floor about 17 times before going down to a small space. There should be one, but you just have to finely pull out the translucent hemp that exists in it and eat it as it is. After taking the two poisons above, you should be able to conquer it without too much difficulty.”

The Five-Colored Mirror Unexplored Land is beautiful, but it is also famous for its bizarre dungeon.

In a dungeon where the floor made of mirrors can easily break and fall, so you have to fight carefully.

“…Translucent hemp. What should I do after I’ve drunk that?”

Now that the first explanation is over, it’s time for the next explanation.

The second to last was the tea water from the poisoned tea that had been quietly submerged without a slight movement.

“If you have taken all three extreme poisons, you must return to the safest place, take out all the poisons that the customer has taken and used, and then weave them together. Sublimate the poisons into one, the most powerful and only ‘poison horse’ that exists in the world. When you create ‘Man’s Poison’ and all the poisons are subordinated to the poison horse without the slightest crack, that’s when the guest has succeeded in breaking the wall and going higher.”

“Hmm, difficult but interesting spell.”

Wee Ji-young drank all the tea in her cup and put the cup away.

She knew very well that the last wall she was trying to overcome was not easy, so she didn’t say much even though it was difficult.

No, on the contrary, it was to the point where I thought it was easy. Because crossing the last wall is an event that is on a completely different level from the fact that a superman has grown beyond his limits.

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“You remembered it clearly, Mr. Hanul Dam. Then, is the divination over?”

“…Whoa, ah. Yes. The divination is finished. Then… Please clear the tea water from this table…”

I emptied the car and I can’t raise my hand…

“Huhuhu… You’re so unique, so unique.”

Wi Ji-young, who returned the table clean with a single gesture, smiled quietly.

“I heard what you said. First of all, I’ve got the money in advance…I’ll be able to get it when I go back to Korea. I’ll give you the rest of the money after I cross the wall.”


When I say this, the balance is always more burdensome… Are you going to draw again this time?

“I’d like to spend more time with you, but… You’ll have work, and I’ve learned divination, so you’ll need to prepare. But it’s late today… Tomorrow afternoon. How about going back?”

“Oh, I don’t care.”

“Then let’s know that and prepare.”

After saying that, Jiyoung Wi got up from her seat.

“You must be tired from fortune-telling, sir. I think I will have to prepare myself. I’ll see you tomorrow when you leave.”

“Yes, I understand.”

In an instant, Wi Ji-young’s eyes and the corners of her lips bent at my answer.

“…I’ll see you tomorrow then, sir.”

When Wee Ji-young smiled and stepped back, she sighed and got up from her seat, grabbing the things I brought.

I was sure it was because I was tired.

Anyway, I must have already eaten. I went back to my room and fell asleep as I listened to the exclamations of the excited Akame, Dark Cat, and Ricone trio.

—-And then the next day as time passed.

When it was time to leave after having a hearty lunch, Wi Ji-young came out and saw us off.

“It’s hardly a return for the divination…But I have something to tell you.”

“What can I say?”

“Your talent is so great. Since you’ve already revealed it, you won’t be able to hide it even if you want to. A sharp awl eventually breaks through your pocket. It’s inevitable that you, Hanul Dam, will become famous.”

“Uh…Is that so…?”

Such, it’s still burdensome, but you’re saying you’ll become more famous…? It’s a terrible word.

“It’s probably not just a story limited to people. The world is wide and there are countless ways to live.”

A strange word. What else could this mean? Is it a story that I’m going to look at monster points?

“I wonder what kind of giant he will be next time we meet. Looking forward to our next meeting, mate.”

After that, Wi Ji-young smiled strangely and shook her hand. I said thank you and went out of Wi Ji-young’s mansion with the three of us and returned to Korea via the private plane we boarded when we came here. Went back

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