How Did I Become a Great Prophet chapter 48

48 - Repaying kindness is a burden

48 – Repaying kindness is a burden

I am Hanul Dam, a fortune teller.

Now I even have the label of being a superman.

…Although it loses its appearance because it is an F-rank title.

Well, it doesn’t matter anyway since I’m just an ordinary person.

However, it is strange that something else called a superman has arisen in front of me. That doesn’t change anything, but… But isn’t it amazing that it’s amazing?

Ah, but now that I think about it, isn’t it that nothing has completely changed?

“You’ve become a Superman this time? That’s great.”

The other day, Jeonghwaha came to visit me, and there was a story that came up at that time.

“Uh…A superhuman entrusted it to you? He’s an F-class, just like a normal person…”

“That doesn’t matter. The important thing now is that I have the status of a superman.”

“That’s right?”

‘Hmm…I was originally going to go back for a while, but I guess I don’t have to do that now.’

“But what do you mean it’s important that I become a superhuman?”

“Oh, it’s simple. Now you have a lot of talented people under you… And you’re in a relationship with three Korean S-Rank supermen, including me, so I’m going to give you a good impression.”


As soon as he heard these two letters, he said something was strong…

“Yes. I’m trying to make you the owner of the Korean underworld. For this, I’m thinking of creating a guild named after you.”

This terrifying premonition did not go astray.

“What are you going to make of me?! And what is a guild…!”

“Ah, the grace I received from the teacher was a lot… I think it should be that much. I have already finished talking with Hwang Min-wook and Wi Jin-taek. Wi Jin-taek will soon visit the teacher with a gift. I did too.”

“No, it’s troublesome to do this all of a sudden…!!”

No, you’re going to suddenly put such a dangerous cover on me?!

Why are you so impatient that you can’t touch my mentality?! I’ve only calmed down lately, what is this…!!

“I will take measures to prevent any trouble. Korea’s back world itself is not very strong, and they couldn’t unite. Still, the money that comes out when they get together is quite large… The teacher only wears a military coat and asks for a handsome man they will dedicate every month. All you have to do is take gold and various benefits.”

“That’s how it works?!”

Damn cleaning!! Why are you unnecessarily showcasing a competent work process here!! That kind of thing should be used to raise the Cheongsong Guild!!

“I have already finished talking with the superhumans under the teacher’s command. Rather than entrusting the management to the teacher, they say that it is good to be able to do something helpful to the teacher, and they are happy to do so. The teacher is free from responsibility and just enjoys pleasure.”

Ugh… When did those guys all mess up again?!

“Keep, keke…”

Now that this is the case, I can’t say anything against it…

“If you want, you can make your guild into one of the top 10 guilds. It’s the first guild in Korean history to have 3 S-Rank superhumans. The title of Korea’s No. 1 Guild will be simple.”

“That’s not real!!”

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No, you’re looking for an angle to put something more on here?!

“…Hmm, it’s a pity, but if that’s what the teacher wants, then I can’t do much. Then, I’ll only proceed with the integration of the back world and the guild issue I mentioned at the beginning.”

“…Actually, I wish I hadn’t done that…”

At my words, I turned my cleaning gaze away and pretended not to hear.

Damn it…! Pretending not to hear…!! I can’t concede this, is this?! Well, I mean it in a good way, but…

Anyway, that’s why I was scheduled to be the owner of the first guild that unified the Korean underworld and the owner of the Korean underworld within a few days. Ha ha ha…

In Korea, the power of the underworld is significantly weaker than other countries, and it is controlled by S-rank superhumans and teenage guilds, but it is still occupied by ordinary people wearing superhuman masks like me. Wouldn’t it be obvious that the burden would be enormous?!

“Kkeuh…Just having it is a burden…But I’ll just pretend I don’t know and leave it all to the guys who accept it without even knowing I like it…”

They say they like them, but…It’s me, because the situation in the superhuman industry is very dark.

Anyway, why did this idea come to me all of a sudden?

Simple. It is because today was the day that Jin-taek Wi, the Dragon King of the Four Seas, an S-rank superman who made me the owner of the dark side of Korea without even realizing it, said he would visit me with a gift.

Even the promised time was running out. Maybe that’s why I thought more?

Anyway, as I sighed deeply and sat down in the divination-only room, soon after, the door opened and Wi Jin-taek and a person opened the door and came inside. Ri Su-jin, who came in with a thrilling expression and said she would watch from the side, is a bonus.

Is that guy excited to see me doing fortune telling for the first time…

“Euhahahaha! It’s been a while since I’ve seen you, Mr. Fortune Teller! I’m sorry that I’m late to say hello!”

“Oh no. Ha ha ha… Long time no see… It’s been a while Mr. Wi Jin-taek.”

Actually, I didn’t really want to see it, but… I didn’t bother to spit it out of my mouth.

“You’re a lifesaver…You can talk to me comfortably.”

“That’s… I’ll do it when I get used to it hahahaha…”

I thought it would never happen in my lifetime, but considering my experience so far, I also thought it wouldn’t take too long.

“By the way…Who is the person next to you…?”

“Ha ha ha! This is my gift that this friend said he would bring to the teacher!”

“…I’m a gift? Doesn’t the tone sound a bit strange, brother? It feels like this is being sold, right?”

The man sitting quietly next to Wi Jin-taek opened his mouth with a playful laugh.

He has a solid figure like a tall model, reggae hair that falls down to his shoulders, a handsome beard, and round red sunglasses that he dares to wear even though he is underground.

At a glance, it seemed like he had a certain personality. Seeing that Wi Jin-taek came with him as a gift, it seems that he is not an ordinary person again.

“Anyway, nice to meet you, Mr. Fortune Teller! It’s not much compared to you, but… I’m Seo Il-ho, the master of the sword!”

Wow…As expected, a big man has arrived…

“Oh, no big deal! It’s burdensome…”

No, but if one of the only 5 S-Ranks said that, what would I be??

“Like! Even humble! How can I say empty words when I’ve heard of your great ability? Please treat me comfortably!”

Baldoje Seo Il-ho.

A superman with tremendous stubbornness, mental strength, and strength who has only insisted on drawing swords ever since he became a superman. It is also famous worldwide as a very unique superman.

When I was asked why I insist on sticking to swords that actually have less power, I said, “But you’re not very good at it, are you?” He answered with a smile and was a geek and artisan who only insisted on the single path of swordsmanship.

At the same time, he is also the head of a guild. The guild is a bit unusual, so I don’t go into the top 10 guilds.

How unusual is that… You can tell what kind of place a guild is from the name of the guild.

‘One Road’ Guild! This guild is a place where only geek supermen among geeks who only sell one well join.

Just as the guild leader Seo Il-ho insists on sticking to the sword, magicians who only use fireballs with their swords, discarding all other magic, or people who only use magic missiles, or those who only use magic missiles, or only hit the inside of the neck like wrists and ankles with Ohama A guild where only geeks exist who only dig one well, such as not attacking but only getting hit with great strength to make the enemy tired and knock them down. That’s what Illo Guild is.

As such, it is a guild with extreme likes and dislikes, but it is also a guild with the highest ratio of foreigners among guilds in Korea, as it is a guild that seems like an idiot but runs right away saying it is cool.

It’s not easy to treat such an eccentric from the beginning…

“By the way, did you come today simply for the purpose of greeting?”

“Ah! I’m here to give you some encouragement about becoming the owner of the dark knowledge in Korea as well as greetings… But I also met a great fortune teller, so how can I not do fortune-telling?”

…No, you’re saying that you’re the owner of the dark side and that you’re going to give your power to that thing?? He’s really geeky…

Still, I’m going to do a fortune teller… For now, let’s go professional like a professional fortune teller?

…Well, after talking about it, the dirty words pro and yamae have coexisted. Anyway!

“Then what do you want to see?”

“It’s not a big deal… But I wonder if I’ll be walking only the path of Baldur in the distant future! Can my will, like steel, truly look only at Baldur and go forward! I’d like you to confirm that!”

“Ahhh…I see.”

hehehe, like a geek, what you want is also a geek…

But what do you want? Isn’t it?

“Okay. Let me check! Arin?”

Anyway, since I decided to look at the divination, I summoned my crystal ball, Arin.

[I was waiting for that.]

I have never received a customer through a crystal ball store even though I have obtained crystal balls until now… So today is the first opening of a crystal ball store!


Perhaps he noticed my spirited heart at that fact, Arin did his best to put on a performance.

A black mist that seemed to imitate the starry night sky that added to the mystery was thickly spread in the room, and it mysteriously covered my head slightly as if it were a robe.

On top of that, I lowered the brightness in the room a bit, and the crystal ball itself, fully imbued with purple energy, rose slightly from the table, focused my attention, and put my hand on top of the crystal ball. It even had an effect that seemed to work.


“As expected, the unprecedented great fortune teller…!!”

A truly perfect performance!

And after exclamation and attention, a shape like a video started to be drawn from the crystal ball connected to me.

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