I Became a Blind Swordsman at the Academy chapter 197

197. Aim

197. Aim

The sound of something stumbling and collapsing is heard. Even so, my gaze was directed only to him.

“Cadet Zeto, you can’t walk around the streets at night without a sword.”

Ever since I saw him, his head was a little dizzy. His body almost staggered for a moment, but he managed to hold on to his center.

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

It wasn’t a bad headache.

The corners of his mouth had been hanging from his ears for a long time.

“I missed you, Cadet Jeto.”

“…It’s been a while, Miss Kaen.”

It was such an arduous wait.

I wonder if he had as much trouble as me.

If so, why didn’t he come to see me right away?

“Prosthetic hand, it suits you well.”

A gray metal in the shape of an arm was nestled on his left arm, which should have been empty.

“Is that so? I’m glad I did.”

Beside Zeto, who was smiling lightly, was his younger sister, Zeppetti. Could she have served as a guide when going to meet the prosthetic arm craftsman?

‘You could ask me…’

He put the regret of missing out on an opportunity to be alone with him for a while. Because it wasn’t that important right now.

As I approached him, I felt a question and stopped him.


He quietly turned his head and glanced behind him.

There was a disgusting mass of flesh lying on the floor, drawing a red puddle.

Jetto was covering Petty’s eyes, but she wasn’t covering them properly, so she could feel her gaze between his fingers.

It must have been a bad sight for a young girl.

“Zepetti, it’s okay now. You can rest assured that Unni is here.”

Approaching them, I bent my knees and met Petty’s eyes.

“…Thank you, Kaen.”

Petty, who was shaking her weakly, answered quietly.

I should have stroked her hair, but I stopped thinking when I saw the blood on her hand.

“Thank you, Miss Kaen. It could have been dangerous.”

“What are you talking about? If it’s Cadet Jeto, you can deal with him with your bare fists, right?”

I stood up and said that while taking a step in front of Jeto.

At the same time, my body trembled.

I feel it better when I put him in front of my nose.

This is it.

It was what I wanted.

Zetto’s gaze.

It was a funny expression to say that you could feel the eyes of him who had gone blind.

But it was clearly felt.

His gaze, his senses were wrapped around my body. Was looking through me.

Shudders ran through my body.

“hahahaha, no matter how bare-fisted… I think ‘this’ will take some time to get used to.”

Crackling metallic sound.

Jetto showed off his prosthetic arm and smiled calmly.

“Heh… Adaptation…”

My eyes narrow for a moment at Zeto’s joke.

I quickly rolled my eyes to see his condition.

I quickly put the jet on the counter.

There is no separate armament.

I just got a prosthetic arm, and I need to adapt.

He had never seen him use magic, and he often said that he was unfamiliar with magic himself.

‘Maybe now is the weakest time?’

The hand that was holding the sword that was dripping with blood swelled with strength.

I tried not to let him notice my trembling and rapid breathing.

If I subdued him by force at once, he seemed to be within reach if I stretched out my hand beyond that line.

Ah, how sweet the fruit must be.

I rolled my eyeballs a little more and reached the ‘conclusion’ and opened my mouth.

“If you’re a Zetto cadet, you’ll be able to adapt quickly.”

While saying that, I smiled and my gaze reached Zeppetti who was holding him.

It felt like a solid wall had been built on a line that was already difficult to cross because of her existence.


Did I try to do something outrageous?

Has your head gone crazy since you heard Lucia’s nonsense?

But it is also true that it sounded enchanting.

It is also true that I could not refute it.

My desire for him was so inflated that I could not easily deny it.

‘Will I be satisfied with this much now?’

I didn’t get much out of it.

Very minute vibration, like the slight shaking of down hair.

Once again he ran me over.

No, are you looking around?

The interval is between 3 and 5 seconds.

Irregular very fine vibration.

It was Jeto’s intangible gaze, feeling.

For some reason, I was able to sense his mood.

So I put my face in his ear and whispered.

“It’s safe around here. I’ve got it all sorted out.”

And then he smiled a little.

All of the unknown trash that fearlessly came to seek Zeto had already been removed.

He probably didn’t need my help, but he didn’t need to have dirty blood on his hands.


At my whisper, Jeto tilted his head and reacted somewhat shaken.

Even when he’s embarrassed, he’s cute.

It’s so cute I want to cuddle it.

Of course, I refrained from hugging because of the blood on my clothes.

“I think you’d better be careful in the future. I don’t know why, but it seems that there are a lot of guys who are aiming for the Zeto cadets.”

After that whisper, I took a step back from him.

“…I think I know what that means.”

I smiled bitterly at his answer that followed.

‘No, I don’t know Zeto.’

He won’t know what that means.

There were several meanings.

Because apart from the annoying things that happened when his name became known on the continent, whether you like it or not, there were people who were aiming for him in a different way.

Are you saying that I am one of them right now?

“I’ll be on my way. I have something to take care of…”

“…Can I help you?”

“No? I have a younger brother next to me. What are you talking about, Cadet Jeto…! I’ll take care of this place. See you tomorrow, Cadet Jetto.”

At my refreshing greeting, Jeto nodded lightly and smiled.

Responding to his smile with a laugh, he immediately turned his back to ‘things to be sorted out’.

Even though I turned my back, I can still feel his gaze and feeling.

My legs were trembling from the pleasure that came incessantly, probably because I had endured it for a week.

As he walked away leaving Jeto and Petty behind, he looked down at his left hand. On his ring finger, he showed the ring he had put on himself.

Jetto was like that.

It’s not bad if you can live happily while simply chasing your desires.

Jetto wanted me to be happy.

No, to be precise, he wanted everyone around him to be happy.

Instantly, I grabbed the foul-smelling lump of flesh and dragged it out, then turned my head in the direction Zeto had disappeared.

I wanted to ask him.

Can I really be happy?

Can I pursue my desire?

“Is that okay? Jetto.”

For some reason, I let out a muttering that wouldn’t reach him, wondering if permission would be lost.


In the meantime, a piece of paper that had fallen on the floor caught my eye.

Immediately in doubt, I threw away the piece of flesh and picked up the paper and unfolded it.

“This is…”

Looking at the form, it was an assassination request written on the subject and bounty, which is common in the underworld.

However, Jeto was drawn on such an assassination request.

This painting was Zeto to anyone’s eyes.

“You draw pretty well…?”

I don’t know who drew it, but the drawing skills were pretty good.

Under the picture, along with Jeto’s nickname of ‘the one who returned from paradise’, the words ‘life or death’ were written.

As a bonus, his information was listed next to it.

Blind inspection.

A cadet at Innocence Academy.

The place of origin is assumed to be in the east.

It is characterized by black hair of moderate length and a white eye patch that completely covers the eyes.

The problem was the bounty.

“50,000 Gold…”

Is someone playing a nasty prank?

What kind of lunatic put this kind of money on the neck of a mere academy cadet?

‘I’m not just an academy cadet…’

Nevertheless, it was an absurd amount.

At this amount, even if Jeto had no other thoughts, he would want to target him.

Only then can I understand the number of guys who came today.

The academy is right next door, so the security couldn’t be that bad.

‘By the way, he didn’t even burn this?’

I looked down at the silent mass of flesh with a puzzled gaze.

I understand that the original assassination request should be burned immediately after checking the contents. Likewise, I couldn’t find a request from the other guys.

I remember hearing my grandfather once say that in the underworld, guys who make killing a thing are common, and as a result, there are many guys who don’t even have the basics.

In other words, even those people with no basics are running toward Zeto like moths.

‘The cause… Must be due to the lack of information on Zeto.’

I don’t know if it’s a terrifying giant with a familiar name, but if it’s an unfamiliar academy cadet, and moreover, a blind man, he must have felt that it was possible enough.

However, Zeto is not as easy an opponent as they think. He’s not formidable, and most guys can’t hurt him.

With just this amount, even low-level assassins could be seduced.


I quickly shook my head.

From noble mtl dot com

What can I do with this request, what do I want to do?

Since the picture is well drawn, it would be okay to add it to the ‘Collection’, but that was a bit disappointing.

It wasn’t long before I remembered one.

“…That would be nice.”

A humming song came out spontaneously.

If it was that way, Jeto wouldn’t get hurt, and above all, it seemed like it would be easy to monopolize his attention.


It was the time when Zeto and Zeppetti were walking toward the academy’s dormitory, leaving behind Kaen who said he would take care of the body with a friendly smile.


Jetto, who had been drooling, had doubts about Kaen’s drastic change in just one week.

“…Did Jetto notice it too?”

“Uh, Kaen…”


“…Seemed to sense the mood.”


Petty frowned at the unexpected answer.

“It’s a frightening power of growth. How did you detect the feeling of drowsiness? Does Zepetty also feel the drowsiness?”

“…If you’re talking about the minute wave that spreads out every time based on Zeto… Yes, if you fully focus on it. Well, most humans can’t even detect it because of their mood. .. But isn’t that important now?”

Zepetti wants to get back to the point.

“Ah, that’s right. I can see why Zeppetti said that. Caen just now… Was creepy.”

“Yes, I was expressing emotions that I could not easily read. Very dark and soggy…”

“…Zepetti, that feeling.”

Zetto cut off Zeppetti, who had a serious face, and continued.

“Isn’t it love?”

“…Isn’t it different from love?”

Zepetty frowned and replied in a firm voice.

“Zepetti, do you know what love is?”

“Ah, suddenly…?”

Jeffetti’s face turned red at Jeto’s sudden question.

Her feeling of love was still difficult for her. She understood with simple knowledge, but she thought that it was still too much to express that she knew love with just that.

After a while, Jeto, who had been scratching his cheek, carefully opened his mouth.

“Kaen just now was a bit scary…But at the same time, he was very lovely…”


Ze Petty, her mouth open, looked at Jeto with her shocked eyes.

“No, really. I think I’m in love with Kaen.”

“Haa… I know enough about that already.”

Zepetti let out a sigh at Jeto’s nonsense.

Zetto lifted her head slightly and looked up at Zeto, who was talking about Kaen with pleasure.

I could feel her reluctance to pass it as a matter of simple taste.

Zepetti thought.

Maybe it’s not just them who are distorted.


On the same day, a little more time has passed since dawn.

A red-haired woman knocked on the door of a certain room in the hallway of Innocence Academy’s female dormitory.

A crackling sound came from behind the door, and the door opened immediately.

“Did you come… Yuri Cadet.”

The door opened and Yuri Clementine faced Kaen with a serious face.

“So what’s going on? What are we talking about Jetto?”

Yuri asked as she entered the room straight away.


Kaen was restless and slurred her words. Yuri entered her room and found the platinum-haired girl.

“Oh, Eisel was there too.”


Eisel, who was sitting at the table and examining a piece of paper, roughly met Yuri’s eyes and focused on the paper again.

“What is it?”

Feeling unusual for Eisel’s expression and Kaen’s attitude, Yuri approached behind Eisel’s back.

A black-haired man was drawn on the paper with his eyes covered with bandages.

The main character of the painting was Zeto.

“Contract… Life or death… Wait what is this all about?”

“I picked it up on a walk outside the academy…”

“It’s an assassination request. Someone bet 50,000 gold on Zeto’s neck.”

Kaen scratched her head in a timid voice, and Eisel sorted things out.

“An assassination request…? Didn’t someone among the students play a joke?”

Yuri frowned at her in a bad mood.

“This bounty is the only one that looks like a joke, to be honest. I’ll have to dig deeper to find out the truth, but…”

“But if this is real…”

Kaen, who had her head down, carefully continued her words while watching Yuri and Eisel.

“…You mean Cadet Zeto is in danger…?”


With that one word, there was a great silence in the room.

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