How Did I Become a Great Prophet chapter 4

4 - Love this time

4 – Love this time

Kang Min-ji, who took the position of team leader this time, wanted her teacher to do well, and that first led to secretly running a business for her team.

However, doing it openly is something that only minions do.

As long as the members of the official raid team of a large guild like Hwajin are all in a situation where they can afford capital, somehow ‘maybe it’s okay to take a look…?’ It was enough to make her think, so Kang Min-ji approached very carefully and leisurely…

“I…Team Leader, I heard a fortune teller that I’m very brave…”

As a result, he succeeded in sales.

Kang Min-ji smiled inwardly and looked at the team member who was talking to her.

A B-rank superman who plays the role of a very good tank in his team, with a height that easily exceeds 2M, and a ragged muscle and a tough-looking face befitting his height.

“Ah-. Yes, I did. I was talking about a fortune teller. But why?”

“Yeah…I’d like to try divination in that house. If the house is so good…How can it not be…?”

‘Did you get caught?’

But then, Kim Joo-hwan is a man with a soft heart, unlike his rugged appearance.

It was clear that the fidgety spirit had some important reason to tell.

However, I don’t know why they want to see fortune-telling… What does that matter?

For a great fortune teller like Dam Han-ul, the genre won’t be an obstacle.

“I’m curious about what’s going on… But I won’t ask. Isn’t that kind of polite? But I made a good choice. That teacher is really kind.”

She gave the teacher’s address and phone number to Kim Ju-hwan.

“If you’re going to contact me, go here, make a reservation, and go this way. Oh, but be aware of that, as it’s a bit expensive like a dragon’s house.”

“So, then…How much should I prepare?”

“Well…I paid about 2 million won in total. I wonder if it depends on the importance…But wouldn’t it be better to pay less than to be hated?”

She added that the reason she was able to remove her risk factors from the previous raid on the ‘Temple of the Pious Trolls’ and finish the raid so easily was thanks to the fortune teller teacher.

“Wow…If you’re that brave…You’re sure it’s worth the money, right?”

“Of course. I don’t know what you’re worried about, but be prepared with enough sincerity. That way, we’ll let you know better.”

Anyway, for Hwajin, a B-class tanker with a track record organized in the regular raiding party, that kind of money was not that much money.

“Oh, I see! Thanks for the advice, manager!”

“What, with this much. Tell me about a review later?”

Kang Min-ji, who had been completely successful in sales, smiled deeply at his heart.

‘Whoa… One thing goes in, sir!’

Of course, the problem is that the teacher didn’t really want it, but it was a favor.

Anyway, I attacked the dungeon the other day, and being a hunter is a job that leaves quite a lot of time unless you belong to the government, and since the team was just formed, there wasn’t too much work to do, so I wasn’t too busy. Immediately after work, Kim Joo-hwan headed to the fortune teller Kang Min-ji introduced.

With very, very high expectations.


I must have earned an additional 1.5 Million won the other day. I was spending quite a lot of leisurely days, but I was shocked to face a very unexpected customer.

“So…What did you come for?”

“Yes, that…I came here through the introduction of Team Manager Kang Min-ji. I heard that the teacher is so good at reading fortunes…”

Kang Min-ji, team leader…He is a person who remains very deeply in my memory.

A pretty amazing person who is the team leader of Hwajin, a large guild, and an A-rank hunter, who gave a total of 200 Korean beef gift sets.

No, but suddenly there was a person who came to see fortune telling through that person’s introduction??

‘No… What the hell is this…’

I was thinking that only that person would occasionally look at the fortune telling, but what kind of upheaval is this?

I wanted to kick him out, saying, “I don’t see things like that…” But I couldn’t.

‘Wow… Why do people look so frightening…’

If I said that, the person in front of me would say, ‘How dare you kick me out!!’ It was because he felt like he was going to fold himself in half while doing it.

‘No… Team Leader, even if I introduce you, this ignorant person…!’

If it’s like this, you can’t refuse even if you’re scared…!

“Ah, for now…Please come in.”

“…! Thank you! Then…”

The ferocious-looking giant in front of me faltered and entered my house.

I roughly guided him to the living room, spread out a table, brought me a glass of juice, gave it to the giant, and asked.

“That… I’m going to ask you something, what did you come to see…?”

“Ah, that…I…Want to take a look at the love story…”

“Hmm, the romance…?!”

No, I have to do it again. Among the many points, the love point…??

I blinked in bewilderment.

Whether I said it or not, the giant blushed as if he was a little embarrassed and continued.

“I have someone I like…I don’t know what to do…I don’t have a very friendly personality so…I want to get some advice from the teacher.”

“No, ha…Heh heh…”

No, I’m going to listen to love points and advice from a mother who has never held a woman’s hand in my life…!!

I managed to hold on to my mind that was about to go into a stupor.

“Well, I prepared this much, albeit a little, for the price of points…”

However, my spirit changed as soon as I checked the envelope that the giant handed me.

No, in fact, it may have flown to Andromeda.

That’s right, because there was a whopping 3 million won in the envelope!

‘Heh, heo…! This, this amount of money…!!’

When I put such a large amount of money in front of my eyes, I cleared my throat and said, my eyes widened like that time.

“Keuheum…I can’t help but look at this kind of sincerity…Wait a minute.”

I hurriedly got up.

I’ll have to look at the divination because it’s come out like that.

Of course, I’m a rookie, but… What can I do with that kind of money!

Just in case…

‘Ah… I don’t have a tarot card…!?’

Obviously the problem was that I didn’t have tarot cards in my house.

At that time, of course, it was because it was a friend’s fortune teller, and it’s impossible for an ordinary, unemployed person to have such a thing in my house.

‘Damn it, at least a card, a card…’

I was wandering around the room looking for cards, but I finally found a stack of cards.

‘This, this…!!’

The problem is that it’s a card deck used in a card game I used to play as a child, but…

‘Damn it! It’s urgent, but at least this…!!’

But it wasn’t the time to cover up, so I brought it with me.

“Uh…Sir. Isn’t that card a card game card that was popular in the past…? I’m looking at fortune-telling, but why…”

“Uh huh! A craftsman by nature never blames his tools! Don’t doubt it!”

“Aha…Yeah, sorry sir! As expected, the person who uses the dragon is different!”

I shuffled my cards and handed them to the giant in front of me.

“Now, so the name…?”

“Oh, my name is Kim Joo-hwan, sir!”

“Yes, Kim Joo-hwan. Draw five cards from there. Don’t look at it.”


Desperately thinking about how to pass it this time, I saw that Kim Joo-hwan drew five cards and had him cover them on the floor.

“Now, turn over any one card you want out of these five.”

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According to my words, Kim Joo-hwan flipped the card.

The first card revealed is the trap card Beauty World.

The effect is…Well, it doesn’t matter now.

Anyway, after thinking about it, I spat out the words.

“Hmm… The person you have in mind is very beautiful, doesn’t it?”

“…! Eh, that’s right! As expected, you’re a dragon!!”

Well… If you like it, you’ll be covered with bean pods, and you’ll look pretty even if you’re not pretty…

“Well, turn over the next card.”

Kim Joo-hwan, who had a deeper trust in his eyes looking at me, flipped the next card.

This time, a monster card, ‘The Old Man who catches time’ is out.

This is a card that shows an old man sitting on a boat and fishing. The effect is…Not important, so pass.

“Well, it seems that the woman who has this in mind also has a customer in mind.”

“Are you sure, sir?!”

“…Keuhmm, let’s calm down and move on to the next one.”

“Oh, yes!”

The next trap card is ‘The Spy in the Trap’.

It’s a card that captured a beautiful spy…How did you deal with it…?

“Hmm…A customer is between a woman he likes and a lover…What do you want to be?

“Yeah?! Ha, but like that…!”

“That, believe it and try it. Keep in mind. You have to be very confident. Just hold hands and hit the wall! Did you know?”

“He…I understand first.”

The guest who nodded once flipped over the next card, and this time a field trap card, ‘The Shrugged Back Alley’ came out.

“Make that confession in an embarrassing back alley like this. The effect will be better.”

Actually, I didn’t even know if that was the case. I’m just saying whatever comes to mind…

“The confession…In the back alley…”

Muttering so, the customer flipped the last card.

The last card is…’Eros’ original love’.

Of course, the effect worked, and for now… Let’s sort things out quickly.

“Hmm… That lady seems to like things a bit hard… If she makes a strong confession she’ll probably accept it, but then if a woman suggests something she should accept it without taking anything out of it.” . You know?”

f*ck, I don’t know if this is real…

Ah, I don’t know. Even if I’m wrong, it’s not my fault! It’s your fault for asking such a thing to a mosolada like me!

“That, well…You remember everything, right?”

“Yes! I will definitely achieve love according to the teacher’s advice!!”

“Okay! That’s my determination! Then, let’s go!”

“Yes! I will come back confidently!!”

No, you don’t have to come back…

Anyway, the customer who gained confidence left my house…

About a day or so later, the customer contacted me.

[Ji, you really succeeded sir!!!]

What?! Did that really work!?

[You are truly my lifelong benefactor!! Thank you very much sir!! hehehe…!!]

Receiving that phone call, I opened my mouth wide in amazement and froze as it was.

No…Was that really right?! You got hit twice in a row!? Why…?!

Of course, no one was here to answer my questions.

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