How Did I Become a Great Prophet chapter 6

6 - Fear of Customers

6 – Fear of Customers

It has been several months since I became a fortune teller.

Surprisingly, after going through bizarre days where I didn’t know if my luck was ridiculously good or if I had real foresight, where all the points I had hit all matched, apart from the pressure I felt, a really large amount of money accumulated. .

‘This is over 100 million gathered…’

Even with my request to stop increasing the number of customers, and even after I told them to come in moderation with the whole body saying that if you do a lot of divination, you will be negative.

‘Even the cards are used for some kind of card game, so I wonder why they like it so much…!’

Even though I tried hard, I tried to reduce the number of customers as much as possible.

Because there would be nothing good for an ordinary ordinary person like me to hang out with such talented superhumans.

I tried to use cards in strange ways, and treated them a little crookedly.

Still, nothing has changed. No, I rather liked it!

Does that make sense?! Why do you like it!?

So, in the end, the result of reducing the number of customers was the result of my own words. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have stood in line to make this narrow house burst…

‘Haa… Is it really okay for me to continue this life?’

I was afraid of future troubles just saying I wouldn’t do divination from now on. Superhumans like that would have many ways to temper me…!

And if you are attracted to high-ranking supermen like this, there is a possibility that you will get attention from very bad supermen.

Not all awakened superhumans live properly in the sun.

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‘Ah…But there won’t be anything like that…?’

Still, I don’t think that’s going to happen because I got rid of it before more customers gathered, but… But just imagining that kind of thing is a big burden for a petit bourgeois like me!

“Ehh…What’s the money…”

Whenever I think of this, the only thing that comforts me is a pile of money.

I’m living like this because I can make money at least…

Thanks to this money, should I live my life as a fortune teller? I have a thought. Am I not white anyway?

Even if I don’t learn anything like tarot cards, I think I can continue this kind of life while earning enough money if my mentality endures.

“Ah…I don’t know damn…”

Today, I was seriously thinking about it, but I didn’t come up with the right solution, so I started to pack my belongings.

Ah, of course, I’m not packing my things to run away at night. Because I’m not the kind of guy who’s going to do that…

Anyway, the reason I’m packing up is because I’m planning to go out with my friends today.

To be precise, I am going on vacation and travel! I plan to play for 3 nights and 4 days.

“Oh, guys. See you after a long time!”

The guys I meet this time are all friends I’ve been close to since childhood. Even elementary, middle and high school came out in the same class. After that, they split up, but they still get along well with them.

I don’t intend to go out and have fun, but it’s a light trip where I can just relax and have a good time at a good hotel.

Hmm, what did you call this a staycation? I don’t really know what there…

I plan to take this opportunity to properly heal my mentality, which has been tattered from hanging out with high-ranking supermen while serving as a night fortune teller.

“hehehe…Let’s see, I’ll take a trump card so I can draw a joker…”

I simply packed my things and left the house in a good mood.

“Okay! Let’s go on a trip!”

After gathering in front of the station, I decided to move to my friend’s car, so I left the house with my bag on my back and moved to catch the bus…

In the meantime, a superman passed him by.


“Hey…Sir, are you there?”

Unfortunately, she arrived after Dam Han-ul left the house…

“Uh huh? I’m sure this is the right place…Aren’t you there?!”

…Unfortunately, I couldn’t face Hanul Dam.

“…You really aren’t here…Where have you been…?”

Raising her powers, she scanned the inside of her house and confirmed that the fortuneteller she was looking for was not inside her house, so she put on a grim expression.

“Haa…I barely found time…”

Her identity is ‘Cheongok’ Cheong Ok, the head of the Cheongsong Guild, one of Korea’s top 10 guilds, and one of the strongest superhumans in Korea, an S-rank superman.

As he is an S-rank superman who can be said to be at the pinnacle of the superhuman world, except for a few monsters, he managed to find time to visit in a hurry even though he was busy… It was hit

It wasn’t good news at all for Cheong Ha, who was worried about an important problem… But what can I do? I don’t have a fortune teller to tell me.

“…I can’t help it. I have no choice but to come next time…”

I also got a phone number, but I thought I should have called in advance and regretted it a bit. After cleaning, I left Dam Han-ul’s house with a deep sigh, thinking that I would definitely make an appointment and visit.

And, while cleaning-ha was doing that, someone else found Han-wool Dam waiting for a bus at the bus stop.

“I found it.”

The being smiling, baring all its ferocious teeth, quietly approached the ignorant Dam Han-ul and grabbed his shoulder.

… In an instant Dam Han-ul and her disappeared.

“… Huh? Wasn’t someone standing here?”

And even though the two of them suddenly disappeared, no one noticed.

“Hmm… I guess I was wrong?”

Dam Han-ul, a wild fortune teller, was kidnapped!


Where is this place and what is the situation?


I was just waiting for a bus at the bus stop, but in a blink of an eye, I suddenly arrived at a strange room I had never seen before.

“No, what is this…?”

“Hey! Don’t get on, come sit over here!”

As I was looking around in bewilderment, I heard someone’s husky voice behind me.

I did something and turned her head to see a very ferocious and terrifying beauty looking at me grinning with her sharp teeth bared.

Looking at it, it had ears and a tail similar to that of a dog or wolf. At first glance, it seemed that he was no ordinary person.

“Who, who are you?! No, more than that, what the hell is this…!?”

“Oh, you listen surprisingly well, don’t you?”

While questioning, the woman in front of her was quite frightening, so I sat down on the chair in front of her with her body intact.

“Cheuk…Nice? Yes, good guys should be rewarded! What’s all this about?”

She laughed like it was funny and then she replied.

“Simple! I heard you’re so good at divination? I’m curious about that, so I brought you here!”

‘No, then am I… Kidnapped?!’

I was very dumbfounded inside, but… Even if I was bitten by a tiger, I would live as long as I came to my senses. Maybe my liver got bigger while facing many superhumans, but I was able to calm myself down somehow. .

“Uh…Then can I… Tell you a fortune…?”

“Yes, yes! Give it a shot! But you’re strangely calm even facing me? Are you saying that a talented fortuneteller is different?”

“Uh…That…Who…Are you… Famous?”

“Huh? Don’t you know me?”

In fact, I didn’t even know.

She was a tycoon from the back world not well known to the general public, and Dam Han-ul was just an ordinary petit bourgeois, that is to say, a normal person.

“No, a fortune teller who is so talented doesn’t know me, ‘Barg’ Scolia, or ‘Fenrir’ Hatieri?? Aren’t you an awakened superman too??”

“Uh…I’m a fortune teller, but I’m not a superman…”

“hahahaha! Yes? Then the story is more interesting! You can see fortunes so well without waking up?! hahahaha!”

Ha Thierry, who smiled broadly at what was so enjoyable, looked at me as she slammed her desk.

“Okay! That makes it even more interesting! So let’s do some divining right away! Let’s see… First of all, let’s try to escape this room lightly.”

‘…Damn it. What a crap situation this is!!’

I ran into such a strange situation on the way to go on a trip to recover mentally!!

But I couldn’t just complain. That woman in front of me, Hattieri, had never heard of it, but looked incredibly strong just by looking at it.

So first of all… You have to do what you’re told…

First, I took out the trump card I had brought with me from my bag. Because this is the only card I have right now.

“Huh? Trump cards? After all, famous guys are different from fortune-telling cards! Kya-kya!”

Whether Hatieri laughs or not… After shuffling the cards with utmost concentration, I put the deck of cards down and pulled out three cards.

The first card is the King of Diamonds…

I mean… There is a way to escape, so keep your spirits strong…

I gulped at the card and turned over the next card.

The second card is the 10 of Clubs.

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“Knock on the wall…Three times ten times…”


I could feel Hatieri’s eyes narrowing.

I didn’t notice, however, and turned over the third and last card.

The third and last card is…The Ace of Spades.

It means…

“In the middle of the knocked wall…Strongly stab…”


After I answered that, Hattieri laughed heartily again.

“Oh, is that right…?”

“They say you’re a great fortune teller!! You’re really great, sir! I never thought you’d get the answer by guessing with a real trump card! You’re really amazing!!”

Hatieri even applauded and laughed, as if my birthmark was indeed correct.

Even the title suddenly changed to teacher.

“Okay, good…I’ve seen your skills, so there’s no reason to wait any longer! Let’s move on to the next one!”

Ha Thierry said, stretching her body and pressing her face close to mine.

“Teacher, ask me to take a look at my divination this time? If the divination is correct, I will give you a reward as well! If not… Kekeuk, will that be fun?”

I felt burdened, so I answered while avoiding his gaze.

“Kuhmm, that’s okay, but… The face…”

“Oh, yes. If you want, you should.”

Hatieri smiled and pulled herself back into her seat. I sighed and shuffled the cards again.

And then, he held it out in front of Hattieri.

“Now, please draw two cards.”

“What is it, the teacher picked three and I only got two? Is this discrimination?”


“Kyakya! It’s a joke. It’s a joke!”

Hatieri, who made a joke that wasn’t funny at all, drew two cards and handed them to me.

“Come on! Do whatever you want, sir!”

“…If you draw, turn over the card you want.”

“Oh yes, it does!”

At my words, Hatieri flipped a card.

And what was drawn on the card that appeared…


And the meaning behind it is…

“…There is a traitor…?”


Hatieri’s face, which had been laughing wildly, hardened into a terrifyingly ferocious face in an instant.

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