How Did I Become a Great Prophet chapter 8

8 - After all, customers are scary

8 – After all, customers are scary

To begin with, there was no such thing as twice a day fortune telling.

Because the customer I met at the bus stop this time was kind, unlike the customer I met earlier, Hattieri.

…There was a little bit of a downside like talking a lot in every phrase, but it’s still much better than before when I was kidnapped and fortune-telling.

Anyway, I conveyed my position that I wanted to go on a trip right now, but I had to go quickly, and this time the guest understood my position even though he was sorry.

And right after that, they made a reservation a week later, and then I was able to happily board the bus and go to the station where my friends were waiting.

And the trip I enjoyed was really fun.

I’ve been very tired from this goddamn fortune teller’s life. Especially mind…

I was kidnapped out of nowhere right before I left for a healing trip, and I even heard a terrifying sound from that bloody place… It felt like my mind was very desolate.

Of course, money makes a lot of money…But unlike money that accumulates, my mentality is that of a petit bourgeois. Thanks to money, I’ve been doing financial therapy for a while, but even those things have limits.

After resting and playing with my friends like that, I returned home with a comfortable mind while recovering my exhausted mind and body.

And even after returning home, for a few days without receiving guests, he stayed in his room and enjoyed the life of an unemployed person in a corner of a room with some money.

Enjoy the game! It’s too bothersome to cook, so I order and eat all three meals! Sleep if you want to sleep! Sleep too late! What kind of life

The effect was very good. Because my exhausted mind and body have returned to normal.

About a week passed while enjoying such comfortable and comfortable days, and the day came when I made a reservation with a customer I met at the bus stop.

It was fine up until this point. It was because his mentality had already been restored for a long time, and this guest seemed quite kind.

In addition, I was thinking of reducing the number of customers in order to manage my mental health from now on. Anyway, even if I receive fewer customers, I still have enough money to live on.

And don’t I have to be healthy to spend the money well and enjoy it?

Anyway, after spending some time thinking about those things, a customer came right at the promised time, and I smiled and took the customer inside.

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Then, when doing divination at home, I took out a card for a card game that I often use and prepared for divination.

No matter what card I used, the points were very good, so there was no reason to spend a lot of money and buy an expensive card, so I just kept playing with this card. Well, sometimes when I don’t get a good one, I do fortune-telling with trump cards or hwatu cards.

Anyway, the moment I was trying to do fortune-telling in such a peaceful way, the very peaceful moment was shattered in an instant.


‘Huh? Wood deuk?’

Suddenly, with the sound of something being smashed, the door of my house was smashed open, and someone appeared from there.

“What? Why is the door of the house where such a talented person lives so fragile?”

The moment I saw who that person was, my eyes trembled.

The person who broke down the door was Hatieri, a superhuman who didn’t even think he had forgotten since he hadn’t heard anything for a week!

‘Gee, gears appear! By breaking the door of my house!!’

“Hey sir! I broke the door, I’m sorry! Instead, I’ll put a new one on the door with a clean one… Um?”

Hattieri’s gaze, which had been waving her hand and smiling brightly at me with the smashed door roughly aside, stopped somewhere, and his expression suddenly crumpled.

And the same goes for the customer who turned his head to look at the front door at the sudden uproar.

“…Barg? Why are you here…”

“Blue Ok…? Why is that b*tch here…”

In an instant, Ha Thierry’s eyes and her customer’s eyebrows twitched, and suddenly something hit them, and the house became a mess.


Ah, of course I was no exception, so I flew with them.

It was no wonder that the spirits of S-Rank, monstrous strong men collided.

Dam Han-ul may not have felt it, but just because the momentum of the two collided, it was not enough that everyone in the building except for Dam Han-ul fainted, and the building was shaking as if it were about to collapse. Even if it lasts a little longer, the aftermath will reach beyond this building.

And in such a situation, Dam Han-ul, who was the only one who could mediate this situation, rolled around the living room and got stuck in a corner in a strange posture… Naturally, he couldn’t come to his senses.

‘Ah… It’s really like X… Why are you doing this to me…’

Damhanul was really hated by the customers.


Cleaning Ha, the head of Cheongsong, one of the top 10 guilds in Korea, and an S-rank hunter, has been pounding since this morning.


Because today I felt like I could finally solve the problem that had been bothering me for a long time.

A week ago, I barely made time to visit a fortune teller who was said to be very brave, but I couldn’t meet him because the time wasn’t right. I waited for the teacher, and eventually I was able to meet the fortune teller outside the bus stop, not at home.

In the meantime, I got additional information, and as a result of a quick check, I knew that I was right, and I immediately asked for a divination…But it was rejected. The fortune teller teacher also had a schedule.

Instead, I was able to receive a reservation a week later, so I was satisfied with my disappointment.

And after a week, when I visited with a lot of anticipation, I was able to see the divination this time, and the moment I was about to do the divination, an uninvited guest appeared.

“…Barg? Why are you here…?”

Even that uninvited guest was a huge figure.

No, why did a tycoon from the underworld whose base is Northern Europe come here?

Even at a glance, the goals seemed to overlap.

In the displeasure that the long-awaited moment was interrupted, he did not hide his displeasure while cleaning, and it was the same with ‘Barg’ Scolia ‘Fenrir’ Hattieri, who had visited the fortuneteller Dam Han-ul.

After seeing her divination from her fortune teller, Dam Han-ul, she immediately returned to her base, and as a result of her divination, she tracked down her traitors.

It wasn’t difficult to find. The fortune-teller’s divinations were indeed accurate, and she did not give only names, but she gave everything that could identify the traitors’ identities.

After some investigation, evidence of betrayal simply popped up.

The identities of her traitors were three executives who joined her later when the organization grew and settled, not the executives who had been with her since she was a small mercenary.

Two of them were not very trusted by Ha Thierry herself, and her abilities were not very outstanding. However, the last one was someone she really trusted. She was also a talented guy.

However, even if she trusted and trusted him, once she realized that he was a traitor, that faith and trust had cooled off, so it wasn’t too difficult to organize the inside.

But… She was really annoyed that the identity of the guy she believed in was the one she planted in her organization from the beginning, a rival organization that was wary of the expansion of Bargufang.

“How did it feel to cheat on me? Damn you son of a b*tch.”

“…Keuk, keuk… Are you saying that? It was truly amazing! If you sell one piece of this crap-like organization, you’ll be guaranteed a solid road!! That, it’s just a pity that you die without being able to do that…”

“Yes? Then I can have pure fun thanks to you.”

Hatieri, who brutally tore the traitor to death, immediately moved.

Because Hatieri, who is one of the most powerful people in Europe and is a mood group, had a style that wouldn’t bother to put up with monsters that were beyond recognition unless they were opponents.

For four days, it took only that much time for Hattieri, who mobilized all of Barguefang’s strength, to destroy the rival organization that had deceived her so far and to pierce the heart of the traitors into the heart of their leader.

“Huh…Then how do I pay off this debt…?”

Those who believe continue to believe unless it is a dire situation, and Hatieri, who is sure of one silver won, ponders how to pay the balance to the fortune teller teacher who helped him root out the traitors for three days. Headed to

It wasn’t too difficult to figure out the location of the fortune teller teacher, so Hatieri, who entered the teacher’s house proudly with the balance she had brought right away, felt bad when she saw the passenger who was seated first in the house. Felt that

“Blue Ok…? Why is that b*tch here…?”

An S-rank hunter in the Korean superhuman industry. He was familiar with that reputation. It may be more surprising that the name of the active S-rank superman is not known.

Anyway, the fact that another big player was attached to the teacher she was looking for and received grace made Hatieri uncomfortable, and when the two S-rank superhumans became uncomfortable, an accident occurred with just that momentum.

Perhaps if it escalates into a fight like this, that little accident would be a cute level, and a catastrophe would happen.

But, fortunately, things didn’t escalate to that point.

“That’s not it…!!”

It was thanks to the insignificant being in this place, Han-ul Dam, who, in terms of strength alone, stopped the two of them from colliding with each other.

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